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Haha, yeah!...
Same here, I´m not a fan. Not that I have anything against them,but I don´t like them either.But if I really like the colours, it don´t think I can resist it!Even though I dislike the packaging.
I agree.
I feel the same, to be honest.
Sadly, yes.
To be honest, I don´t cook anymore. I´m too depressed.   Tonight I will eat green grapes. Nothing more. (I suck, I know!)
My mother bought me Carnal Instinct for a gift. It´s so freaking beautiful!   I´ve ordered A Natural Flirt, and it will probably arrive on monday. It will be my first EDES.   I really want Morning Rose, btw. I hope I can afford it.
Noonibeauty: I Think they are fake, but I´m not a pro. I woluldn´t buy any of them.
This will be a skip fo me too. Almost all swatches I´ve seen look terrible!
Yeah, I agree. I doubt I will afford everything on my wishlist.I hope I get a lot of money or giftcards for Christmas!
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