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To be honest, I don´t cook anymore. I´m too depressed.   Tonight I will eat green grapes. Nothing more. (I suck, I know!)
Noonibeauty: I Think they are fake, but I´m not a pro. I woluldn´t buy any of them.
Update: Eye Shadows All That Glitters - Veluxe Pearl Amber Lights - Frost Barefoot - Veluxe Pearl Beauty Marked - Velvet Bisque - Matte Blue Candy - Satin Brash - Veluxe Pearl Brun - Satin Call Me Bubbles - Satin Carbon - Matte Club - Satin Cranberry - Frost Da Bling - Veluxe Pearl Dazzlelight - Veluxe Pearl Deep Cravings - Veluxe Pearl Deep Truth - Frost Eat, Love - Satin Embark - Matte Expensive Pink - Veluxe Pearl Feeling Fresh - Frost Fresh Daily - Frost Fresh Water...
I don´t really have any rare things. If I must choose the "rarest" item in my stash, it would be the eye shadow "Jealousy Wakes". I know it´s not rare in some countries, but I was pretty hard to get here in Sweden. I had to buy it from a girl here at Specktra. I don´t think a lot of people have it here in Sweden, so I guess it´s "semi-rare".
Venus. It´s gorgeous!
My first lippie was See Sheer. It´s a MLBB for me. It´s actually still my favorite!
I hate Sugar Snack from the Shop & Drop-palette. The colour is ugly and the texture is chalky. I was very disappointed with Beauty Marked. It´s so beautiful i the pan, but not really on the skin...*sigh* I really like Trax, though. It´s actually one of my favorites! It works really good on me (with a good primer, ofc!)
It´s probably Après Chic l/s. That shade of red goes very nicely to my skintone. I use Betty Bright l/s a lot too. It´s a bit too cool for my skintone though...
Juiced e/s! Okey, it´s not that old, but...i It was my very first product from MAC. I still got it and I love it dearly! It´s actually one of my favorite eyeshadows! Sadly, I don´t have so much left in the pan, so I rarely use it.
Oh, this is an amazing thread! I love to hear (read) about the good old days. I bought my first product from MAC when I was 16 y/o (2004), it was the d/c eyeshadow "Juiced". I still got it and love so much! I didn´t have so much money back then, and didn´t buy a lot. It took a couple of years before I bought limited edition-stuff, so don´t have any old, rare make up. Too bad! I regret it so much! But then again, I didn´t have any money... *** Keep the stories coming,...
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