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Anyone still looking for the Pink Glow Palette? I'm in Munich and came across the counter that had a couple left. I'm thinking about grabbing them just in case.It's not the first, but it's definitely the longest lasting. This one keeps moving around my face.
I foresee putting a large amount of my MAC shadows in the CB, many of which are still brand new. I just don't reach for them like I do with MUFE, Inglot or Lorac.
Wow, your system is definitely more sensitive and susceptible. Right now I'm dealing with the Mylar rash that won't go away -- 5 months and counting.LOL! I had set it aside a bit ago. Let me look for it over the weekend and I'll send you a PM.
Vibrancy Eye returned as part of the Lightful C line: http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/13824/34508/Products/Skincare/Moisturizers/Lightful-C-Vibrancy-Eye-Cream
 Too bad Sephora no longer has the deluxe samples available.
 I just used Mahogany the other day and it appeared to be a good match.  What about EL Light Wear Stay-in-Place? I wear the shade 6.0 (not the 6.0 deep brown which I think is actually 6.5).
 While they're great, not sure I would pay more than retail and sales tax. I'm considering letting go of my Spice backup and would only ask what I paid for it. I find I'm a bit more on edge when there's a sick person around me. I've remained relatively healthy, knock on wood, but I don't need my immune system further compromised.  
Got my package with I Like 2 Watch and it's so pretty! I'm tempted to get a backup. I really want She Sparkles, but am trying to skip.
 Reading this just gave me an idea of whether to add a few drops of my Lavender essential oil and Coconut oil to their respective bottles. Anyone know if that would help or hurt the formula?
My wish list:   Succulent Creeper Mars Trap Zipper Tulle  LAX Avenue
New Posts  All Forums: