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 So excited to get Audrey!
 I ordered it and it should be here by Wednesday.  Hoping it works for me!
Just realized I've been misreading BD as Black Orchid.  When I picked up my cream colour shadow yesterday, the SA must have thought I was crazy asking if it was the same as before.  Definitely will get BD when it's available!
 In my experience, it can take up to a week to show up.  Welcome to Rouge!  I love it, but I hate the packaging.  It eventually cracks and starts oozing product.  I had to keep mine in an OCC lip tar pouch towards to end.  I was determined to use that baby up.  Not sure if they've made any improvements to the packaging - it'd be great if they did as I would definitely repurchase!
I'm adding Annabelle, Bette, Charlotte, Audrey and Lana to my collection. I really wanted Marlene but it wasn't available on the NARS website. I'll pick that one up later.
 Yeah, why is that, lol!?!  When I think back on some of my favorite looks, most were done when I was in a rush.   Not to mention, more room and maybe even some peace of mind.  
Love the center shade, but I have dupes of the other shades - so it's a skip for me.
 It's similar to Ebates.  Sometimes their cash back rates are more than Ebates, sometimes less.  I make sure to check both before I place an order.  
 I'm going to wait and see what's in the replacement shipment first before I contact them again.  
I just ordered those, plus Brandy and Cognac...(and 17 other items jumped in my cart along with them. Oops!)   I can't stand to have glitter on my face - unless of course, it's deliberate.  I typically shy away from BB items such as these because they're too glittery.  I am curious about the Bronze Glow, but I want to see some more swatches to be sure it's not going to be glittery.    Right now, Mr Rebates is giving 8% cash back on Sephora.  Ebates is only 4% at the...
New Posts  All Forums: