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I've been curious about the Dr. Dennis Gross Steamer for well over a year, so I applied the $50 towards that. Figured might as well save more now than wait until the 20% sale.
Well my message to them said "throwing some measly points at the situation isn't going to cut it at this point", so I'm glad to get the $50 gift instead. What I secretly hoped was that my argument was strong enough for them to conjure up another of the epic reward that was ripped away from me (lol) and send it to me. Ah well...
New shade alert!
The course if offered by Christine Gilbert from Almost Fearless. I've been following her blog for years. She typically teaches hands-on blogging courses, but timing, location and pricing never worked out for me. So when the online course came up, I jumped on it to get some insight as to whether I want to pursue it.
Picked up my orders of the strobing kit and newest ultra matte lipsticks.    Here are some quick foyer swatches:   Medium-Dark to Deep (left to right): Parasol, Stryke, Avalon   No flash:   Flash:   I love them all, but I think I may end up using Parasol the most!   Ultra Matte Lip (left to right): Kapow, Beeper, Be-Dazzled, Guess   No flash:   Flash:     I love Be-Dazzled! That one will get the most wear!
 Yes, I did. Ordered on Tuesday, shipped Wednesday, and I got them today! I think I'm going to love Lucy!  Quick foyer swatches (left to right): Audrey, Marilyn, Lucy No flash: With flash
 TWINS! The magic just never ends...   I got my Dreamy Glow backup today, along with a Lip & Cheek Glow. I read reviews that it was small, but I wasn't prepared for just HOW small it is!     My Matte Revolution lipsticks arrive on Tuesday, but I won't be able to get them until Thursday at the earliest. 
 Now why'd you have to go and do that? LOL, I'm still skipping though!
 That code is STAR15. It was still active when I placed my order a couple of nights ago. 
 Same thing happened for the last MUFE 500 pt. perk they offered.
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