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 I'll send you a link.  
Viseart is a popular brand amongst pro makeup artists, from what I've read. I want to get their matte eyeshadow palette eventually - probably will get it at IMATS.
Just caught up on the first four episodes of How to Get Away with Murder.  I think I have a new favorite show!
 Still waiting for mine to ship!  
 It was hit and miss for me.  I couldn't get a smooth line no matter how much or how little product I used - always had to go in with an angled/line brush afterward.  Ultimately, I returned it.  
Just ordered Black Dahlia!
 I had this in my cart but took it out at the last minute.  I ended up getting the travel sizes of Opal and Moonstone.  I'll get the full size if I like them.  I ordered the full size in Topaz from DermStore's F&F sale over the weekend.  
Here's a 10% off code: MUXE24JVQGA3   Please post if you've used it.  
 So excited to get Audrey!
 I ordered it and it should be here by Wednesday.  Hoping it works for me!
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