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I love Chloe! When I started looking for another perfume during last year's Chic Week sale, I came across Chloe. I ended up getting the two sets that included three Chloe scents to tide me over until November when I got the regular and Roses de Chloe in full size. Now I want Love Story.
Why do the styles have to be LE? Means I"ve got to jump on it sooner than later.
JLo and BYWiR
The two I got are quite similar, but JLo is a smidgen darker. JLo BYWiR
I'm tempted to pick up a Tory Burch fragrance in order to take advantage of the 3x points. The sample I have smells lovely, but a common theme in reviews is that the fragrance doesn't have any staying power.  I'm testing it right now - sprayed on one wrist on it's own and the on the other over vaseline. So far I can still smell both, but the vaseline wrist is stronger.
I'm waiting as patiently as a I can to get these and Red Carpet Red when it hits Nordstrom (preferred for notes and cash back) or Beautylish.
Saw the display at Walgreens tonight. The slots for Frieda and Zoe were empty (no surprise!), so I got Jennifer and BYWiR.
 I've got this on it's way to me now. I just got the wand and it's pretty, but I don't know if I'm going to keep it as it does leave some micro flecks (I more shimmer to flecks). This was on bare skin, so I'll wait to see how it shows up when I use foundation and compare it to the liquid when I get that. 
Good to know, thanks! Wouldn't you know it, I got a confirmation email just before midnight last night.
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