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Aaaaannnd I spoke to soon.  It's now out of stock on Sephora's site.  I hope it comes back in stock in time for the sale.
         It's there.  I've got it in my cart now, just waiting for the VIBR sale to start.  
 I can't wait for these to come out - they're amazing!  So moisturizing! It looks fairly sheer upon initial application, but the color does deepen.  
   I shouldn't have looked either. 
I'm still tempted by the Beige & Gold pigment set.  I really want it!
Can't wait for the new oil lip tints!  I got to preview these as a Sephora Beauty University Event last Saturday.  These are supposed to launch online at Sephora in December, and should be in-store later in the month. 
 Unless it's some sort of fantasy look I'm going for, I don't like glitter anywhere but on my eyes.  Can't stand having a glittery highlight.   I'll check out Copper Diamond then.   That happens to me, too!  The SA will put a highlight on me and I love it!  I do it at home and I look like I'm ready to hit the Ho Stro.  Copper Diamond it is.  Too bad it's not available in Sephora so I could do an in-store exchange.  
     I called yesterday.  Apparently the order I placed on the 18th had shipped, it just wasn't reflected in the order system.  They're claiming system glitches and all that ish.  Anyway, it arrived yesterday and I picked it up today.  Hallelujah! My second order which I placed last week supposed shipped on Monday and is scheduled to arrive next Wednesday.  I don't care for NARS' shipping.  I'm so spoiled having Sephora's Flash 2-day.    My local boutique may still have...
 The swatch looks much deeper than the lipstick itself.  It's a pretty color!  I need to swatch this one again!  I can't wait to get Anna!  I need to light a fire under NARS' ass!  Both of my orders are still pending, one of which I placed almost two weeks ago, and it still hasn't shipped!
Anyone still up and have an extra F&F code to spare?  I on the west coast and still have time to place another order!
New Posts  All Forums: