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 Looks beautiful on you Dolly! Of course, I knew it would as you rock every color I've seen you in!
I was also disappointed how Berry Me looked on me.  I was hoping it'd look as deep as the many swatches I'd seen, had even purchased two at IMATS last weekend. Had I swatched it first, I might have only got one or skipped it altogether.     I'm happy with Merlot and Kiss of Fire, and I can't wait to get my hands on backups of Black Rose when it launches.  That is one gorgeous shade!
 As of last night it is.  It's showing in stock in the store, so I'll check it out after my spa appointment.    I'll look for it tomorrow.  Hope they still have it available!
 BurlesqueAppletiniCreme BruleeDrama QueenDirty MartiniNeptuneCosmopolitanGalaxyCupcakeUnexpectedVanilla BeanIce QueenShimma ShimmaBlingLemon DropBleached BlondeProm NightMoondustHomecomingTwilightGlamorousGoddessChickadeeLatteTaupe NotchPreppyPretentiousSimply MarlenaSensuousMermaidPoolsideNauticaLast DanceBrown SugarCocoa BearBittenBada BingMocha CorruptAll foiled shadows Let me know if there are any specific shadows you'd like me to swatch. 
Had Marvelous Mauve in my cart earlier this evening, hesitated too long, and now it's gone.  Ah well, I'll pop into the store on Sunday and see if it's in stock.  I wish Dark Berry(or was it Dark Purple?; can't remember now) was still available.  How didn't I know about that shade before it was discontinued?
You have a very good chance of finding TC at the CCO.
Meddy, why do keep enabling from the sidelines? Join the party, or have you already grabbed some boys and I missed it?!
Best I can explain it right now - Orgueil is pronounced like Ohr-goyle, except the emphasis on the last syllable is more curt, if that makes any sense.
I've become a product junkie as of late. I have both the (nearly) compete collection of products from As I Am and the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil lines, waiting to be used. I really love Creme of Nature's Argan Oil line which in using right now. After seeing a couple of comments online about V05's conditioners and how they provide the best slip for detangling, I decided to pull my out my brand new bottle - and it was off the chain! Easiest detangling I've ever...
I picked up Vintage and the eyebrow gel on Saturday. I was going to go back to the booth Sunday to pick up an eye shadow for a CP when the line thinned out later in the day but they were shut down by then, so I never made it back there.
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