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1. Flat Out Fabulous 2. Pleasure Bomb 3. RiRi Woo 4. Pure Heroine 5. Rich Marron
 Just got it Thursday, but haven't used it yet.  Let me know whether you're able to find it on Nordstrom.  
I've been good in some instances (MAC) and bad in others (Tom Ford).   From MAC, I hauled just Lingering Kiss from ANR, Breaking Ground from AW and I&S&S from The Simpsons.  The lipglass is still pending.  It's on my list of items my SA will pull for me.  If I like it, I'll get it - same for the AW shadows.  I didn't think I'd like them for at first sight, they're great neutral shades.   Tom Ford...OMG where do I start?  Over the last 3 weeks I have purchased the new...
 Not at all.  There's nothing wrong with wanting your brand new mail ordered items to arrive in perfect condition.  It should be as if you were purchasing directly in the store.  
Order placed! Phew! Now it's time to go to work.
By itself, I kept flip-flopping over the first NB palette. Seeing it alongside NB 2 made me want them both. I ordered off UD and they should be here on Friday.
Damn! They put the fear on you and then follow up with good news. Why even tell you that if your order wasn't affected?
It was a close one! I almost skipped it entirely!
Some weeks back I talked to her. We've been texting. We should get together again. Crazy how time flies!
Naughtyp!!! How ya been?! Who do you know?! What'cha doin?! Where did ya go?!
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