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I will let you know. I can't wait to get it. Should be coming by the end of the month.
 Stop crushing and get it already, lol!  What are you waiting for!?!
 Can't wait to get my order!  I hope the GG samples come with mine too.  I love those products!  
 I was looking at the Mary-Lou Manizer but I opted for Betty-Lou instead.  I also picked up the NUDE'tude palette and blushes in Toile and Pinstripe.
   I use my thumb as anchor on the side of the pump.  It seems to cut down on excess product.
I have an appointment to visit Beautylish on Monday to look at their line of Chikuhodo brushes, and I'm pretty sure I will pick up another CT item or two.  I'm looking at a couple of the eye pencils and Night Crimson lipstick.  
 You're welcome!  Thank you!  Initially I was resistant to SR because I wanted to stay away from more rosy nudes, but I really love this.  So glad the MA put this on me at the preview event!  What I love about these lipsticks and they apply so well straight from tube.  For nudes, though, I'm going to have to start using a lip brush on my upper lip since it's so pigmented.    You're welcome!  You're welcome!  The palettes are fairly close enough to not need both, but...
Yep, I knew that. I was looking up my order/shipping status and happened to see the notation that it was gone.
I was too tired to do swatches and pics last night after coming off a 3-day offsite.  I decided I better do it before I grabbed a bottle - uh - glass of wine.     Here are comparison swatches of The Sophisticate Palette and Tom Ford's Cocoa Mirage:   The Sophisticate       TF Cocoa Mirage   The Sophisticate , Cocoa Mirage   Individual side by side comparisons TF and CT:     L: TF R: CT   L: TF R: CT   L: TF R: CT   L: TF R:...
Looks like the anniversary palette is permanently out of stock at Sephora.
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