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Got my replacement Dolce Vita palette and thankfully all the shadows were intact.
I was prepared to be in trouble clicking on that link, but it look like it will be a skip for me!
I've been tempted by the Morning Light palette, but I've been able to skip so far.
 That's what's deterring me form getting it. I'll stick with my DW and DWL.  I think my order shipped before the mistake was correct, so guess I'll see what I get.  I didn't get one either. Just go to the website and you'll see it on the splash page.
It's about time!
Both my Zoulou and Youpiyou shipped! Makes me wonder if NM had some in stock and sent notices to everyone asking if they're willing to wait until 11/23, and those that decided to cancel freed those up for those who were going to wait.
I want to see how Nice Composure shows up on deeper skin tones before I decide if I will get it.
Tempted by Chilly Chill. Swatches are darker than I expected, which I like.
Excited to get Masochist and Dominatrix!
  I love my MAC brush! It applies my foundation beautifully. Just ordered two of the Chanel brushes, which l'll try with foundation but will more likely use it with my cream blush and highlight.  This will be mine!
New Posts  All Forums: