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I used Cork with mine.
I finally caved and got the Beige + Gold pigment set.  
 I just tried mine again to see if I could part with my back up - I couldn't. Check the Clearance Bin - you might be able to find one in there.  
 One sale item I was initially interested in, but is now missing from the page, is the Sephora 24K Gold Brush Set.  
 I meant to ask you what you thought of the Louise Young fan brush.  That was another one I was eyeing.   So far my favorite of the fan brushes I own is the Wayne Goss brush, which I only acquired and used within the last few weeks.  I was looking at the KA fan brush last night; it's a beautiful brush, but I guess I should have tested it out with product to be sure of its application.
 If I have the fan brushes from MAC, MUFE and Wayne Goss, do I really need Kevyn Aucoin's fan brush? I'm tempted by both the Candlelight and Starlight powders, despite my inner arguments to the contrary.   I may put off that purchase for a bit.  The price is lower than the powder, but the product is pretty small for the price...but I still want it.  Decisions, decisions...
 Only just swatched them earlier this evening.  I was drawn to both Candelight and Starlight.  Startlight reminded me of Becca's Rose Gold, so I'm skipping that one...for now anyway.  Candlelight is beautiful, too, but I opted instead for ordering the sculpting duo #4 so that I still get it, but in cream form.  
 I miss Paris!  
I decided to suck it up and just buy the Vintage Vixen palette off eBay. Wasn't to fond of paying more than twice the retail value for it, but I wanted it bad enough.  I also got a second one just in case someone is still looking for it and is willing to pay what I paid.  I'm going to post it in the CB.
New Posts  All Forums: