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I do not see any except A Novel Romance and Woodrose lipsticks ( the first one looks awful on my lips and the second one is very nude ). Dior le Baume is clearly disappointing and the Chanel summer collection was very bad except the np. OPI Nordic collection did not speak to me at all. But on the whole many collections were really good IMO.
I love the lipsticks 💄and the Diorific formula is so perfect !
In very poor taste😟👿 Wearing no makeup at all is an option. I happen to know a beautiful woman ( like Pythagore said That is Beauty in person ) she wears no make up and wears no perfume, mostly dressed in Black outfits well she is truly beautiful. Maybe she does not need makeup or perfume her Beauty speaks for itself ? And Kim K. The opposite of Beauty ! Nicolas Degennes is clearly off topic IMO
Beautiful !
Beautiful shades, esp. Audrey
I have few BU :   Guerlain Rouge G Rose Grenat ( I finally decided I would get a 2nd one ) Guerlain Blush Madame Rougit Kiko es quads   That's it :)
Thank you for the swatches, I will skip as expected. I have one from the Holiday 2013 collection, I don't wear it that often and that pan is so difficult to open !
Hello It sounds wonderful, what a beautiful honeymoon !   Anneri !Back to reality, well maybe no fine sand or ocean but still makeup and hauls !
Blush: 1) MAC Next to Skin 2) MAC Peaches and Cream ( Sharon ) 3) MAC Fun Ending 4) MAC Sunset Beach ( Proenza ) 5) MAC Pedro Lourenço duo blush 6) Dior Dior Skin Nude Shimmer ( both ) 7 ) YSL Kiss and Blush 8 ) Benefit Majorette 9) Guerlain Bubble blush 10 ) MAC Mineralize Blush in Azalea in the afternoon   Bronzer: 1) Guerlain 4 Seasons Bronzing Powder 00 2) MAC ED powder ( AA )   Highlighters:   Dior Diorskin Nude illuminating powder Transat...
It is a semi-matte formula, it is quite confortable on the lips but maybe It is due to an allergic reaction ? 😕
New Posts  All Forums: