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It is one from the Mystic Metallics collection I can't remember the name but I Have both quints here is a pic found on the internet The collection was unique, the np were just beautiful , the same year Chanel launched Rose Moiré and Rouge Moiré (np ) both collections were very pretty . 2013 I think🌺
Yes Eau Vive is the new Chanel fragrance created by Olivier Polge. I am a fan of fragrances and they tend to worsen my rosacea too. But fragrances are really my passion ! To Tell the whole truth I use 1 to 2 bottles a month, my doctor says I suffer from signs of intoxication so I Have to be careful about that from now on.
I never ordered from them . I don't know sorry about that .
Hello 🌺Yes my friend here It is A beautiful collection IMO even if I did not use the quints that often because of product overload LOL
Glamour Daze maybe ? ( Not sure )
I would say 10 Times ? Let us see : Lightness of Being, Bao Bao Wan, Julia Petit, Mac is Beauty, Wash and Dry so far . 😎but I also skip many collections .
lol I think I need the es duo and Quantum but the online store is awful, it takes up to 3 weeks to get the packages unless there is Express Delivery, I have to check that out.
Hello my friend Yes what break ? I don't know if we need that word " break " I purchased Shalimar Cologne and I would really recommand it, it is a beautiful fragrance.
Perfect on you. ❤️❤️❤️
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