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Hello Naomi Thank you 🌺 ! 😘
Thank you Dolly Honestly the texture is very good, it wears quite long. The packaging is beautiful IMO
Just gorgeous !
Thank you so much :) The new Chanel np are to die for, worth buying ( and LE I think )
Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss in Séduction ( 18 )
😄Lol I keep talking about Peter Philips that is true ! But in fact I love all Artistic directors, their work is really admirable 😍
Beautiful 😍 I Love the hairdo too.
Thank you 💄 Olivia is a very deep colour, very nice for Fall or a dinner .
💅Hello Here is my current mani Chanel Rouge Flamboyant 🎨see you
So sorry, wrong thread !
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