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Well I would say..... both :) as they are very different ! Pied de Poule and Gabrielle are permanent so Yes definitely both :)
Great swatches :) thank you. I will purchase Good Kisser, Hearts Aflame and possibly others but I have already purchased so many lippies this Fall that I have to think it over, those lipsticks are beautifula MAC lippie can't be disappointing IMO :)
Fragonard " Moment Volé " ( stolen moment ). Lovely and not pricey at all ( 28 € ). http://www.fragonard.com/
I have a combination skin ( be coming dry aged 46 ) and no wrinkles at all. Yes it is matte and probably better for combination/oily skins, I agree but it is still very good . I never use foundation in fact, I am not a fan of them if I need a full coverage I use Chanel CC cream. The powder formula is awesome but if you are not used to it well skip, you may be disappointed by the Chanel one. I would compare the Chanel one to the pressed UD powder but the Chanel powder...
Viva in the middle ( Bohême and top Suspense but the colours are not accurate except for Viva ^^ ). If you have a lot of Fuchsia/Pink lippies I don't know if you can justify buying Viva lol.....But the RCS are beautiful, all 4 and I have only 2 of them so far. ^^
You look GREAT !  ( as always )
Thank you Katred I have Carré bleu and Jardin, they are more pigmented than the previous ones and the packaging is thiner which is better too. We have 11 palettes here so far I know why only 5 in the US, UK ? Well
It is 65€ here which is pricey compared to other foundations but it is really highly good.
It is really very pretty
Very pretty :)
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