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Lovely Glam ( as always ) Lovely Glam as always !
I agree with you both, hopefully the will keep some shades like Mademoiselle, Jersey Rose and so many more. The Rouge Coco was created in 2010, so 5 years old, which is probably not acceptable for all brands reformulated their lipsticks. I strongly disapprove of that, the current Rouge Coco is not dupeable, it is unique.
Yes indeed, type 1 Diabetes is an auto-immune disease I think ( very different ) from 2 type. Well I hope you will find the right food and diet, adjusting insulin all the time is not that easy.
Thank you for posting. :) Well, lots of bright colours.... I much prefer the current version ( shades and formula which is good  ) of the  Rouge Coco I must say. Reformulation  ? I don't really agree.
Les Senteurs gourmandes in " Rose Oud ".
Glitter and Ice !   But I broke the beauty powder. I purchased the 6 lipsticks, an eyeshadow palette and the beauty powder. Glitter and Ice remains my favourite MAC collection ever, it was quite bold ( the lipsticks were truly unique ), Furthermore I am a huge fan of ice skater Johnny Weir.
Breakfast none ? 😕 Well, a good breakfast is required in order to start the engine IMO 😉You need fuel in the morning ^^
You will find Ispahan and other great 🎂🍰🍪Rue Bonaparte ( rive gauche ) if I am correct. And St Honoré/Royale ( rive droite ) if I am not wrong ( in that area ). You can also eat an Ispahan at Ladurée rue Royale or other Ladurée salons de thé. If you love very classy Chocolate try Debauve et Gallais ( St Germain ). And back to makeup ^^ you Have a Benefit store rue Tiquetonne (2 ), a Bourjois store passage du Havre (9) and a Paul and Joe makeup/Beauty store in the Marais (...
It is all about the number 5 loose powder💃
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