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Beautiful ! all 4 !
I agree Bel Argus and Azuré are both gorgeous, summer 2013 was such a beautiful collection !Phénix is beautiful too, bright and classy.
 Elegant yes a birthday present to yourself, I second that and even third. to you !
Thank you so muchI hope it was well deserved... I picked up the Highlighter ( it's beautiful, really platinum ), the JC blush Caresse and the np Phenix, a perfect red and Chanel has really gorgeous red nail polishes ( prettier than the Dior ones IMO ). I might purchase Oiseaux de Nuit later. The Chanel collection is due to launch officially next week but they had some items at my Sephora, and I had 20% off today !
Beautiful, " Parade " is a ballet, Guerlain Holiday 2014 is very classy and Parade is gorgeous.
Such a lovely haul ! Enjoy your goodies. ( I splurged too,  well )
Oh no not weak,  but let us say Guerlain is one of your weaknesses. lol
Yes bad news indeed ( here they are 39 € so in the US well ).I have Luxure, which means " lust "... Well no commentlol, it's a very vampy red, a true red in fact.
Hello, yes Naomie ( OMG you are now a fan of Guerlain ! )  the liquid formula is to die for. I have only one but I really love it. The formula is close to perfection IMO.
Perfect ( as usual ^^ ), you look like a doll. The combo is truly beautiful.
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