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LOL πŸ˜„ yes I confess, I am addicted ! Oh yes the Nars Multiple is great . Lovely soft pink , easy to apply and long wearing .The Chanel collection is due to launch in June and Chance l'Eau Vive new perfume as well ! It means hauls again. 😍😍😍
It looks quite unique, both shades are pretty but the texture is not so good I fear, I have not ordered anything from this collection the online store has a very bad customer service . Maybe I Will order the duo and chose express delivery. Thank you for the tip. 😎
Beautiful ! The set is a must have, 4 gorgeous nude np ! 🌺🌺🌺
Yes dear friend It is a communicable disease, I think I caught It to a small extent though , 😎I didn't purchase Ambre Nuit ( named after an exclusive perfume from Dior, I never tried It I must say ), oh yes beautiful but as I am not supposed to wear any eyemakeup I decided to skip, Horizon is really gorgeous I am enjoying It. I purchased a Nars Multiple instead ( matte ), the texture is awesome .PO is something I was not ready for but the fact is that I did catch It ! πŸ˜„
The Dior ones ( quite good ), the new l'Occitane ones, the Gemey-Maybelline ones ( budget ), and if you want a neutral but very effective one The Body Shop hemp lipbalm, It is not tinted but It is very good for chapped lips . The Kiko lipbalms ( tinted ) are in the average and they have a taste.
Thank you . The current formula is awesome but reformulation is trendy.. As for the new blushes I still have the cream ones from 2013, the sticks look very pretty, sticks are trendy too. The Fall colours are quite edgy in fact Peter Philips's work is so different from Tyen's work. 2 visions of makeup .
When does the collection launch ? 2015 or 2016 ? It looks very promising, beautiful and soft shades.
LOL yes It would be a great option ! 😎😎😎
Oh yes quite a list I love, love this collection nude and classy. I love the summer one too even if I have not tried it much yet, product overload LOL . I did try the Dior quint Horizon today despite my eye issue, the quint is simply gorgeous, the texture is so smooth and silky. I am considering purchasing Ambre Nuit ! ❀️
New Posts  All Forums: