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Hello ! 🌺🌺🌺I am ok ( though a bit deaf well ) I missed you too. I posted a few comments tonight at lastI hope you hauled lovely makeup items 😍
Back to makeup 💅👄💄LOL even if I cannot catch up !
Yes les Automnales is really pretty. I hope It launches soon I think Alézane would suit you well. I prefer pink or coral blushes but Alézane looks special !
Yes clearly they are different ( both beautiful ) . 😍
Hello ! 🌺
But here are swatches in fact Bel Argus is much sheerer, the Two are different.
Hello 💗So sorry not to be here very often .
First of all sorry for being so elusive. I hope you are well I really love the quads, the blush and the np especially Écorce sanguine , I wanted initially the 3 np but I Have to see them in person first . Here we Have Blue Rhythm at last but I think the Automnales launch later. The Dior collection is available but I had to ask the Sephora lady to Have the blush ( one of them ), the Dior Addicts are due to launch next week I could see some today, well I much prefer the...
The new version looks pinker but I am not quite sure as the Chanel website is awful regarding the accuracy of colours. Here both Pêche nacrée and Fraîcheur are exclusive to Chanel I must say I did not order them I Will buy the 2 blue ones when the collection launches . But I agree Pêche nacrée looks pinker ( on the online store I Have the previous version )
I am glad you were able to get It Thanks to both ladies, that was not simple at all in France. 4 lippies from the collection were sold out very quickly ( the first was Bianca B ) and Tats was available days after ! Enjoy your goodie 😍😍
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