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I saw the collection too on the US online store. Stunning ! 😍As usual we Will get It much later And worse there are few items available at Sephora. We Have to order online, shipping takes up to 2 weeks here. 😕
Gorgeous ! Absolutely gorgeous . Thank you for sharing ! 🌺🌺🌺
Thank You so much for sharing . I definitely think It is boring compared to Tyen's work for Dior . IMO of course. Hello 🌺🌺🌺 my friend It is so good so see you here. 💕 Makeup makes my Life happier I need It at the moment . I just wish Peter Philips was still working for Chanel !
On the whole the collection is disappointing . Where are the BOLD shades MAC used to launch ? I purchased only 1 item from this Fall collection . My Inner Femme which is a pretty orangey Red, not so bold but wearable and easy to apply, I love the amplified formula I must say .
Very few BU in fact !
Promising !🌺🌺🌺
Morning Rose is lovely but the texture is a bit stiff in my opinion . It applies easily with a good brush though and the colour is délicate and subtle. I had a lipbalm for Free so I picked up Pink me Up. It is very sheer but I would say It is a good go-to lipbalm . The packaging is meh but on the whole the product itself is not bad. I think you can skip if you want something pigmented.
I agree. I love the collection and the lipstick ! I Have Musky Améthyst, when I arrived at the MAC store everything was sold out ! Except my beloved Musky Améthyst but Gem of roses is beautiful . ❤️
Hello Urbis 🌺🌺🌺The same here I am fed up with all those reformulations, the Chanel np are just perfect and I love the actual formula even if I always expérience minor chipping, no changes for me either !
Thank you, I hope you are doing well too !Yes this collection was a must Have to me but many upcoming collections look really gorgeous too 😍😍😍
New Posts  All Forums: