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I meant the French online store ! 💅
Here they are available on the Chanel online store 💅 I hope you will get them soon.
In fact Opéra refers to the so-called Opéra de Paris, also called Opéra Garnier. 🇫🇷 France 😉
Beautiful ! 😍 and glad you have Framboise Velours;) Similar shades well I do not know but as the textures ( Nars - Givenchy ) are totally different 😉 ..
Lovely 💄
Élégant you are a star ! Just beautiful ! 🌟
🎉Just great !
😀Yes Charlotte is awesome, just beautiful the perfect " Classy vampy " lipstick IMO💄
Thank you for sharing Lovely but quite similar to Golden Winter or Grand Bal. The colours are very pretty though 🎄 very Holiday like. I still don 't know what I will be picking up from this collection. The Diorific lipsticks are gorgeous ones. Classy shades and pigments . I Have to think It over but the pics are just beautiful .
You are welcome I did not mention the np, beautiful but they do not wear as long as the Dior or YSL ones IMO. Minor chipping occurs most of the time 💅But most products are totally worth buying even the np.
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