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The new version looks pinker but I am not quite sure as the Chanel website is awful regarding the accuracy of colours. Here both Pêche nacrée and Fraîcheur are exclusive to Chanel I must say I did not order them I Will buy the 2 blue ones when the collection launches . But I agree Pêche nacrée looks pinker ( on the online store I Have the previous version )
I am glad you were able to get It Thanks to both ladies, that was not simple at all in France. 4 lippies from the collection were sold out very quickly ( the first was Bianca B ) and Tats was available days after ! Enjoy your goodie 😍😍
Hello Ladies   have you heard of this ? Or is it exclusive to Europe ?  Sold out at the moment.     Hello 🌺🌺🌺 This is just Gorgeous ! Such beautiful items . Les Automnales really embodies Fall. Amazing .
Tats is still available in France . I really stalked this time, " available soon " for a long Time and now available It seems. The other ones are sold out. I ordered Tats last Thursday and received It today.
Thank you Elegant 💗💗💗Here are Charlotte and Eugénie ( just swatched )
Love Bianca B on you, the lip pencil is very pretty. 🌺
Yes It is also available online but I don't know if and when It launches in the US. Not bad but the 2 blushes are very similar to the Gorgeous Lady blushes ( similar but less pretty IMO even if I don't own the Lady blushes ones ), I hope It Will hit US counters soon especially for those who skipped the Lady blushes . And those 2 Diorific lippies are truly amazing ! 😍
Thank you Dolly 💗💗💗
Hello Ladies   have you heard of this ? Or is it exclusive to Europe ?    http://t.emailings.dior.fr/nl/jsp/m.jsp?c=%40PMZkabiKB1t0HqeMTaqdOVOzqlCUNGaG2VUe6flqYBg%3D   It reminds me of the Lady blushes ( but this time Peter Philips created the new ones, summer 2015 ), I Wonder if it's Worth the splurge.
Bianca B is a very pale pink but obviously without lip liner It looks very White !
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