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Well I am supposed to like ( even love ) Bordeaux wines but the fact is that I don't ! I do love champagne, beer sometimes and what we call Armagnac ( 45 ° ), a little certainly not a glass or I would be   and it's when I feel most down and out.
You look gorgeous ! Such romantic eyes !
It is ! As you know I have around 600 Châteaux in my area ( red, white, in between lol, and so many as 600 Châteaux ) cheers !
Euh yes, it has !
lolI hope you will get some sleep as soon as possible.
I would gladly give some of my hypersomnia then lol.
Yes Dolly it is awful, painful and well suffering should be avoided at all costs.
Today again a very simple makeup - eye makeup this time - I used Nars duo es in China Seas + Chanel Le Volume ( black ). Not a jungle makeup I had a medical appointment, not quite in the mood sorry but well China Sees are exotic !
 It sounds very pretty Calla :)
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