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Beautiful !
Beautiful shades, esp. Audrey
I have few BU :   Guerlain Rouge G Rose Grenat ( I finally decided I would get a 2nd one ) Guerlain Blush Madame Rougit Kiko es quads   That's it :)
Thank you for the swatches, I will skip as expected. I have one from the Holiday 2013 collection, I don't wear it that often and that pan is so difficult to open !
Hello It sounds wonderful, what a beautiful honeymoon !   Anneri !Back to reality, well maybe no fine sand or ocean but still makeup and hauls !
Blush: 1) MAC Next to Skin 2) MAC Peaches and Cream ( Sharon ) 3) MAC Fun Ending 4) MAC Sunset Beach ( Proenza ) 5) MAC Pedro Lourenço duo blush 6) Dior Dior Skin Nude Shimmer ( both ) 7 ) YSL Kiss and Blush 8 ) Benefit Majorette 9) Guerlain Bubble blush 10 ) MAC Mineralize Blush in Azalea in the afternoon   Bronzer: 1) Guerlain 4 Seasons Bronzing Powder 00 2) MAC ED powder ( AA )   Highlighters:   Dior Diorskin Nude illuminating powder Transat...
It is a semi-matte formula, it is quite confortable on the lips but maybe It is due to an allergic reaction ? 😕
Yes he is ! 😃he was born in the south of France, when he was a teen-ager he was fascinated by Guy Bourdin's work and photographs hence the gorgeous Holiday 2013 collection a tribute to Guy Bourdin. And Nars loves movies and cinéma, the lipsticks were named for actresses ( most of them I think ) 🇫🇷 Definitely French !
Caresse looks very pretty.  Never enough JC blushes !
Well I didn't know I would be so famous ! The fact is that it's a pretty shade but Nars has not launched the new lipsticks here for some reason. Enjoy your goodie !
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