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You're welcome :)     Fascination
Lol and hello ! here is my Nars collection including the Summer ones ( Tropical Princess and Lost Coast ). If you want to splurge on eyeshadows one word NARS ! Worth buying really.
Fascination hands down IMO. It is a beautiful quad !
You rock bright colours Glam ! (I already mentioned it but it is true ! ),
Thank you so much lime can be found in the jungle ? lol yes maybe !
Agree Naomi but I forgot to mention I use Lust with a Kabuki, it helps ( but the pink metallic shimmer well, nothing to be done I fear )I love it though, it's exactly the same with the 2 MAC Mineralize blushes I have from a Fantasy of Flowers collection, I also have Supernova but it looks completely different and highly pigmented !
Very pretty makeup, I don't know if Quadrille is the same here, I will check that out. Rosy Glow, Bar, Rendez-Vous etc.. it sounds so great !
Today I tried Nars Tropical Princess es duo, amazing even if it's pastel ( the pigmentation is really very good ). Mascara Le Volume de Chanel ( black ). Not a jungle theme but here is the duo that I used.  
Very pretty, and classy :)
So glad you have this palette it is just great
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