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Thank you 🌺I am enjoying immensely, Chanel, Dior , Kiko, MAC dream hauls really !❤️❤️❤️ Nars, les Beiges and MUFE soon , those collections are just gorgeous !
Missed you too, so sorry for responding late, I came back but I am not coming all the Time LOL.Skipping the Beiges is not possible what a classy collection ! Worth buying like the summer one, 2 gorgeous collections Peter Philips created beautiful things before leaving for Dior. 🌺🌺🌺
Beautiful ! Perfect on you. 😍😍😍
Hello 🌺🌺🌺Great ! 😍 but Sundown is really beautiful . Bright and vibrant ( I have Capeline but Sundown is much brighter ). I love the 3 in fact .
Hello AnneriThe stylos were launched 2 years ago I think ( eté Papillon ), I agree they are awesome that cool effect is so nice. I have an eye issue so I use no eye makeup ( I tried the new Benefit mascara though and It is stunning ), I still have 2 stylo es from 2013, I love, love them both. Worth buying really . But you skipped the powder ? Oh no . It is exactly the same pouch as the Poudre Signée It is really pure luxury .
Glam very glad to see you here ! 😎
Thank you 🌺 makeup is definitely my best friend LOL . Yes It is a beautiful collection when I saw the display this morning ( next to the Dior one ) I was impressed, I was not impressed by the Guerlain collection ( very disappointing IMO ) but Dior and Chanel are truly amazing collections ,
Here is my Chanel haul 3 np, 1 gloss ( Rose Paradis ), 1 RCS Intrépide and the powder . I might pick up other items I still don' t know , 😍gorgeous collection !
It looks boring yes but not on my list ! Dior launched a nude palette, Chanel too, well this time I will not be purchasing this one , but I love the Dior one LOL
I second that . Those lippies are pretty but no Tie&Dye effect at all. Regular Dior Addict . I have to say that the top coat Tie & Dye works even if the pic I posted does not enhance it at all, but the Tie and Dye lipsticks are Dior Addict lipsticks nothing more .
New Posts  All Forums: