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Thank you Katred no not silly at all lol, those es look beautiful. !
My skin has become very dry but Normally powder foundations are never recommanded for dry skins, the Chanel one is quite " buttery " that is extremely silky .A great foundation IMO
lol no I haven't, and it is quite shocking^^ too because it is a great brand with gorgeous packagings. But it is not available here, I would have to order online.
Thank you Dolly The KissKiss is a perfect go-to lipstick ( but not so pigmented as it seems, great for work IMO, it doesn't wear that long but colours are beautiful )
  LOL Yes shocking Because they are awesome ! Worth the price, and honestly they stay on your shelf for years. Caresse is a soft peachy one, so far I know and Frivole is a bright peachy apricot one, if you want a go-to colour I would recommand Rose Initiale ( a beautiful pink shade, it's so wearable ). Malice is great too, more an apricot one IMO. Espiègle is lovely a very soft peachy colour, still available on Chanel online store here but discontinued in the US ( ? ), not...
Yes Firm Form, a stunning colourMusky Amethyst ( 2011 )Deeply AdoredHeauxPrepare for PleasureRiri Woo And so many great lippies !
 The JC blushes are to die for, Caresse is the same colour range as Frivole, and well yes worth buying lol ! And a huge hello !
Compared to the Guy Bourdin collection which was gorgeous, it seems a little dull but still lovely : ) Guy Bourdin was to die for, the Holiday 2014 is more classic.
Thank you Naomi !
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