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Organza a few months ago, she is very old now 16 years old in fact.
So far the Proenza Schouler lipstick in Mangrove, I ordered one of the blushes this week though ;) but the lipsticks look so great ! And Venimous Villains of course, at that time I didn't purchase from MAC in fact but this collection is a gorgeous one !
Thank you for posting it's gorgeous !
Thank you Monsy :)
My local Sephora has not released the summer collections yet except Givenchy, but I was able to test both powders ( I don't know if they are LE or permanent by the way ), both are worth buying, last year the 2 duo blushes were worth buying too, I think Dior pressed powders are the best ever.
Yes it is pale but buildable, as all Dior pressed powders ( so finely milled ), clealy both are very pretty ! The colour itself is a soft shell pink in my opinion.
Élégant so you ordered it ? Great ! It is soft and flattering on the cheeks, quite sheer I mean by that not overwhelming, it´ s pretty
My pleasure, I posted some swatches of Rose Grenat :)
Guerlain Rose Grenat or ( darker ) Gladys ( among others )
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