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T's swatches have solidified my picks! Lver and Fr for me! (Although lver mostly for name's sake lol)
T's swatches have me second guessing :/ hoping FnF is different enough from FR from mattes (similar color description) as i'd really like oneeee lippie from this collection. maybe it'll be better to buy before try lol
FR and LVIR for me!! Obsessed!
Its up!
Dodgy girl and sharons blush for me. Pleasee lemme get what i want mac lol
somewhat excited lol just over riri at this point though
i like the idea of her before and after, like similar to mac me over? contouring products would be nice as would briar rose...just hoping its not a lot of repromotes and there are NEW shades. someone said strong woman and ill second that prayer for it lol
Captive left/Private party right On me pp reads more purple but the two are very very close. Please excuse cell phone pictures lol
Isnt it!!I used both together the other day and once applied there wasnt a huge difference. Still playing though
Thanks! I guess im just on a shadow binge lately. Needing to tell myself, think nikki, think!
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