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    No C----when does it air????
       I love the way you guys support my whims 
   It will be here before you know it!  You've done this before---you'll do just fine.  Just have plenty of Popeye's to ply your movers.
   So, so tempting.  I can always break my own rules.  Eight is a nice even number
I found an example of some of our previous color challenges: Originally Posted by Medgal07    Lipsticks of the week, by color, for the Month of December.  Please note, the list of lipsticks is just for reference and ideas!  Be as flexible with this as your individual lifestyle dictates!  Above all, just have fun!!!   December 1- 7      RED MAC   Extended Play (Blackened brick Red, pro longwear) Fav! Hotline   Just A Bite (Mid-tone Blue Red)    Lady Bug (Yellow...
   We've done color challenges and I think they're fun & seem less restrictive than our monthly challenges.   We've typically done color challenges that apply to the lips or eyes.  I like the idea a specific color in any makeup type---eyes/cheeks/lips/nails.
   That's an understatement!!!
   That's a favorite color combo for me---------love it.  I recently used Kiss Kiss Peach Satin & I love it.  But like how long ago did I purchase itSo, so ridiculous of me!!!
   Yes---those too!!!
   I immediately thought of you coming along and calling me out 
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