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   You'd better make even more room----those stinky balls are very addictive 
  They look so pretty but apparently they're crap. 
     They're scheduled to ship next week right?  
   I'll know better when I wear BD.  I almost skipped it because I have BP and thought they might be too close.  I think the difference is in the formula.  There are    comparative swatches of BD & BP here on this thread.  I don't recall seeing any of the other comparisons that you mentioned.  I have FnF & SR and didn't even think of    comparing them because I had already decided to purchase BD.  If you have enough burgundy lipstick I would put money on the cream shadows.
   Yay is right!!!!   
   I think BP might be in the TF semi-matte formula.
   The scent is so soft and dissipates so quickly that I can't even describe it to you.  Very subtle.  Maybe you should try it in store first to be safe.   Thank you Vee!!!
    TY----I absolutely love it!  
I haven't worn it in a while but I don't recall having this issue w/Bruised PlumTF.  Diff formula I suppose.
      ***singing----  Pretty got in trouble, Pretty got in trouble    
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