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   I'm sure you're an equally good wife & mother too!!!
   So many products, so little time.  I'd like to try mine tomorrow too!  I haven't even swatched my pressed    météorites!   It sounds like you and Lauren are like me when it comes to new makeup.  I don't try it on until I'm ready to  wear it!!  We'll compare notes for sure!
On Saturday I was makeup free but on Sunday I wore a full face with Pantone/Sephora Radiant Rush (Vibrant Magenta) lipstick.
   Touché!  I shall feel a rush w/the touch of a button or an organized brick & mortar store where everything has a place and I can find    it in a flash.
  I'm right there with on this one Meka.  I felt anxious and out of place.  Didn't buy anything and never went back again!!!  I wanted to shop---not scavenger hunt!!!
   In a rare (*cough) moment of weakness I ordered two of the Armani eye tints...I couldn't help myself.  They looked so pretty.     Was # 7 the only AET that you purchased?  It looks so pretty.  It's so hard to choose.  I'm glad you elaborated on your experience with it.  I just ordered two of them.
   I agree!  On a nice day a ferry ride can be quite nice----especially if you you know there could be some amazing   makeup awaiting you on that other side!!!! 
   Hey Starletta!!!  I hope you're feeling better each day.  Have you felt well enough to play in some the amazing makeup you recently purchased???
   I'm glad to hear you're feeling better.  My hubs yells at me when I feel lousy one day and a tad better the next, only to rush into the activities that you did after not    feeling well.  He insists I need to give myself some recovery time so I'm passing his sentiment on to you.     I hear you though---you just want to get things done!  We had a very nice weekend, thanks.  I gave my pooch a bath today so she's acting all snooty---knows      she looks prettyOtherwise I'm...
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