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   Which Rouge Gs are you considering Lauren?
   My pleasure!!!  If you pick it up I'd love to know what you think of it.
   Absolutely!!!  I thought I'd missed something.  I'm just excited I/we got to order it
     You were hoping it would launch before next week!!!    What's with the cut off ?  Glad you ordered it too!!!
Hello Everyone!!! Thanks to all who sent heads-up messages to me.  I was out for several hours and almost missed it.  I knew it would happen this way Fortunately, I placed my order for the Fallen Angel palette and all is well w/the world again.
   I firsh read that as Y'alla balls.   Wrong thread!!!
   Nothing is worth some of the ridiculous Ebay prices---I don't entertain them at all!!  LL is more of a soft golden    pink, where as Flush is an orange coral.  I thought they were different enough to  have  but then I'm a tad odd    (let that be our little secret).  This is natural light but an iPad camera---nufff said!From the top row, left to right: Love Lust       Flush               Ravish Frantic Pink   Savage           Wicked                     Narcissist  
  What are stealing now Naomi?  
  Always cool dry place for all of my lippies.  Heat contributes to and accelerates rancidity.  When my makeup space is renovated I'm having a cosmetic frig put in the island.
   ...and you as well Vee.  I've never heard of Lovejoy...how did I miss that one?  What color is it?  I have 'Love Lust ' and  Narcissist---the one that was so hard to find, and    Savage.   I nabbed both blush duos too.  You know we sound like a couple of addicts.    
New Posts  All Forums: