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       Now that's a really good idea Naomi!!!!!
   I think you'll really like LL MRV---is soft and pretty.
No that doesn't sound silly Pretty------it takes time to go through the list and consider first, which of those are permanent that you already have and then how many of the others do you have dupes for in an already bulging lipstick collection.  As for me---the minis don't actually fit into my storage scheme (spelled OCD) & I would want to alter something to have easy access to them.  You're correct about actually depleting a single lipstick and I haven't used up a...
  It looked beautiful though!!!
 OMG this reminds me of a recent issue at the market---I was reaching some the large plastic bottles of seltzer and a man was restocking shelves on the opposite side of the isle.  I lost my grip of a bottle on a high shelf and it slammed to the floor just as the man was coming over to help me reach it----it burst open and he got soaking wet.  So embarrassing.  I must have said sorry 100 times.  He just laughed and said I should have come over to help you sooner.  He was...
   My sisters convinced me that being tiny was ok because I could have a bigger selection of--------tall & not so tall men.   
  Very cool!!!
  Well then---I'm not so odd after all 
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