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   ​So glad you're doing well C.  I can appreciate your new challenges, and your head is exactly where it should be!  How fun that your staff is open to being     converted to makeup addicts enthusiasts!!! I'm glad you were able to get  the holiday balls----they are really pretty special!!!      It sounds like your mom is doing as well as can be expected.  Huge hugs to you both!!!
  I'm really fond of the colors too!!!
   I think this whole preorder mode is to get as many sales as possible before the products hit multiple merchants.  Even Nordies is getting into the game because they've    been shut out by late product/collection offerings.  In many instances, by the time Nordies had a new collection up, we had already purchased our items elsewhere.
My BBs are out for delivery!  Finally I'll have a pair balls!
   Another case of product overload!!!!
   I love it Twinkle_Twinkle.  I use 5.5, Luminous Praline.  I recently purchased 03 Peach from the Rock Resille'    collection but I've not yet used it.  ICL and/or Yazmin might also use it but I don't know which shades.
   The man is out right torturing you!!!!  I've mastered the art of distracting my husband and then he forgets that a      package even came.  By then I've put it in a closet to open at a time that I can enjoy it without question.
New Posts  All Forums: