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   Thank you so much Winthrop    They're both really beautiful PNFPN
   Well, I have my arm back, I can drive again---all is right with the world!  I love your avi!!!  What lipstick are you wearing?  It's very becoming!!!
   Thanks for the feedback!  I'm so excited to get it!   Awesome Lex!!!   Beautiful----looks like HH was made for your lips!!!  Looks rose-gold on you---love it!!!
   Awesome score Ella!!!!   ENJOY!  I've never met a JC blush that I didn't like!!!
   I was intrigued so I ordered Feline Flick and the Wonderglow primer, which I hope doesn't break me out---heard good things about it!
  Awww thank you so much USCgirlie.
    How odd a product.  Are you taking it back?
   Thanks.  Prettypackages I missed  you.  Nice to see ya!!!
   Yay Anneri!!!  Another fab trip.  You have the best Hubs ever.  I hope you have an amazing time.  Happy hauling too!!!!
   Thank you LG!!!
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