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  ​I know---the "Angelic" was a total stretch!   
   I love the way Jane totally brightens your complexion---That's why we love orange---it loves us back.  I did notice that while Angel(a) looks pretty on you, she doesn't    make you smile like Jane!!!     You picked up on that too!!!   She must have been a doozie !!!    I got mine today.  You need this one Pretty!!!    Beautiful---Dare I say it even makes you look soft and angelic---said w/a whisper   Very pretty!  Really great choice for you Lady Dolly!!!
  Unfortunately the age-old hoodie gets a bad rap---it's like the kiss of death anymore-------and I love my little hoodies.
     Yes, you were caught off guard.  You went to have a pleasant time hoarding hauling lipstick not to be profiled & harassed.
      That's a must!  Tell me about Georgie Boy!!!  Pics please!
  Thanks Aradhana!    That Mystery powder has lasted a very long time, probably because I use other powders too, but it's a favorite.
    Hi Pretty    Missed you you much.  I hope all is well.
   Me too---I grab everything that says anti-aging  
    Geez!!!  That's just all wrong!  I hope you can get it resolved!!
     Oh I'd be the first one kicking & screaming Yazmin. 
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