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My Black Dahlia finally arrived along with some nice samples.  The sample in the jar is Jasmine Rouge body cream and OMG...I need a full size!
  I ordered the  'Coque d'Or' Iridescent Perfumed Powder which was also backordered and it shipped and will arrive tomorrow.  I also ordered the Rouge Parade 820 lipstick  but that has not yet shipped.  Maybe your balls will ship earlier than projected too.
  Fingers crossed for you Naomi!
    Ball dreams?
   I just checked my holiday balls and I think what you have is normal.  Mine look that way too but the pink/red balls are underneath.  I think you'd be taking a huge risk and    will likely end up with the same configuration/distribution.  Take a look at some of the photos posted of the holiday balls.
My new balls just arrived --Perles Du Paradis.  Meet my new balls.  Pretty canister right--well I can't open itI twisted the lid, I tried to lift the lid.  All to no avail.  This is so redic that I peed my pants in a fit of laughter.  Hubs is away on business so I won't get to see my balls until he gets home!  BTW, for anyone concerned about this particular canister being cardboard--it's so sturdy and didn't budge as I struggled to open it!  Bottom line, I can't yet see my...
     Go for it.  They're really nice!!! 
   Definitely the holiday balls - 'Meteorites' Perles d'Etoile (Limited Edition)
     We just sucked you right in huh Sassy?  I'm glad you love Doré!!!
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