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   Thank you---I love it but think I like Opal better 
            Trying to buy all the things!!!! Dolly honey that's Becca Rose Gold Pressed in the center  
   Ok---that makes sense.  
   I think you get two more because Ebates/Nordies is 10% cash back!!!     My Tissé Camélia (202) arrived today.
   I'm so glad you love it!!!  Make sure you take a look in the TF thread---fall products will be out next month----I'm so excited!!!
​I've continued my personal challenge of wearing a different eyeshadow palette everyday.  Yesterday I wore Dior Bar 56 (Grey Taupe,  White, Light Pink, Brown-Black & Neutral Taupe) in a smokey eye look with Dior Rosy Glow blush (petal pink) and Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, Rendez-vous (Pink) 87 lipstick.   dior bar 56 eyeshadow palette   Today I'm wearing Chanel Quadrille (Lavender Grey, Golden Ivory,Rosy Apricot  & Brown), Chanel Sakura (yellow pink) 87 JC blush and Tom...
   Do you always put moisturizer on your eyes before your eyeshadow?  I'm just curious because I use    primer to ward off excess moisture, and I don't moisturize my lids before makeup---my face yes but    I avoid my eyes.
   That's just GREAT KitKat!!!  ​I'm so glad you were able to find one.  Love your other choices as well and think you'll be quite happy with them all.
     I've only used Bar 56 so far but the texture & quality of the shadows is good w/good pigmentation and staying power.   Of my YSL quints I've worn Fétiche and Parisienne 07.  I would say Fétiche is comparable, maybe  even slightly better, but    Parisienne 07 didn't perform as well.  That could be my fault.  I was hurried and skipped some of my usual application practices.   Dior SunDeck from the Transat collex was my first quint (I can't speak to anything prior to...
    The only way that I was able to stop was to give myself a challenge---I've challenged myself to wear a different E/S palette everyday for the remainder                   of July.  I'm on my second week.  It's been fun but I wanted to wear my Dior Smoky Gold palette a second day and I couldn't.  Sticking to my challenge but                    come hell or high water, I'm wearing Poésie Auguat 1
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