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   I need to start checking Duty Free at my neighboring airports.
  We weren't particularly fond of that design were we?
  Someone mentioned them several pages up thread--- I think they were awaiting a restock at that time.
       I woud do it!!!!
  They're beautiful Ernie, but holy moly---30 years?
     I'm so happy for you Miss Tania---that rainbow was definitely a sign!!!
  I tend to always reach for the same ones too, it seems!!!
    x10    You look stunning Kiki!!!   I like the peach scent but that's about it!  Over-hyped & over-priced.    LOVE it!!!!!    Get it---you won't be disappointed!
   Oh CQ---It certainly seems that way.  I'm glad your mother is home and her blood sugar is being controlled.  Prayers for your family and Rob's grandmother too!!!
   Tom Ford NP is much better than Chanel, Dior, YSL and Illamasqua in terms of wear-time.  I was really pleasantly surprised by TF NP.
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