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   ​Hello Dear Friend!!!  You must be having a blast with your amazing bath and skincare collections!!!
   I love the colors.  I haven't yet used them-----product overload is real & I'm suffering from it!!!!     I think the lipstick wears so much better than Sushi Kiss---maybe similar colors but the MAC formula is no match for Armani.  That's a good color for you Pretty!!!
   What about new men
   I'm all GWP'd out.  I just got two major ones from Nordies.  If there were something I need, like you, I'd go for it, but I hate trying to FIND something to buy for a GWP
   It really suits you!!!!
   ICL I'm totally miffed by how these ombré duos look so pigmented on the face yet so sheer in the compacts and when swatched.  I'm looking forward to trying it over    something like TF spice or Spring 2015.
   This BS can wear you down!
  You look so pretty!!!  What lippie are you wearing in your new Avi  Thought Meddy wouldn't notice!!!!  I love it!!!
The verdict is in-----I love Bronze Ombré.  I tried it tonight and OMG!  I don't understand how something that appears so light and so sheer can pack such a huge punch I had to run an errand so I used MAC Quite Natural PP as a base and put BÓ on my lids---it reminded me of MAC Brown Down or Brown Script---very pigmented.  On my cheeks it looks almost rosy brown/bronze.  I wore TF Casino L/S an Pink Guilt L/G.  I love this ombré too.  I you want to know which I like best...
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