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          We're not that group.  That's your livelihood and we respect that-----this is merely fun.  Don't anticipate judgement from us----we understand and some of us       have even subsisted in theprofessional environment.  We support you love! 
   Bummer---I wanted to keep my white NP on but it also chipped------opening new makeup packages    Then the fact that red nails, clothing, shoes and accessories count in the weekly challenges should be working just fine for you.  Totally understand workplace    considerations related to the color challenges.  Personal circumstance trumps color challenge----always.  This is intended to be fun.     
   I understand Shars---you have to be comfortable!  That's what counts!!!!    You should feel accomplished---you did an awesome job---PERFECTION!!!!    I'm sure you looked lovely ICL!!!!     I'll bet NB & Riri Woo was a great combo---I love gold or bronze eye looks with red lips.    That's a gorgeous red Sage!!!!   I had no idea that really happened--it burned for over 3 hours    I get that---especially depending on your work environment.  had that issue when I worked....
   So true!!!
   How do you like Champagne Pop?  I wore mine today too!!!
   Thanks a $$$Mil Dollykins!!! 
   Oh how pretty!!!!!  Thank you so, so much Naomi, my little cherub (I know God just said whaaa???)    Thank you Sassy honey!!!   I hope you're feeling better
  Died----brought a few friends along did ya????  Thank you VK!!!!!
    * Thank you my darling Dilli----the world's BEST enabler encourager ever!!!!You've never led me astray!!!!!  Thank you AR!!!! 
   I'm glad you started w/Champagne Pop, Glammy.  It's lovely and the Becca pressed highlighter formula, in general is pretty amazing!!!
New Posts  All Forums: