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    Please don't make me go look.  Not looking, not looking, not looking.......  Ok I'll go look.
   Thank you Meka  NO WAY-----and don't expect me to post any pics wearing makeup that's applied w/my left hand    Oh I bought a lot.  If anyone from low-buy is reading this don't hate. In fact, skip this post altogether. I don't want to cause anyone to fall off the wagon.    I never said I was on a low buy.  Like Meka, I'm on a YOLO Buy!    Here goes.   PreOp:   Dior DreamSkin   Dior Capture Total   Dior Cleansing Water   Dior Eye Makeup Remover   Dior Trafalgar...
   MG that was so hysterical! I might cut ya, but I'll use a pretty knife I wonder if Guerlain gave the appearance of that Rose Grenat Rouge G any thought of looking   like a knife because it really does in my photo.      
   Thanks for your sentiments Elegant     Can you stand it.  I took that pic so fast and didn't want to take the time to prop the lippie up, but I'll bet if I put hub's red Swiss Army knife next to it   they would look the same!    
   Yay you won't regret it.  Which polishes did you get Yazmin?  The Transatlantiques are not unique colors but they come w/appliqués.  Kinda cute, especially for summer---sail boating,  Memorial Day & 4th of July holiday.
  Singing-----MJ's You Are not Alone as WE sashay toward the makeup counter  ICL, you might want to get all 3....that's how I missed out on Rose Diamond!  Not enabling---just don't want you crying in your soup while we're all running  around in our Diorskin Nude Shimmers 01 (Pink)......and 02 Amber and that gorgeous Gold. 
   I know it's so, so pretty!!! 
 OooooLaLa  That looks really pretty on you! 
  I only have Solar Gold, and although I've not tried it on my face, I don't think I will---it seems to sticky for the face???I agree w/you! Perhaps they need to go back to the drawing board with these.
   Oh that 's too bad Yazmin---I've only worn it mixed in my foundation but I didn't notice a bit of glitter
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