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   I need to spend more time looking at it.  Nothing jumped out at me so far, but it's still early   I'm still in wait & see mode.
  That's very funny!!
   Awwww.  I'm sorry you had a bad day Sage.  I see you sought a therapeutic remedy---makeup.  Good for you!!!    Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!
   I totally forgot about Moth Brown, Copperplate & Stolen Moment!!!  I'll list mine on Saturday---it's been a long day      Brains & Brawn- (Midtone Taupe) in the All Woman quad  Camo (Muted Grayish Taupe)  in the  MAC Carine Roitfeld Jungle Camouflage Palette
   I'm coming with Vee!!!   ​I'll bring homemade Potato Latkes, applesauce & sour cream!!  I'm also making Zucchini Latkes for Hanukkah dinner on Sunday.    You too Dolly!
   I hope you can still find it.
   That's awesome!!!
      Bingo!  I do that morning & night!  It's a must during the winter months.    Way to go ICL!!!  There's a lot to be said for incremental hauling!!   I use Sara Happ but I do it routinely to keep the flakiness from ever showing up     Great approach Vee!!!
   ​Thanks Anneri----I just go buck wild when the hubs is out of town--first black lipstick, what next, OYE.​   I only have one YSL Glossy Stain---Beige Peau, and I like it so much that I backed it up.  I never wear it on it's own.  I always wear it over a nude   lipstick---it really breathes life into my matte nude lipsticks.  That was indeed a strange occurrence that you had w/Violet Illusion.    Thanks Pretty!   I don't have Magnetic Appeal, but I've heard good things...
   I just purchased 4 Chanel lipsticks & 2 glossesThe addiction is real.  That's so me too!!!
New Posts  All Forums: