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   I hope you love the lipstick---it's Monsy-like!  Very soft and pretty!!!    Yikes about the foundation!!
   I wish there were more days in the week to wear our makeup!!!!  having just one head & face really sucks!!!
   Beautiful combo!!!!
     Thanks AWS.  It's very soft and girly    Yay!!!  Hope you love it!!!  We're equal opportunity enablers
   Looks like the entire set/offering.
   How do you like Le Nu?---You need the nail polish too Sis!
  Unfortunately NM is slow for me.  I ordered TF lippies last week and they won't get here until tomorrow.  I guess   Sephora Flash shipping has me spoiled.  A week really isn't a long time to wait.  I'm acting like it's coming by    stagecoach!!!
   They're only sending shoppers elsewhere!!!!
     Me too!
   That's what I did-----easy peasy!   More to come.
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