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   It actually leans pink on me and is a lovely blush.  You might want to try it in person to be safe.
   Oh it's a real winner Meka!  I say go for it.  I love it.  Chanel actually provides insert instructions/suggestions for wearing it and also has tutorials for it on their web site.    http://www.colormeloud.com/2014/03/chanel-les-4-ombres-collection-for.html
    For reference, Innocence shows up beautifully on me, so I know it will show up on you.  It's really quite lovely.     I'm thrilled that you're loving Poésie--glad I could enable help.      Poésie mean poetry in French--so I had poetry all over my eyes for 5 consecutive days!  That's actually a beautiful meaning for an exquisite product!
  I think you have a case of fabulous too----congrats!!!!  Gabrielle & Venitien are amazing.  I also purchased Intime & Songe and I agree, they make a nice couple!  Did you pick up the JC, Innocence?  It would look nice w/your green eyes too!
   Neiman's & Bergdorf's too.
Hi there Anneri!!  It's so fun pulling out the oldies but goodies isn't it!!!   We do not have a theme for August and your's is the first suggestion!  So for summer/vacation are we looking at a particular group of colors or run the gamut with a full   color palette, encompassing brights & lights or just whatever about summer that inspires us?????
  Meleftie I'm so glad you defied the rules and went with your instincts for what sounds like a truly positive experience.    By the way, Thursday is the last day of my challenge, but I'm certain I could continue through August w/o exhausting my palette supply.  The worse part of the challenge was not being able to repeat ---- the way I did w/Poésie but it gave me the opportunity to use some amazing palettes that have gone neglected DT productoverload.
I've continued on my path of a different e/s palette everyday.  On Sunday I wore Chanel Camelia, one the newly released quads, Chanel Raffinement,an oldie but goodie yesterday, and today for yet another neutral eye look I'm wearing MAC Bare My Soul palette.  Just two more days to go!!!  
   Did you read her viewer's comments?  They pretty much debunk her findings and are by-and-large happy w/the palette!!!
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