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   Feels like we're being bombarded w/the same products---lip & cheek pots and cream eyeshadow!
   Great haul.   Looking forward to hearing what you think of everything.
   If only!!!
   Wow---that's nuts.  There's no real consistency!
   I just repurchased Touche Eclat, so I'm not in the market for anything new at the moment.  Nevertheless, if you    decide to try Givenchy I'd live to hear what you think of it.
   ​That's really nice Sass!!!
   That's good to hear.  I didn't get Shadow or Flannel but I'm loving Shadow on you.  Shadow looked lavender to me in the tube but it's a beautiful powder blue on you!    You'll have to let me know how you like Flannel when you get it.....I'm contemplating one more but I haven't yet decided which one to get.
   Don't beat yourself up about it Maggie---it's just makeup.      I liked immensely that I did not reach for the same few palettes or what I call my, 'favs of the moment'.   I actually    used some palettes that I  haven't touched in over a year, and I still have MANY that I didn't even get to at all,    some of which are new that I've never used.    I would totally agree with the highlighter challenge for May.  Thank you Maggie--------Great idea!!!!!
  It will stay pretty!  I think it's bad for them when they don't get used.
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