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   You put him in the best category ever--------he's an EX and appropriately so!!!
   I'm sure the number of stars was factored into the production protocols to achieve the intended look, so they all probably have the same amount of stars.
   Did you get the palette too Pretty?
  Lou you will love the liquid lipstick.  I'm wearing it today and the color is amazing and very easy to wear.  Pinks can be tough sometimes but this is absolutely lovely.
   Yes----we're quite the bunch
My RAs and NP shipped.  I don't know how I can be excited for mor new makeup but the hits just keep on coming!!!!!
  I'm so glad!!!
   Yep.  I love UPS & FedEx tracking    It sure removes the guess work---especially if you have packages coming from multiple stores---so easy to lose track!    It's great for old gals w/memory loss----oh yeah---a package is at the door 
New Posts  All Forums: