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   Thanks a $$$Mil Dollykins!!! 
   Oh how pretty!!!!!  Thank you so, so much Naomi, my little cherub (I know God just said whaaa???)    Thank you Sassy honey!!!   I hope you're feeling better
  Died----brought a few friends along did ya????  Thank you VK!!!!!
    * Thank you my darling Dilli----the world's BEST enabler encourager ever!!!!You've never led me astray!!!!!  Thank you AR!!!! 
   I'm glad you started w/Champagne Pop, Glammy.  It's lovely and the Becca pressed highlighter formula, in general is pretty amazing!!!
   Thank you sweet Jenise!!!!    Thank you ICL    My GlammyThank you so much
   I can't wait to hear your thoughts on both.  I struggle with cream products but that looks like it's really pretty nice!!!  You're a girl after my own heart
   Yes--they appear to have the NP too!
Macy's now appears to have Alezane online----I say appears because they often show items and then tell you they're backordered after you check out.  I don't trust them!!!
   Ditto-----plus an e/s palette or two       Just cry with me here for a minute Monsy.
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