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   So did I......squeals w/pain & excitement.  Won't be on to post much for a while but had to share my pre-op haul.    
   Yes, only select foundations include NC44.  I'm happy with the Chanel & Guerlain foundations & doubt I'll be getting    any MAC foundations any time soon.  I have a large bottle of MAC F & B that I like & will continue to use but not sure    if I'll repurchase it.    Wow...I wouldn't be looking in that direction again!
   Swatching them on counter is a good idea, especially if you have issues w/some tones as you've noted.  Try wearing the blush under your   foundation---totally life changing---it looks as if it's coming from within.
   I made not elf the order in which you use them when you first enabled told us about them.  I can't wait to get them.  MPS will arrive Monday & DS on Thursday.  I won't    use MPS until DS arrives so I can use them together as you suggest.    That's funny that the Chanel SA raved about the great results that you're getting from Dior products!!  She'll be slipping over to that Dior counter now!    That 10% off was definitely incentive for me to get DS.  I decided to get...
  OMG----your nails are amazing!  I have nubs---I look at them & they break.  I've started taking vitamins for them, so fingers crossed they grow!
  Don't you just love them!!!!  I have all three, & I'm hoping Dior transitions these colors to the gel formula because everyone says it's pretty great.        Your photo and swatches are always so clear & pretty!
   Well it depends on what you like, but Affinite ( intense blue-pink) is very pretty & was very popular when it came out.     I happen to love Presage (bright apricot), and Intonation (warm rose), one of the most recent of the blush crèmes to be released.   I don't know how objective I'm being because I have all of Chanel's blush crèmes.
   I love your new Avi, Lady Shontay.  Your hair looks really pretty!
   Sounds like a really pretty look!   Glad you're loving the palette.
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