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  Pulling for you TinTin   
 I'm so glad----they seem to be careless about this stuff, but when reminded they seem to step up---that's a good thing!
   @ Yazmin, @ Walkingdead----The verdict is in---I love Hepburn Honey, and I can wear either YSL Beige Peau glossy stain or TF Pink Guilt with it. The formula is nice    and the color is perfect for me. I'm very happy with it.  Yazmin thanks so much for the recommendation!
    Gorgeous, gorgeous haul NYCBJ-----ENJOY to the max!!!!!!  
 Oh I'm so, so happy for you!  Don't give up looking for a cheek duo---my fingers are crossed for you!!!!  I hope you enjoy the lip combo---Pink Guilt is an amazing       match w/Negligee.
   It's always nice to have a product that's been endorsed by trusted fellow MUAs.  My stash shows my love for TF too, and I'm wearing the Violet Dusk e/s quad today.
   Yes Msfaszion---the tote bag was/is a store promotion and the mini lipstick was a Tom Ford promotion.  The SA believed the error occurred the order was packaged.I would never have known---she was the one who informed me when I inquired about the Casablanca mini that I saw on Neiman's web site.
   Also, if you order online and spend $100 you get a mini TF lipstick, Casablanca.  If your purchase is in-store you should get a True Coral mini.  The store neglected to   include one for me but they apologized, will send one out today along with a TF purse sized fragrance in Jasmine to atone for the error.     
   I hope you get one soon!  I'm afraid I've never ordered from the TF web site.  I hope you enjoy Wicked--it's one of my favorites.
   Hi there Anneri.  I'm so loving the manis and hauls.  I'm not contributing to the manis because right now my hands look like I've either walked on them or     done construction work!!! 
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