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I'm still getting NARS Charlotte because my grandmother, mother and sister are all named Charlotte!  How could I not????
   Thanks for posting these ICL!!!!  I'm thinking Negligee only for me because I have TF Sweet Spot, an orange coral and that's what I thought of when you described TOF.
   Awesome haul Mysteereous----I'm totally loving Pied-de-Poule lipstick--great burgundy color and amazing formula---love!
   Hello there Ingenue--I think they'll both look amazing on you.  Looking forward to hearing what you think and which one you like best!
       Great selections ladies!!!  ENJOY!!!!!
   I got them both and wore Taupe Graine 53 once.  Thanks for reminding me----I'll have to wear Bleu Galuchat (Deep Teal) 52 some time soon.
       @Geeko, @meleftie & @ Martiangurl---it's had the opposite affect on me---I can't stop wearing it, and using it so often,  I've considered a BU 
  Great photo & swatch---here it reminds me of EL's Heat Wave.  I can't wait to see it IRL.
  Do you also have Opal?  If so, of the three I'm eager to hear which of the three is your favorite.  I thought I'd like    Rose Gold more than Opal but I like Opal more. 
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