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I got a tracking number for my Charlotte Tilbury, Film Star Bronze & Glow, Sun Tan & Sun Light
   The first one AWS????
   Me too.  It's also much easier for me to work with.
   Awesome compliments!!!   You looked glamorous I'm sure.  That's so nice!!!  Glad you finally decided to get La Bouleversante!!!
   You're way too young to be in makeup menopause Pretty!!
   The equivalent of having > 50 spare rolls of toilet paper at any given time
    These are really pretty!!    Feeling weak are we Monte?
   You didn't get B-CP yet Monte?  I think CP is right up your highlighter alley
  That's awesome
   Yes.....and I'm watching you    Seriously?  Well one size doesn't fit all in makeup so it's ok to be ambivalent about CP.  I love LM Indiscretion---that is the one you're referring to right?
New Posts  All Forums: