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   The color is really very pretty!!!!  It looked pretty on T, but she hated it.  I'd buy it regardless!!!!
   SCORE!!!!  I hope it's still available when I get back.
   I have a sample and OMG it smells so good!!!!  It's exclusive at Nordies right now.  I have one in my cart but can't    yet order it because we'll be away.  Thanks for your thoughts Maggie!!!
   Ok---for you my Dear Monte.  MAC WOG & Josie Marin Argan Enlightenment Illuminizing Veil ar close in color but not even particularly close in formula and finish.   You'll notice from the swatch how smooth and satiny WOG is, but the JM is powdery, however, when I blended the JM into my skin it was smooth and satiny, as well.  The JM is would be great for anyone who doesn't want that in-your-face-high-shine & glow.  Believe it or not, there are times when I want a degree...
Has any one tried the fragrance Aqua Allegoria Teazzurra???  If so would you please share your thoughts??
   Thanks AWS  Thanks Glammy---this one was mad for your lovely lips!!!
   Used my head this time and got both---LOVE both too!!    Very pretty and so natural looking AWS!  Oh it will be hard to top this collection, me thinks!!!    I like Caroube but I thought it would as dark as it had appeared in some swatches.  I was surprised when I got it.  I like it though---great for an easy, quick neutral eye look.
   Skipped all three, but they look really very pretty!
   Love & have all three.   Do you have a fav among them Ash?  I was surprised and delighted by Laurier Rose.
   I don't have pastel Vee---thank goodness you forced encouraged me to get Voile Rose first!!!!  ​No one seems to have it just yet.
New Posts  All Forums: