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    The only way that I was able to stop was to give myself a challenge---I've challenged myself to wear a different E/S palette everyday for the remainder                   of July.  I'm on my second week.  It's been fun but I wanted to wear my Dior Smoky Gold palette a second day and I couldn't.  Sticking to my challenge but                    come hell or high water, I'm wearing Poésie Auguat 1
   Dior Bar arrived Wednesday, and Trafalgar arrived Thursday.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  I wore Bar Thursday and I really like it.
    Really very pretty!!!!  ENJOY!
   It was online at Nordies, but only briefly.  I love Poésie but it should come w/a warning label-----"Highly Addictive'------ I wore mine five days straight.
  GREAT choices.  You will LOVE them.     ​My BD was 7/7 & I'm still splurging!!!!!  It's supposed to be a month right? 
   Awesome!  ENJOY!!!!
  Oh that's great for you.  Poésie was the first one that I purchased, and I got it from Macy's.  Chanel.com also had it for a minute
   I'd start w/the last one---no moisturizer on the eyes.  Again, I love that eye-look on you!!!!
   Awesome---so glad that worked out for you, and I hope you have an amazing trip.
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