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   What a beautiful gift, and a great friend.  ENJOY WD!!!   I think you'll love JC blush, Malice--it's a classic,  Fougueuse is a gorgeous pink, one of my favs, and Convoitise IDO is such a pretty gold e/s.
  I'm so glad you ordered it too.  Mine arrives today.  I was skeptical at first, but my SA couldn't stop gushing about it...and um, I'm weak.
   ​I think that's a good place to start Lauren.  I agree with Elegant on this one---great formula.
  Exactly, yet I'm seeing them more often now. 
   Thanks for this AWS.  I ordered it sight unseen, on the advice of my SA.  It's beautiful---glad I ordered it---it arrives today.
    on this awesome accomplishment!!!!
   Oh no....the best of the bunch would be good.  That's just wishful thinking.
  Ask Santa nicelyAre you referring to the Rouge Parade gloss???
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