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   That sounds absolutely gorgeous.  I don't back up much but when you love it---you love it!!!!!!!  Good for you!!!
   That's one that I didn't get but I think either @ICL or Yazmin did.
   It's not your fault Ella!!  These companies keep throwing pretty thing our way.  How can one possibly    resist!! I was so, so happy with the look that I constructed w/Lagons.  It has been awhile since I've used it, which is the goal of the challenge--to get us to shop our stashes and rediscover past makeup loves.   Hubs even said, "Your eyes look really pretty."  That's a home run in my book!!!
   Awesome!!!   Do they have random sales or  are they season specific?
   So annoying!  I hope you get it soon!!
   You crack me up Meka.  Glad you're getting back into the swing of things.  Love the look and I love Galapagos.  That might be my only NARS e/s.   Aradhana, that is so not cheating!  It's a palette and you get to use it again because it's not like you put 15 shadows on at once.  If you did I want a pic!!!
   Knope, you're so not alone!!!!    Sounds beautiful!!!!    I love this look AWS!!!  I'm so , so glad you harassed talked me into buying it!!!      You're dealing with makeup addicts here Maggie---that's standard.  I absolutely love the look that you constructed.
   Once upon a time.  I'm now a happy homemaker    That's one brand I'd like to explore.
   Sweet deal    For sure Yazmin!!!
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