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I've got Swiss Chocolate on my list now... Still on the fence about Sketch.
I wore Boom Boom Room a couple days ago. A really great color, a warm burgundy-brown with masses of cool green shimmer. When putting it on there was a tiny bit of fallout at the corners of my eyes, but not glitter bomb and no additional fallout after that.   I used the middle sized "Masterclass" brush, Oval 3. Worked just fine, i buffed the shadow pretty well.
This may be a complete skip for me. So far the only one attracting my attention is Little Buddha. Waiting for swatches.
No glosses for me. I just hardly ever wear them, so i only get really unusual colors.   As for the lipsticks, there are a couple i could wear. But i don't know which is which. Need to see the lipstick lineup with their names attached.
 She's done quite a few videos using real Biba cosmetics that survived unopened from the late 60s and early 70s
I'd like a Biba collection, founded by Barbara Hulanicki in the mid-60s. Amazing clothing, lots of smokey eyes, but with rich colors, not just black, greys, and taupes.  
 Even tho MAC doesn't make one, there are several lip mattifiers on the market.
 I think they can be reported for this. It's one thing to sell something rare for way over list. Selling something that's regularly available for 9 times list is robbery
These shadows are *gorgeous*. Buffed a bit they are shiny but not glitter-fallout.   I got: Last Dance - Peach beige with pink sparkles - good everyday color for me I Like 2 Watch - Mid-tone brown with gold sparkles Boom Boom Room - Light burgundy with emerald sparkles Can't Stop, Don't Stop - Deep plum purple with sparkles   There were a couple others i liked, but i'm trying to limit my expenditures - gotta save for my summer vacation.
Still skipping, but still eager to see people's pictures. 
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