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 I think they can be reported for this. It's one thing to sell something rare for way over list. Selling something that's regularly available for 9 times list is robbery
These shadows are *gorgeous*. Buffed a bit they are shiny but not glitter-fallout.   I got: Last Dance - Peach beige with pink sparkles - good everyday color for me I Like 2 Watch - Mid-tone brown with gold sparkles Boom Boom Room - Light burgundy with emerald sparkles Can't Stop, Don't Stop - Deep plum purple with sparkles   There were a couple others i liked, but i'm trying to limit my expenditures - gotta save for my summer vacation.
I got out my "Masterclass" brushes, but haven't tried them yet. I got a pretty severe eye irritation a week and a half ago, so i've mostly been avoiding eye makeup. It's gradually calming down. I can't wait to use them with these eye shadows!
  Thanks. I've been looking at Film Noir, but Antique Velvet's color sounds better for me.
 She put a couple colors on her hand/arm dry, side by side, and buffed them quite a bit. They looked incredible, jaw droppingly. They had a fabulous metallic sheen.
I was the only one waiting for the collection until one of the MUAs from the shop joined me on the bench outside. She was shopping for the collection, too!   I had 9 eyeshadows on my shopping list, but i prefer to test first. I'm not a fan of any eyeshadows with a very dark base, so i eliminated 3 that way - Try Me On, Feel the Fever, and Get Physical - they were real pretty but not for me. She Sparkles is not really grey, but a pale shimmery warm pewter or greige. It...
 "Snow" is what is actually called "wax bloom".  Just wipe it off. As long as it doesn't smell rancid, it's ok.
Go For It, from the In the Groove collection.
Sigh. I'm trying to not buy glosses, but Rollergirl is reeling me in. Boys Go Crazy is a foregone conclusion because Team Purple   As for the eyeshadows, i will wait to test them because most of the photos - esp. MAC's - don't do them justice. Honi's swatches were great! That color wasn't even on my "To Test" list, and now it is.
I just called my local MAC store and they said it's releasing in store on the 18th... confusing.   I'm in NoCal
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