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Last night i dreamed i tried to order Which Witch but it was sold out :-( Then i woke up and realized it was a dream. Got on the website and it said, coming soon. About 15 minutes later it was up and i ordered Which Witch, Vamplify She-Rebel, and Haute Dogs Mineralized Fashion Pack.    I hatesssss the new website, i doesssss. Nothing to let me know the sale went thru, so i phoned and got a #.
Of the dupes or almost dupes Christine of Temptalia mentioned for Which Witch i have: MAC Instigator is lighter (90% similar). NARS Train Bleu is less glossy (90% similar). [i think it's a bit redder, too] MAC Smoked Purple is cooler, less glossy (90% similar). MAC Yung Rapunxel is lighter, warmer (85% similar). MAC Firm Form is more shimmery, darker (85% similar). [C'mon, FF is grey and i have 2 of them] MAC Potent Fig is lighter, cooler (80% similar). MAC...
I love Mineralize Lipsticks. I always have at least one in my purse, no matter what other fashion color i have with me. So soothing on dry lips.   I wasn't going to get anything from this collection, but i may get either Fashion Pack (pale pink-nude) or Rare Breed (mid-tone pinky nude)
Gotta love this collection. More pictures of dogs than swatches 
Not much of interest to me in this collection. Maybe 3 things   I LOVE Mineralized Rich lipsticks. They're creamy and opaque and make my lips feel great. I don't care if the tube isn't a traditional MAC bullet. I buy all sorts of brands of lipsticks. Too bad only one of the shades here appeals to me.
The blue-violet gloss, She-Rebel, will be mine, i tell you, mine! Maybe two!   And if any of the nude lip pencils are cool toned, i'll probably get them, too, but i'll skip warm ones.
Here's my Grid from the 90s   Shot in daylight. The pale lipstick is Lust, also from the 90s.
 Hadn't heard of that UD version. I'll look for it. Thanks.
I've got Swiss Chocolate on my list now... Still on the fence about Sketch.
I wore Boom Boom Room a couple days ago. A really great color, a warm burgundy-brown with masses of cool green shimmer. When putting it on there was a tiny bit of fallout at the corners of my eyes, but not glitter bomb and no additional fallout after that.   I used the middle sized "Masterclass" brush, Oval 3. Worked just fine, i buffed the shadow pretty well.
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