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 What a difference a day makes. It took the code today...
Anybody know a Free 2 Day code for the US? I tried one i had (? MACEXP  ?) but the site said it was expired.   I ask because regular shipping takes about 8 weekdays to get here + weekends + a day or so to process - which means it can be close to 2 weeks... If i push the button today, there will be 2 weekends + 8 weekdays = 12 + however long it takes MAC to process. And i hate waiting 2 weeks.   Thanks.
 It has officially been Indigenous People's Day in Berkeley since 1992, but it was celebrated that way for a long time before that.
 Those sound like interesting lipstick colors 
 I've seen pimples pop, but i've never seen a whole face pop...
Oops, i'm about 1350 posts behind on this board... I promise will look at everybody's photos in the gallery. But i think i don't have the time to read every post.   I went down to my local MAC store this AM. Only 3 of us MACaddicts showed up early. I had a nice conversation with a mom and her adorable nearly-2-year old daughter. We recognized each other from waiting for the doors to open on previous collections.   I tested Nouvelle Vogue, but it was not for me. I...
 Thanks, that is kind of you. Fingers crossed.
If anyone got a Bad Fairy they're not going to use, i'd be happy to take it off your hands. It was the only thing i wanted from RHPS and i got online too late. PM me.   I also put a post in the Clearance Bin... Fingers crossed.
 I think they look great on you - i love the contrast of light skin and dark lips. And it doesn't look Goth-y, if that's a concern. I am a little lighter than you and i love dark red lipsticks. I don't wear bright reds - i look silly in them and they wash me out, even with full makeup. If you're concerned about the blush, use a lighter hand. I know some people like strong blush, but i tend to wear my blushes a bit more subtle. I think the blush looks fine if you like a...
Hmmm... maybe i need to back up Stone. I have one, but, well, if i can never get another one...   I like MAC lip liners because i can sharpen them to a good point and they're not too soft and smudgy. The "drug store" liners i've gotten have all been too soft.
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