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Enh. I already have Violetta and Smoked Purple, and a couple Show Orchid dupes.   Always hoping there will be more purples...
I'm getting Dodgy Girl. I agree with October Violet, it's leaning a little pink, and i really want it to look like that photo in which it's very blue-violet. Oh, well, gonna play with it. Probably no other lipsticks.   As for RiR, i love RiRi Boy and wish i could have gotten a BU, but the color i wear the most of my four RiRi lipsticks is Nude, which kind of surprises me. The nude in this collection isn't looking like my kind of nude from the photos, but it will really...
Sad i didn't know about the Impulse Cosmetics sale. Still looking forward to Lorde's beautiful dark lipstick.
I'm not reading 825 posts that i missed, altho i will go back to admire everyone's swatches.   So i'll just jump in. I think i posted that i ordered Playland lipstick and Brightside Lipglass on the website. Then i went into the store this AM to check out Sweet Experience and compare it with Flamingo. SE is a warm pink and Flamingo is a pinky orange. What can i say, i got one of each, since i can't find the Flamingo i got from the All About Orange collection.   SE is a...
 Ascendent aka Rising Sign. I'm Leo, Scorpio Rising, Moon in Gemini.  which is why i joke that when faced with a choice i want one of each.
I snoozed on Illamasqua ESP. It was in my sephora shopping cart, but it disappeared before i pushed the button. It's still on the Illamasqua website. Sephora has never carried the full line anyway.   What i have right now are: Apocalips Lipstick - matte teal Kontrol Lipstick - matte blue violet Underworld Lipstick - shimmer fuchsia with blue duochrome - yeah, i don't like fuchsia, but i love that blue duochrome Fierce Intense Lipgloss - bright violet Boost Intense...
Youse guys! Now Impulse is pretty much sold out of all the lipstick colors i wanted to get samples of! I guess talking about her stuff has been good for her business 
 Yup. I have Kontrol lipstick and i have Fierce Intense Lipgloss. I often wear Fierce over Kontrol. 
Enh, those guys are just dressed up pan handlers. Real clowns have to study hard and create a consistent character. They aren't just weirdos in costumes.
 Aargh! I've been searching for Ripe Peach for over a year. Someone offered it to me for about twice its original price. I know it's rare, but that seemed too much to me. I keep dreaming i'll find one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.
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