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Besides cleansing, the two most important skincare habits are: (1) sunscreen daily - even if you are not in the sun - if you're near a window UVA comes through and is responsible for a lot of skin aging issues and skin cancer; (2) products with no fragrance/parfum - this is true of natural fragrant plant oils, too - makes them smell good, but is a skin irritant - a lot of skin issues are cumulative, so you may not see problems now, but in the not too distant...
 Yes, the Bronze pigment and glitter set was an on-line exclusive in the US, not in stores. I hope you can find one.
I've been putting the pressed pigments directly on my lids and they have been irritating my eyes. I will need to wear them over a base. I have UDPP, but i want to see what happens over paint pots and CCBs and anything else. I hope this will eliminate the irritation, 'cuz they sure are pretty.
I have been using the eye products i got from this collection nearly every day since i picked them up. I am very happy with the four ED shadows - i'm really happy with Victorian Plum - and the Plum Palette. I just got a box from sephora with an OCC Lip Tar in Pagan (darn it, they were out of Technopagan, which i preferred) and a free Urban Decay mini Velvet Matte 24/7 Eye Liner Pencil in Plushie, which is a deep plum, and i'm wearing both with eye shadows from the Heirloom...
I pre-saled on two different dates, and when i picked up my order yesterday, i didn't get my first order. I phoned and they found it, so i'll go in tomorrow afternoon (i have music in the morning) and get it.   And i'm trying not to buy a pigment+glitter set. The Bronze is too dark for me, so that's easy. I have a couple of the things in the Gold+Beige set so i can skip that. It's the Rose+Pink that's calling to me.
 In Erin's pic, Fashion Revival is darker and more muted than Rebel. I never bought Rebel - i'd want it, i'd try it, i wouldn't get it, i'd keep hoping it was darker. I am happy with FR because it's less "pinky" than Rebel.
I have to go to my local MAC to pick up my pre-order! I've been feeling icky since Tuesday, but a little better today - i had some plain yogurt, a bowl of chicken soup, and some hot chocolate - that's the most i've eaten in 3 days.   Kiss the King is beautiful, but i have no use for the other items in the Nude bag, so it's a skip, as are all the lipsticks and glosses in this collection.   Enchantment was just too black for me, even with the pretty sparkles - i'm...
Well, months and months ago i told myself i wasn't buying any more lip glosses this year. When this collection was released, I saw i already owned Explicit from a while back. Then i tested Obviously Bare and couldn't resist. I was done, i told myself, finished, absolutely no more glosses.   ...So i went and ordered Spite and De-Nude last week. My Spite smelled normal. I put it on. Absolutely perfect match to my lips! ...but of course, it makes the color more even and...
 Thank you for remembering me, MissElle! Another Specktralette offered me a used one last week and i got it already for a very reasonable price.
 The new Pressed Pigments in this collection are not as glitter bomb-y as in the previous releases. They will still need a base to hold the sparkles in place, tho. And if anyone is not fond of glitter they're probably a skip... but then the loose pigments would be, too. If you're weighing cost vs. use, then i can't help. I got 4 Pressed Pigments and i'm planning on a pigment+glitter set, probably the Pink/Plum one.
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