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 I am very happy with MAC P+P Lip, but i only twist it up enough to get it on my lips, so it's only a little above the edge of the tube. I do that with any stick cosmetic in a tube - lipsticks, eye products, concealers...
The eyeshadows are tempting - Bouffant and Preening and Wow Factor are my kind of colors - but i’m being strong and skipping - since i have some that are similar.   And some of the lipsticks appeal to me - Catty and Real Redhead for example - but i’m am being strong and skipping them, too.   The Fluidlines, though… i am not skipping! I already have Deliciously Rich, Copperthorn, Our Secret. And Macroviolet & Brassy are on my wish list, but they’re perm, so i’ll wait...
 You can thank the fabulous award-winning costume designer Edith Head for her costumes.
 Thanks for the complement and the recommendation. Love Forever! looks like a good wearable color, but i think i have enough pinks - which i didn't photograph. I'm eager for more unreal blue-violets.
 Romantic Breakdown and Fleur d'Coral are nothing alike on me. RB is a somewhat sheer neutral nude, which makes me happy, whereas FdC is a warm pinky coral and brighter than i had wanted so i only wear it infrequently. I don't have Japanese Maple, so i can't compare.
I don't have Itchy & Scratchy. But in swatches from Temptalia it looks like they're the same color, but ISS has more shimmer.     There are lighting differences; Itchy & Scratchy is first, Heroine is second.
 There are different drivers on my route and they deal with packages differently. I'm sure whoever it was tried to protect me from having my package stolen (i've been lucky and none have been in 14 years). But if they'd left a note in my mailbox i'd have found it sooner. Seeing nothing i assumed they hadn't come by.
 When you're my age you may have as many as i do - i'll be 66 in a few months - and some of those lipsticks go back to the late 70s or early 80s. I did a purge last year and threw away lipsticks that were rancid or were around 20 years old that i don't wear any more. I definitely have more in the pink to plum to purple to blue-violet range than any other colors.
 I am sad to say that Asian Flower changes color on me - it turns fuchsia, and i don't wear fuchsia very often. As for Go For It, i have two, and i'm getting close to the end of the 1st one. Vandekamp asked which is my favorite... well, that would be like picking a favorite child. OK, i'm joking, but it is hard, because i wear colors to suit different moods. NYX Wicked Immortal, a great metallic blue-violet, is new, and much better quality than i had expected.Kat Von D...
 Hi, my name is Lilinah and i am an addict. I am addicted to purple lipsticks  And now i have to get LimeCrime Pansy Velvetine liquid lipstick... that stuff was gorgeous!
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