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 Yeah, i heard no charge-sends until Friday, also. But i guess i can call...
 I somehow have to guess which store will have less of a mob. When MAC re-released the Marilyn collection as Macy's only i had no trouble getting it, no crowd at all, but with both Bao Bao and Cinderella coming out on the same day, i dunno - i am imagining a mob scene everywhere, but maybe i have an overactive imagination...
 I'm confused. I thought Nordstrom wasn't getting this collection... ETA: zip diddle on the website - all sold out i guess.
I called my local MAC store last week and they said they were getting the Bao Bao Wan collection. But when i called to double check today they said no.   And since i want to compare stuff from Cinderella with stuff from Bao Bao i now have to ride the rush hour bus to catch the rush hour train to get to SF to TRY and get stuff in the mob that will be there. My big whine is i have a herniated disc in my back and cannot stand long, but i need to get there over an hour...
Well, i am super bummed.   Last week I phoned my local MAC to see if they would get Bao Bao, since i knew it was limited release. The woman who answered the phone said she'd check with the manager and put me on hold, when she came back she told me they were. I was happy. It's close, and easy to get to and has free parking, and has a bench in front of the door - i have a herniated disc and can't stand long.   So i just called to double check and the woman who answered...
 from Temptalia - RiRi Boy top - Lavender Jade bottom
The Purple Palette is enticing me... as if i need more purple eye shadow.  What can i say,  Team Purple!
Now that some people have their stuff, i wonder if anyone has a comparison of Bao Bao Wan's Summer Opal Beauty Powder and Cinderella's Mystery Princess and Coupe d’Chic.   And a comparison between the lipsticks Bao Bao Wan's Romantic Breakdown and Cinderella's Royal Ball and Free as a Butterfly Secret Lover
 I skipped it in the Garth Pough release, but I found it inexpensively, and love it.  You temptress, you! I have very few Guerlain cosmetics because of the price (several perfumes, tho), but they are heavenly.
 I am a fan of Beauty Powders... building up my collection  My first was Light Sunshine. Now I have Elude and Maleficent's Natural x 2 and Forever Marilyn x 2. I also have 5 Pearlmattes (both from Vera, 1 from Archie, and both from Baking Beauties), but i don't wear them as often as the Beauty Powders. Still, i'm trying not to buy both the BP from BBWan and the BP from Cinderella... but i may cave.
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