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Thank you much for your answers! I own Stormy Pink, but wanted to see more swatches of the LE ones
My google foo is failing me. Is there a page on Temptalia where she compares the Paint Pots?
 Thanks! I hadn't gotten the e-mails about what products were on whom when i posted.
 They are 2 different colors. I think the bottom one is Strutting Fabulous. 
 MAC couturier collections are always quite expensive. This was mostly in the price range of other MAC couturier collections.
Can't wait for this to get into my local MAC. I am going to go WILD!   TEAM PURPLE!
Trying to figure out what's what on the web site is driving me f*ing bananas   It says "Shop The Collection", then takes you to a page with part of the collection. I click on an item, which sure seems to be clickable, and the individual photo does NOT load.   Grrr-rrr-rrr   Well, i wasn't planning to buy from the website. I'll be at my local MAC bright and early on the 1st with my long long long shopping list. Damn this collection! So many purples!   Anyway, the...
 On me Firm Form and Which Witch are completely different. FF is silvery grey with slight warm undertones. WW is a somewhat sheer muted dark dark plum purple with modest cool tone shimmer. I'll try to remember to swatch tomorrow.
 I'm having trouble, but managing after some finagling to get product to show. New website, bah!
 You're obviously much closer to a MAC distribution center than i am, out here on the Left Coast. Nordstrom takes about a week for me, too. But as you can see, that's quicker than MAC...
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