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I have Homegirl in the old Painted Love formula. How does that differ from the new Studded Kiss formula?
I have Homegirl in the Painted Love formula. I was wondering how much the Studded Kiss formula differs...
Clay duh PoeLuh Met-ee-ay duh Bow-tay (not bootay :-)In French -eau has a long O sound, as in "Oh"If you want bootay, it would be "bouté" (can't post animated emoticons from this ancient iPad,or I would be winking at you ;-)
Kinda likeLay coal day femm
I bought 3 DS items for my trip to Bali, that way I won't feel bad if something happens to them: a dark red lipstick for concerts, a dark brown eyeliner, and a champagne frost eye shadow. The lipstick was more than half the price of a MAC lipstick - but a Chanel is 2x the cost of MAC. So while I don't think of MAC as "throwaway", it's still darn moderate, even with price increases, because pretty much every other brand is raising prices.
 I find making lists is a big help. Then i don't go... oh! shiny! when i see the new collection. I know pretty much what will and won't work for me. Sometimes there are surprises as i'm testing, but usually i end up eliminating more things when i see them in store. Plus having a spending limit for a collection helps, too.
 Thanks. Good swatches. How sad. Supposed to be a magically memorable day. Couldn't they save it for later?
I used to give myself a monetary top limit for collections, which is why i didn't get some things i wish i had, so i raised my limit a bit... I make lists, look at swatches, and i know my coloring and my taste pretty well, and i'm not influenced by the hype, so that keeps purchases down.   June - I want 3 Fluidlines and 4 shadows from Moody Blooms but i may miss it because i'll be flying to Asia when it comes out. July - a total skip for me Aug - i want 1 blush and 3...
After my big blow out on Alluring Aquatic i'm back to being moderate. Only ONE lipstick from The Osbournes. Just the two "mirror" glosses from Pedro Lourenço.   Moody Blooms i want to get a bit more (Fluidlines and eye shadows), but i've decided not to get some other things that were attracting me, and i'll stand firm.   I bought the two blushes from Proenza Schouler, so no more blushes for me this year or maybe no more blushes ever! And i've been weeding out my...
Here are some of the quotes about using makeup...   LIPSTICK "After hours of researching and over 1000 swipes of 50mm each, we found that the average number of swipes in a tube of lipstick was 293. That means, if you applied your lipstick three times per day, every day, you would run out just past the three month mark." [end quote]   BLUSH "Rimmel has 0.15oz/4g of product. Thus, at, 0.014g per application, this blush has approximately 286 applications. Because this...
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