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I pre-saled on two different dates, and when i picked up my order yesterday, i didn't get my first order. I phoned and they found it, so i'll go in tomorrow afternoon (i have music in the morning) and get it.   And i'm trying not to buy a pigment+glitter set. The Bronze is too dark for me, so that's easy. I have a couple of the things in the Gold+Beige set so i can skip that. It's the Rose+Pink that's calling to me.
 In Erin's pic, Fashion Revival is darker and more muted than Rebel. I never bought Rebel - i'd want it, i'd try it, i wouldn't get it, i'd keep hoping it was darker. I am happy with FR because it's less "pinky" than Rebel.
I have to go to my local MAC to pick up my pre-order! I've been feeling icky since Tuesday, but a little better today - i had some plain yogurt, a bowl of chicken soup, and some hot chocolate - that's the most i've eaten in 3 days.   Kiss the King is beautiful, but i have no use for the other items in the Nude bag, so it's a skip, as are all the lipsticks and glosses in this collection.   Enchantment was just too black for me, even with the pretty sparkles - i'm...
Well, months and months ago i told myself i wasn't buying any more lip glosses this year. When this collection was released, I saw i already owned Explicit from a while back. Then i tested Obviously Bare and couldn't resist. I was done, i told myself, finished, absolutely no more glosses.   ...So i went and ordered Spite and De-Nude last week. My Spite smelled normal. I put it on. Absolutely perfect match to my lips! ...but of course, it makes the color more even and...
 Thank you for remembering me, MissElle! Another Specktralette offered me a used one last week and i got it already for a very reasonable price.
 The new Pressed Pigments in this collection are not as glitter bomb-y as in the previous releases. They will still need a base to hold the sparkles in place, tho. And if anyone is not fond of glitter they're probably a skip... but then the loose pigments would be, too. If you're weighing cost vs. use, then i can't help. I got 4 Pressed Pigments and i'm planning on a pigment+glitter set, probably the Pink/Plum one.
 I use the "Search This Thread" option quite often before asking questions. It's been quite helpful to me. If we all use the tools and functions that are available to all of us, then we will all be on the same team.
I got to test Heirloom Holiday Color Collection and Keepsakes Bags & Palettes in-store last week and I pre-ordered then. I pick up my stuff on Thursday.   They had the Objects of Affection sets, but i couldn't test, just look. I will be able to test on Thursday, altho I'm not interested in the lipglasses. If i buy any pigments+glitter sets, well, i only want one. The Gold set is pretty, but i have enough stuff in those colors (as well as a couple things in that box), so...
Just to reiterate: The Objects of Affection sets - the boxed sets of 4 lip glosses and boxed sets of 5 pigments+glitters are NOT in this release.    They won't be in stores in the US until November 6. I haven't heard a firm on-line release date. The Sunday before in-store release is Nov. 2, so maybe then.
 If it didn't have the rainbow glitter i would have skipped it. What can i say... well, it's in my sig line
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