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I have zero, I need to try perversion, sounds awesome
Code: Didnt know that thanks for the info.
I have been thinking of getting a clarisonic, but I have just started using retin a. Can you use a clarisonic while using retin a? Is there a difference between the delicate brush head and the one for sensitive skin? Thanks!
I have been using my cerave daytime moisturizer which I think has a SPF of 30, but since I have just started using retin a, I bought la Roche posey anthelios SPF 60 since I am scared to death of the sun now!
I have been using Lancôme eye makeup remover and Estée Lauder cleanser that I got in gwp's. Then I use cerave hydrating cleanser. Don't know what I am going to use when my 2 gwp's run out, lol
Very pretty
I hate when that happens!
You will love the Lorac pro palette. I got it from ultra with my 20% off coupon. it is so pigmented, love it!!
I am going to have to wait and get the becca shimmering skin perfector from sephora as well as the mufe stuff I want, but everything else I will probably get from beauty.com.....plus some items sephora doesnt have. It is going to be an expensive week, lol!
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