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I had ordered a perfect topping from online that was a "beige" topping and will be returning:-(   But I stopped by my favorite counter and asked to look through the ones they had and one of my favorite MA's went through them with me and showed me which ones would pull more beige, peach or pink. She is awesome:-) I picked one that would lean more pink and B2M for Fleur d"coral. Left happy!!   Add that to the PP and AitA that I have and I am done with this collection -...
Thanks for the links!   I had already ordered nude on board, BMS, altered beige, RFL and the strobe liquid when it launched(Should arrive today!), but after seeing the swatches of underdressed and soft serenade I had to get those too. At the last minute, I threw Caliente in there since I knew if I decided later I needed it I wouldn't be able to find it!
I have zero, I need to try perversion, sounds awesome
I am going to have to try p&p vibrancy. It sounds great!
Code: Didnt know that thanks for the info.
I have been thinking of getting a clarisonic, but I have just started using retin a. Can you use a clarisonic while using retin a? Is there a difference between the delicate brush head and the one for sensitive skin? Thanks!
I have been using my cerave daytime moisturizer which I think has a SPF of 30, but since I have just started using retin a, I bought la Roche posey anthelios SPF 60 since I am scared to death of the sun now!
I have been using Lancôme eye makeup remover and Estée Lauder cleanser that I got in gwp's. Then I use cerave hydrating cleanser. Don't know what I am going to use when my 2 gwp's run out, lol
Very pretty
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