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 Congrats!   So pretty.
 How do you like the Picture Polish LEs? I passed on them in my efforts to cut back. Shocking, I know! I've been wondering if they worth me going back to pick up. I don't like the idea of having to layer them over black if that's what I need to do with them.   Hi Anneri!  I intend to stick around more. Just not as frequently as used to in the past because I'm working on other things, but I'll be popping in from time to time.   Lol! Looks like everyone caught the stamping...
Hi MRV!  That's really weird about Pshiiit not shipping to Finland, especially since you were able to order from them last time. Maybe she's changing locations. I hope you're able to get Big City Lights. I know I would LOVE to get my hands on Scinlltealiant.    Aniticska, as PearlyQueen said, these were the colors restocked: Up in Smoke, All Love Garden, Secret Sauce, Dime Piece, Presto Magic, Yesterday, Congratulations, Electric Feel, Future Reflections, Kids, The...
 Lol I hear you! And that's exactly one of the reasons why I'm splurging less. I want to travel and all my hauls were getting in the way. I hope you have a fantastic time on your trip!
 Kimibos! You're back! It's great to hear that you're well. I've actually slowed down my polish and makeup purchases believe it or not. It was getting too overwhelming. I've been destashing and selling some stuff too.
Long time no see! I've been really busy with work and I also got sucked into Facebook. It's like a polish wonderland Lol. Hope all of you are doing well.
   I can help! This is a service that I offer. I'm sending you a PM diaanz.
 You're really getting the hang of those stamping plates! Seems like it will be a great way to go through your untrieds.
 So pretty and delicate. It matches your ring so well.
Polish and cupcakes. What a nice way to spend Valentine's Day.   I've been amazingly good with my polish purchases. I've cut back drastically. My number of untrieds is obscene. It's nearly at 1,000.  I've only bought 40 polishes since the new year. I think I'm going to start selling some of them and purge some brands that I don't really wear. There's going to be a huge Colors by Llarowe preorder with a whopping 28 new colors. I can use the money from the sales to buy...
New Posts  All Forums: