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     Thank you!  @Pretty Honeybee I love it!   Contact customer service ASAP!
Mine arrived just in time for my birthday! It looks like a more purple Rebel to me. I plan to wear it out tonight if I don't change my mind.
 I read your post and did a quick count of my purple lipstick stash. I count 32... of just MAC lipsticks. Purple is my crack. I'm still fighting the urge to BU.
 *tells self* Don't BU. Don't BU. Don't BU...
I'm fighting every urge in me to *not* BU. This is one of those colors that I know I will love, but I'm trying to break my BU habit. I've never finished a tube. I haven't even made it to a third of a tube yet. 
I'm up for the day. Now I'm going to watch how fast it sells out.
 And it comes full circle! He was in the beginning of the man candy parade.
And done!
  Lost is a great show, but messed with my brain. I don't know when season two of Hemlock Grove will return.   That's right! I didn't realize that was him.
 I don't know, but I hope soon.   I love Breaking Bad. I don't remember him on Big Love?   I just finished binge watching the entire 6 season series of Lost last week! Took me a month. I never watched the show when it originally aired. The ending really surprised me.   Lol! I felt the exact same way. It seems so obvious now, but didn't see it all while watching.
New Posts  All Forums: