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I'm a newbie
Lol! It was from a magazine in a doctors waiting room, I didn't look at the year.
I just found this pic in Vogue, could be the summer collection?
I'm half asleep, the lipsticks are in baking beauties! Doh! 
Just ordered opalese, zestful and smoked mauve off the normal site, lipsticks not up yet, will wait for blush reviews :)
All your pics are lovely, I love how you do your eyes especially, your brill with colours. Xx
I have the Galleria, it is stained on one side due to a purple top I was wearing one day, I'm almost afraid to use it incase it gets more stains from colour transfer of my clothes!
Is it a new formula? I didn't particularly like match master foundation I have to say!
Is Rose pigment a permanent item? 
I got Redcurrant&cream, and elderflower&gooseberry today, both lovely I'm a Jo Malone addict
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