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Naynadine i just sent you the front page we were missing ;)
Late reply but you are welcome ladies 😘❤️
I know you guys like to watermark so I'll send it your way
I have some info for this collection, who should I give it to?
Yes Karla has made it very clear that she does not want that loser posting her pics. Whoever Trendtwat is once went and sent one of her goons to email Karla to ask her why she won't add trendturd to follow her (before she deleted her IG). She does post in the Fb group but she also watermarks and a lot of people will tell or report if people try to repost. Would love to see that girl shut down for good
This is such a mess...
Maybe Mac told her to keep it. If she sends it back they will throw it away, and that's just being wasteful, which is worse IMO.
Pink slips are flying everywhere in some warehouse in Kentucky
Hmmm idk I hope this is WOC friendly 😞 they are still looking a little light
Yes! I think maybe next go round they should have models wearing lipstick so people can get idea what it looks like along with lippie to help choose
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