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Looks pretty real to me. The packaging was so much different back before when this pigment was out. You have a gem there
sorry to hear that :( i will keep an eye out for you. I thought i had one that was the pro pan but i don't :(
This is very very sad news to hear, she was a very sweet lady and always kind to me on here. May she rest in eternal peace
Try the cosmetic company outlet, they have those there. Or gone but not forgotten!"?
I just saw a post on fb ;( they phased it out! Which in a way is kind of good bc it was really red but on a bad note, will they replace it??
Lavender whip could totally be perm!
A girl can dream lol
Now we can all sigh in relief that we don't have to ever wonder about it coming back anymore lol! Now what's the next lipstick we need permanent??
PC is the new Heroine...you see how they did that? Next we will be crying praying it will be perm lol
BWAHAHAHAH like what just really happened here??
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