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This is such a mess...
Maybe Mac told her to keep it. If she sends it back they will throw it away, and that's just being wasteful, which is worse IMO.
Pink slips are flying everywhere in some warehouse in Kentucky
Hmmm idk I hope this is WOC friendly 😞 they are still looking a little light
Yes! I think maybe next go round they should have models wearing lipstick so people can get idea what it looks like along with lippie to help choose
oh i agree 100%. I think people really voted bc they saw a color not a texture, wear on person, etc. People said "OOO PINK!" and "OO THE NAME IS SO CUTE PINK POODLE" and just voted lol
Oh i forgot about that. But a lot of people made an uproar about it. i think pple was more after CYY than the other two. I think for the most part people was after Gladiola and Petals based on packaging first before the color, or that's what people i see tend to purchase it for
The funny thing about those colors though is that they have other colors that came out not too long ago that look very alike. I think Daddy's Little Girl and Petals and Peacocks are the same thing just about, or color wise they look the same on me. At this point they can just be repromoted, they are still pretty young. It's a shame you really can't find one without having to sell your arm and leg for it. 
 Queen's Sin is prob the only frost lipstick that didn't look frosty on me. It almost looked foiled on me, which made me appreciate it more.  I def. wanted Rozz and i really think we should of got it instead of Pink Poodle. I got mine a little while ago and it is just terrible. oh terrible :( 
I feel like I saw that blush at the Cco. Also they have some if the nude shadows at some Too.
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