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Thank u for swatches. I really like last two shades. I wonder how the orange one compares to gilda and liberte.
NC15-NC20 My favourite MAC pinks are -snob -girl next door LE
Have you guys seen new 'english rose' pink eye shadow palette for spring summer 2014? I can't wait to get my hands on it. http://www.ladolcevitae.com/burberry-unveils-english-rose-makeup/
I know, I wish there was something like that. I had to rsearch each individual shade I was interested in to find the description of it etc.
I'm eyeing that multiple... maybe a nail polish as well, and maybe a purple lippie.. argh I need more swatches!!
MAC Russian Red usually suits everyone, a lot of people like it. I have similar complexion to yours, with light skin and yellow undertone and I prefer orange reds such as MAC Lady Danger, but it's quite bright. As has been mentioned Illamasqua has a good selection of different red shades, worth checking out.
Thank you. I love it, great for every day. I think it's my favorite out of the 3 lippies I got. Today's lippie was lip cover in Blush :)
from MAC it's Viva Glam II, the satin one, it's my favorite lipstick and I love Burberry lipsticks for every day, such as english rose and rosewood
I think I'm getting Natural Blondes.. or the other blondes.. don't know lol 2 is a bit too rich, so I have to pick one :D
I skipped them this time but I'm sure I will get rosewood and pale barely e/s with my next order :) So far I'm happy with their lipsticks and a bronzer. It would be nice to try blushes too. I was going to get one but I had to stop myself, to many bills at the minute. Perhaps I will make a huge haul around my birthday, I won't feel guilty then :D
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