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Ooooo Miss Patti!
 I had a feeling about them. I'm really hopeful they'll turn back up.It's so sad, isn't it?
 I'm kind of trying to hold out til November for an extra discount. I work in an office by day and don't reach for shimmery/glittery liners often.I feel like many things end up reappearing after this sale as well. Like they're limiting the amount being sold at a discount.
You'll really enjoy those Caviar Sticks. I have it in Plum. If a few more shades were less shimmery I'd be on them.   I noticed the Marc Jacobs Highliner set sold out in the last day or two. I wonder if they'll restock? I saw them in store last night. I need to swatch the full set and make a decision. 
Oh, wow, look at these 8 palettes: http://www.sephora.com/rouge-artist-palette-P390978?skuId=1549237&om_mmc=oth-bt-richlinks-2013
Perhaps try placing your order by phone. It sounds like something that needs a manual override.
Some pretty brows posted here. I have the MAC pomade, but the shade is too warm and it looks awful on me. I've stayed away from pomades since. I hate wasting money on products. @PeachTwist I like natural brows too so I knew what you meant.
You might have to do it as a return without receipt. The cashier may not be able to give you the discount on the exchange item since the discount is single use and it would need to be re-entered. I'd call ahead and ask.
Wow, that is good sized and appears to have great pigmentation. Thanks for posting.
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