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I wish I knew what was Perm and what is LE. I'm definitely eyeing the highlighter duo and possibly the cream shadow.
 Hey love! You know I don't really reach for Bite products either. People love them, but I've also heard they bleed and feather. I do, however, love the Agave lip mask.I knew you'd understand.
For the stick foundation it sometimes helps to spritz your brush with water first. Seems to help it blend better. Which color are you looking at? Hope you feel better.
I just ordered Bite 006 even though I haven't even opened the other 5. As a matter of fact one of them is still in the larger Sephora box. Issues...
I gave away my Mega Pro palette. I was only gravitating toward 3 or so colors none of which were unique. Just not worth it for me. If my skin were a few shades lighter I think I would have liked it more.
This palette was not as exciting as I wanted it to be. Vice 3 is more appealing and I've decided I'm not buying that one because I only want one row of colors. The LTD is also less exclusive now being released for a third time. Oh well. I think I'll offer mine to my daughter, but I'm not even sure if she would want it.
Last call for the 20% off sale tonight. I'm going to bed in about 30 minutes. I've been sick and this cough... Blah! Signature has details.
Are.you.effing.kidding.me. I accidentally ordered Orchid instead of Royal and Royal is now sold out. Of course they will not cancel my order. I almost did the same thing with Rose Gold last week, but caught it.
Right? It's a little much for cheeks. Maybe add to gloss, but that's not my thing.
My thoughts too. It's been OOS for so long and it's a shade i think a lot of people will gravitate towards during the sale. I see it's not approved for eyes in the US, but I plan to use it as eye shadow anyway. 
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