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Nah, it couldn't be that. They didn't trust the 'freaks' or anyone else perceived to be different. The Jupiter curfew was instated specifically because of fear of a serial killer.
Absolutely gorgeous @NYCBeautyJunkie
Cruella! I like darker reds though.
I was just gonna post that link, too, v0ltagekid. Trying to decide if I want that set.
I don't know... It's worth a try though. It won't hurt anything, right?
Those of you that forgot some goodies when you used your sale code realize if you use another email address you'll get a different code, right? Might be worth it for things you're afraid will sell out.
What I wanna know is: in what world is no one phased by a filthy, bloody clown? 
Is Jessica Lange actually singing these songs? She rocked it last night. I was impressed. And Miss Patti? Woooo, chile! Had me on the edge of my seat. You never know with AHS.
Nooooooooo Flowerbomb promo sold out while I was narrowing down lip liners!
New Posts  All Forums: