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 Thank you  Have your maples arrived yet?    Oh, and you want Sugared too 
Damn I missed Tats :(
 I'm going to try to pick up Tats. If I can catch it, great. If not, whatever. I already have Margherita, Eugenie and Charlotte. I ordered Margherita from the US website when I was trying out my US postbox for the first time. The other two I got from a former denizen of the NP thread. She ended up with multiples because the stupid new site wouldn't let her remove stuff from her cart. The poor things were destined for the bin so I adopted them hehe.  I wouldn't touch Bianca...
  ^ Wot she said. They may not be your cup of tea but I think they look great on you, especially Laced.
 Leslie was one of the first ones I picked up   I know what you mean. So many lipsticks, so little time. Maybe NARS should release 40 more shades to get back our attention 
 Dunno about Pilot Vials but TKB Trading has lipgloss tubes: http://www.tkbtrading.com/category.php?category_id=66&page=g
Thanks to a sweet Specktrette I was able to get my paws on 4 of the Maple lippies: Warmed, Braised, Candied and Mulled    So far I wore Braised and Candied and I have to say I'm impressed. These suckers are bursting with pigment and they apply beautifully. No fading or feathering either, which is something I have experienced to some extent with the regular Bite formula. And yeah, they smell DIVINE    I'll post some arm swatches on the weekend. Let me know if you're...
 Haha. I'm avoiding TF thread like the plague because I don't need yet another addiction! As far as I know we don't have TF in the Netherlands so I'm safe   Nice picks! I love Carmen too. It's such a rich, vibrant red. Anita's a great everyday shade and I reach for it a lot. But Jane is in a league of her own. I don't think I have anything like it  
I swatched these at the counter last weekend. Nippon was my favourite by a country mile, followed by Pretty Boy. 
Hey where are all the Audacious fiends gone? These lippies deserve more love! My current top 3 are Lana, Silvia and Julie. And I finally got round to buying Annabella, which means I now have the full set!      Sad, moi?  
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