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 My PayPal account is attached to my Dutch bank account and I've never had any problems ordering from MAC's US site. The only exception was one of the Riri releases but I believe that was a general issue with Paypal. If Nasty Gal did not accept international PP accounts you probably couldn't even have placed the order. I can't order from the UD site, for instance. You'll be fine :)
 I was going to skip Lourenco alltogether but the lipsticks stuck around on the Dutch website for aeons so I ended up buying all except for the beige one.  Roxo is definitely a lovely lipstick, especially if you like your Amplifieds.  No probs. Are you planning on getting any of them?
I have heard from a reliable source that the guy in the basement needs some names for his 40 brand spanking new lipsticks. Here are my candidates: - Louise - Elizabeth - Lauren - Sophia - Veronica   He needs 35 more. Any suggestions?  
Givenchy 311 - Givenchy 312 - NARS Audrey - NARS Vera - NARS Charlotte - MAC Roxo - MAC Fashion Revival - MAC Rebel - Guerlain Gigolo - NARS Fanny
   This lipstick was made for you. Love it!   Oh dear  I missed EO too  but I was lucky enough to find one in the CB. But Anita & Raquel more than make up for it's absence!  Great pick! Angela is fantastic. I'm a sucker for that sort of shade but nothing in my stash comes close.    Ooh, I'm even more excited about Michiyo now. I will wear next week. I couldn't agree more with your second paragraph. These lipsticks are heaven in a tube. I won't rest until I get my hands on...
 That's great news! I hope it arrives soon :)
 No problem at all. (and yes, you most definitely need Raquel! )
 Here you go :) NARS Anita - NARS Brigitte - NARS Raquel - MAC Enchanted One - MAC Kinda Sexy - MAC Nearly Nude - MAC Velvet Teddy - Sisley L21  
 Great pics, thank you!   NARS is spoiling us! 
 Thanking you kindly  *curtseys*  Good! He'd better stay there! Heaven forbid he escapes and releases more lipsticks!    Haha yes, you're right. I remember being pretty excited about the Huggables too. I'm most excitable, me. Sylvia and Dominique are competing for the top spot on my wishlist   Oh yes, EUR50 is very easy to reach . These lippies don't appear to be eligible for free shipping though. I guess it's a glitch in the system.  Enjoy!  re: Claudia and Angela -  re:...
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