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Go girls!    I don't use FB so can't comment on Melt's FB page (nor I can comment on your comments, for that matter ) but I think it's great that you informed Melt of BlowGate. It's probably wishful thinking to expect any reimbursement, partial or otherwise, but at least they can keep this in mind when they're developing their new shades.
 Yup. Colourwise it was the most flattering of the weird ones (Blow-DGAF-Spacecake) on me. The oldest lipstick I have is a Givenchy from 1996. I'm only keeping it because it was my first ever "proper"(as in not GWP) lipstick but I'd sooner wear that than Blow   I wonder if Melt have heard about this by now. 
 RIP Blow  DGAF, Space Cake, 6Six6 and By Starlight are alive and kicking.
Yikes! It's sucks that so many of you are having issues with your Melt lippies. Mine were fine the last time I looked, which was a month or so ago. I'll check them when I get home from work tonight. I hope they're still in good shape but I'm not holding my breath.
Can I just say that I freakin love the Velvetines?   I received my first ones last week. No idea why I didn't purchase them sooner. Kinda miffed that Red Velvet was OOS when I placed my order but I was able to get the other ones I wanted.
 Whoa!  Thank the flying spaghetti monster for CPs. Stalking wasn't an option for me this morning. I hate how work gets in the way of more important things in life.
 re: Shitaki - I went back and forth so many times on that one, but finally decided against it because of the finish. Glazes are nice and all that but they're not my fave. Plus, I was so blown away by the shadows and blushes in the collection that the lipsticks ceased to be the priority (which is something that hardly ever happens to me!). Well, I want it now    Oi MAC, your loyal customers want a matte lip top coat!
I skipped Shitaki for this. Gah! Bad move. I love the shade but I'm not overly impressed with the finish. MAC treated us to quite a few fabulous frosts in the last couple of years like the Nudes & Metallics lippies, Carnal Instinct from Magnetic Nude, Head In the Clouds from Playland, and indeed VG Riri 1. This looks like it ain't one of them Chances are I will still end up buying it because the colour's nice and it's for a good cause. Maybe a touch of loose powder will...
Skipping Elude BP and Spitfire l/s
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