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 Hehe. I'm fully aware that I'm probably in the minority about the promo images. It's not the romance novel thing that bugs me. It's just that the woman seems to be portrayed as pathetic and subordinate, clinging onto the man like that. And in the other pic the man's sort of towering over her. The pics remind me a lot of Tom Ford images, which I can't stand either. Oh, I dunno. I'm easily annoyed
My list keeps growing the more I look at the colour story   Now it's the Electric Cools (Superwatt and Coil, and maybe Blacklit). I haven't got any from the first release so I have no experience with them. I do like Chanel Illusion d'Ombres and Dior Mono Fusions, and I understand that they are pretty similar in texture, so chances are I'll like the ECs too. Someone please talk some sense into me!   On a somewhat unrelated note, I loathe the promo images. I mean,...
 Done a headcount lately?
 Why, hello there. Have we met?  I'm doing well. Busy, but well. My defence is set for 18 September so I'm sorting out some last minute stuff. Plus the usual. It's really nice and quiet at the department these days so I can finally get some work done yay. How are you doing? O.o. I forgot all about those liners. There was a gold one, no? I want that too! Good thing I'm no longer hoarding nail polish
 I kinda have the same problem with Raspberry Swirl and Snob. I can make them work if I try hard enough, but the end result isn't worth the hassle. They work rather well as mixing shades though, so they're not entirely useless.
 Oh yes, Fun Ending too! Animal Instincts is tempting, but I dunno if it makes sense for me to buy it. I have quite a few darker blushes (Small Vanity etc) but much as I love them, I don't wear them as often. Might as well compensate by BUing Fun Ending haha.
Hearts Aflame!   I definitely want all the mattes plus Yield to Love. I was hoping A Novel Romance would be a bit darker but nope. Still, 4 out of 6 ain't bad
 Eh? I thought I read on Beautyscene that it was mid-Aug. It's been a while since I last checked the site though. Aaargh! Stalk mode on!
 Oh drat!  Apparently the collex will be released here mid-August and I will be stalking to snag myself a Cranberry (or two). I hope yours will turn up soon but if it doesn't gimme a shout.
Sigh. Another collection determined to make a dent in my bank account.   Prelim list:   - Hearts Aflame - it's brick red and it's matte. Nuff said. - Lingering Kiss - another matte!  - Yield to Love - not matte, but I like the swatch posted upthread and I like the cremesheen finish on softer shades. - Both blushes - blush wh0re mode on. - A few of the new fluidline pencil thingies - currently eyeing Water Willow, Atomic Ore and possibly Deep Blue Sea.   Maybes: A...
New Posts  All Forums: