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Skipping Elude BP and Spitfire l/s
Natural BP Blooming Lovely, Charred Red, Red Pepper l/s Gazette Grey and Moleskin e/s, anything starfash and mega metal, and that long-DCd murky green eyeshadow the name of which escapes me.
I don't have a favourite (love em all!) but I wore Happy Go Lucky a lot lately.
Beigescapade    Closely followed by Perfect Topping 2.0.   I have a soft spot for repromotes gone wonky 
 Good luck! Hope it works for you too
 Coconut oil? I hardly ever use anything else since I discovered it.
Up The Amp. That was my only MAC lippie for quite some time as I was more into HE back then (didn't know any better lol) and didn't wear lipstick often to begin with.   Nr 2 and 3 were Violetta and Dark Deed from VV. The rest is history
I'm just meh about this lipstick, which is strange because I love purple and I love Amplified
Oh we will get them allright!    Now that you mention it, I don't get it either.  She definitely has more pink to her skintone compared to my yellow self so she could probably get away with NW too. Maybe she prefers NC because it helps neutralise the pink? Either way, her skintone's pretty neutral so she can get away with both cool and warm tones. I guess she just likes cool tones better. I enjoy wearing both cool and warm but I prefer warmer tones on my eyes. Even if I'm...
 She's NC20, so we're almost a perfect match (I'm more of a 15). With very few exceptions, what I see on her pics is pretty much what I see on my skin. I also appreciate that she doesn't use fancy lights and filters and whatnot.  But the blushes are cute! 
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