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 I would soooo buy that 
 How dare he! The bastard!  I shall have a word with him darling, don't you worry.
 Yup. No reds for me. All the more for you gals! Chin-chin! 
 Mr. Merlot gives me a migraine  Messrs Riesling and Viognier, on the other hand, are delightful company 
I really like PTv2. Fair enough, it doesn't look as pretty in the pan as v1, but it looks a lot better in the swatches. It's going to work better with my skintone too, so I'm happy.   Is it me or does DD look very simiar to Fashion Force Huggable in T's swatches? I was under the impression that DD was a red/orange coral and FF was a pinky coral 
   I have no words.
 Ta muchly  I hadn't worn it for ages. High time I gave it another whirl this week! I fancied a really cool-toned lip so it was either Chincilla or Illamasqua Kontrol. Chincilla won the deathmatch 
 I'll admit it was wishful thinking on my part  Looking forward to your review! 
 Oi! Why's Hibiscus not getting enough love? Tsk tsk  Hopefully some comparison swatches will surface  soon so that we can decide if we need DD or not.  Looking at your user name, I'd never have guessed  
New Posts  All Forums: