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 Oh, Rita's a beautiful red  The only red I have so far is Marlene. I think you may like that one.
Quote: I'm actually wearing Catherine today. It doesn't look that warm on me but it has a nice dustiness which makes it different from your average mid-tone coral. It's really pretty and sophisticated. I took some snaps in the morning. If the they turn out to be colour-accurate I will post them on the Audacious thread. To be fair, I paired Catherine with OCC Grandma lip pencil so maybe that's why some of the warmth disappeared. It looked a lot warmer in the tube. I need to...
 Let me know if you find any. I have high hopes for NARS Jane which I'm planning on wearing next week. Fingers crossed! It's not light by any means, but NYX Wicked lippie in Wrath is fabulous! It looks like autumn leaves
 Great swatches, thank you. Definitely no dupes here! I can't wait for my Greta to show up. And just how beautiful is Fusion Pink? It's one of my oldest MAC lipsticks but I still love it like I bought it yesterday.
         Awww, thank you!  Your kind words are the best hangover cure ever. My eyebrows have been a pain in the backside ever since I can remember. They are sparse but the hairs are long so if I accidentally pluck a hair that I shouldn't have plucked I end up with a bald spot. I went a bit trigger happy with the tweezer a few weeks ago and the damn things have still not grown back. Thank MAC for Brunette brow pencil!    In vino veritas  
 Oh dear  . I resisted Rouge Gs for the longest time because I didn't like the bulky packaging. The packaging still annoys me because I can't put my lippies in a test tube rack but hey, can't have it all. This is yours truly wearing Fanny: Some observations:1. Excellent wear - no feathering, fading whatsoever. I touched up just once during the day, but I didn't really have to. 2. I was expecting it to be a lot more vivid. Turns out it's not. Ah well, beautiful shade...
My Sephora.fr order has shipped and is scheduled to arrive next Tuesday!   @Yazmin - if you need any help with lighting a fire under NARS' behind I'll be more than happy to do so. 2 weeks is obscene.
 You, me, plus one. There's actually one more person, but that issue kinda exploded in one of the threads (said thread was "cleaned up" promptly) but was resolved pretty fast (possibly because it went public lol). I hope the third Specktrette was able to sort things out too.
 I'm looking forward to playing with El Agua. So glad you like it! My lip pencil collection really needed a shade like that. I still need to try Marlene. Leslie is in the order I placed with Sephora.fr (I really hope they don't cancel it again) and I'm eyeing Deborah too. Actually, I'm eyeing quite a few of these lippies. This collection brought out the worst in me  Today's LOTD is Fanny, paired with UD Venom lip pencil. Worked a treat. I haven't done any comparison...
 Make that two more people  
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