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      Another thumbs up for Pillow Talk. I wore it with Etcetera PLW pencil today  Fabulous colour, and the Cremesheen finish suits it perfectly. 
  BUY ALL THE AUDACIOUS!  I dunno what Francois dearest put in those lipsticks but they're addictive for sure.I've been a bit down in the dumps recently, hence the lack of posts. I should definitely come on Specktra more often. You lovely ladies are the best therapy  re: Lana - If you like your clean, bright, orangy reds Lana is your gal. I have a lot of lipsticks that fit the description but Lana is the most saturated of the bunch. If you prefer your reds on the cooler...
  Lana is fab. Seriously. It's the only lipstick that I've had compliments on from colleagues. And they hardly ever comment on my makeup because they're so used to me wearing bright/bold/vampy/downright weird (delete as appropriate) stuff.   Gah! This is difficult! - Julie- Jane- Olivia- Marisa- Angela These are my current top 5 but that is not to say that I don't love every single one of my Audacious pretties. Ask me next week and I'll have a different list  
 Leslie fits the bill perfectly IMO. Or Sandra, if you want to go a shade or two darker. Olivia is more red than Leslie, but it's still not the in your face type.    Maybe we should add an Enabler Alert to the thread title...  
The colours look great! I'm tempted to pick some up but I simply don't wear lipgloss. The last one I purchased was Bijoux from MAC x Sharon Osbourne and I haven't even worn it once  
 Same here. Well, kind of. I have a ton of admin this year in addition to my regular teaching so stalking is going to prove difficult. Grrr.  I just noticed that the lippies appear as "Coming soon". Fingers crossed there is a proper restock so that we can get the stuff we want.
 Thank you hun  The collection is supposed to be in stores on 12 September. If I still want Tats by then I'll take a trip to the Hague and hope for the best. I have other things planned for the 12th but we'll see. Glad you like Charlotte and Eugenie! I haven't worn Eugenie yet but I absolutely love Charlotte. I have a ton of dupes but I don't care. It's so beautiful   The prelaunch e-mail arrived at noon but I didn't get round to checking my e-mails until 12:45. I went on...
 Thank you  Have your maples arrived yet?    Oh, and you want Sugared too 
Damn I missed Tats :(
 I'm going to try to pick up Tats. If I can catch it, great. If not, whatever. I already have Margherita, Eugenie and Charlotte. I ordered Margherita from the US website when I was trying out my US postbox for the first time. The other two I got from a former denizen of the NP thread. She ended up with multiples because the stupid new site wouldn't let her remove stuff from her cart. The poor things were destined for the bin so I adopted them hehe.  I wouldn't touch Bianca...
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