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 Ta muchly  I hadn't worn it for ages. High time I gave it another whirl this week! I fancied a really cool-toned lip so it was either Chincilla or Illamasqua Kontrol. Chincilla won the deathmatch 
 Aww thanks   Thanks hun. You're not looking half bad in PB yourself   Seriously though, Chinchilla should not work, right? I mean, greyish lavender? On the lips? Blech! Goes to show you never know without actually slapping it on on those lips! I'm not a fan of ombre lips on me, but I did a Chinchilla - Heroine ombre when I first bought Chinchilla and I was pleasantly surprised how it turned out.
 AU looks beautiful on you! 
      Big thumbs up for Chincilla from me too! Love it to bits . It's actually surprisingly wearable. Here's how it looks on me:
 Whoa! That place is a goldmine!  They don't appear to offer international shipping though. Nor do they accept Paypal. Double whammy lol.   Excuse me while I totter off to Naimies.com to continue drooling.
 Haha. I have Hoochie lip tar but I noone's asked me what it is. I kinda wish they would  Heroine pencil works well with Hoochie but it's not a perfect match. Hoochie the Lip Tar wants her soulmate Hoochie the Pencil    Good grief. How manu hoochies does a post need? 
 Thank you so much for the swatches  Rollergirl must join my stash! Hoochie and Sybil would also be most welcome 
These may just be my first Velvetines    Are LC products sold anywhere other than the LC website?
 Can I join the drooling over Rollergirl party?  I missed Belladonna and I'm not going to miss this one.
 Dammit! My cover's blown 
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