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 Eh? I thought I read on Beautyscene that it was mid-Aug. It's been a while since I last checked the site though. Aaargh! Stalk mode on!
 Oh drat!  Apparently the collex will be released here mid-August and I will be stalking to snag myself a Cranberry (or two). I hope yours will turn up soon but if it doesn't gimme a shout.
 If it's any consolation RR is pretty similar to quite a few recent(ish) MAC releases. So if you have those, missing RR shouldn't be that big a deal.  Glam - Ronnie Red - Charmed, I'm Sure, Absolute Power RR and AP are actually very very similar IRL (AP's a wee bit darker IMO). My lips are miserably lacking in pigment, so they don't look exactly the same on me, but if you have even slightly more pigmented lips, the difference will probably be undetectable. Glam is a tad...
[/quote]Thank you, I'd really appreciate it I haven't got Faux and VT. For shame! I do have Mehr though, and I like it a lot.Waddya mean if your Nordies order gets there? They started messing up orders too?
 Yay!   OK, I'm sold  I'm definitely getting Bijou now.  Oooh, me likey! Narcissus works beautifully with DG! And your eye colour is amazing 
 Yeah! Can I come along too?  Seriously Tommy, you need to do some tutorials  
 Thank you!  I never even thought of Chanel or Dior as I'm not very familiar with their lipstick shades. Just googled the Chanels you mentioned - Séduisante looks divine! I will definitely check it out. I recently purchased Dior Incognito and was very pleased with the formula, so I will also see if there are any Bijou-ish shades in the Addict Extreme line.
 Thanks :)It's good to hear that it's not too sticky. I'll try to snag it once the collection launches here. It's such a gorgeous colour!
Apologies if this has been asked before (chances are it has, given that the thread's currently at 823 pages ), but is anyone aware of a lipstick dupe for Bijou? I love the colour, but I don't wear gloss often enough to warrant purchasing it.   Everyone's looking smokin' hot in their goodies btw!  
 Hi hun! It's good to be back. Here's to hoping I can keep it up this time!     Hello there! How's the nail polish hauling going? I've been very lazy lately in the NP front, but I did get a few bottles from the Cirque birthday sale   Awww, thanks! Lovely to see you too   CORALLY!!  
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