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 Thanks! It's amazing how even the lightest colours in this formula don't really need a pencil. I think I will start trying to kick my pencil habit with one of these pretties.
If it's orange you're after look no further than NARS Geraldine
 Love it!  Are you wearing any lip pencil in this pic?
 Haha yes. A MAC secret agent has infiltrated Specktra! 
Naomi, you can take full credit for any hike in Tenor Voice sales in the past couple of days. Demand your share of the profit! 
 In all honesty I wouldn't mind going to hell if there were matte rouge Gs there.
 Yes!  There's Gilda which is more orange than Garconne but I don't think it's as vibrant as TV. That said, the matte finish makes colours more vibrant compared to their glossier counterparts so maybe Guerlain should release a matte G line while maintaining the freakin fabulous formula...
 1. Thankee  2. Garconne is one of the best reds ever  3. Damn I need Tenor Voice now
 Naomi, you look absolutely delightful!  The obvious difference in finish aside, how would you compare TV to Garconne Rouge G? In your pic TV appears to pull more orange but in several others it reminds me a lot of Garconne.
 My pleasure :) For me they're different enough to own both (the difference is more apparent IRL) but Marisa is more unique so if you're going to pick up just one, then I'd say go for Marisa. 
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