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   *grabby hands* This is by far the most beautiful thing I've seen in a while   
 Common sense would dictate that, yes, you could happily do without Eugenie. That said, common sense is a scarce commodity when it comes to MAC LE collections so don't be surprised if your Rocker, Studded Kiss, Hearts Aflame and Runner have new friend come September
Quote: Thank you for posting this Vandy  I already have Diva, Dark Side, Russian Red and Ruby so common sense dictates that I stay away from Eugenie and Charlotte. Seeing as Tats also looks dupeable as hell, I think I'm looking at just Margherita from this collection (I'm not even entertaining Bianca B as an option lol).    Brilliant!  When does the collection launch in Germany? As far as I know the NL release date is 12 September.
 To Cardinal is the answer. Seriously. I wore it today. It's luuurve  
 Girl, you got yourself a bargain there, gift card or no gift card  I'm a bit pissed off with ICIParisXL at the moment because they still haven't sent an order that I placed last Sunday. I called them yesterday to ask what the eff was going on and they said there was a problem with their system. I normally wouldn't mind, but I'm away next week and I won't be able to collect my package from the store before Tuesday the week after. Sadface.
 Congrats! Hubby is a very lucky man. You look phenomenal 
 You're back!!! 
 They're fab! They are super smooth, the colour is buildable without looking cakey and they have a really nice soft, natural finish. Golden Rinse is more of a blush for me whereas Delicates is more like a proper bronzer. Love 'em both!
Faded and Bleach for sure     I'm not quite sold on Shroom yet but I'll probably end up getting it anyway. 
 I don't mind washing eye brushes that much because they don't take that much time. I definitely don't want to do it every day though. Enter multiples  What I really hate are big, dense powder brushes. Those suckers won't rinse! Even something like the 138 takes bloody ages.  Congrats!  Isn't the 221 supposed to be perm in the US?
New Posts  All Forums: