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 Yes, it looks a lot better in Karly's pics. It's still not how I envisaged it though. I was hoping for something a bit more muted :(
 Fantastic! Thank you 
   Thanks peeps!  As it stands, it's just Cyber World, Nightingale and Edge To Edge for me. Erin, would you say Nightingale has less colour payoff relative to the others? It seems to have swatched less opaque than the rest.    Ugh. Fruit Cocktail is wrong on so many levels. And it was the one I was looking forward to the most! MAC, I am disappoint 
 Go figure 
 Yup, fingers crossed! I have enough Heroine and Fashion Boost BUs to last me several lifetimes but MAC definitely does need to have that sort of shade as part of their perm lip pencil selection. It works with so many different lipsticks, not just purples.
none of the pencils have the triangle of doom! 
 Barbecue!   Those blush compacts could have done with a mirror like the Proenza ones. They look so sad and empty lol. If I buy one I'll seriously consider sticking a mirror in there. The lippies look fab on Kelly. I wish she'd received Victoriana too. I'd have loved to see it swatched against Opera and Tenor Voice to see just how much of a pink-red it is.
 I haven't got Relentlessly Red but judging by swatches it does look similar to Victoriana. I found the Retro Matte formula way too stiff so I picked up just Flat Out Fabulous and Fixed on Drama as I was totally smitten with the colours. I'll look for some Relentlessly Red swatches and see how it compares to stuff that I have.
 Hmm. Oxblood was a definite anyway but Barbecue and Victoriana look promising too. Barbecue looks nothing like Strange Journey on T but then again Strange Journey doesn't look like Strange Journey on T either so I think it's safe to say Barbecue looks like Strange Journey IRL. Which I'm sure makes perfect sense to everyone lol. I love SJ so Barbecue goes back on le list. Justifying Victoriana is proving a bit harder but I'm working on it. T says Victoriana is muted while...
 Thanks Dolly (and Karly, obv) . They look amazing   This pic confirms that I need Fruit Cocktail. I can see it working beautifully with stuff like Fresh and Frisky Huggable. Edge to Edge and Cyber World look fabulous too. Oh what the hell, they all look fabulous! I wish we knew which ones are perm. Or maybe the info's already out and I missed it? 
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