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 OK, I'm sold! I use stuff like Ablaze or UD Streak with Catherine et al. and I don't like how they change the colour. I think FC will be a much better match. Thank you  I didn't take much convincing did I?  
From this collection I got Nightingale, Edge To Edge and Cyber World.   I haven't worn CY yet but I'm totally smitten with the other two. I don't know how I did without them.   I'm still considering Fruit Cocktail and Rosy Rim but I need to see them IRL to make up my mind.
 Oooh, Our Secret looks lovely! Thank you Dolly 
 Looking Good is fabulous! I'm definitely getting that one. I'm also eyeing Lowlights and Brassy but like you say, they're perm so I may get them later. Then there's Our Secret, of course... Bloody MAC, releasing collections and taking our cash! 
 I'm very excited about Bouffant too. I probably have dupes in my stash but it's a very versatile shade and I love the VXP finish   Don't you dare!  Given my track record I'll probably cave in at the last minute and add it to my cart. I'll consider myself lucky if I don't do the same thing with Diva-ish. I'm definitely skipping those lustres though. I'll get my sheer lipstick fix from the Huggables  Have you finalised your list yet?
 We may be in the same boat re: pink lipsticks. Which is why I'm skipping Diva-ish. Go me! If I manage to stay strong the only lip product I pick up from this collection will be Reel Sexy. I'm not sure I will be able to wear it alone but I'm going to get it anyway. So it looks like Reel Sexy, both BPs, Bouffant, 137 and 221 brushes, and a few fluidlines for me. 
If someone has Toxic Tale, Ablaze, Burmese Kiss, Toying Around and a gazillion other corals she shouldn't buy Make Me Gorgeous, right? Right?   Help me out peeps, I need some sense talked into me.
 Thanks! It's amazing how even the lightest colours in this formula don't really need a pencil. I think I will start trying to kick my pencil habit with one of these pretties.
If it's orange you're after look no further than NARS Geraldine
 It's called wishful thinking. I should know. Happens to me all the time 
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