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does anyone know if Boca is like Glamourdaze  ls?
    thank you ladies!!
any dupes for Promiscuous eyeshadow??
whew! lol ok cool, cuz i DO not like that color but this one looks pretty =)
i wasnt going to order anything but i wanted LJ, it sold out so i got BK...i read the working name was Ablaze, which i dont care for on me. is it the same color???
If my orders went thru i will have an extra royal ball, i only ordered it cuz i wanted a lipstick and free as a butterfly was sold out..but then came back lol so.i ended up getting it! Just waitong for my orders to.process...
Thanks i may do that i want my goodies asap lol
Crap i had to make 3 orders, didnt know about the code and i havent got an email confirmation for any of them! I used paypal should i be worried?? Anyone know?? It says processing for all three on my mac account
it feels a lil bettter now that i ate =) i want both lipsticks, the eyeshadows and Happily ever after lg...
my head hurts =( i hope i make it thru the night!!
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