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lol =) hahahah  the purple lipstick, a lg ( maybe the purple one idk yet), two of the edes ( gold and brown ones) , a compact and a polish... =) all for the packaging! lol
allowing myself 6 items from this collection =) sucker for the packaging!!!!
now that I have seen the lipsticks I only want Red Balloon....I think lol
I just want the lipsticks, maybe all 3 since its my bday in june and purple is my fav  color. Depends on if I want any of Sarons lipsticks....
got hoop ls and my pink poodle lg n ls =)gonna try n go to sleep now lol
cant decide what I want!!!! ughhh =/ pink poodle ls n lg for sure but the rest im unsure about ,,,I never wear betty bright it looks not so good on me but I still want hoop!!!
this is true lol I want one of everything just for the packaging!! dammit!!!and I still have to get 1-2 items from each of those just cuz im so addicted lol but I at least don't feel like I need the entire collection!
yes lol
I kno I actually like going to the store too most of the time =)  hate waiting for it to ship lol
yes lol I could talk I just looked like a chipmink. for like almost 3 weeks. when I went back to work they were still making fun of me, when it had went down so much lol.it does hurt afterwards =/ kinda feel like it still hurts! at  least the bottom  that sounds like a plan, hopefully your experience will be nothing like mine and you will go to the party and get your stuff! =)
New Posts  All Forums: