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i found mine! in my purse haha in the side zipper go figure....i wish i could help you out i have  but i have both nude  and TTT already..
    i found it!! lol but now i lost my bad gal riri and my soar lipliner!! ughhh lol
im so sad ladies i lost my Who's that Chick? lipstick!! =( i wore it a week or two ago and  i really wanted to wear it since my team is in the World series!!  i need my WTC for orange october!!  only you ladies can understand my pain =(
same here! to me it does have a duochrome effect in person although not as strong as some other brands
i want Fashion Revival
want so much!!! damn i need another job lol
got my products tonight i got bad fairy np and oblivion ls. wanted the blush but im broke lol love them both!! especially the polish =)
i want this now dammit =( i knew i shouldnt have come here lol
so glad i ordered this one! its beautiful! its also my first velvetine =) i also ordered poisonberry cant wait to get them!
like the purple lipsticks i will only get them if they are not perm colors in special packaging. they kinda look like heroine and up the amp to me.....
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