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mine too lmao!! kinda want it just because of that now hahah.....
talking points and nightengale!!! for my first 2 anyways =) ...im so addicted to lipliners, this is wonderful! lol
i want both!
i need anna....gonna get it n something else with my sephora card
i wish they were selling them separately i only want the purple one.....anyone know of anything similar???
yes to both!!! =)
i missed that one but its so pretty so i hope so too!! =)
i like the mint green gloss....havent tried any of the mineral glosses yet tho....
pink is my color so i have to get this...i wonder if she will be around two years and get two lipsticks too...
i found mine! in my purse haha in the side zipper go figure....i wish i could help you out i haveĀ  but i have both nudeĀ  and TTT already..
New Posts  All Forums: