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Me too!! Lol I asked but of course no answer
This is my latest man crush lol Josh Leyva aka Yo Muscle Boii , he is on youtube and he is freakin hilarious! Ladies you will love him hahha especially his TWERK videos and his people of Instagram!!  I miss this thread lol sooo much yumminess......by the way I want both of the lipstick they are wearing!  looks like CYY no??
Love sparkling garbage!
ladies, i have missed way too much to go back but i have missed you all!  I got some more lilypads last week during the llarowe restock. was cart jacked for You've got my Attention twice!  lol oh well almost all the lilypads i have are purple. I also got 2 of the CBL chairity polishes, Freedom isn't Free and Jo Jo. oh and Picture Polish Aurora ( glad they are keeping that one LE). i know i have dupes already but i still had to have it cuz its LE!!!! lol i know u ladies...
thank you =) i will use it and post a pic!
I got my lipstick last week its super pretty!!!
3 lipsticks: Flamingo x1 Riri-Woo x1 Riri Nude x1
I got a couple llarowe polishes yesterday (Orchids and the sea hawk green)and the new picture polish Hussy. Go nna try and get some elevation polishes tonight and waiting for the ilnp preorders! J want all the spring holos. Maybe some of the ultra chromes but idk yet. Still waiting on my enchanted I hit a shipping notice a few days ago, no updates Tho. Got a few lipglass this week , one from Norway nails angels kiss and two from llarowe ( vixens wear violet and...
red velvet cheescake?!?! Omg drooling!!! I've only had the cheesecake factory oneu still have ur hair darker? Gonna go in for my consult soon, don't know if I will have the guts to chop ot even tho I need to lol.Glad ur elevator will be fixed soon lol
dammit I almost convinced myself that these were dupes to tg he so Beatle collection and was gonna skip. Not sure I can now
New Posts  All Forums: