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im so sad ladies i lost my Who's that Chick? lipstick!! =( i wore it a week or two ago and  i really wanted to wear it since my team is in the World series!!  i need my WTC for orange october!!  only you ladies can understand my pain =(
same here! to me it does have a duochrome effect in person although not as strong as some other brands
i want Fashion Revival
got my products tonight i got bad fairy np and oblivion ls. wanted the blush but im broke lol love them both!! especially the polish =)
i want this now dammit =( i knew i shouldnt have come here lol
so glad i ordered this one! its beautiful! its also my first velvetine =) i also ordered poisonberry cant wait to get them!
think ima just get Bad Fairy np and MAYBE a lipstick just for the packaging lmao
now i feel like i need SY =/ i got my shipping notice but i dont know when its gonna arrive
lol im doing good girl how about you? i havent been on in forever! lol i was going thru a break up and moved twice and ughhh just life was keeping me away but i cant stay away any longer! i missed  specktra and all my ladies =)  i want to get red blazer, itchy scratchy and sexy and pink sprinkles. how have u been? have u talked to jessica lately?
i see im joining the party just in time!! lol =) long time no see ladies!!
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