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Just watch out when buying from Craigslist too. Seen soooo many fakes being sold as real Mac.
nice variety of shadows!
ice cube trays = brilliant idea !
lovely collection!
u have a cute collection with a variety of colours.
truthfully, u would want to have a few things that u really like and use everyday instead of having a hugeeeee load of makeup that u will probably never get to using and then would be a waste of money went it gets that gross waxy scent!
never heard of it :(
i dont like the colour on me.. so im not bothered if its d/c. lol
my little kit went missing one time, and it was full of mac stuff, but my sis replaced it cuz she worked at mac and had backups of everything that was in there. :)
i would say try creme cup, its a nude pink. favourite all time lippie of mine
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