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I honestly logged on just to ask this question-haha! I've worked for MAC a little over a year and a half now and was wanting to re-vamp my style and just don't know where to look anymore. :/
It doesn't hurt to call back just to check how everything is going. But, generally around (and during) the holidays, it can get kind of backed up. So, I wouldn't worry too much. :pCongrats, by the way!
Thanks to my boss fiance for the containers to the far left. <3
We get lipsticks shipped to us that have stickers all the time. Don't worry, it isn't a fake! (: EDIT: Typo :p
I had the one day orientation about a month after I was hired and I didn't get to start working until almost 2 months after I was hired. I was hired a few months before the holidays in 2012 and it took quite a while to get my employee number so I could start working. Just hang in there! (:
Edit: I realized this was an old post-ha! But yes, Volcanic Ash is so, so lovely. <3 I got my fiance addicted, too! :p
Wear all clothes that's in style right now (all black!) also wear a full face of makeup that either is or looks like MAC makeup. If you have any specific questions, feel free to PM me! I've been at MAC for a year and a half now~ 
If you're NW20, I'm willing to bet you'd be Medium. (:
People come into MAC all the time with broken lipsticks. We scoop it all out and put it in a little sample jar for them. (:
What color is under the eye? If it's redness, stick with NC 25-NC 30, if it's darkness, then do NW 30. The redness in the NW will cancel out the dark circles under the eyes. (:
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