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I honestly logged on just to ask this question-haha! I've worked for MAC a little over a year and a half now and was wanting to re-vamp my style and just don't know where to look anymore. :/
It doesn't hurt to call back just to check how everything is going. But, generally around (and during) the holidays, it can get kind of backed up. So, I wouldn't worry too much. :pCongrats, by the way!
 Just like any other powder. These are color correctors, so they just neutralize the skin instead of covering it up. If you're using the CC colors for the correct things, the actual CC color wont show up, it will just cancel out the red, purple, blue, etc you were trying to reduce.Lavender- brightens sallow and uneven complexionsYellow- Reduces blotchiness/rednessPeachy Beige- Brightens dull complexionsApricot- Corrects blues/purples and warms yellow/olive/or deeper skin...
The video on the website said the "story unfolds" 1/30. So, I'm assuming they will start giving out some sneak peaks and what not. :D Nothing was mentioned during update, though.
I know, I'm sorry! I would if I could!! 
Not worth getting in trouble, (or worse) losing my job over, sadly. xD
I had update today and all I can say is, this whole collection is AMAZINGGGGGG!!
Thanks to my boss fiance for the containers to the far left. <3
Here's a screen cap from the website. (:
We get lipsticks shipped to us that have stickers all the time. Don't worry, it isn't a fake! (: EDIT: Typo :p
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