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My tonsils get swollen and hurt at least twice a month and I have to call in sick to work.  I've asked my doctor to take them out and he said no because recovery is too hard as an adult.  So I had to go to an urgent care clinic one night for it and asked the doctor there.  I told him what my normal doctor said and he agreed saying recovery is way too hard to get over as an adult. So I guess I'm stuck with them.
I think you have an awesome collection.  Love your puppy too!
I love the New Beauty Test Tube.  I 'm signed up for the regular one and QVC version of it.
I think they should give samples if they expect you to buy their stuff.
I am very fair skinned and have been using the Josie Maran liquid foundation. I like it.  It adjusts to your skin color.
I don't have any backups of make up.  I only keep a backup of hair spray because its only sold at one place in Dallas.
Thanks for this information.  I just asked this question in another post.
My friends and family doesn't get it because not many of them are into makeup.
Lots of good information I can use, thank you all very much.
I used one for the first time last month, I loved it!
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