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Same here. I just don't love it or see any spectacular results with it. I'm bummed out about it since I was looking forward to it so much but it just isn't for me, either.
And now I just picked up Fruit Punch :P I wanted to pick up some different items but having had a bad experience with their brow pencil, I decided not to grab any eye/face products.
Adding Light Year to my favs! Can't believe I found it at the CCO in San Marcos!
Eeep!! I LOVE holos!
I just picked up Flamingo Pose at HEB today using the coupon! Three bucks for a pretty awesome lipstick isn't bad at all
Oh no I had to look! They look beautiful.
Glad you finally found your HG red! Just a bummer that it's a LE shade.
I want it so bad now! But I'm trying to spread out the makeup purchases this month. Trying lol! But I want angelic skin too :P
Unfortunately I don't think there really is one and the starter kit is about $17.99 anywho, which could just be saved towards a 217. I tried looking for one as well before buying a 217 and I didn't see one from RT that is comparable.
SO gorgeous!
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