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this was not cool to look at  lol I am so glad I use cash, if hubby saw all that on credit he would push me out of the chair haha jk can you qualify for rouge 2016 now or is it purchases during 2015 only? 
 how were you rejected from the Sephora event? did they say why? i haven't gotten an email either. i did get a mailed invitation and I was able to RSVP in the rouge section.
on sephora.com click on the top where it says VIB ROUGE. it will take you to the rewards page and if you scroll down you should see the invite, the RSVP and the scannable code you can print. I haven't received anything in email yet.
yes I believe they are. Mine said it was custom picked for me and a few others have stated they had similar emails yet different codes. I didn't get a YSL offer of the perfume one I saw posted. anyone can use the different codes but I guess they send the one they think you would use most. Could be random. I'm unsure but i did receive a Dior code and I buy a lot of Dior. Most of the members post their codes here when we recieve them so everyone can use them. like the rouge...
 my sister wanted the Dior palette sample so I ordered that Kiss kiss lipstick i wanted which is a light pink and they sent me a bright orange red. grrrrr  the palette is montaigne (sp??) it's a deluxe sample. the code was Diorrouge i think. possibly rougedior. it was sent in email. I haven't peeked to see if it's still working. it's possible it was only 3-4 days ago.
everything always comes back in stock after I order. Every time. LOL  I think they see my 'loves' and deliberately hide them from me until after purchase jk 
Sephora sent me the wrong lipstick . it was the ONLY item in that purchase!!! How do you mess up a 1 item order!!    I ordered it just to get the Dior palette anyways... which BTW is sooooooo tiny it looks like it's a fake palette for dolls. LOL it's so adorable. anyone else get one? it's way smaller compared to the other mini I have. 
to be honest, I liked the packaging more so if they are too stinky I shall mail my balls to you and keep the pretty packaging LOL I'm really hoping I like them. It did mention something in the description of a light scent so I'm hoping it won't knock me over and burn the inside of my nose like that last set  Oh geez, I tried airing them out for weeks with no luck and that was a tiny sample LOL 
yes! I believe it said the 28th to ship but i'm hoping it ships sooner. I already made room on my dresser for them 
 oh my gosh that is soooo adorable. quit making me want more stuff!! LOL  still waiting for my stinky balls to ship!
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