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Welcome back!!And Not sure but the sephora's near me no longer carry illamasqua at all.
The gift set was from macys. Came with 2 makeup bags, mascara, lipstick, little palette, repair wear cream for eyes, moisturizer and the dramatically something lotion we all have tons of( yellow one) lolThe color I picked was berry. Nothing is berry in the kit lol. The other choice is nude which Is all greens
well... I bought the pink shimmer one this morning. i have both pink and coral blushes in my cart but i'm wondering if I really NEED another pink. My weakness is Dior. Dior can sell me ice in the wintertime LOL. I do not own nor wear corals often at all but OMG i feel like I need that coral blush. what a great start to the world of coral!!! The swatches for the pink aren't exciting but so i don't know if i will get both but i'm definitely getting the coral. I'm assuming...
thank you so much for your patience. i found it!!! for some reason it wouldn't take me there on my cell. It only worked on laptop. very strange but i found them. I almost wish i didn't LOL I love Saks. they have so much stuff all the time and always ship crazy fast. I bought the clinique 8 pan palette from them months ago and it came in like 2 days. I bought the pink shimmer from them earlier in the day and it's already on way. 
Hmmm I think we must be talking about 2 different things. I can't find it. Are you talking about the one in her link? The coral or the new shimmers? I'm so lost.Could you link it? Sorry. :/
It's naked 3 right? I can always send you my box if they give you a hard time
Which store do you see them in? Everywhere I look says japan only
I like the little meteorites sample. It's cute but very potent of a smell. Maybe I'm just sensitive to smells but I do hope it doesn't linger when on. I also received the tinyiest tiniest sample of buxom lip gloss. It is so super cute. It's about a 3rd of their normal small ones lol (if even) I love love love bite beauty pepper 😍😍😍 so glad I bought all 3 colors. I don't think I could pick a favorite yet. I did notice that the clinique free gift set palette is pretty much...
yes i've seen swatches now, which is awesome but my computer is so old that the colors aren't accurate so it's hard to to tell. On my computer it looks similar to chanel dedicace (another one influenced by you in the chanel thread) LOL. that and Dior 361 Rose Baiser are my 2 favorite pinks/lipsticks ever. I don't like brighter so I would love to know if it's in that category or brighter. I don't like brighter.
great colors! i don't have any but i love how the lip balms have the little B through them lol.  i don't know modern family but so many people mention it. i'll check it out if i'ts on netflix!!
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