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to be honest, I liked the packaging more so if they are too stinky I shall mail my balls to you and keep the pretty packaging LOL I'm really hoping I like them. It did mention something in the description of a light scent so I'm hoping it won't knock me over and burn the inside of my nose like that last set  Oh geez, I tried airing them out for weeks with no luck and that was a tiny sample LOL 
yes! I believe it said the 28th to ship but i'm hoping it ships sooner. I already made room on my dresser for them 
 oh my gosh that is soooo adorable. quit making me want more stuff!! LOL  still waiting for my stinky balls to ship!
where are these lip duos you speak of? I can't find them. I am interested!!  ETA: ooooo I found them! I want Daring shock or Mysterious. I shall look up more swatches. Did you get any?
Thank you!! I'm going to try to balance reading forums but it gets hard with so much reading for school. Plus I like it in here, keeps me more grounded.  Missed ya Pixie!!!
Thanks to a certain AWESOME person on here I was able to place an order during F&F. THANK YOU AGAIN!!     why is it right after you place an order with Sephora you remember all the other things you wanted. UGHHHH so annoying. Thank goodness Rouge has free shipping but still annoying. Am I the only one that does this often? LOL   I purchased: Tarte Blush Palette Givenchy Mascara came with a free lipstick WOOHOO! Dior Rouge Baume 688 Naked Basics 2   and filling...
 I got same thing. I buy Dior quite often.
*Knock Knock* Can I come back in?   Hello to all old friends and hi to the new! I took a well needed break from here as life was crazy busy with school, work and family. I have since followed my own rules that I learned through here and I've been doing very well. I'm not so much a low buyer... but i am a more practical buyer thanks to here!!  Since I've been gone, I've paid off credit card debt and MAC and I broke up. We are still friends but it will never be the same...
I am excited to try my first actual set of balls (i had an itty bitty sample). Which do you ladies suggest? I need nothing, want everything... you know how it is, lol.I haven't seen the holiday ones yet. I'm very behind in holiday items.
Give their customer service a call. I've called Dior for similar things and usually they send a few for small or no charge. I'm sure Guerlain would as well!
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