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 no I didn't see one of last year's coral (002?) with this year's 007. just the coral sunset compared to 007 (which SOLD me on it!!. booo. lol  oh my goodness... Let's talk about coral clown cheeks and how I didn't think it was so pigmented in a finger swatch so did NOT pay attention when applying it with the kabuki in my dark car  I couldn't even buff it had, had to run back in house and wash face. was very amusing. it's a must have blush. very pretty. Love love love...
is it? how did the new my lady blush compare to last year's coral? did anyone have a swatch or both?  I did get both tie dye blushes.
Oh wow!! thank you so very much! I love it more now. How do you like it? I was considering dim infusion but didn't want to get both. I'm definitely liking the coral sunset color more.
is it safe to peek back in here?    I need one of those amazing tie dye blushes. Are they going to be in stores as well or just Dior.com? Does anyone have the coral sunset AND Hourglass dim infusion blush? the swatches look incredibly similar. All the pretty new things. My poor wallet.
You ladies make me buy too much extra stuff  I'm embarrassed by the amount of different orders I have placed in the past few days. I will admit I think I have a "get a new package a day" problem. There is nothing more exciting and fun then seeing that big truck pull up to the house with it's beautiful brown boxes      Did anyone get the new Marc Jacobs Palette "the lover"? I'm loving it!! Unsure why it's called the lover. It's not very sultry or romantic but it is the...
someone has already claimed mine. sorry.
I have a quick question, sorry i have no time to search this thread for answers i'm behind over 40 pages. I'm VIB Rouge and don't want my $25 reward card. It says you must be VIB Rouge to use it but can I pass it to someone? Can they use it on their own account?   it says expires at 11:59 pst. I am looking on site now but ehh I think I got everything I wanted from F&F and VIB. (how is that possible? no idea. it's a first for me too.) If only I could use it at...
this was not cool to look at  lol I am so glad I use cash, if hubby saw all that on credit he would push me out of the chair haha jk can you qualify for rouge 2016 now or is it purchases during 2015 only? 
 how were you rejected from the Sephora event? did they say why? i haven't gotten an email either. i did get a mailed invitation and I was able to RSVP in the rouge section.
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