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i go to valley fair ALL THE TIME!! and this summer i'm actually moving up to SF =D awesome that there's a pro store there! i guess i'll be seeing you ladies a lot
for certain colors though you should just buy the full sized bottle..it's a better deal =] the only pigment vials i'd go after are the d/c'ed ones or the LE/hard to find (like coco beach, maroon, etc) and the vials actually hold a lot of pigment! i got a coco beach one and transferred it into my coco beach jar..it was about half of a regular jar
so it's pretty much some type of body art thing that's metalic? oh well =] i guess i'll buy one someday and find out for myself!! thanks a bunch =D
my manager told me that they usually hire people who are like themselves. like during an interview if they are pretty mellow and friendly then you should be as well. if they are really proper and formal then try to be really proper and formal. i work in retail and i think that they mostly look for a friendly person with an awesome personality. they want you to sell their clothes so you should be able to have this comfortable aura where people will want to get to know you...
i finally hit 20 posts but have only been a user for 3 days..i thought that the feature would only be enabled once i have met all the requirements..should i still wait the 2 days before trying to buy items? or can i start now?
i was always curious..what are mac leaf metals and what are they used for?
i am SOO jealous of your pigment collection! i'm trying to collect a bunch of pigments myself =] i dont live a mac pro store so it might be a bit more difficult for me. in a year i hope that i'll be able to have HALF the make up you have now!! do you use all the make up?
i have the exact same train case!! minus the stickers =]
I just started getting into mac like..a month - 2 months ago so it is VERY small and i'm actually mostly interested in pigments! Pigments Grey Glitter Coco beach(d/c) Ruby Red (pro) Fuchsia Violet teal softwash grey apricot pink pinked mauve lily white cornflower dark soul tan blue brown kitchmas landscape green (pro) rose rich purple (pro) emerald green (pro) chartreuse CCB luna silver MSF naked you porcelain pink i'll take pix once...
my very first mac item was the fuchsia pigment that my boyfriend bought me! i first got a sample of a mac pigment from a friend on MUA and then i got addicted =]
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