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Im late to the discussion, but I bought the mini nail polish set and full frontal lipstick! I am lucky that I work at a department store and the nars girl let me play with everything and buy what I wanted heh. The lipsticks are all so wonderful!
    The light is actually very light compared to many other BB creams out there so you should be fine! I normally wear the palest shades in many brands, but even with the tan I have now, it's like it manages to change with my skin and match perfectly regardless!
Overall Rating: 2 Price: 2 Packaging Quality: 2 Would you buy this product again? No... Hmmm I do not like this mascara at all.  AT ALL.  It is meant to add volume and all of that, but the brush is too big and too dense to actually grab my lashes and do what it's supposed to! My lashes look thin and gain nothing from this mascara, I actually almost hate it haha.  Oh well...  
Hi gals! Just wanted to pop in and rave about the BB cream! I got it a few days ago, also from Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada.. LOVE IT.  Wow, I cannot explain how perfect it is! I got the light shade as the medium was just too dark, and even though the light seemed like it would be too pale for me, it blended in flawlessly and after about 5 minutes my skin looked PERFECT.  Better than any foundation I have ever used! Crazy really.  So it has amazing coverage and feels...
Ahh I love Armani make up so far!! I have the powder SPF foundation (sorry not sure of the exact name) and I LOVE it, covers well, isn't cakey, and I just got the Eyes to Kill Excess mascara and I love it! REALLY volumizing after two coats and really black, just amazing :) I hope to try liquid foundations, eye shadows and lipsticks next!
I like the first one, I was actually eyeing it down myself because I'd love to have it lol.
Omg I totally forgot that I made this! LOL.... Yay I can't wait for Cataclysm!! It'll be so fun I work with a few guys which also play and they're so amazed that a girl they know actually plays hah!
Howdy, I'm an esthetician and sort of a make-up artist lol.. We were taught that as well in my esthetics course. I work part time at a spa and part time in the beauty boutique at shoppers drug mart in canada, we carry benefit, smashbox, lancome and clarins and stuff!
I think it looks like Baguette Me Not by OPI!
Hey everyone!! Post the swimwear you own! Either you wearing it, or just a picture of it The only picture I can find of a bikini I own is the one shown below.. Otherwise, I can just describe them :P A white one with gold stripes, a white/brown zebra print one anddd this red and white floral bikini which has some frills!
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