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Yep, i agree with this. feeling the texture out in person is what made me buy it.. it was so smooth and lovely :)
After much hmmmming and hawing (haha is that how you spell that?) i caved and went to my store today and got a BP! woohoo! so happy with my decision 
Looks great on you! I need it.. yes..
Also thank you to all that posted swatches and comparisons. this indecisive loser still can't make a move unfortunately lol
i STILL can't decide if I should order a couple BPs. I love FM BP and I'm on my last back up. Natural BP is still in stock on MAC canadian website. Can't decide if I should shut up and bite the bullet and order... or go in store and potentially buy... or skip all together. Usually I would purchase without hesitation but I'm moving into my very first home on June 1st so I'm pinching my pennies! (actually no, we don't have pennies in Canada anymore..)
I've managed to talk myself out of "for sure" wanting 3 things in this collection to skipping. But I can't stop thinking about the BP and it's still in stock on the canadian website. Nearly 2 years later I am still obsessed with forever marilyn BP and i'm on my last back up. Temptalia describes malficent BP to FM BP as "similar"... wondering if it's worth stocking up on a couple? Does anybody have both FM BP and maleficent BP? If so, care to share how they compare? 
trendmood... i see you lurkin... right now! 
Is there a way trendmoods ip can be banned?  Not cool. (apologies if this has been asked a million times already) 
Despite the disappointing vibe surrounding this collection I am still getting the BP, sculpt and true love's kiss. Not really a red lippie person but I am so drawn to this shade!
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