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You'll get your own brushes once you become a permanent artist. If you were hired as an on call there is an on call brush belt that is shared
For any canadian girls: I picked up an ita brush today at my local NARS counter at the bay. She still had a few left so maybe you can get lucky at the bay! So glad to FINALLY have it
Call back and follow up. Closed mouths don't get fed :) interview/hiring process can take a while at MAC
Be the expert Show and teach Pull products Keep going Close with confidence
Close as you go is Be the expert Show and teach Pull products Keep going Close with confidence
My first time I interviewed with MAC it was a one on one just me, my model, and the manager in the back.  I was supplied with brushes from them and I was not hired. Luckily I got a second chance with another store for an interview a few weeks later... but it was a group demo interview. So it was about 9 or 10 candidates competing for positions, and in that instance we were told to bring all our own MAC brushes. So it happened to me as well! Definitely thought it was very...
Not trying to be rude, but first of all, the company is spelt Sephora not Sophora. So you might want to learn how to properly spell the company's name that you're interested in working for. Second of all, if you have theft on your record your chances of getting hired in a retail environment where theft happens daily is most likely slim to none. Loss prevention and retailers don't take kindly to theft at all and have very little sympathy towards thieves. When i...
So three weeks ago I applied at MAC, called a week later to ask if they made any hiring decisions and the manager I spoke with over the phone said the hiring manager was on vacation until May 22nd. It is now May 28th, do you think i should call again? I want to look very interested but not annoying. when i initially applied a few weeks ago the manager i gave my resume to said they were hiring freelancers for grad season..
I just bought my first lip tar in interlace a couple of days ago. my local sephora only carries a few of the shades and i managed to snag this peach nude beauty and i gotta say I'm hooked... i want them all!!!!! 
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