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I usually make a post in my local Freecycle (local network to promote the reduction of waste) listserv.  Your trash maybe a stranger's treasure.
My biggest beauty regret is not removing my makeup before going to bed.  My skin had suffered a lot with cheap eyeshadow and dark eyeliner throughout the years.  The consequence are my stained lids.
Nice brows.  I love the concealer idea.
I don't use fluidline to line my lowerlid.  It tends to bleed dark circles for me.
Overall Rating: 5 Price: 4 Packaging Quality: 2 Would you buy this product again? Yes   I use this brush to apply my contour powder.  With use, the hairs do get stained even when the brush is washed.  I also enjoy the mini versions of this found in holiday or limited edition sets.
Overall Rating: 5 Price [Value]: 5 Packaging Quality: 2 Would you buy this product again? Yes   This is one of my favorite brushes.  Great brush to line and shade in brows with precision.  I also use this brush for applying my gel fluidline.  Very durable brush that I highly recommend.
Overall Rating: 4 Price [Value]: 4 Packaging Quality: 2 Would you buy this product again? Yes, but want to research other brushes.   I've used this brush for years.  It was great at first but it's beginning to fall apart.  I use this brush for foundation, some blushes and MSFs.  Stray hairs are falling off quite frequently now and it adds more time to my morning routine to catch all the hairs.
Thanks for the tip!  
Overall Rating: 5 Price: 5 Packaging Quality: 5 Would you buy this again? Yes   This is one foundation I had stuck with throughout the years.  It lasts me a pretty long time since a dab of product covers up my face.  Because it is a matte finish, I have not used a powder to set my makeup in years.  However, over application can look cakey.  A few sprays of Fix+ always fixes up this issue.
Overall Rating: 3 Price [value]: 4 Packaging Quality: 2   I gave these wipes a try many time in the past but they just don't do it for me.  Not sure if they items have been sitting around for a while but despite buying these wipes from different locations and on different occasions, the first 10-15 wipes are always dry.  The oily-ish residue is effective with removing makeup but would require a full face cleanse after removal.  I have since turned to Burt's Bees'...
New Posts  All Forums: