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In a dark room is where she first kissed her fiance. That was a special day for her cuz now she's marrying him. The memory she's sharing is the name "Dark Room".
They haven't announced the exact release date yet. They always release it in their newsletter beforehand.
Wha!? the glitter is the best part!
The last few years they weren't selling as well as they had in previous years. At the counter i used to work at, we never sold out of them. I think they were losing money producing them.
You're right they didn't do them this year! But if they didn't launch with the initial holiday launch, they won't do em.
It's also caused from the oils on your skin transferring to your brush and then to your blush. The same thing can happen to your face powder and eyeshadows. You just need to scrape of the hard layer of the powder and you'll be good to go. Just make sure your face is blotted down before you apply the powder to decrease the oils in your skin and minimize the oil transfer. And as Shontay said, make sure all brushes are dry. Pressed powder products aren't meant to come in...
There's just the one pigment, and it's loooong sold out.
Anytime my dear! Lemme know how it turns out!
Oh good. The naked deep dark would make a good neutral lid colour, melon makes a great cheekbone highlight too. Just some ideas so you can make use of the colours that you're unsure about.
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