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I used espresso today and had fallout city, which is the exact same thing i had with black from the pro to go palette.
Good to know. Fyi, black and espresso SUCK as a liner!
I believe these are all new. I could be wrong tho
Yash is perm.
Ok I'll have to check it out then. I love tang! I used to just eat the tang powder lol. The glosses definitely had a mango-y, nasty scent. Kinda like the tropical trident gum. There's a eos lip balm that has the same scent/flavour that i can't do.
I don't like the Bite smell at all! It smells like mangos or some shit like that! Very tropically i can't do that smell/flavour whatsoever! I didn't get a chance to swatch the matte crayons, but do they smell the same as the glosses? If so, they're gonna be a pass, which is a bummer. I was gonna swing by sephora and check em out and order them during their next sale.
Chocolate bar!!! And the melted lipsticks!
I dunno how people were saying that their lippies smelled like vanilla cupcakes at first. Mine have always smelled like crayons from the get go
It's a different formula than all the other colours, so it was bound to do something different.
Will do!
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