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I found the official name for "snow"!!! I figured i put it here since this collection has tons of lustres and some pencils as well. It's called Wax Bloom.
All locations b2m, but at stores you can b2m for a lipstick, lipglass formula only, or small shadow.
I'm about to take this advice! So annoying! They're the only sote that hasn't released them. Makes no sense!
I just need to be wearing ma face!
My blitzed came today! Can't wait to play!!! In other news... Melt Nood No clue when it's launching
OMG why aren't the brushes up on MAC's site yet!? WTF is taking so long!!
YES!!! They're are definitely highlights and bronzers for sure! You might be lucky to get a contour-esque colour in there for some skin tone, but it might not be for the skin tone that you're buying it for. Sets are just pointless. Even a lot of individual contour powders are pointless. But honestly, buying then individually for your specific skin tone is everyone's best bet.
As a makeup artist, they are way too warm, as are her powder contours, and every other contour kit in the market.
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