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Rediculous!Her products aren't anything you can't find in any other brand without the hassle.
The contour colours are so red-based! I use my mac ones in my kit and they work just fine!But the group contour kit (6) is actually cheaper than buying 6 of em separately with a discount, so no complaints there, but i know what you mean. Extra $ off $40 would've been rad!Not at all!
Exactly! Someone posted so ething about not knowing they'd have to reapply and she said "that's why everyone received the email..." The emailed didn't say anything about former members having to reapply due to the updated site. All it said was "are you a pro? Sign up today!" A simple IG post or a header on the email explaining what's what would've been common CS sense, but it's clear she and her company lack even the tiniest bit of that!
Yup. That's how i knew i had to reapply. It wasn't letting me access my account. So i went onto IG, cuz surely i would've thought she'd make a separate post explaining everything, right? NOPE! She just kept on featuring popular IG artists that promote her products. People were commenting on those posts saying that they couldn't log into their accounts and that's where i saw that everyone has to reapply, there's glitches with the new site, the discount is lowered, peoples'...
Really? She said everyone had to, beginning yesterday.
Just another thing in the long line of shitty CS her company offers.
I haven't yet. I've got to reapply for their pro discount now that they've launched the new website. Everyone has to
Oh good!I just happened to check there while i was looking to buy some of their larger than life eyeliners.
It's back up on the nars site if you haven't gotten it yet.
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