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And be foxy
I hope that made sense. I'm hungry
I think it's pretty reasonable. Lots of people are coming out of the woodwork (which is great) with 10 posts, but i notice a lot of them doing 4-5 posts in a row specifically to gain the 10 posts quickly, which kinda defeats the purpose. It makes more work for the mods when some of these new members are just in it to gain the info and not to really participate, which is what these new steps were put in place to create-member participation and information protection.But if...
Just give the mods a few days to review everyones' posts'. This is a new policy (just a few days old), so they're bombarded with tons of new posters and comments to review and approve. If all is golden, you'll have access to the the colour collections in no time.
You just posted 5 of your 12 comments in a row in the course of 12 minutes. It's not instant access. It takes time (sometimes a few days) for the mods to review and grant access to everyone and make sure all of their comments are genuine before granting access to the threads.And no, they don't work with MAC, and how much you do or don't spend on MAC has no correlation to who posts in these threads.
How about also maintaining a certain number of posts as well? Not only having that minimum of 10 posts, but also maintaining a set number of posts per month? This will help prevent people from just posting the minimum 10 to gain access and then not posting again.
To prevent people from stalking and stealing info and not contributing anything.
New Posts  All Forums: