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I have one, and just ordered more today when they restocked!
Depends on your location and cart total. But there's a $5.50 discount for another 20.5hrs right now.
Ordered mine. Now I'm happy!
Agreed! Tons of people were charged shipping, had to place separate orders cuz things were showing OOS... It was a hot mess!
It's cheaper for me to order thru Naimies with my pro discount, so I'm going that route. DoC's site was pissing me off to no end!
It's all 5. Before it was just 4.
It doesn't.Bunny is emerald green with emerald glitter with a pearl finish. Blow is a matte forest green.
Definitely Berry Me and Merlot. Possibly Kiss of Fire.
If you're choosing between the 187 and 188 for foundation, go with the 188. I use it on all my clients for liquid foundation. The 187 is just too big for the face for foundation, but it works great for setting powder and all over powder. The 188 is small and reaches around the nose and under the eyes perfectly. It's nice and loose too so it doesn't apply foundation too heavily, yet not too sheer either. If you want a little more coverage, just go back and add another layer...
New Posts  All Forums: