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I paid with PP too, so i keep checking my account just to be safe. I got my letter in the mail today. Bunch of asshats!
Just a heads up. If you paid with PayPal, your info may still have been hacked. I know someone who paid with PP and her info was hacked and someone stole over $900 from her! So, when LC said that you weren't affected if you paid with PP, they're full of shit!
They're in a normal quad. Yes, people are comparing it to a pack of gummy bears, but you'd have to compare every other quad to one as well cuz its the same quad. They're half the size of a normal shadow. They have to be in order to fit 9 shadows in there. You aren't getting less shadows than you would if you bought any other quad that MAC sells. You're getting the exact same amount, just split among 9 shadows instead of 4.
Yeah they're definitely not the same size as full size shadows. I'm sure the sum of all nine equal the sum of four full size tho. They just need to fix that decimal point!
I think MAC put the decimal point in the wrong spot on the weight on these things on the site
 No problem!
March 5th, mostly perm with a smattering of exclusive shades.
I have not. I only know about the mac store ones, but lemme see what i can find out...
Yes they're perm.
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