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Thanks doll! Just a heads up. The quad is LE, so don't wait too long!And I'm wanting hammered too! It's beautiful!
Gunner is sold out as well
The Megan Naik quad is the only thing that has grabbed my attention so far. I'm not a huge fan of overly shimmery shadows myself, especially in this formula, and this quad only has one. The other 3 are satin and matte, and the colours are gorgeous!
Bummed that it's not before xmas like they said it would be
3 Witches, Pansy, Purple Rain
That would be nice. Like, free shipping over $60 or something.
I've never used this brand so I'm leery
Apparently I'm not getting their emails anymore. That's some bullshit right there!
I guessed it at $50, so not bad. Glad its not more tho!And I'm definitely getting both! I'm drooling over Dark Matter! Those colours are my jam! I like 3 of the 4 in the Lovesick stack, so it's worth getting for me.You?
New Posts  All Forums: