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What phone?
Yup yup yup!
Rediculous. When i was adding shadows to my cart, I'd add 1 shadow of each colour and it'd add each colour as quantities of 2 or 4. So if anyone is ordering, make sure you're checking your cart because it's jacking it up big time!
I actually used NYX Black Berry in that pic For the most part, aside from specific formulas like PLW and whatnot, eye and lip pencils are made the exact same. The only difference between the two are colours (and colour safety-some red and orange tones aren't eye safe). So unless it says "not safe for", you can use them interchangeably.OCC liners aren't advertised as waterproof. Longwearing, yes. But not waterproof.
I need to order. I just keep adding, and adding, and adding...
Yes! KA's are perfect for contouring. Hers are all too warm. They're basically bronzers, and we know you just can't contour with bronzers. It's not gonna happen.
Here ya go!
I'm wearing Bane today. It's been 6hrs and it's still going strong! No bleeding or fading. I forgot how fan-fucking-tastic this lipstick is!!!
It'll look HOT on you! Stone lipliner and this will be fierce!
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