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Better late than never my dear! Lemme know how it turns out!
Lasting sensation, ablaze, what a blast...
Love it!!!
Nope. Babette is pinky, which is why i didnt buy it. I don't do cute pink colours. Riot House is definitely a light pastel orange, and I'm excited!!! I'm guessing it's closest comparison could be Summer from melt, but even that may be ever so slightly darker than RH.
Thanks babycakes!
I know, right!?
Oh yeah! She thinks that all woman should wear a yellow-based foundation cuz it "looks more natural", and pink-based foundation looks "mask-like". Ummm, come again!?http://www.lhj.com/style/beauty/makeup/introducingbobbi-brown/
These aren't new colours. This is the expansion of the PRO lipsticks to MSO and Nordies.
And you too babe!Just a reminder that you can't post this in the discussion boards, only the sale threads. Yeah yeah!
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