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No tracking number cuz apparently it hasnt shipped. I have an order number, and on their site it still says processing. We'll see what their email response says.
I just sent them a rather angry email
I got a text saying mine was being delivered tomorrow! Then got a second text saying the first text was canceled Dafuq!?
My pro discount was just reupped today, so now i can go crazy shopping on all this fun stuff!
Maybe mine will be here maƱana!
You're welcome loves!
Weight, not volume.
None really my dear. All 3 are pretty light. You might be able to contour with Taupe, but you'd have to use a pretty heavy hand. But honestly you'd have better luck with the contour powders for your skintone.
Finally received my missing FR!
I recognized her right away! I was like "hey! That's Patti!"
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