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Will do! I ordered em last night and they already shipped today! Can't wait!!!
Omg it was so annoying! That's the only way to sign on. Thankfully my pro account email is the same as my google email, so i used google to sign on. Still no pro discount showing tho, so i just reapplied (again, like i did the last time they reupped the site), so hoping they approve it and my pro discount will be showing soon and i can order the products that the discount applies to that I've been waiting on for months Did i mention how annoying it is!?
I just bought 7 (would've been 8 had they not sold out of 1 of hem) of the new NYX liquid suede cream lipsticks. #lipstickaddict
Just ordered all the fall lippiestix and liners, plus Solow. I have problems
D For Danger is perm, that's why.
No sephora
Ahhhh. They're cracking down!
I don't rely on her posted dates for anything anymore.
I always wear it with Nightingale. Beet is too pink for me.
Yes! They think they're hot stuff now so no more pro discount. They think everyone will buy their stuff at full price now.
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