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Yash is perm.
Ok I'll have to check it out then. I love tang! I used to just eat the tang powder lol. The glosses definitely had a mango-y, nasty scent. Kinda like the tropical trident gum. There's a eos lip balm that has the same scent/flavour that i can't do.
I don't like the Bite smell at all! It smells like mangos or some shit like that! Very tropically i can't do that smell/flavour whatsoever! I didn't get a chance to swatch the matte crayons, but do they smell the same as the glosses? If so, they're gonna be a pass, which is a bummer. I was gonna swing by sephora and check em out and order them during their next sale.
Chocolate bar!!! And the melted lipsticks!
I dunno how people were saying that their lippies smelled like vanilla cupcakes at first. Mine have always smelled like crayons from the get go
It's a different formula than all the other colours, so it was bound to do something different.
Will do!
Have you tried the Ben Nye Final Seal? It's supposed to waterproof the fuck out of your makeup! I'm gonna order some to use on clients, from photoshoots, to brides, to ballroom dancers! I'm excited to see how it compares to the other stuff I've used!
You need both parts of the case, but yes, they accept them.
There are definitely better setting sprays out there because fix+ is NOT a setting spray. Never has been.
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