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Cubic and Tenderling
Hope these help! Top row-Vice, Midi, Trap, Bumble, Tulle, Limbo Middle row-Avenue, LAX, Pacific, Ouiji, Succulent, Creeper Bottom row-Sundae, Highball, Mars, Drive-In, Lychee, Zipper
Mini Melteds!!!
They just announced it won't be released in July (obviously) due to production issues. No word on a release date yet.
Beurre is whirl. Whirl is beurre.
I'm selling mine if you're still looking for it.
They aren't on the list If you want something more browny, but not brown brown, try prism. It still has some peach to it, but it's definitely more brown than cubic () but doesn't lean too brown.
Yup. On me, D for Danger and Heax are identical, minus the finish. I posted a swatch in here.
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