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All the PLW glosses are getting the boot.
Pansy is amazing!!!
That's cuz not enough people have received them yet.
I just got my shipping confirmation today.
If they had an all-matte, warm one I'd be all over it!
There's talk about them in the colourpop thread
Aaand another one
Thank you love!
Sam is wearing Trap in this tutorial http://youtu.be/lr5FhH_f5Tw
Thanks love! Either of those would work. Frenchie pulls more red, and Clique pulls more orange. So probably Clique for Dangerous and either or for the other two, depending on which colour you want it to pull more, red or orange. LD and SI are practically identical. I wear Redd for both of them.Awww thank you! She is gorgeous, so I'll take it!
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