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With the exception of newer formulas that are coming out with glitters and prolongwearability, yes, pencils are pencils and can be worn on either eyes or lips. The main difference between them are some of the colour additives, which make some of them not safe for eye or lip use, but that is almost exclusive to the US safety standards. If you go overseas, those same colour safety warnings don't apply. The US is way more strict (many times for no reason) than other...
Eh, it happens. But thanks love!
Thanks ladies Hey hey baby! Thank you!
Definitely flashbacks for sure. Everyone is loving them, but soon the hate will pop up.
Last week when i turned 34 i was like "Wahtever. Just another day."
Genuine Orange Chromagraphic Pencil
You're welcome!
I think light plus as well. But if it's anything like the old tinted moisturizer, i was medium in that, so...
I ordered 8 That's some shady shit! It was applying 2 days ago! I should've ordered then!
Not the best one to start with if you've never tried them before. It's gorgeous, but I'd start with a cream one first.
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