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You're welcome hun
It all depends on what time you ordered, the size of your order, where you live, shipping method, payment method, and the order that your order was processed, among other factors. I'm sure you're fine.
It's not sold out because it hasn't even launched yet!
It's been finished! I've moved onto the next one! I got worked on on Friday actually, doing an entire backpiece!
I posted swatches weeks ago. And yes, it's purple, not black.
Hiya!No, they're not. And i this whole collection, but I've been here the whole time (not that anyone noticed)!
If you order it under your pro account, it won't apply. If you order it under a different account, you could've used it.
It will be on the 16th.
So whoever posted that pic of the light mustve gotten a mislabeled one! Glad these seem to be matching up with the MSFNs, and glad that you love it!
New Posts  All Forums: