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aww, how nice of you my dear! It does get a bit challenging the older you get :( Both of my parents looked young even in their 80's bless their hearts. You look fabulous my dear. I was sad to read about you not doing the youtube videos, but totally understand.
Did I miss DILLI wearing Bette???
Aww, thank you for being so sweet!
Thank you so much dear! Thats very kind of you.
Just gorgeous on you!
thanks doll! You can marry me just don't tell Erine or Medgal  I'm so happy you're here hun!!!!
 Aww, thanks sweetie! You're too kind. Hugs, babe so sweet! Thanks doll  An old bat actually I'll be 55 in a month Thanks dear! Aww hun, that made me feel so good! Can't wait to see Bette on you! You always look fabulous  Thanks dear! Carmen is a wow red for sure, but still wearable. It would look awesome on you!!!
I get that^See, I WANT to be tech smart, but I'm not well, kinda. I have to ask hubs a zillion questions. I'm learning...slowly I saw you everywhere google
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