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Hey pretty lady - I've missed you & your input here SOOO much!!! The TF cream shadows are THE best hands down. I only got the CT Mona Lisa & I love it.
I got the darker striped powder this morning & I LOVE it on. So pretty & subtle warmth. NOT too dark, muddy or orange - just perfect! I LOVE LOVE the smell of these powders. It's so soft & pretty.
Thanks so much my dear! Yeah, it doesn't look bright like PP
GR barely shows up so I had to use a bit of it. I can't believe that I didn't even swatch Delicates.
Really? How do they differ on you?
That's so awful!!!! It better clear up because our son has to fly into Texas on business in a couple weeks & mom is
On the selfies LOL!!! Its ALL in the lighting. If you have a phone where you can switch the viewing so you can see yourself that helps A LOT. Move the camera until you have some good lighting on your face.   Taken a gazillion selfies 
I've missed you sooo much too!!! LOVE FEST  Did you get any?
I was thinking the same thing - you look so beautiful dear!!! And...you're not wearing glasses.
Anyone know what lipstick is on the lips in the email promo??? Maybe Please Me??? I can't tell, but it looks a bit lighter pink than PP or any of the other shades.
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