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  I wanted to see it on your skin. The reddish tones??? how does that translate You love it that much?
It looks so soft & beautiful on you my dear! Very pretty. MUA drive me nuts most times lol
I just ordered  the Besame Red Hot Red 1959 I'm hoping it may be my signature red.
   The 3 of us have a BUTT load of makeup   I couldn't resist it is true though
It's in my cart...waiting for someone to force me to get it
Seriously, its a super chic red Sis. The tip of the lipstick has a chiseled type edge so that you can basically line your lips while applying it. Very cool.
It is! You'll love it. I can't say enough about how great feeling the texture is.
OMGosh, the wear time is amazing also!!! Mine stayed on all day. Which 2 shades are you wanting?
That is SOOOO darn pretty on your lips!!!  The texture & smoothness of these are amazing! Do you think so? I got my Hydrangea today & its I really it love it on the lips too.
YAY!!! Some of my orders are taking their good ol time  I hope you love it!
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