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Died laughing............. almost made me pee my pants reading!!!! OH THE TORTURE!!!!!!!!!! Can't look at your balls  I have nails & I don't like the container lids at all. I have one that I always have to have hubs open because I cannot. Can't wait to see them!!!
Oh my, you got them Are they not the most gorgeous thing you have ever used on your face! I'm so happy you were able to get them!!!
I was thinking the same thing. That a lot of $$$ for a similar shade
Did you get the Rouge G lipstick?
Both blushes would look amazing on you. The lipglass looks so beautiful but I just cannot decide if it would show up on my pigmented lips
That is SO freakin adorable!
Well, you wear those shades really well hun! Different thread ....but I am kinda liking the Mac Heirloom Seeking Adoration. Did you like/try that one? I've sworn off lipgloss but I am loving this shade. Just wanted your opinion.
I DO don't I
I just wish I didn't already have a couple of the Nars lip pencils in the set
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