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What a great way to end the day  I swatched so much mu today my arm was stained lol
Aww, thanks hun!  Miss you dear!!!  Hugs
  Is it! WHY!!!! Chanel is usually perfect in tone on me, but it looked odd on me LOVED the glosses! I will probably get both.
Aww thanks dear     I know, right! WHOOOOO on the bend over  We also bought our Merlot today  
Died Don't ya love how it just says S E X LOLOLOL!!! That made me laugh, choke, cough & cry!!! Thanks Sis! You know I love ya  The lippies is Nars Heat Wave.. & HOT it is Oh & NO...you can't turn it around
Gotta love the girls!
I got my Nude Pink powder today & I LOVE LOVE it on! I see its sold out now...darn! I would have bought a bu. Its the prettiest almost nude slight very pale rose bronze blush on me.
Nope, I didn't see any glitter shimmer except some nice shimmy to the rose one. NONE
Aww, thank hun!!!! You're so sweet!
Aww, that is so sweet!  Thanks Sis!!!! I can't bend over at all in it but its a cool dress.
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