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Awesome dear!!!! I wanted to answer one of your posts to me...but I'm trying to find it
I have A LOT of orange reds but Annabella is insanely gorgeous on the lips! It makes me feel like a movie star Its SO pigmented & amazing. Kelly is going to be a lighter possibly more pink coral. I am getting Kelly too
I just love them! Who knows if they'll listen ;)   I so appreciate all your input & swatches dear friend!
Thanks! It very pretty & unique on.    & You are so welcome dear!You are very welcome doll!
It totally is! Its insane.
No not at all.  You could if you wanted, but I don't think its necessary. It still hasn't budged on my lips. They truly are amazing quality & like no other lipsticks I have. No, I don't know when the liners will be available.
I got mine from Nordies but thought this might be fun to post here. CRAZY looking in person  
Oh, I forgot - No bleeding or feathering from these - old bags need that
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