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Honestly, I was shocked at how expensive the new LesBeiges powder was with tax almost 70.00 If its incredibley awesome beautiful on, then I'm all over it but I'll wait to see what the reviews are first. That, & I am really really loving the Dior products lately
Even my watch will be here tomorrow 
I got a BU of Red Balloon. It was on Backorder when I ordered it until 5/5 on Nordies yesterday...but I got a ship notice already this morning.  
I don't mind the little Meteorites  samples. Its gives me a chance to try them.
Do you use/like the meteorites too? I have that small Sephora sample on the way for me to try.
I did & it will be here tomorrow already! Wow, that was incredibly fast. From the swatches I saw online, it leaves a beautiful paled nudish pink. How would you describe the color? I thought it would look beautiful over the new Cheeky creme blush.
No, I didn't order it yet. Maybe I'll wait to see what you think of it first. I ordered the Pink Dior nude shimmer powder. Is it just me, or does anyone else think that the price of all these new powders (not just Chanel) are outrageously priced anymore? Hugs!
I see that now - thanks!
  I hope you love it on dear
OMG! It shipped already - only an hour after I ordered...crazy
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