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They are ALL so pretty in person. The texture is so very soft, blends like a dream &  long wearing. Very light weight no feel on the skin. I don't care for anything Clinique but these are so worth it. You're in my heart hun!  
...Fluidlines -  just plural...like ALL of them. I can't decide on the fluidlines yet.
Ok, I also really like Catty, Real Doll & Make Me Gorgeous
Yes, I love Diva-ish & I do have & LOVE LOVE Alpha Girl. What else do you like?
Hi hun! It is a first for me. I do love Diva -ish I have & LOVE both of the powders. What do you like at first glance?
I haven't decided what I want. I don't even know where to start
I can't track mine yet. It still says label created
I just hope I like everything on me
I was going to say that too Mandy! The lighting looks like it's giving a blue cast.
I so agree with you. They are very pretty applied lighter allowing your natural lip shade to kind of show through. I think they are pretty that way. Liba was very right :)
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