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A lot of women just love the color purple.         And. some of us love..PINK ...every stinkin shade of it
 So what did you end up with
and now I'm thinking that I should have gotten Forbidden Sunrise too LOLOL!!!! Aww
I got BK from Nordies fiasco this morning Then I ordered the BP from Mac & then I ordered Romantic Breakdown ls. And then ...I ordered the palette...& then the BP backup  I'm really hoping you love BK on
My 2 other MAC orders shipped
All of it will be so beautiful on you Dolly, especially the BP!
Its the free GWP ;) I don't hate it, but I'm not in love with it either.I still really really love my Chanel Le Blanc brightening makeup base in that peachy bottle. You're so right about Blush Nude. I'm really happy I bought that one. Do you have another TF lipstick that you love & would recommend? Besides the boys LOL!Cocoa Mirage is a lovely palette! Very smooth & pigmented.
I got Glass Slipper & now I really want the other gloss too :)
Hi hun! You'll love it. I can't wait for you to get yours.
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