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 I've heard only good things about the line. I really really love the cleanser... it makes the skin so soft & smooth & feels so squeaky clean. I hate almost every cleanser that I have ever tried other than my Chanel Gel Purete which I have used forever. Stress wreaks havoc on the skin, no doubt
Made me laugh! I hope you enjoy all of them
Ok doll, that helps. I really like Moonstone from all the swatches I googled.Thanks Do you like the rose gold? It did seem dark to me. Thanks! The lighting in Sephora was terrible so I wasn't sure. Do you like the rose gold? Ok, thanks!
Wow! I did not know that this thread existed - and I did not name it this But I would have.   You guys should try a sample of that Boscia Detox face cleanser. Its pretty amazing for clearing the skin up & making it feel squeaky clean. I really really love it! I'm using it with my Chanel cleanser.   Hi Dolly Dear  
Aww, so sorry it didn't work out for you, What a bummer. Thats awful that it irritated your eyes.
Do you think thats the best shade for very pale skin? Everyone loves loves the opal shade ??? It seemed so gold on me, but maybe its different on the face?
I'm still undecided which shade will look best on me   Pearl seems like the perfect highlight on very pale skin, but everyone raves about Opal...then there is Moonstone which they say  is in between the two. I went to my Sephora today & they only had the pressed in Opal & Topaz. The Opal seemed very golden to me in their lighting on my skin. So yeah, I still don't know which shade would be best.
Thank you dear!
Oh my gosh ...I want BOTH!!!!!!!! Will the Rose Gold shade look right on me?
Well let me know...because I have been looking for it too
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