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Just ordered with the 20% discount (Smashbox palette for my Daughter in Laws Christmas stocking):   Smashbox Full Exposure Travel Palette Nudestix Holiday Kit Nudestix Lip & Cheek in Blush Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix set
VERY pretty on you! I love this shade so much.
I agree. And it seems like they're always higher after I order I did get some goodies when it was 10%
I have a theory about the codes...just a guess. I got the Rouge Dior code...the email Sephora sent me says, "Handpicked Just For You" , You love Dior so you'll obsess over this VIB Rouge exclusive...blah blah blah   So, they know I buy a lot of Dior so thats why I got the Dior code & not the other ones???
Yes, the 00 Blanc Perles. Go to the Holiday Opera thread & look at my pics of them. All white perles I ADORE them on! The white perles are my fourth set.  
 Do you like the perley balls???
Yes, you look amazing before & after. I think it's your hair maybe? I don't remember it being as blonde. I think the pic I saw  before you may have had it in a ponytail. Anyhoo, doll you are so pretty! And boy can you ever do a lovely sexy wicked liner  
Funny! I loved your story. Disneyland for girls might be as expensive as Disneyland sometimes. Great stuff - enjoy!
 Monsy you look so pretty in your new pic! You look different than the last pic I saw of you.
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