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Men & soup should be hot & spicy.....just sayin
Specktra is acting up tonight!
LOL YES! She said it was like a corn casserole! Ahh..NO thank you. Yuck.  Chicken soup is yummy.
:) But its so true! I try to walk out with a gazillion swatches all up my hand & arm to the skylights in the mall so I can see what they actually look like. Unfortunately, today it was all dark & cloudy. Its funny, I walk around in the store holding my arm up to a light lol. Wouldn't you think they would understand the lighting thing! geesh
 Hope you are doing well my dear Dolly! hugs I did! I got out & about & it felt good! I could not find a good bowl of soup today :( Corn soup - no thank you. blecIt totally went fast!!!
Aww, this is so incredibly sweet of you to say - ALL of it! I genuinely appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!!! Hey, I bought another bra today!!! LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm wearing it tonight & it cheers me up :) I'm happy we can share that common thread! :) I hope you & your "girls" are enjoying the new bra :) I will take all the warm thoughts, prayers & hugs I can get my dear! Thanks again!!!
Thanks dear! I really appreciate it!
I LOVE Myself too ...LOL
I think you'll love Barbara. Yeah, I didn't see that coming with Dominique. You would think that they would have had STOCK on these babies. I was bummed out that Sephora didn't have more shades. That's so funny about the swatching! I do the exact same thing - walking around to find some kind of good lighting.
I swatched that Hourglass thin gel liner today & fell in love. They were completely sold out of the single one so I had them order it from a store for me. I cannot wait to try it on. They had the new Nars Audacious lipsticks - only 20 shades I think. I got Brigitte which is a beautiful nude warm rose pink.
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