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I use & LOVE that Dior Lash Primer too.
Dreaming of balls now
So what did you think of them on?
I just went to the Guerlain site which kinda sucketh...no replacement sponges.   Tomorrow I am going to try a virgin white Chanel retractable kabuki brush.
I really liked that white sponge that came with the white perles. I wonder if they sell it separately? Gonna go look.
Its SO nice to see you back here my dear  The white ones imho are THE most gorgeous thing I have ever used on my face.  I used the sponge that came with it which I loved also. I felt like a Geisha! The smell is divine & not overly strong.
Laughed reading the title
Uggh, so sorry that happened! I went through that with most of the ones I ordered when they came out. I took them to a Sephora store & exchanged them for mostly color ones.
Honey, I've always loved your beautiful brows! You're such a doll!
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