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Ugh, I hate that. My Sephora never ever has anything it seems like. Either its sold out or they never got it. Makes going there kind of worthless sometimes. Are they going to get that shade? Barneys was super fast in shipping my stuff LOL snicker
Yes, I think it will. I guess I'll have to pick it up too ;)
lol I get it. I love the instant gratification too. Yep, go for the points I say. I might go to this really nice mall tomorrow but I'm not sure if anyone will have them. Maybe Nordies I'm hoping.
Oh, you got it & love it too! It is so pretty on. I love it. I was thinking of getting a BU too ;)
No I didn't. I think I am going to get Carmen next.
Barneys has Barbara. You probably know that ;)
Thats awful! I've had similar experiences. Sorry that happened to you. What shades stood out to you?
That sounds so beautiful together.
You look SO BEAUTIFUL doll!!!!! And I LOVE the blush shade on you. It looks so fresh & pretty.  Just lovely - thanks for posting this
You look AMAZING! Just beautiful dear.
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