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OMGosh Monsy thats GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What else are you wearing on your lids? Amazing
 Sephora has the melt cleanser & its fairly reasonably price. It only takes less than a pea size to use so it should last a very long time. I agree Audrey is so wearable & pretty on everyone. Janet is beautiful but then so is Charlotte & Liv. You really can't go wrong with any of them.
I LOVE plaid & poinsettias!
   I love Christmas shopping. So far, I have only bought the wrapping paper Its all about the presentation for me. I have to have a theme. A couple years ago it was Mistletoe & red jingle bells. I got a pattern from Martha Stewart & cut these mistletoe out of green felt & tied red jingle bells to the center of them. The kids love it. Everyone looks forward to what the theme will be. This year is Snowflakes & Deer
Thank you SO very much! I'll get that one when they restock it.
^^^^ Those are ALL fabulous!!! I want to know what you think of them after you've played with them!
Geesh, it seems like that has been f o r e v e r! Can't wait for you to get it
Which Algenist mask did you try? Thanks for the input!
The one I see  online  at Ulta is the lifting mask not the Algae one.
I didn't see the mask at Ulta unless I missed it.
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