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Natalie Hi sweetie
Oh sis...where's the depends
how awesome is that. especially if you can't open them.
You have to stop putting these visuals in my head. I find myself laughing out loud with thoughts of you & I look to everyone else
She was sniffing the balls
Well, isn't that awesome friend We can be sisters too
They're both very pretty on you! Love these
Yes!!! You HAVE to own every color!!! I'm addicted to them & I wear them with everything...skirts, tshirt dresses, skinny jeans. I even love wearing a skirt, tshirt, layers of pearls & then my Keds My kids love that I wear them lol. I have not seen the Taylor Swift line...hmmm, wonder how I missed something in the shoe dept.
died  I actually think I did frighten them Someone wasn't paying any attention.
You should have! It would have made me laugh FOREVER!!!
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