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Thanks so much for posting this.
Yep, the pregnancy thing will do it :(  I couldn't even stand the smell of the oven warming up etc. These don't effect me for some reason.
Wow - 2 day - thats awesome!
I got the chocolate bar palette too & it really is nice & does smell like chocolate...but I did not nibble on it
20 compacts a day! YEAH, thats expensive. she should stick to W&W & not Dior or Chanel cause...just eat your money why don't ya Somehow, this oddly makes me feel better about what I spend on MU  
Aggh, sorry that happened. Its so random. My New Moon is perfect. A lot of people have received the shriveled version in other collections.
Its an expensive habit enough just wearing it, but to eat it too   prolly not too healthy to eat the metallic ones
I love the pink blush so much, I ordered a BU also. I think Mangrove is gorgeous too ;) Happy you loved what you got.
Oh, I love the 3 day shipping & mac's free overnight :)
  and, I'll drink to that  ps...I put you in the Old Bag Blog club today ...I didn't think you were reading  Are you like in the South of France getting married or something
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