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You look SOOOO Beautiful my dear wifey!!!! Ooh La La
Ok, then that is the one I need to get. Opi is drying & it stinks. 
OMG! You LOVE it!!!! That is so freakin awesome. I definitely need to get mine. Yep, I pine over the loss of the sunglasses. They were just so perfect. Oh well. Here's your early Birthday hug & kiss Sis............ Thanks my dear friend for being there!
YES YES YES my dear one! This palette is a must!!!!!!!
Ughh, I need Chanel np remover? lol  I agree Sis, those do not remove the np well at all. I use the purple OPI   I am for SURE getting the es quint - its beautiful!!!! I just looked at all the pics & its I also NEED that new Chanel hair pin up thingy for fall!!!!
Thanks babe! I need a distraction! Took puppy back Saturday I miss her soooo much. She is just the sweetest little thing. Anyhoo.... I just ordered the new Chain Chanel Sunglasses to replace my stolen Raybans even though I already replaced them with the newer Rayban version. lol
I'm sooooo happy you ended up loving the Chanel base! I wore it yesterday & thought of you  Do we have a thread for the fall Chanel? I can't remember.
 Oh really....what a tease! Me too. It looks really pretty.
 I was hoping it had a magic application like Photoshop in it lol
What all did you get? Did you ever end up trying the Chanel Le Blanc Light Revealing Brightening Makeup Base in Rosee?
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