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They ALL look AMAZING on you!!! I especially love Fanny & Janet on you
There definitely is something in them then that you're allergic/sensitive to. That is really too bad. Sometimes I have problems with liners coming off onto my contacts & smearing them. I hate that.
Aw, that stinks.
I'm not seeing it. Is it sold out?
True. That's why I really really try to get color accurate swatches, pics, & detailed color descriptions because I know that I appreciate it since I live far away from most of the good stores.
What does it look like on you hun? Did I miss that
Well, it depends on if these pencils wear well on your eyes. I LOVE the waterproof liners. This is the perfect shade imho because its not to grey, not too harsh black for daytime - just soft black. YES!!!! in other words You should have just clicked the BUY IT ALL button  (I guess I should have too)
I followed you there
 I love how the glosses look.
Badine - a soft peachy pink  
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