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Oh thanks hun! That is so good to know. I was pretty impressed by the reviews.
Oxblood looks really pretty on T   And man oh man, Tenor Voice looks fabulous! I am so glad I got it. Thinking about the gloss now too.
Ok hun! I don't have issues with my es staying in place, but this got such great reviews that I had to try it.
Thanks hun! LOL...did you have a doggie wandering in  your space in the video? lol I thought I heard a collar jingle. Should I get KR blush.  Why you so pretty
Me too. But the above picture (Jennifae's) gives me hope.
I just placed 2 separate orders too;   NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base   NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation   Hope I end up loving both
Oh Yay my friend! CHEERS   I wonder if I'll order anything tonight
I'll be pouring Mr.Merlot in 15 minutes
I've been there^ so you can join me
Thats the shade I'm hoping for on my lips or maybe pinker. I was kind of getting buyers remorse too This shade is looking so different all the time. Thanks hun for posting that!
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