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:( But it looks pretty on you! Did you mix all of those in the pic?
Dang, you look hot!!!! You get girl crush Thursday babe   I did this with Cinderella's RB lipstick & LOVE it, so I'll try it with BBW RB
Yes, the promo sold me too & I LOVE the formula so much. I got Infamous this week & I really love it on. I can't decide which one to get next. I was hard to find good swatches.
:) Thanks! I'm torn between this & a Marc Jacobs lipstick, Whats the boscia gel promo again?
Gorgeous hun! Everything looks so beautiful on your skin. What's your favorite?
Is it worth it???
Dang, I love how that looks on you!
See, it looks like you really want to see that too
You would just love to see that wouldn't you! I will share that (I think it was last year) I posted in a private thread with several other sweet ladies from here a video of me sled riding! NO KIDDING! They thought it was pretty funny & interesting to hear my voice  We were in a store & I bugged my hubs to buy me a bright orange round saucer sled - I was like a bratty kid wanting a toy in a toy store  It was so much fun!!!! I looked like a dork
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