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OH HEAVENS - creepy bugs in the MAC box ....eeewwwww freaks me out. I always look for that (bed bugs) when I get packages...just freaky
I did... POOP POOP POOP  I like my little juvenile streak sometimes
Thats so funny honey!I know, 4 boxes one day then 3 then 2 & I still have  a lipstick & a pair of shoes coming Isn't it Grand. So glad you conquered the fever & you're mending each day. I did my nails with Trafalgar today & the brush was a lil funky...kind of thicker on the end & not as nice as Darlings brush. The color is amazing though.
Thanks. I'm kind of bummed as I was hoping it would show a bit more of the pinky peach :(  
 Well, the orange glossimer does look that beautiful in the container...not like that photo though. In the promo, it looks like its over a soft pink lipstick or something. I see pink in her cheeks as well.You might like the orange glossimer. Did you order it?
Thats sweet of you Thanks! Heat Wave is gorgeous. I just did my nails with Dior Trafalgar & it looks amazing with HW
I agree guess what...I'm wearing Nars Heat Wave smokin (just got it)
Ahh, thats so purrty! Do you like it? Your lips are pretty too
You'll be just fine if you got both ;)
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