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I can't wait to here what you think of your beautiful goodies sis
I thought it was strange the the NM stores got the collection but not online. I checked every day but nope, nothing. The $100 is awesome! I hope they put it up soon for you. If they compete with Nordies, they should have it up soon. eturd makes me laugh every time
I looked & couldn't find the I-625 either. I thought that maybe I just couldn't see it. I HATE the number system - just use names ugggh!!!
Winthrop - I edited it right after you read my last post I think :)
Here you can see the actual difference. The swatches are by my thumb. The 2 velvets are on top & the 2 RA are on the bottom.La Petillante is the strawberry red  & right under it is the RA Insaississable intense coral right under it.
I think you will like La Petillante - its very very pretty, smooth & silky. Trust me,  Insaississable seemed very WHOA in person. It may be pretty on the lips, but too bright for me. I'm not sure it it showed bright on my store hand shot swatch? I would have to look at it again.
No that one really is the Velvet.  La Petillante is the velvet in my swatch & that is exactly how it looks in real life. Its not an intense coral nor is Insaisissable a strawberry red   I'm thinking that the descriptions are switched because that would make more sense as to how they look in person. Insaississable IS definitely an INTENSE (hello slightly neon) Coral ;) La Petillante is more of the strawberry red! Chanel is being   
I didn't see it in the display so I didn't swatch it The 2 shine swatches are at the top of her hand in the Cafemakeup swatches
That is the one that they say is strawberry red - Insaisissable. It looks paler there unless she did a very light swatch She has those two reversed :)
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