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 Patent Polish and Studio Sculpt have also arrived in the UK.
I'm not tempted.  Temptalia has reviewed them http://www.temptalia.com/round-mac-studio-sculpt-shade-line-eyeshadows-overview-thoughts
I may get the other blush later when it launches on HoF or Debenhams.   I have realised that I rarely wear lip gloss, mostly because I have long hair and when it's windy (as it frequently is) my hair sticks to my lip gloss.  I already have quite a collection of them as well, so it makes it easier for me to not be tempted to buy glosses.  Lipstick is another matter - I have loads, but can't resist buying more.  I do try to limit it, though.   The biggest temptations for...
I would love the chance to see things in person before I buy, but unfortunately it's too far (and expensive) to travel.   I got Golden bronzer, Seduced At Sea blush and Mystical lipstick.  The MAC page told me I had earned free named day delivery, but when I got to the checkout it told me this option was not available, even though it was listed on the drop-down menu as free.  The code, MAY45, didn't work either, so I have free delivery but not named day as I would have...
I'm guessing Delphic would be too orange for me, as it has 'brick' in the description, which to my mind says 'orange'.
I'm ordering a bronzer, a blush and a lippy for now.  I will wait until HoF or Debenhams get the collections before I order anything else, so I can get the points, or hopefully they might have a discount offer at the time - fingers crossed!       MAC's checkout is being soooooo sloooooow!!!
Thanks, Naynadine, Golden it is then.  I can always switch out the powder if I don't like it - I mostly wanted it for the packaging, which is something I never usually do.   I'm surprised no bloggers have put reviews and swatches up yet.
Which bronzer would anyone recommend for NW10-15?
It's live on the UK website now!
Alluring Aquatic is online!!!  Eyeshadows are £16.50, and they're still only the small ones.     Studio Sculpt Shade & Line is there too.
New Posts  All Forums: