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Mmes Flirte and Reve arrived here this morning - both very beautiful and very wearable.  I am wearing Mme Flirte right now and it feels so moisturising.
My Blanc de Perles #1 just arrived from Singapore.  They are soooo pretty!  - a little dusty, but that's fine.  Whereas my #0 came with a sponge, these came with what seems to be a velour-covered sponge-like puff.   I will try to photograph them later, but my parents are due here anytime now, so I need to hide them.
I really hope I can get Ultramarine Pink when it comes out over here - that colour is so beautiful!
I am seriously impressed with your ball collection, Anita.  I didn't realise there were so many!
It's like that in our HoF and Boots - sometimes there isn't anyone manning a particular counter (usually Clarins in Boots and Urban Decay in HoF) but someone from another counter will usually help if you ask them.  In HoF they'll even ask if you need help.
My white balls just arrived - posted 14th November in Singapore and delivered here in the UK on 19th November - quicker than I thought they would be, and thankfully not caught by Customs, either :)
Don't you just love the way MAC sends out an email advertising the Holiday Collection hanging bag, after it's already sold out
  I actually chanced across Mme Flirte and Mme Reve on feelunique.com a couple of days ago, and grabbed them straightaway.  It seems Rouge Parade has given me a taste for them.
Go to http://www.debenhams.com/beautyclub I'm not sure if there should be pictures in the boxes that my browser just isn't showing, but the 'Login' box is top row centre, like this It might look different if you're using a mobile phone, though.  I always use my PC.
  Same here - I've spent way too much.  I've received this quarter's HoF vouchers as well, so have that available if anything else comes up that I want to buy.  Better still, you can now spend HoF Reward vouchers online, so I'm not limited to things that are available in my local branch.
New Posts  All Forums: