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  If I click on the lipstick link that comes up in the search, it takes me straight back to the large 'new collections' slideshow.  If they had put some of the collection up early by mistake, they've rectified it now.  I hope you do get the lippy you ordered :)
 Happy Birthday, alittleginger! I'm skipping the Nasty Gal collection altogether. 
 I don't think it's off topic at all. People have been raving about the new mascara, and I was wanting to try it, but I wouldn't want to pay full price then find I didn't like it, so I was thinking of trying to get hold of a copy of Elle to get the free sample.  The magazine will probably be sold out by the time I manage to get into town.
  It looks like they've taken it back off the site.  This is what I get if I search for Oxblood or Toledo 
Angie Starling posted this picture of the Toledo launch party on Facebook, and I believe also on Instagram  
  I have no choice but to rely on online swatches.  I don't trust MAC's own swatches, though - they're computer-generated and usually quite different to the real thing.  The last time I went to London was probably 21 years ago, while I was pregnant with my son.
 Strangely, if you click on the colour swatches from within the 'collection' page it shows £20 on the little pop-up despite saying £40 alongside it, but if you click on the 'lipsticks' link from the 'collection' page, then click on those larger swatches, it still shows as £40. I managed to get my order in correctly :)  I might have bought the mystery powder as well if it said it included a refill as well, like the American site does.
 Still shows as £40 for me 
£40 for a lipstick???  I only wanted one of them, but don't think I'll be buying at that price!
Oh well, I 'changed' my password (not that I had ever created an account with them before), logged in and added everything to my basket again, and went through checkout with no problem.  I'll keep an eye on my PayPal account to see what happens.   I ordered 4 from Colour Chrome, Rhubarb & Custard, and Oval Plum.  It's a shame Boots no longer stock Models Own.  Superdrug supposedly do, but I've not seen it in either of my local branches yet.  I like to be able to see...
New Posts  All Forums: