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Urban Decay loose glitters are up on Debenhams, and they have the Glinda palette available as well.
My photograph was taken in natural daylight, without flash, on the window sill.  The colours look quite different in a photo taken in a darker place in the house (without flash), so it might be a good idea for you to ask your friend to take a photo in daylight so you can see the colours better and put your mind at rest.   My Brooke Shields Gravitas palette has just arrived, safe and sound :)
Mine arrived yesterday.  The red puff inside holds the 'pearls' reasonably steady - if I gently shake the pot with the puff inside it I don't hear them moving much.   Here are mine    I have just 2 red pearls in the pot.
I just had another look at feelunique, and was surprised to find they had the Perles du Paradis still in stock!
Selfridges exclusive from 1st November online - Urban Decay Naked Vault  http://www.britishbeautyblogger.com/2014/10/urban-decay-naked-vault.html     I suspect most of us have at least some of the contents already, though.
Matte Lip is finally up on Debenhams
I just got my Frasercard bill through this morning, and am very pleased to see that, as from November, Reward vouchers will be able to be spent online as well as in-branch.  That's great news for me, since my branch of HoF doesn't stock MAC.
Just a reminder to check your Debenhams Beauty Club points history online from time to time.  I checked mine and discovered that  the 1500 bonus points I should have had as a result of a Lancome promotion in August hadn't gone on.  Also that there had been a 1000 points reversal on another date which I couldn't explain.  On phoning them, they have rectified the missing 1500 points.   As for the 1000 points reversal, that was one of the 'only one 1000 points bonus per...
Thank you!  I checked earlier and it wasn't up, but I've put my order in now :)
I've given up waiting and ordered 3 matte lippies from MAC online and the Fleeting Romance blush from HoF online (it's only £19 on there, as opposed to £20 on the MAC site, even though other Pro-longwear blushes are £20 on HoF)
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