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My MAC order arrived today.  I'm especially liking Kindergarten Red, and the packaging of the Bao Bao Wan collection, but I'm disappointed that Burmese Kiss doesn't look pink on me - I had been hoping it was a beautiful bright pink.  It's definitely more coral - Toxic Tale springs to mind, although I am unable to compare the two.  It looks paler in the tube than I had expected, too.    Victoriana is definitely a pinky red, but with no other makeup on I have to blot it...
I've just had an email from Selfridges - they have Toledo, which they say is exclusive to Selfridges.
Got my dispatch email through at last - everything I ordered is coming my way :)       Will HoF and Debenhams be getting Cinderella?   I'm sure I read somewhere that Toledo was meant to be MAC online only; Selfridges isn't exactly accessible for most people (other than online), unlike Debenhams and HoF, so you would think MAC would want a wider audience, to get their product out there.  With Selfridges charging for delivery, and after they didn't come through with the...
Just checked on the MAC site, and my Toledo/Bao Bao order is showing as "In Warehouse".  Keeping my fingers crossed that I get everything I ordered.
 Bao Bao is MAC online only, and I believe Toledo may be as well.  I don't live anywhere near a store or counter, either.
I'm just hoping I was right ordering the Toledo blushes by name.  The colour swatches are wrong - typical MAC.  I ordered Ripe Peach and Kindergarten Red, as I already have Azalea Blossom from when it came out before.
I'll be getting my Pencilled In from HoF or Debenhams for the points and TopCashBack, and I have some vouchers to spend, too.   Does anyone know if you can use more than one voucher at a time on Debenhams website?
  I promise I didn't take your Lavender Jade - I just got Burmese Kiss.
I finally managed to get my Toledo and Bao Bao order through - checkout seems to take forever to load when there's a new collection up, even if I sign in first. 
  I don't want to pay delivery either.  I hope they just mean they got it a week or two before anyone else. MAC online should get it, whatever happens.
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