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The compact far left of your picture and the tube far right of your picture are what she showed me.  I can't see the compact on their website either, so maybe that's in store only? 
The new Urban Decay eyeshadows are all showing on the Debenhams website, but as out of stock.       House of Fraser have the new Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess products in.  The palette is apparently exclusive to HoF, along with the stick illuminator and other items according to their website.  I was in our HoF on Wednesday and asked about the gelée, and she took me to where they had them tucked away in a drawer, not yet on display.  The gelée was pretty and quite pale,...
Today and online only - 30% off Urban Decay On The Run at Debenhams.  It's £25.90 instead of £37.00.
After telling me in an email that the new Nars Christopher Kane collection with be out on 21st April, I've just seen them tweet that it will be May 1st. 
Just had an email through from Debenhams - 10% off all beauty and fragrance from tomorrow.  That's online tomorrow and in store from Wedneday.
 Actually, quite a lot of products sold in Superdrug appear to be copies of other brands - the blushes in square boxes that look just like Benefit ones, and the copies of Benefit's Benetint and High Beam, for example.
Just been browsing Superdrug's website as they have 3 for 2, and a free makeup bag offer going on.  I noticed that Makeup Revolution have liquid blushers that look suspiciously like blatant copies of Daniel Sandler water blushes.  They're only £3 each, so I might give one a try to see how much alike they are.    NARS tell me that their new collection should be available here on 21st of this month, and in stores shortly after.
British Beauty Blogger also has swatches   http://britishbeautyblogger.com/urban-decay-new-eyeshadows-2015/   http://britishbeautyblogger.com/urban-decay-revolution-high-color-lipgloss/
  Thanks for the swatches.  There's no MAC counter anywhere near me, unfortunately, so I always have to buy blind, or after seeing swatches on here or blogs.   BK looked a beautiful bright pink on some people, which is what I wanted it to be, but it was nothing like pink on me.  I'm very pale skinned, around NW10, so was surprised.
 Thank you for this.  Since BK looks really orange on me I know I can definitely scratch MMG from my wish list.
New Posts  All Forums: