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I've had a QVC account for some time and have bought a couple of Laura Geller things from them already, but have mostly been buying them from feelunique or lookfantastic until now (can't remember which offhand).  I'd rather buy them from Debenhams than QVC, though. Apologies for the late reply, I have been away on holiday for a week, to Great Yarmouth, with limited internet access.
According to BritBeautyBlogger, it's 6th August.
I bought all of the eyeshadows.  I know I would have had skipper's remorse otherwise.  I didn't buy any glosses, though, as I have so many unopened glosses here already, and won't wear them when it's breezy out (which is most of the time, these days).  I'm not planning on getting any more of the Patent Polishes either - not yet, anyway.  The 3 I got should last me a long time.
Most of my Le Disko eyeshadows arrived today, and the 3 Patent Polishes I ordered.  Just waiting for Boom Boom Room and Try Me On, which I had to order from MAC after being unable to get them from Debenhams.   So pretty and sparkly!  I'm glad I bought them all, even if it was a big expenditure  :)
Saw on Twitter that Debenhams will soon be stocking Laura Geller.  Yay!  That means Spackle, and the Baked Balance n Brighten Color Correcting Foundation. 
Le Disko and Patent Polish both up on Debenhams and HoF.  However, neither have Try Me On eyeshadow listed, and for some reason Debenhams have Feel The Fever eyeshadow priced at £21 as opposed to the £16 that the other shadows cost.  Debenhams is already sold out of Boom Boom Room.
Just ordered some of the eyeshadows and the brush.  Hopefully I can get the other eyeshadows when they appear on Debenhams or House Of Fraser.  I noticed that only 2 of the Patent Polishes are showing as permanent - I could have sworn we were told they were all permanent?
There's a sale on at beautybay.com, with up to 70% off, and in some cases even more.  Some of the biggest discounts are on nail polishes such as China Glaze and Nails Inc.           I bagged myself the Too Faced Cat Eyes palette for £14, a Stila Convertible Colour twin-pack in Petunia for £11.18, China Glaze 'Astro Hot' and 'When Stars Collide' for £6.40 each, and China Glaze 'Electrify' for £2.78.
I've had fake MAC and a fake NARS eyeshadow palette from ebay before.  A friend of mine managed to buy his wife a set of fake Bobbi Brown brushes as well.
The MAC 'Sized To Go' offer has been extended to 10pm tonight.
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