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 House of Fraser, Maidstone.
  I asked at the counter yesterday, and was told that it's definitely not any time this month.  The SA thought it might be early November.
I collected my Givenchy order from HoF this afternoon - pretty sparkling white lipstick case and lid on the palette (yes it was expensive, but I used my HoF vouchers towards the cost).  I asked at the Chanel counter about the Christmas collection, and she told me she doesn't have a date for it yet, but that it is usually in November.
  Sounds like we've been through pretty much the same situation.  My divorce went through when I was 39 - sounds like it's a good age to take control of your life.  I've been single now for 11 years, and don't regret it at all.  My ex has also finally realised just how bad he was to live with, and is being nice to me now.  He even gives me a hug when he comes to see the children, and is quick to defend me when his mum sticks her oar in.  It's taken him long enough!  I...
  Have to admit, when my (now ex) husband moved out, I loved that I no longer had to share some things, and I felt a huge sense of relief as I no longer had to tread on eggshells most of the time.  I also finally had control of the TV remote (I have since lost that control to my daughter grrr).  People would tell me how sorry they were to hear that I was getting divorced, but I assured them I was actually happy about it, since I filed for it.  It sounds like you are in the...
The only advent calendars I'll be buying are ones with chocolate in for my kids.  Really must get myself one as well this year - I usually don't as offers are usually 2 for x amount, not 3 for.  I don't like missing out on chocolate LOL.
My Nice Composure and A Little Lusty have just arrived in the post, thanks to the helpful lady at MAC online.    In another package, I received my order of Palm Tree fluidline and True Chartreuse pigment, which came via Yodel.  That had taken an extra day to arrive because a trainee at the local Yodel depot had put my courier's cage of parcels in with those destined for Bexhill, by mistake, even scanning them to say they'd been dispatched to the local courier (obviously...
The Givenchy Christmas lipstick is also up on HoF.
I asked in HoF today about the Guerlain collection.  The SA has no information on it yet, but she is going to 'training' on Thursday, so should hopefully know then.   I did see that the Urban Decay Vice 4 is due in store on 29th October, though.   We don't have a Givenchy counter, so I couldn't see the palette or lipstick in person, but I did see the Lancome and Estée Lauder sets which you can get for (I think it was) £52 when you spend either £30 or £35 on that...
  No idea when the Guerlain collection will be here, sorry.  I wish I knew.
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