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We don't have a Benefit Counter at our Boots.
Benefit have tweeted the following:   Out with the old, in with the new. Available at all Benefit Boots counters for two weeks only  
The Urban Decay Pulp Fiction collection is up on the Debenhams website.
Pink Sprinkles is now sold out
Red Blazer and Sideshow You are now also sold out
 Seems that way.  Unless you have a MAC store (not counter) near you then you've already missed out on I&S&S, which is the prettiest of the lipglosses.
Do you have a freestanding MAC store near you?  I gather The Simpsons collection is only available online or at a freestanding MAC store.
Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy is already showing as SOLD OUT
The Studio Nail Lacquers are up.  This morning the only coloured nail lacquer on the site was Rebel.     I've ordered Yield To Love, Good Kisser, Fun Ending and Evil Twin.  I had considered Pink Sprinkles, but I have a lot of blushes already and don't like the packaging on that one, which has helped me to decide against getting it.
I'm skipping the Simpsons collection anyway.  Just ordering a couple of bits from ANR from the MAC site and will get anything else from Debenhams later to get cashback.   Checkout is taking forever to load :(
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