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Celestial Nights will be exclusive to Selfridges in October  http://britishbeautyblogger.com/makeup/mac-celestial-nights-2/
Skipping Haute Dogs as nothing really appeals to me, other than the brushes, and they are just too expensive to justify.   Skipping Vamplify, because I'm not really a lipgloss girl, and I rarely use the pencils I already have.    I did order the gold eye gloss and the 196 foundation brush, though.    I have to keep my makeup expenditure down as the data retrieval from my dead hard drive cost an arm and a leg, and I'll be paying the credit card off for some time yet. ...
I've just done a Live Chat, and she told me that Electric Cool will be on counters this Thursday.  Typical that I have to go out that day, to collect my daughter's exam results, but I'm hoping they won't sell out too quickly online (my only option as there are no MAC counters near me).  I have Debenhams vouchers to spend.
Do we know if HoF or Debenhams will be getting the Electric Cool collection?
Fix+ Extensions, Veluxe A Trois and Cremesheen Pearl are up on Debenhams.  No Electric Cool yet, though, apart from what they already had from before, and no Sweet Sakura.
I'm no good at describing smells, but it's quite light and fresh-smelling.  I've just sprayed it on my face, and I can't really smell it there.  I can see myself using this a lot.  Sprayed on my arm for testing, I'd say it smells lighter than original Fix+
It's not very strong, but it definitely smells of coconut.  You probably wouldn't want something with a strong fragrance on your face, anyway.
My order arrived today  Well, 2 orders as I gave in and placed a second order to get Heaux.  Heaux arrived, but the Prolongwear shadow that I ordered with it was missing from the package despite being shown on the delivery note as despatched.  I phoned, and the lady confirmed that the Prolongwear shadow had gone out of stock and was shown on their system as not having been sent.   I'm liking Heaux - it's not as dark as I feared it might be, and I'm just happy for it not...
 I ordered the coconut and the yuzu.  I'm surprised the Fix+ has sold out so quickly
I got my order in.  Trying to keep the cost down as I've had a hard drive die on my computer, and it might cost me a lot of money to have the data retrieved. Unfortunately, the drive contained family photos, emails, family tree (recently updated), financial stuff and all my databases, including my makeup datebases :(   I kept meaning to do backups, but kept forgetting to actually do them.  I will in future, though.  I hope everyone can learn from my mistake, and remember...
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