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It's a long bus journey to Bluewater, and would make it even more expensive, especially as I have 2 kids that would have to come with me, and both would have to pay adult fare because of their ages.
It's not often I get a backup of anything, but I've just got myself another Maria Moretti lipstick.  I had wanted to back up Petite Red, but it's only now available at Selfridges in the UK, and they're charging £20 for the lipstick (it was £17 on the MAC website) plus £4.95 postage.
I've ordered myself an aker.  I couldn't resist - it gives such a beautiful colour, and I think my bellydance class will be interested in it too as it's Moroccan.  The seller is in the same county as me, so hopefully it will arrive quickly.
If I'd known how well Petite Red would suit me, I would have got a backup.  It's become one of my favourites.  I don't think there's any chance of a restock in the UK, though - that rarely happens.
    The dimples in the hinges - those aren't there on Gameela or Artificial Earth         The top two are the 'Iris Apfel' shadows - see how grey they are compared to the other two?  Also note the positioning of the barcodes.         Pot labels       Dots rather than dashes between the letters
I've just received from an ebay seller two Iris Apfel eyeshadows - Early Bird and Robin's Egg, which I am now suspecting are fake, unlike the Gameela eyeshadow they sent me, which appears to be genuine.    I can't seem to find any mention of fake Iris Apfel eyeshadows anywhere.  Is anyone else aware of them?    The first thing that alerted me was that the writing on the label on the pot is not grey, and around the very edge of the label it is light (the cut edge of the...
My Maria Moretti arrived today, too - that, and some of the Pencilled In lip pencils :)  I just couldn't open the package until my parents had left.    I like this red on me, and I like the shine of it. It feels very creamy on, and applies smoothly.   I'm glad to hear that some of you managed to get the JP products you wanted from Selfridges. 
Strangely, I looked on the Superdrug site one day and the set was out of stock, then after midnight I looked again and it was available again, so I grabbed it quickly.  They don't seem to have that set in Boots. Solstice is a real colour-shifter.  If you look at it in the pot straight on, it looks a blue/green colour with a hint of MAC Club but metallic.  If you look across the top of the shadow, from the side, it looks pink!  On a hand swatch, without a primer/base, it...
The postie has just been :)   I'm loving that the e.l.f. cream eyeliners and pigments each come with a little applicator brush.  The 'glitter eyeshadow applicators' seem to be the equivalent of the silicon applicators you can get from MAC.   My Superdrug order arrived too, and I'm liking the Real Techniques brushes - this set has a 'sculpting'  brush, a fan brush and a setting brush.  The fan brush is exclusive to this set.   I also received my Debenhams order from...
  It doesn't seem to say it's for Pro members only.  Sounds like it could be interesting, if you're able to get there.
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