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I got my Vice 3 in the post this morning.  If any of you were thinking of getting it and depotting, this one should be easy to do - several of my pans were very loose and wobbly, and it wouldn't take much to lever them out if I wanted to.   I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, as I've had to put it upstairs out of the way so my parents don't see it when they get here shortly, but the couple of colours I did lightly touch were beautiful.
I've just swatched my Estée Lauder lipstick set.   They are tiny, so sweet at 1.2g each, as opposed to a regular MAC lipstick which is 3g.  From left to right, they are 340 Envious, 240 Tumultuous Pink, 410 Dynamic and 120 Desirable.  I think I'll be using all of these.  
I've order Sparks of Romance, 2 of the pressed pigments, Amethyst glitter, Gold + Beige pigments and Just Jewels.   I will order the other things on my list when they appear on Debenhams or HoF, but I wanted to be sure of getting these.  I wasn't expecting the whole collection to appear on the MAC website at once.     Off to Boots this afternoon for their points event.
The Guerlain Christmas collection is up on Debenhams at last!
Was Amethyst glitter available before, or have the Heirloom items started going up?
Vice 3 is now up on HoF, and Full Frontal is on Debenhams' website
Does anyone have a list of which 'Heirloom' products, if any, are MAC online or MAC store only?  I would prefer to get whatever I can from Debenhams or HoF to get the points.   I believe the Objects Of Affection bronze pigment set, the hanging bag, the Keepsakes coral lip bag and the Keepsakes eye and lip bag are MAC online or MAC store exclusives, but I don't know about the rest.
Has anyone else had trouble trying to lift the clear inner lid out of the top of a jar of "It's not easy having a good time" pigment?  Mine seems to be stuck tight.  I can't seem to lift it with the tab, and it's recessed too far to be able to slip a blade under the rim.
MAC Objects Of Affection lipgloss sets are on http://www.rosesbeautystore.com/?s=mac&post_type=product   I don't know how the price compares to what it will be on the MAC website.
You could also try NT73 - the person says it works in conjunction with the £5 giftcard offer
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