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This might interest those of you who love nail polish  - Ciate Nail Lab for £29.99.  When you go to the website it also gives you a code for 15% off, but I didn't check to see if could be used for this.   http://www.halfpriceperfumes.co.uk/en/carousel/111037-ciate-nail-lab-worth-65.html
Britishbeautyblogger has pictures and swatches of the MAC Eyeglosses  http://www.britishbeautyblogger.com/2014/09/mac-eyegloss.html   I'm not keen on the wet look for eyes, so I will be giving them a miss, but the colours are lovely.   I'm also skipping Viva Glam Rihanna 2 as I don't think it would suit me at all.
  I don't know the launch date, sorry.  Simpsons was ridiculous for stock levels, rather like the Venomous Villains collection - I ordered items from that which didn't come due to lack of stock.  Luckily that collection was also available at counters, so a phone around managed to get me the rest eventually.  Had I known at the time of ordering that certain items were no longer available to buy, I could have ordered them from Debenhams or HoF, but by the time I discovered I...
Urban Decay are bringing out Vice 3.  I'm not sure I like the look of the packaging, though.   http://www.temptalia.com/urban-decay-vice-3-eyeshadow-palette-coming-soon
My order from MAC arrived safely yesterday - everything I ordered was there, thankfully (Yield To Love, Good Kisser, Evil Twin and Fun Ending).  I had a "Something for you" (aka "While you were out") card through the door as well, for a packet that was too large to put through the letterbox.  I've arranged a redelivery for Friday, but at the moment I don't know if it was my Debenhams order, or something I ordered on ebay.  What happened to the days when, if the postie was...
Simpsons sold out online really quickly, too.  I believe it is supposed to be at MAC stores, but not MAC counters. RHPS is October, I believe, if we get it the same time as those in the US.  I only want the pigment from that collection.  Just as well, since I've just been reading about the Christmas collection that is coming out - it's huge!
ANR is all up on Debenhams site.
    Oh no :( So sorry to hear that.  You would think they would have their computerised system set up so that you can't order if things are out of stock, and not wait until several days later to let you know you're not getting what you paid for.  Mine, well whatever I get of it, will probably turn up while I'm out at my dance class tomorrow, and I won't be able to get Royal Mail to redeliver until Friday.  I'm getting rather impatient.  I need to know if I need to try...
 Not good :( I had my dispatch notice on 29th, but haven't received my order yet.  Good Kisser and Fun Ending were in my order too - I hope I get them.  I haven't received the Debenhams order that was dispatched on that same day either.  I believe only Yield To Love was online only, so hopefully you'll know which products are missing from your order before ANR goes up on the Debenhams or House Of Fraser site.
Wow, so dark!  Thank you for doing the comparison photo - I now know not to bother with the new powder
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