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MUFE is coming to Debenhams in March http://britishbeautyblogger.com/shhhh-mufe-news/
Lightness of Being?  Reallyree says January.  Is it me, or do both she and Karen have their descriptions of the skinfinishes the wrong way around?  I thought Perfect Topping was the peach one. http://www.reallyree.com/2014/12/mac-lightness-of-being-review-swatches.html
The Technakohl liners are up.  They're £14 each.
My Ultramarine Pink and Carmine Rouge arrived today.  I've only tried on UP so far, and I love it!  CR looks like it's going to be good on me, too.  As others have said, the only downside is the cheap looking 'gold' plastic bit visible when you take the lid off the tube.   UP reminds me of the Wonder Woman lipstick, Spitfire.  I don't have it to hand to compare directly, though.
I got 2 lipsticks.  I was actually surprised to see these collections up because I was thinking Prabal would be on Thursday.  I didn't even know Turquatic was going to happen.
It's up on MAC UK, along with Turquatic.  I got my order in for Ultramarine Pink and Carmine Rouge lipsticks.  That's all I want from this collection.
Prabal Gurung and Turquatic are up
I spent my HoF Reward Vouchers (plus a very small amount of cash) on Guerlain - Rouge Automatique in Rouge D'Enfer 121, and Maxi Shine Gloss D'Enfers in Rouge Parade 920 and Gold Tchlack 400.   Gold Tchlack has more shimmers in it than the Christmas gold gloss does, which is why I preferred it.  I'm fascinated by the way the Rouge Automatique opens - little things please little minds and all that LOL   So far I've ordered 2 of the Real Techniques brush sets from the...
Amazon currently have the Real Techniques brush starter kit for £9.60, that's 54% off.  It's on for just under another 3 hours provided it doesn't sell out before that.  They've been having quite a few RT brushes in their Lightning Deals so far this week.  i think they've got the dual fibre set later today.  Ideal for Christmas presents.
It's Black Friday week on Amazon, and one of their current offers is the Real Techniques Core Collection kit for £10.60.  I think that's until 11:30am, unless it sells out sooner.
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