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 thanks for the kind words ladies! i tried the last couple of days to photograph pink sprinkles too, but it was even more difficult than SY for my camera to pick up. the two blushes look so natural! definitely going to be staples for me. so i guess people will be getting their black box deliveries tomorrow! how exciting! i hope everyone loves what they got!!! 
just wanted to post a face pic for those interested. it's SY on cheeks, trillion dollar quad on eyes and GP on lips.   i had to hold the camera close to my face to get the blush to show up at all...the result is i look a bit like a duck!    in any case, IRL the blush looks much brighter, but key word is sheer! i used a nars yachiyo, and was pretty liberal with it. my skin tone is around nc43 though i have yet to find a foundation that actually matched me to the tee.    
 thanks for sharing the link. i like that she posted pics of 1,2 and 3 layers of SY...shows how sheer the blush is!!
sometimes i get no notifications until my package arrives...so there's still hope! maybe try calling CS?
okay people... starting from toward the elbow: (illamasqua) hussy (illamasqua) excite royal sunset ripe for love marine life (darker part only) fleet fast sideshow you hipness supercontinental stunner colours are more accurate on bottom photo, but it's blurry!!!  
sorry i didn't end up having time to take good pics before leaving the house, and now it's pretty dark out. for some things maybe not a big deal, but these blushes are super sheer...in daylight (when i put my makeup on this afternoon) i could barely even see the blush, i'm sure my camera wouldn't have picked up a thing! i'll try again tomorrow morning and maybe pack on a few layers... ;) beautiful!
i tired PS on my cheeks and it works on me no problem...my skin tone is in the nebulous area between NC43 and NC45.... i'll try to take a pic of it on my phone but will probably not be able to post it till later this afternoon.
the pic below is a little too blue (the towel under my arm is white!) it was the most accurate i could get on my phone. i think pink sprinkles will work on darker skin tones sheered out, but haven't had a chance to test that on my face! Left: SY and PS blushes, Top right: RB and GP glosses, Bottom right: T$ quad. Not sure yet, but feeling most excited about the quad, actually. All the products are nicer IRL than swatch pics...they don't read as sheer as they would be...
I wasn't going to, but then decided to at the last minute...now I'm glad!It's supposed to be here by noon tomorrow. Excitement!I would have loved a donut compact! Or a donut clutch purse. Or a donut...
I just got my FedEx confirmation. Yay!
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