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same here me too. :) d for danger might be my favourite. i mean part from men love mystery - since it's purple! MLM may be the same in shade as UTA, but the difference in finish makes it almost a neutral lipstick for me...like i think i can pretty much wear it anyplace. actually all the shades i got i can wear to the office,, which is great! of course, it's not like i got tropic tonic, so i should't be surprised... to everybody who has been posting lip swatches and FOTDs:...
i'm with you and jaymuhlee. i'll check, but i think i definitely don't have enough for more than 14 days of highlighters.but, that's ok, i dont mind an easier challenge...i can recirculate through them for the month. :)maybe a reason to get some new highlighters? eeep! i should post a recap of my blushes...i think i actually managed to wear 30 blushes last month!
*runs off to buy all of the things*   
i can't remember who recommended the 'call the hairdresser' and 'bespoken for' combo...i tried it today, and it was spot on!!!     thanks for the suggestion!  
right now i want all the shadows...hopefully swatches will help me weed a few out!
i like the sound of your structured yet subdued neutral eye! i might try out something like that later this week... i wore no makeup yesterday, but today i wore two shades from the bao bao palette...the blue and the greeny pewter. i should probably check whether they are still there - i tend to have very very oily eyelids, so everything is kinda temporal if you know what i mean. i was looking in the disko thread and ended up googling that jeremy scott eye look with phlox...
liking those shadows....maybe one or two and a dazzle glass? not sure about the latter since my glosses don't see much use. that grey shadow looks particularly nice out of the four, but if there are 15 to choose from i know i will end up with more than just one!!!
hello ladies!   today's blush was peach twist, and lipstick was call the hairdresser. yesterday's blush was mac pink swoon, with tarte tipsy. lipstick was...real redhead?    i think tomorrow i might throw caution to the wind and wear a bright lipstick to work...we shall see...   i got one of those bao bao wan veluxe pearl fusion palettes, and can't quite figure out the best way to use the shadows. so far i just use one shade and mix it with other products, because i...
 hi sage! hope you're having a good week too!  i managed to do a different blush today, but the rest of my look was lagging...i slept through my alarm and ended up not having time to do my eyes or anything much really...and i was still late for work! doh!
 pretty lady and pretty blush! wow a marathon of cooking!hope you got to rest a little bit afterwards :)
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