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hello ladies! also just checking in after a while...that crazy flu/cold was a real doozy... but slowly getting back into the groove...it's difficult as you ladies have noted to put on makeup when it's so warm, so i've kind of tried to pare things down a little.   i'm also ready for the new theme! summer travel? sounds great!   one thing i wanted to note - the l'oreal miss manga mascara is pretty awesome and worth trying. i was eyeing it previously thinking 'oh...
i'm a food & drink addict. true!! maybe not drink...but definitely a foodie. :)
this palette is on my wish list. but it's been there for a good 6 months now...hopefully i will never find myself near a tom ford makeup counter with a $100 to spare.... ;) i think i've worn it limited times as well. it has a super blue sheen to it on me...definitely nighttime!
thanks! i'll check around here and on the website, but since i'm in canada, the big department stores won't ship NARS items to me...they want me to pay canadian prices!
happy belated birthdays, mandy and meddy!!! hope they were fun and filled with makeup. 
that's my understanding too!
 i'm not a summer fan either. it's too hot and gross, and i'm not a fan of being sweaty. it's the worst when it's hot and humid and you have to get to the office and look somewhat presentable all day. my office doesn't even require dressy attire. i just don't know how people manage!!?
my understanding: BB is beauty balm - so like a cross between moisturizer/spf/tintCC is complexion correcting - so also like tinted moisturizer but offers some colour correction, or brightens complexion. not sure what the difference is between BB and tinted moisturizer... i heard there are also DD creams coming in to add to the confusion... ;) apparently like the above but anti-aging... i have one of the mac CC creams (the peachy one) - i use it sometimes alone to brighten...
 these looks sound nice....and are inspiring me to wear gingerly and bahama mama tomorrow! i rarely wear the latter, mostly because i don't know how best to do so...but i like your idea of using it over the eye.let us know how you wear them! i wore pretty much all the eyeshadows the other day, with bred for beauty blush and tribalist lipstick (just my type to line). i thought the darker liner really helped me with this lipstick. i kind of did a light application of the...
Ladies, today is a beautiful sunny day where I am so wishing you all a lovely summer day with loads of sunshine! My goal for today's makeup is going to be to use shades from style warriors. And possibly mix in a nice khaki green sinc the closest was night manoeuvres. Will keep you posted on the results!
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