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Hi ladies! So I went back to the drugstorethat has nyx...but instead of leaving with nyx stuff, I ended up getting two Maybelline color tattoos...bad to the bronze and dynamic black. I've heard the first one mentioned in many of your looks, so had to see what the fuss was all about! And they were only $5 each, which is basically 50%... Black Friday stuff sounds crazy. I might try to get that pearlfusion palette but not sure... I didn't realize that prabal gurung...
thanks meka!wow! that is a great list...i am definitely going back to look for those things. a few of the names i do recall seeing at the store, so that's a good sign. i'm glad you reminded me about kryptonite too. the store had a pile of what looked like discontinued items, so i'll be sure to check that table! ;) thanks meddy!
cool...i didn't end up wearing any pigments - life just got a little hectic and everything is happening all at once! i have a short term work contract, which is great! i'm travelling for it, so my makeup for the next few weeks is going to be a little bit simplified:  Brown nude or brown smokey eyes, possibly one eyeshadow purple look, and i think i only have two lip and blush options each...So i'll just check in to read what you ladies are getting up to and try to catch up...
pigment week! totally forgot! well, i guess there is tomorrow so i will do my best.   don't worry about paste. that was a worry from me too...but somehow it did not happen.   you ladies are lucky you have cco's...! no deals for us canadians, unless you happen to know someone able to get tickets to the warehouse sales... :(
 i might get two lipsticks. i like how the compacts look, but also undecided due to the prices...maybe an eyeshadow? not sure....
@Prettypackages so I tried the powder first trick both yesterday and today, using the MUFE loose HD powder. Yesterday I used golden elixir strobe liquid before the powder, and today i did not. I found that this technique gave a super matte finish, but i think it used a little more foundation. It felt like my skin was sucking in tons of foundation, but i guess it was the powder that was doing it!   I liked the finish it gave me - i used armani luminous silk foundation in...
both days so far i ended up using my mineralize powder foundation and then just skipped the foundation overtop. i will try again tomorrow, but hopefully if i pick up a translucent powder first i won't get too lazy to put the foundation on!!! sounds beautiful!  very pretty profile pic dolly!
maybe they're from a cco type thing?   thanks for the advice ladies. - do you notice a significant difference between different perles? i assume so if the 00's are the favourites. :)
okay so now that i am into this ball frenzy...crazy perles 2013 or blanc 00 perles?  opinions welcome!
your burgundy look sounds pretty! i like that you paired it with hot chocolate - i think i need to go dig out that lipstick...i'm always forgetting what i put on, so i basically have to write it down pretty much immediately!  pretty! i see your look features the new perles!!! :) thanks for the link. definitely trying this out!
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