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I had no problem with either blush... I've used the 116 and 189. Maybe try wiping any film with a tissue? That seems to be the case with certain blushes, esp special edition ones with embossing etc..
   i think the lipstick looks great on both you ladies, but i kind of had a similar feeling when i first put the lipstick (and gloss) on myself. i liked the products (especially the lipstick and gloss together) but wasn't sure that they looked particularly great on me. i was wondering if i had wasted my money by rushing to buy online without swatching or trying them in store, because i felt the lipstick was draining colour from my face.  i found that not just lip liner,...
     thanks for all these ideas! going to try them out....hopefully nacho cheese will help me get more wear out of candy yum yum. is it a coincidence they are both food related? i think not... ;)  looks nice!
lipstick + gloss       i traced the lip outline lightly with chestnut pencil and smudged, but it wasn't necessary to make the lipstick work.   i definitely prefer this lipstick on myself  with the rest of my face done, rather than yesterday when i tried it right out of the box on my totally makeup free face. although that too, topped with the gloss it worked better than on its own.   the sideshow you blush and aphrodite's shell helped balance out the cool tone of...
what is everyone using their nacho cheese explosion with? any interesting combos? on its own on my lips it shows up beige, which isn't bad at all, but i thought i'd see how people are wearing it!
i just got my package! running to open....
 i have the TTDL quad from this collection and have worn it to work and play, for daytime and nighttime. if you don't feel comfortable using the brighter shades for the office, you can always use the gold/green and the teal/black...might also depend on your office environment though!
everybody looks great in their new goodies!   and loving the swatches...now i'm lemming ISS and NCE...
 thanks for the kind words ladies! i tried the last couple of days to photograph pink sprinkles too, but it was even more difficult than SY for my camera to pick up. the two blushes look so natural! definitely going to be staples for me. so i guess people will be getting their black box deliveries tomorrow! how exciting! i hope everyone loves what they got!!! 
just wanted to post a face pic for those interested. it's SY on cheeks, trillion dollar quad on eyes and GP on lips.   i had to hold the camera close to my face to get the blush to show up at all...the result is i look a bit like a duck!    in any case, IRL the blush looks much brighter, but key word is sheer! i used a nars yachiyo, and was pretty liberal with it. my skin tone is around nc43 though i have yet to find a foundation that actually matched me to the tee.    
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