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awwww... missed you too!i probably missed too much to go back and read all the pages but i wanna join back in the fun!i'm so out of the loop when it comes to the current collections...and i've just been doing the same look every day.what's our theme this month?
hi ladies! just poking my head into the threads after a looong time...!     hope all's well with you medgal! get well soon!
I know it is just so cold! I can't wait for summer either.Your makeup look sounds really nice and pared down. It must have looked perfect with that pop of purple blush!
i like it! sometimes i wear it all over the lid as a primer of sorts, and that works nicely and keeps the shadows in check...when i wear it as a liner, it works better on the lower lash line - on the upper lash line it works best with a darker shade right next to the lashes...like a dark grey or a very dark brown. i guess black works too, but i like how it looks with something a bit lighter so that it brings out the smokiness.  i have the same problem with going to bed...
when i lived in glasgow, a luxury goods store called cruise (something like holt renfrew) was ram-raided, and the thieves basically stole a bunch of right-hand single shoes... never thought there would be a market for that either....
Sounds pretty!I love this purple theme... Today I wore stila purple tang eye liner and black grape pressed pigment over and its physical fluid line. On cheeks I wore a combination of legendary and a perfect cheek. I think I forgot about lips!
i just cleared a ton of makeup out of my stash...i gave about 10-15 lipsticks, a handful of eyeshadows and blushes to my cousin and a couple of friends. we hung out at my place, ordered take away and i tried stuff out on them...one of my friends doesn't wear makeup very often, so it was was nice seeing her trying out some products she normally wouldn't know to try or how to use. it's nice to have fewer items cluttering my collection, though i'm a long way from all sorted!...
i love the spoiled rich quad! purples are so nice for brown eyes!!i have a hard time using my pressed piggies too...i always consider them to be too much trouble, but lately i am making the extra effort to use them... my mom use to tell me i need to spend less on makeup, but i think she has realized that i just need to spend less in general...and she has embraced my love for cosmetics by gifting me makeup...!  my boyfriend did not seem to bat an eye when i told him about...
Today i'm wearing a dark purple liner from stila, black grape pressed pigment over groundwork paint pot, and on lower lash line resort kohl pencil (amethyst). I wore pink tea blush, but did not have time to do the rest of my face so I look a little patchy...The makeup bag idea is a good one! I also need to get to bed earlier so I can wake up early!
Do you absolutely need to purge the palettes? Maybe you can do it gradually so it's less painful?I heard the snow is not bad. One time I was going to b2m a lipstick I thought had spoilt, but the mua told me to just wipe off the snow...it's due to temp fluctuations. It wasn't a question of her trying to stop me from b2m...but she figured if I like the lipstick and it's still good no point in tossing it out!
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