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nice! i like it with the smokey eyes...
 really???i don't usually wear it...but i guess it made a comeback for me due to the simpsons. same here!
i didn't know anything about makeup when i bought my MUFE powder...my friend said - go get it - and i did...i barely ever use it!  i think it's been like 6 years!i don't use primer very often, but it sounds very useful in humid climates! and i like the idea of limiting the number of ingredients.  okay, but only if i can be you both ;)i have been on makeup hiatus for a while, so i feel like i'm just making up for lost time...!!  sounds pretty!
nice look--sounds very a props for the team colours! did your nephew's team win? i'm intrigued by your homemade primer - is it a silica powder like the MUFE HD loose setting powder? what are the benefits of making your own?  i've been doing good fall theme eyes, and pulling out some products that need love.today's look: eyesRunway Rose cream colour shadow from the Spring Forecast '13 palette, as base over lid up to browdark envy fluid line all over upper lidMoody eyeshadow...
sorry to hear about your friend Anneri, i hope she gets better soon.hope you have a great trip in hawaii! it's starting to get cold where i am...i wish i was going someplace warm and sunny right about now! :) i think this time they might not be coming with a refill. i will also have to check if the same shade will be available.... oh, i guess if you go frequently it's not a big deal...hope you have a great time! 
ooh! niagara falls!  i hope you guys will have time to go to some wineries while you are up there. i've heard they're fun!
sounds pretty - i like the combination of the taupe eyes with the deep lip colour. nice look! i'm thinking about trying out that mystery powder if they release it this year... nice! reminds me to break out roxo and rio! same here it's my favourite season...i love being able to wear cozy clothes!!! my tuesday look was:skin:mineralize foundation nc45prep + prime highlighter in bright forecast (under eyes, bridge of nose, cupid's bow)alpha girl beauty powder to set light...
sigh. so i ran out of time today so no lipstick...i forgot all about it being fall too! will have to do runway hit another day...tomorrow perhaps?
thanks! i pulled out runway hit...i think i am going to wear it tomorrow...with Plum. I don't have any NYX. I think that's something I have made a mental note that next time i'm in the states, i need to go get some of these NYX lipliners everybody's always talking about. and milani blushes! and i don't do backups at all. ever. there's always new stuff coming out that there's no point for me... i rarely finish stuff anyway!
i have *too many* lipsticks.  so i don't mind at all....
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