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 I have already found the Fall Collection here and bought the Leather Fetiche Palette and Nude Acoustic (posted it over in the Fall thread).I will most likely go back for more lipsticks. Check your local Douglas.They will probably have it already too :)
  Not sure, I haven' t seen them here yet.I found mine on ebay :)But I hope that they will have them here soon because, like katred says, the texture is gorgeous!    I so agree!!!!!
I received one of the Blush Volupte a few days ago and it is so pretty :eyelove:  
  It is really amazing I am so glad that I could get my hands on it! And, yes, the eyeshadows are indeed hidden gems! I think I couldn' t even describe what makes them so special. You really have to see them in person.
Finally.....I found the Fall Collection and got the Leather Fetiche Palette and Nude Acoustic.Might go back for more lipsticks. And I did also buy the Soufflé d' Eclat Powder! I was really surprised to find here....but what a pleasant surprise!   I am so in love with everything.Nude Acoustic is such a stunning nude and the Leather Fetiche Palette is to die for.As others have said before the eyeshadows are kinda unique and soooooo beautiful.      
  Very beautiful :eyelove: It suits you perfectly!
  Gorgeous, NATlar! Enjoy your goodies!!!!!!!
  Gerne :)
 Wenn ich Erin richtig verstehe, sollten die Technakohls gehen,da sie aus Plastik sind gehen:http://www.specktra.net/t/112982/b2m-read-before-posting-questions-about-back-to-mac/1530#post_2541957 Und:http://www.specktra.net/t/112982/b2m-read-before-posting-questions-about-back-to-mac/1530#post_2568805  
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