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 I have rather dry lids and no problems using CCBs on my eyes.
  I plan on using them on my cheeks and eyes.I love to play with completely different colors  I will also try them my lips! Especially Au Nature is so unique....I really can' t wait to play with it  
 Besides the eyeshadows I want  the 2 new CCBs, both blushes (I adore Pink Cult and need more BUs) , Icon and Obviously Bare. I am very excited for Au Nature and Breaking Ground.I loveeeeeeee CCBs
 Me too....my list is long   Can' t wait
   it looks gorgeous!
  Me Me Me    Suuuuuuuuuuper excited
      Now I am tempted by them too....but fortunatly I only want Moonstone and Opal
 OMG....I hope so too!!!!!Pleaseeeeeeeee give us those awesome ballz blushes, Guerlain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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