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 M630 (Sweet Chestnut),S556 (Taupe Gray) and M626 (Neutral Brown) look gorgeous   Thank you for the swatches!
  Stunning    Thank you for sharing!
  Vain, Technopagan and Pagan
 Prettyyyyyyy, Yeda
    I am feeling very homey here too    
 Thank you so much, Medgal   I have been wearing FD a lot during the last time.It is such a pretty shade for Summer.And PI should really be perfect for Fall.The K&Bs are also amazing bases for blushes and lipglasses 
      Thank you, Elegant!      Amazing   Enjoy
  Thanks, good to know    From the Nars Fall collection only Jardin Perdu is appealing to me.
  Those purples are the ones I am suuuuuuuper excited for  August 1st???? That is so soon YAY   I have Moonstone (powder) and Pearl (liquid) in my list.I am NW10 and think that they will suit me
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