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 CYY and TP     Thank you so much, Erin
Review on the Lipglasses on temptalia.com   http://www.temptalia.com/mac-x-toledos-lipglasses-reviews-photos-swatches
  I am sooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!
  ....need them ALL   OMG, so excited for these    Thank you for sharing!
  So far I am most excited for Cyber World (hope that it is Cyber-esque) and Candy Yum Yum  But several other colors sound amazing too and I can' t wait to hear more about the collection!Thank you Erin  
  Looks gorgeous        
  ....I was hoping that TTE would be more cool toned.I highly doubt that I can pull it off   BTW she has her review on it up on her blog now:http://www.temptalia.com/mac-touch-earth-mineralize-rich-lipstick-review-photos-swatches   But Slate....... Definitely getting BUs of this one.It is gorgeous
  ....OMG, the packaging is soooooooooooo stunning   Now I am even more excited     Thank you for sharing!
      .....loveeeeeeeeee Slate!!!!!!!!And Taupe looks awesome too!
 ....OMG!!!!!!!! "Kindergarten Red - crimson into pale nude".....this sounds sooooooooooooo awesome  I can' t wait to see the eyeshadow palettes and will defintely try the mascaras.Finally new colored mascaras  And I need Chloraphill pearlglide liner  Might skip the lip stuff because I am redded out.Maybe only Opera if it is deep enough....  Thank you for sharing
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