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 Sara did a comparison on her blog  http://www.colormeloud.com/2015/01/mac-toledo-collection-blush-ombre-ripe.html
  I see! Thank you
  Maybe it was the eyeshadow palette???   5 of the colors are perm and one is a repromote.
  You are welcome    Gorgeous, Marsha
  Here is the link to Sara' s blog again:  http://www.colormeloud.com/2015/01/mac-toledo-collection-blush-ombre-ripe.html  HTH
  Royal Ball   I can never have too many pale pink lustres...at the moment I can' t stop wearing my LER   Thank you for sharing!
  You are welcome! Fingers crossed for good pigmentation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Stunning
  Sara has a comparison on her blog  http://www.colormeloud.com/2015/01/mac-toledo-collection-blush-ombre-ripe.html   Sara, thank you so much for your gorgeous swatches and reviews I love your blog  
 CYY and TP     Thank you so much, Erin
Review on the Lipglasses on temptalia.com   http://www.temptalia.com/mac-x-toledos-lipglasses-reviews-photos-swatches
New Posts  All Forums: