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The Lip Conditioner shows as sold out on the US site.Will it get a new packaging?Or will there a reformulation? Or even a complete new product??? I think I' d better stock up on it because I love it so much!
   cocotears     You look gorgeous in your lipsticks
Temptalia has swatches of HS and 5-Alarm:   Hot Sensation: http://www.temptalia.com/product/mac-cosmetics-beauty-powder/hot-sensation     5-Alarm: http://www.temptalia.com/product/mac-cosmetics-lipstick/5-alarm
   stunning!  Thank you, Erin
Sneak Peek on  temptalia.com: http://www.temptalia.com/sneak-peek-mac-technakohl-liners-photos-swatches
 Water Willow is a Fluidline Eye Pencil and these are Technakohl Liners.They have a very similar packaging but they are different products   But Water Willow is really gorgeous
 ....only 2,5 ml???? I am going to use them up super quick then   I just checked the MAC site and obviously they do all have only 2,5ml  now ("2.5 ml / 0.08 US fl oz US$22.00")
  Gorgeous   Such a pretty palette     Thank you for sharing!
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