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lolol.. yeah.. 
thank you darling Dolly.. I had to get some wine to lower my bp.. 
yea it's like a brown claw.. lolol
  oh she's back!  Marie!!! I have eaten dirty all this time.. in fact with the hole in my toof I had chicharones and one got lodged in there for good
  Not Liba, but I have all the blushes you mentioned.  This one, CB is different.. in colour and in finish.  It's subtle and so very wearable.  It's more of a pure colour with no grey, orange or brown overcast.
  Liba darling.. I try not to steer anyone wrong.. MAC blushes are going in a good direction, and you smarty you.. you picked up on the Icon I have been loving the Dandelion aka CB, since 2011.. and its become my go to most days.  I also have the Sharon blush, but had to work harder to not look feverish.   enjoy darling!
  I swatched the two for you.. personally, I would go with MAC!  And i am an Armani freak!
Rushing around again, I tried this product:  REvlon Colorburst Matte lip balm. It has a slight minty taste, and applies beautifully, the colour is gorgeous, but the coverage is iffy.  The wear time is ok, about 3 hours and then it beads up.. no good!     Skin, MAC NC15-20, lips mauve pink.  
 yes it's sheer but not so sheer (here is pic comp to Armani 502 which is more sheer but more orangey).. it is pink on me and no dust up.. and it's half the price of Armani!  so, although not technically a low buy, it's a savings.. lol 
  i have not used that in a while.. gonna dig for it
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