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 I thought I looked like a parott for a little while.... pink coral on cheeks and a light apricot on lips, and I was.. just ok.. lol ty love
  try it should be interesting!  but us a bit of pinky to liven it up.. lol the green was a tablet I think in a clear container.. use partylicious on top, or a teal. and see what you get!  go cray.. and have fun!
  err.. that's a streak of sadism.. lol. but hey, whatever lights your fire
shush veronikawithak.. Old Sparky is awaiting you in low buy
thanks lipstickdiva.. I need emotional crutches now.. lol. it's gonna be a hellaofayear to grow this out all grey.. trembles
 SS formula lasts about an hour on me.. with my mouth closed. No good for me.  I talk too much
I'm skeered.. lol..
love it! and yes, you can do a lovely mu with that shade as it brings colour to your complexion...  I hear you on blondes and brunettes.. I am going grey
I think you have the base shade.. lol.  try that out and see.. or not, maybe the wine is clouding me memory.. ha
  now that's a determined kid
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