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can anyone compares the new formula to the NYX cream blushes? I have heard great things about that too...    any advice?
did anyone try this new concealer? just wondering if it is worth it.   
i am glad it got sorted out!!! makes you wonder about the kind of people out there!! SCARYYY
cork and subculture
maybe try one of the translucent ones from Laura Mercier
i want to go to Vegas just so that I can visit this store!
I wear NC 40 in MAC Studio Fix Powder MUFE HD is 153
i think the worst is going blonde!
I prefer the lipgloss over the lipstick. This is just from the swatches i have seen online, i will go try it out this weekend!
after reading the depotting comments here... i went ahead and tried depotting the shadow i dont care for. And VOLAAA!! it was so easy!!! all this time i had been fearing it... i must say i have reduced so much clutter in my make up cabinet... i just need to go find the magnets now! But thanks for all the helpful suggestions!
New Posts  All Forums: