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OMG, my addiction is just getting started.  I got the ones with the blue ballz, just to say I had blue ballz.  I wanted the sample from Sephora but I think they sold out before I had a chance to order and it was less than a week! Pearls (ballz!) are my favorite highlighter.  As I get more, I may start using them all over over a TM only.  I am trying to get away from the heavily made up look and more natural now that my skin has improved.   MedGal yr doing us proud!  What's...
I kinda like the leg gear.  Wait, are those left holder leg holsters from Tomb Raider???
Wore FOF again last week and fell in love all over again.  This collection was solid.  Now I need to find RH since the sun has returned and I have a bit of color to my face again.  I prefer the shades like FOF and FOD with my anemic vampire winter skin but come Spring, I can let those yellow based pinks and corals back in to the rotation...
yassss precious, we miss our paints in better, more interesting colors (Bamboom ain't bad though as a stand alone and Untitled is good for the nothing base I s/t need)
here we go.....
Dat color just making me happy.  I got the text and when I got to the site, only RB and HiTC were still available but your swatch confirms I will love RB and it will probably be my fave of these lippies.  I really does brighten your complexion, very flattering color on you.    I lurve it!!!!!
I'd say another 1-3 months.  If these are perm, it could take a while, but they will eventually end up there.
Sorry ladies, no review, just an assumption based on my experience with pretty much every other cream to powder foundation I have tried.  But esp. the Mineralize one.
I would copy the original list, post, and then edit and add what you need?
But do we actually believe them?  Night falls, and my watch begins...
New Posts  All Forums: