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Am i the only one thinking this is just a reformulation of the original Heroine? I lurve it and i appreciate Lorde but they made Heroine perm already and i already had back up. I dont need more of the same
ooh which hourglass powder(s) do you have? I need help choosing and i think we are skin twins or at least cousinz
The blush is gorgeous however i am getting so spoiled by the glow of edb i have been neglecting all others...
I am trying to choose one or at most two lippies so i can also get a blush a bronzer and some edes. Prolly i want the two plum edes. Aphrodite shell is a must. I want golden for the pkg. Shimmerfish NP looks promising too!
TY for saving me $$$ i knew i have seen this color before
Me too.  Not impressed.  Not enough to brave the madness anyway.  Now I hear the BP is chalky, I can skip it all.
Thank goodness for no filter this time.  I MUST have that quad, I been waiting on one with plums and flesh tones for YEARS.  And, the packaging is TDF. ITA!  
Well, I was going to funnel the funds into Pedro, but I can probably live with fewer reds, so I am listening to your opinion and getting these instead!  I kind of like K's quad too.  Not sure at all on the blush duos or other face products.  It is nice to see some stellar products in special packaging.  Maybe I can scale back my AA haul as those products seem pretty run of the mill but in killer packaging.  Ah, the decisions of a MU addict...
I think she is a ground breaker and much more creative than most of the pop artists out there.  I have been admiring her make up since the VMA and thought she would be a great MAC rep.  I approve their choice!  
Anyone seen comparison swatches of TA versus other MAC lipsticks?  I checked T's site, but she has comparisons to a bunch of other MAC lippies that are fairly random and brands that are way out of my price range (sticker shock!)   I am thinking WMS is close.  Trying to convince myself I don't *need* it.  I wore RB today for the first time and I love it.  It is like a brighter, creamier version of Love Goddess for me.  It is a bit drying though, I am going to have to balm...
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