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Dayamn Erine, you makin that shzit look good!
I wonder if pilot vials has something that would work for this purpose?
I have been taking a small break from the LE collections anyway, but I really loathe the new website.  It has really discouraged me from purchasing things directly.  
thanks, to all that replied, I will check out each of those (sorry multiquote didn't work for some reason)
I know this thread is for porcelain foundation, not for SPF, but I agree with teh comment shellygrrl made about needing a sunscreen under foundation to get the right coverage, as foundation alone isn't going to provide adequate protection from the evil UV radiation from our sun.  I have tried a primer from Cover FX that has SPF 25 and it is pretty good, but its primer properties are just okay--it isn't really extending my foundation life much.  That being said, any SPF I...
I enjoyed the video.  I am going to have to get my hands on one of those.  Going to be awesome for traveling especially when room is at a premium in my suitcase and I don't want to take all my MAC wipes.
Has anyone tried the Sephora Makeup Eraser make up remover cloth?  Am I just being a sucker for a pretty pink washcloth?
I am liking the look of Blitzed and Dark Room...
Must have the middle one. Looks like a lipstick version of Sweet Strawberry!✴✴✴
    thanx to all, I am hunting it down.  I took a break from MAC for a while, now I got the skipperz remorse duh
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