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    thanx to all, I am hunting it down.  I took a break from MAC for a while, now I got the skipperz remorse duh
nice finger swaaaatch LOL
Dolly, are they different enough IRL to justify both?   Also, anyone, how does Gunner compare to Bust Out???
I like this combo Honi.   Too bad this MAC shadow was disappointing.  For the rare occasion I need a good matte red, there is a pigment for that!
Okay ladies I am feeling so indecisive and can use some help. Anyone who had seen these in person, must haves for a pale girl? NW 15ish?
Maybe a pinkish purple gloss or Lustre finish lippy on top?  That usually fixes too much yellow/orange for me? 
I was thinking of backing it up, this just makes me want to more!
Giving zero fux 2day
I would love to see a picture of Hollywood.  I think golds pair well with burgundy, wine, and purple eye colors. :)
I feel you. Can't pull the trigger myself. If anyone has not tried that Hourglass palette yet, it was my most recent sephora purchase and it most completely lived up to its hype and exceeded my expectations, which were pretty high.
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