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YES!  Perfect "invisible" contour on me (I am NC15 or so right now).  I paired Marsh today with Sumptuous Olive, Phloof!, and Kid and I am in love.  Its a neutral look with a bit of frost to give it pizazz.  For shits and giggles, I tried it in the crease.  If you do Marsh all in the lid and then just do a swipe of SO in the very middle of the "ball" of the eye on the lid, it really makes it pop.
This is one of my favorite quads ever and I have A LOT.  I like how it isn't quite a grey/black/white quad because these are muted tones.  I usually prefer the purple quad in a collection the best, but this one rocked my socks off.  Very pretty Honi, you are convincing me to get Switch to Blue!  If I can hunt it down.  It is really pretty with your complexion.  I like the pink blush too...Gorgeous, jenise, you always give good lip pucker in your swatches and I love that....
I love it!  The hair is looking really pretty too.    Gonna add Anita to my next order.  
I will give that a try--Thanks.
Any tips for working with the finish on these?  I really love Blow and By Starlight which are the only ones I own at the moment, but they are very patchy going on.  I have not tried Prep and Prime.  Do they just need to warm up first?  
I love that!  You have enabled me.  Be sure MAC gives you your commission/finders fee :)  
  You know I cannot wait to see what combination you come up with for your eyes with those quads!
I don't think she is as attractive as her Hype factor, but I gotta love the girl for making it okay to be petite and curvy because before that, I had no chance at ALL.  So, I can't hate too much, but I will say, what fucking talent does she have besides being rich?  I have not seen her sex tape, so I cannot comment on pornography skills, but my guess is that is probably as average as everything else about her, besides her overly processed body and make up.  I think Paris...
Worth backing up, right?  My box just got here!!!  
Lovely swatches--you are possibly convincing me that I could get away with it.  I wanna wait and get a set with a cute make up bag if they release soemthing like that around the holidays as they did with Gaga but I may become too impatient and get it before then.  I am not sure if I want the gloss but I am coming around on the lipstick.  I was afraid I would be too pale to wear it, but maybe??  I want to first see swatches versus Bronzilla, Coconutty and Astral but I am...
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