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That is good news.  I can probably get by using Omega instead, but Kid is just slightly warmer.  Maybe they will come out with soemthing similiar...if I see Kid at the CCO, I am going to get a BU just in case
Thanks ladies for the recommendation to check out Beautylish. I decided to get Covet and Pagan. I got tired of waiting for Sephora to get them. I am tempted by Manhunter but orange isn't my best lip color.
Anyone know when Sephora will do double points again? I loved my haul, finally got that Hourglass palette everyone's raving about. I am pleased with the Sephora brand eye makeup remover. I got the new Too Faced Hangover primer to try because it's silicone free. Now I'm eyeballing that Tarte Amazon Clay eyeshadow palette...
Great match. I love those glasses too!
Faux is a staple, if you use your B2M for a different lippy, then I think you are okay, since you have a set amount you plan to spend on future collections and then that can just be exchanged.  Looking almost always leads to buying in my case.  One thing I have found that does limit my impulse buying is organizing my stash, because if I have a mental inventory of what I already have, I am less likely to get something unless I think it is a staple or really unique. I should...
Tried to order from Beautylish but the site keeps freezing up. I guess I'll try from my work computer in the morning, it could be my stupid tablet. If not, oh well, I'll wait for Sephora and get the points.
How do I make the VIB Rouge category?
Any NW15 or lighter peeps use Armani Lasting Silk foundation? Is 3.45 a match?
I wanna see...please?
Me too. I doubt anything will replace my beloved NARS foundation but I love to be pleasantly surprised!
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