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Wow, I am having an OCD-gasm over that container, where did you find it???
Any dupes for Kid e/s?  I am still freaking out a little about them d/c it.  I guess I have other blending colors, but it really is the perfect one.  Why, MAC, why!??
I have lipsticks holders on my vanity (which can hold about 50 lipsticks) where I apply my makeup daily. About every three months I rotate those and store the less used ones in makeup bags under the sink for easy access. New lipsticks are in a bag on my dresser and I try to test at least two or three a week. I rotate the brights and peach/coral/orange based in Spring and Summer and bring out the super pale and deep vamp colors for Fall and Winter. If I don't use a...
I've had them up to five years and store them in an airtight bag. As long as they're still creamy they are still good IMO.
Me too! It reminds me of Melt DGAF but less cash.
Hey, B2M, does that count since I'm not officially spending my own $$$?
Adding some pinks: Bare Venus (apologize for creating any lemmings, sorry) Milan Mode Venus Daddy's Little Girl Fun Fun Lazy Day Hug Me Faux Pink Pigeon Morning Rose Sweetie Poker Outrageously Fun Cutester
Milan Mode
I was applying a lipstick that is a lustre formula yesterday and the top bit just slid off. I am devastated because I had just rediscovered it, of course it is Limited edition shade, and cannot be replaced. I hate when they flatten out, may have to freeze it and reform the end to that nice angle like my newer ones have?
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