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You just perfectly summed up the last three weeks of my LIFE. but you forgot No Bounce, No Play.
I have a very oily t-zone also and this is a major problem for me. It has gotten better since I started exfoliating with a beta hydroxy product (I use Paula's Choice). I have found two foundations that seem to last there in spite of my oil issues, MAC Studio Fix and Matchmaster. I set with finishing powder. I use Prep and Prime Transparent by MAC. Hth
If you are looking for good quality brushes at prices less expensive than MAC, I have Ecco Tools brushes and Sonia Kashuk that are very good quality. I also have found Bare Escentuals brushes at a discount on ebay. They are my favorite because they are so soft. Also, I got some at Coastal Scents. Their badger eyeshadow brushes are super soft.
Show Orchid by MAC
MAC Hue or Honeylove
It's definitely a Mandy color. You're gonna love it. I will wait for Fall to really rock it because I'm a dork that likes my vamp colors in the so called appropriate season.
Wow, I am having an OCD-gasm over that container, where did you find it???
Any dupes for Kid e/s?  I am still freaking out a little about them d/c it.  I guess I have other blending colors, but it really is the perfect one.  Why, MAC, why!??
I have lipsticks holders on my vanity (which can hold about 50 lipsticks) where I apply my makeup daily. About every three months I rotate those and store the less used ones in makeup bags under the sink for easy access. New lipsticks are in a bag on my dresser and I try to test at least two or three a week. I rotate the brights and peach/coral/orange based in Spring and Summer and bring out the super pale and deep vamp colors for Fall and Winter. If I don't use a...
I've had them up to five years and store them in an airtight bag. As long as they're still creamy they are still good IMO.
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