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Okay Honey's legs being able to swing freely is pretty cool! Mattel loves to commit to a gimmick and I liked this!
Source: http://aruberutokun.tumblr.com/post/119586998058/fragolette-pictures-from-the-french-booklet-of
Next Epi's and boy artwork. Which Date Charms You Most? and Baking and Entering. Source: http://darth-alinart.tumblr.com/post/119505729982  
What is the hook supposed to help her do better???
The artwork is from her Way Too Wonderland doll. They maybe bridging a "What If" thing from that line to the SDCC doll.
I'm gonna cave on GA Becca because of her face up. I can always put her in her deluxe fashion pack clothes. And GA Honey is better than her original Hauntlywood doll to be honest. I love her! It's not gonna be hard to pick from the two Honey's coming out soon.
I'm shocked! I thought Kennedy was gonna bump Pearl out! That had to be a shock to the system especially after how vulnerable Ken was during this episode. But "condone" must have gotten her tossed otherwise it could have been different.   It was awesome to see Ginger's spirit wilt when they called Kennedy though.
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