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They got "gooder" tonight. Also this fabric I've been stocking was the last 2 yards are Joann Fabrics and was on sale! My cape is gonna be amazor!
Source: http://haydenwilliamsillustrations.tumblr.com/post/100244302592
I'm overwhelmed! I think the MH ghouls are cell-shaded!
What I used in addition: Stuffing.   So popped my molds off. First mistake was letting one dry for  a few days without filling it to keep it's shape. It dried a little misshapen so I had to re-wet the inside and manipulate it some. The second mold on the other hand was dry on the outside and a little damp on the inside, this was a pretty good thing. I could still keep the shape as it dried by stuffing it lightly so it would dry to it's intended form. So now, some people...
Have you guys thought of long sleeved unitards?
  Okay...just my first impression but...I need more going on with her faceup. It's an interesting risk to do all white, I'll say that much.
  So I bought Air Dry clay and modeled one horn after what I felt the majority of Maleficent horns looked like. Clay can be sticky so I covered a large cutting board I had with aluminum foil and used it as a portable work surface while I worked the clay. You'll be using your foil covered cutting board for the mold making part too. The instructions say to let clay dry for 2-3 days. It dried in about 2 days.   Tragedy struck. After wrapping my first mold, my puppy dog...
Okay so to start, I made the headdress base in the video. **Btw, Buckram fabric should be at any fabric store in the area with interfacing fabrics. I found mine at Hobby Lobby and saw some later at Joanns. I do not have a printer so I just scrolled and traced the pattern provided from my computer screen. Cut out the pieces,combined both with masking tape, and then cover the entire pattern with masking tape and trimmed as necessary. Traced the pattern on the buckram...
So I thought for the sake of keeping myself truly invested in trying to make something, I'd record my progress here. And by the end I can christen this a tutorial. My aim isn't to be AJ Malificent, by no means--NO. I'd rather be super green and mean Mali but I thought original would be better and more rewarding.   I'm trying to make this hat from this Threadbanger Tut and it is going smoothly so far, I've just begun molding my big horns. I wanted some meat on my horn...
What if she was?!  MIND BLOWN! 
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