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Well it's still kinda incomplete even if you have Oppy. Lala and Deena are missing their purses. :/
I love her cheery face too! I would have preferred her proto skin better. She's so pinky. I would have preferred her to be pale or or very dark with this glitter like overspray kinda like how Faybelle has glittery skin.
I think at this point and time it's pretty easy to conclude the new Nefera is too different from the old one and ppl don't care for it. Ever since finding a good Target some ways from me, the only time I have seen BYBY Catty is when the store has newly stocked. She is GONE and there's nothing but Neferas. I'm gonna need to check the Walmart near me because it's actually good and stocks pretty well. I've only ever seen the Indigo Nova at TRU and Target. Have yet to find the...
VERY. And mean a good e/s primer makes all the difference in the world. But as with all eyeshadows, the formulation for the color and texture can affect the outcome of what you're using. MAC still has some duds that swatch like crap so it doesn't matter what you're paying. It is always best to check reviews before you buy but then again--this is WnW we're talking about. You're not bleeding a lot of money and you can return WnW with ease to a lot of places.
Only took them a thousand years! I mean Madison got hers practically in a snap and at a small premiere. Mattel really should make a Mattel exclusive doll set with all the ghouls who have had charity/program cameos on the webisodes and give a percentage of profits to their stuff.
I glimpsed at the back of the box and it didn't explain why she ended up like that.
Just got my first glimpse at FDC Deena and Twyla. I guess they're target exclusive. Clawdeen is charming but just doesn't look like my Clawdeen. I might buy her at clearance pricing.
Haven't seen them either. I think Canada got lucky with them though.
Wish I had a Kmart near me. $22.99 is pretty good for these two. Source:http://www.kmart.com/monster-high-scare-n-makeup-2pk/p-004W007931846001P?prdNo=19&blockNo=19&blockType=G19
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