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Good tip. Shopping in Tuesday Morning stores yields hard to get dolls. Source: http://jadestoybox.tumblr.com/post/123074390994/another-find-i-ran-across-today-at-tuesday "Another find I ran across today at Tuesday Morning. Its a good store to check out if your looking for something cheap, or a store exclusive you missed out on due to your store being crap, or there not being one near by. Though TRU items have never shown up here. But right now it seems like the Justice...
So I about died when I watched this. With both have no idea about lacewigs.
I know they put a lot of effort into her but I just cannot get past that face up. :/ Source:http://www.amazon.ca/Mattel-Monster-Collector-Sweet-Draculaura/dp/B00T03U5J4
Source: http://listie.tumblr.com/post/123007452638/comparison-showing-the-changes-between-ghoulias  
Source: http://listie.tumblr.com/post/123008061478/all-my-werecat-twins-you-could-say-its-double "All my werecat twins! You could say it’s ‘Double Trouble³‘ Hehe! There’s a continuity error, where the originals have their stripes opposite that of the newer pairs. Oops. I might just remove their heads & switch them so they match. IDK. (p.s. it’s the perspective that makes them look like they’re getting bigger L-to-R)"
Source: http://listie.tumblr.com/post/123006853058/the-werecat-twins-in-wheelin-werecats-2-pack-i "The Werecat Twins in Wheelin’ Werecats 2-pack. I took some pics to show the details on their accessories. They have unique styles for the heels on their shoes, which have been used previously on NS Clawdeen & FFI Frankie. Meowlody’s have little bows on them, referencing her signature doll, while Purrsephone has a roaring big cat, with lots of teeth, much like FFT Toralei...
Wonder if Mattel is hinting at another DT wave Source: http://monsterhighdollcollector.tumblr.com/post/122933535594/new-jinafire-dead-tired-fuente-tony-tisdale
TriCastleOn dolls and new Cupid! Source: http://letice.diary.ru/p204812345.htm
Dear lord, I'm getting that three pack! For real look at those! Those are her everyday shoes!
This is such a serious step in toys marketed to young girls! It's a male doll, a mer person, and he's disabled. This is progressive and cool! His face is so handsome and dear lord them muscles #thethirstisreal
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