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Best decision on a doll by a company: Bringing Toralei back for the 3rd, 3.5ish, 4th, and 5th time all in one year AND redoing DOTD!   Toralei will always be the beloved "frenemy" and has proven she has endless fashion possibilities. I love the mid-length hair on Coffin Bean, the pony on Ghoul Sports, the Egyptian fusion theme on FF, and the teal face up and hair on the latest model. She keeps growing and changing!   Best detail: Always the shoes and the scaly...
The Walmart by my work was ultra giving and unpacked Haunted, Freaky Field Trip, and Monster Exchange. I got Porter and Toralei! I'm thinking about getting Deena since she's going back to her purp and green colors again. I really like the face up! But I think my collecting for the year has come to an end. Speaking of, I'm creating a Best of 2014 doll thread!
I got inspired from the "Best Of 2014" thread for cosmetics.   What was your favorite doll of 2014 and why?   Art Class? Freaky Fusion? MH Swim Wave 3? Cedar Wood? The hair? The Box? The Accessories? Best Decision made for a doll this year?
That's the walmart exclusive Spring Unspring Kitty. I like her smile!
Elloqui doing 50%
50% off sitewide and storewide w/ CityChicOnline! Hurry!
Wow, Walmart is ready. Look what they put out at someone's Wally. Source: http://memecrunch.com/meme/1ZTZV/yes-lawd/image.png?w=400&c=1
TRU is doing a BOGO 50% on MH dolls, sets, and accessories. I feel sorry for ppl that camped out for Black Friday. I checked my TRU Friday and the DOTD were all gone, I check today and they unloaded them like crazy. So I essentially got one at the BF price and all I had to do was walk into the store at one of the least active times of the evening, not get shoved, not lose sleep, not burn gas. It actually was the way, it was supposed to be.
I love anime Abbey! And that dress....
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