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Hell yes!
 I thought there was gonna be an even weirder twist where Sparky was gonna fall for Frankie. Back to the Future style!
Whoa. Freaky Fusion is the best movie yet! They actually took time to write a good plot and explore the depth of some characters. And it's over an hour and worth the watch!
Found a link to Freaky Fusion movie!   HUGE WARNING: HUGE WARNING: HUGE WARNING:   I'm going to post this warning because someone once said they didn't have money to pay for membership to one of these file sharing sites when another MH movie came out and I linked to one of these.   This movie is posted on a file sharing/streaming site and is loaded with crap that could mess your computer up. The price we pay of viewing movies and shows on one of these free sites...
Looking for a link if I can.
That's up to debate. They, Mattel, said Scarah won. But fans said Wydowna did.
They did Hello Kitty actually. It was alright, the packaging was meh though. If they did it again I would hope for something more kawaii and bubbly.
I LAUGHED SO LOUD! The way they make Frankie drop to the ground and then they drag her to the chamber. How is that different from a group of girls carrying they're really drunk friend around?!
Mh Facebook Page declares Finnegan the winner
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