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Omgoodness that explains this episode! It's meant to sell that locker set!
Uh Oh, the face shapes of the dolls are changing if they're being made in China! This has been happening to Cerise too! Source: http://rayedelsol.tumblr.com/post/83129793365/this-is-a-made-in-china-briar-beauty-that-has-a "This is a “Made in China” Briar Beauty that has a remarkably different facial screening than the other Briars on the shelf. I may just go back for this Beauty!"
Edit: Let me retract that. Sunnyshines is def with Toots Toys.
Today is gonna be a day of leaks, someone got a special Mattel book.
Today is gonna be a day of leaks, someone got a special Mattel book.
Uh Oh! Gabifresh has a new swimline out! Source: http://www.swimsuitsforall.com/Swim-Sexy-Swimwear-Shops-L
Wish my tummy was a tad flatter, this is adorable! Source: http://www.citychiconline.com/swim/jamaica-one-piece.html
So my local Target got their plus size section back, all the Pure Energy collection....     Target got the revamped Pure Energy line in. It’s alright. The swimsuits were hit and miss. A few suits are missing the youthful element. Saw a few cute swimsuits. Was disappointed with the quality of other things. They seriously couldn’t make a real blazer. IT was a ponte one. And the work pants came in 27 inch inseams. Though I like they’re doing inseams now maybe carry more...
No that's cool you were showing someone was putting them up. I don't doubt the dolls are coming. I was just pointing out if it's snatched pics, it's probably scalpers setting up shop.
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