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Uh Oh, IT is going down. Plus blogger calls for a target boycott. Source: http://jezebel.com/blogger-organizes-boycott-of-target-over-limited-plus-s-1624329327?utm_campaign=socialflow_jezebel_facebook&utm_source=jezebel_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow   "For so long, I loved you. I always went above and beyond in our relationship. I'll visit you to get a couple of items and more than a couple hundred dollars later and a cart full of products, I have left giving you way...
Source: http://monstahighnuket.blogspot.com/
Yes! I'm just gonna buy this pack and divide it down the middle. I'll keep Clawdia and Howleen and sell Clawd and Clawdeen.
That's actually kind of worrying. Worrying that Mattel would make their own campaign to say MH dolls are on sale. But was predictable because sales have slowed since dolls are now so plentiful.
I actually think this Clawdia's face up is better than the original's. The Original Clawdia was just wrong with that red and yellow eyeshadow and red frost lip.
Don't go! ASDA is the Walmart of Europe. Someone in Europe got theirs. They'll make their way to the US soon bud.
Ah..It's TRU for $109.99. :/Source: http://momdusa.tumblr.com/post/95052312266/too-much-good-stuff-at-our-tru-sadly-no-wydowna
That's not a Target shelf. I think that's TRU or Kmart.
Source: http://bummblesbuzz.tumblr.com/post/95055151408/its-in-stores
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