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GURL! You are not lying!!! I don't favor Frankie. She has full 80s garage door eye makeup and this lip that comes out of nowhere! I like what they did with her brows but everything else. I mean I just googled electric eels and there are a few that are neon yellow/green, how could that not have been the color of her body? There are also really colorful eels out there. SMH.
Yeah, they released her a few weeks ago however my point is this doll is off season. Like they tend to, they make episodes to sell the dolls through story telling. I'm just wondering why the rapid push for Cupid now as apposed to the Spring season?
Well it was put together to sell a doll real quick. Although Cupid looks amazing, they don't give us a reason for the makeover and now they have defined Cupid as a "cherub." I think Hunter is wearing his uniform from the Dragon games too. They pushed this doll way too early; the episode was based in the Spring season.
Batsy and Isi are my main targets! Basty is more than I could have hoped for! Her color combo is amazing!
OMG! I'm in deep love and debt! I love this! I love that they're revisiting the Tiki thing!
I thought this music segment was planned pretty well, beside Search Inside. Nef's got a dance  
So I'm late and haven't been paying much attention but in 3 days this premieres.
I thought I was gonna dislike the new characters but I'm so about Elle, I like Mousecedes now, and I'm so-so about Luna. Deena, Frankie, Lala, Oppy were unnecessary. Lala was insufferable and just annoying. On the upside, did anyone notice the backgrounders being a tad more diverse in body proportion and age? I saw people that looked like adults and then there were a gargoyle and cyclops that were short and chubby. I'm happy MH is working on that.
So saw gifs of Aikatsu floating around on tumblr and had to find out what it was about! It looked like Vocaloid a bit but turned out Bandai made a collectible card game and made a show based around it. So these junior high girls are passionate about being pop stars and go to a school for it but the draw is that they do their concerts in a digital setting and undergo a "magical girl" outfit change. They have fashion designers that make them these amazing dresses and...
New Posts  All Forums: