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 Thanks so much for these swatches! These actually look better than I was expecting so I'm a bit more excited now. I think I'm most looking forward to Dynamic.  If you get the time, could you do larger swatches?  What shade are you in foundation?  Sorry for all the questions, just trying to get a real good idea on them.
 We can only hope so.. it's still really frustrating though because you just KNOW we won't get the buy 2 get 1 free deal and the price will be even more than it currently is.  With the current exchange rate we would pay £13ish per shadow.  That definitely won't be the case if it comes to the UK in a bigger retailer.  I know Sephora is opening in Sydney soon but the UK once had Sephora and lost it so I doubt we'll get it back again.  If we do, we'll have to deal with...
You have GOT to be kidding me.   Sephora is no longer shipping MUFE to the UK.   I know they did because I bought one of the Artist Shadows AND the Artist Palette with NO problem.   Add 3 to my basket... no discount AND they're telling me they can't ship here.  WTF?  How is that even fair?   I'm beginning to get really annoyed with Sephora with this crap.  Just because we're not in the US or Canada doesn't mean we shouldn't be allowed to purchase specific...
I'm trying to distract myself with the new Pandora xmas charms...  Not working.  :/
 I doubt it will due to it not with F&F. I WILL say they are worth every damn penny though. $44 for 3 is a freaking steal for these babies.  If you wanna try some and aren't sure -- get the artist palette.  I have it and some stand alone.  Love them all.
 Try it - I highly recommend it.  I used Murad for 3 damn days and my skin was pisssssed.  Bahahahaha.  See, at least you get that benefit.  I don't get rouge free shipping to the UK.  I have had the Welcome Kit sent though... Imma get me my card and lipstick and when I'm state-side whip that b*tch out for giggles.  I need a life...   SNEAKY!  I like it!  Now to get a credit card to do the same thing... lololol -- no.  I'd be bankrupt.
 Lol.  We're all guilty of over spending. I feel worse.. I pay for everything with Debit Card.. nothing goes on Credit. 
So what do you guys think will sell out first in the VIBR/VIB sale?
 Yeah that's the one I've been eyeing up.  Gah.
 Yeah I'm combo/oily acne prone.  Wanna swap?  Lol. I think it's definitely worth a shot though.  I'm really impressed with PTR.  Eventually I'll try some more of their items (eyeing up their masks atm.)
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