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I nearly died laughing at this thread.   Thank you ALL.  I needed that laugh.
Thank you for making this - hopefully it'll be read and it'll help a lot of users making recommendations in the future!   Maybe we can get admin to sticky this thread, too.
 Completely agree!  I really thought it'd be the first to sell out but if I remember correctly it was Glam first, then Hoop.
 In the UK it's still in stock, it's the only one to not sell out!
 LOL.  Yes darlin'!  No new blushes!  I bought a new foundation earlier, but it was 15% off and the free gift with purchase was amazing (in Low Buy thread) but I've done good, kinda.  I haven't bought anything in a week otherwise though!
 LOL!  That's fricking adorable.  High five to your son!
 I missed Punk Couture, but I'm definitely liking your idea of it with a blue hue.
 Perhaps she thinks if she cleans her eye balls she'll be able to see better? 
 Doesn't she know she isn't meant to put cleanser in her eyes, it's meant to be used on her brushes?
 I love dark lipsticks.  I'm noticing I have more of them than anything else.  Can't seem to help myself.  I've yet to find the exact perfect shade I want, though.  I've found it in a damn paint sample, but a paint sample is not a lipstick!  
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