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 Thanks.  I'm trying to decide whether or not I want one of the powders.
Does anyone know when we're getting Cinderella?
 Seriously so true.  My bf is 5'10" but means I can't wear heels without making him feel super short because I end up being 6ft.  All I'm asking is for him to grow to be 6ft2" !
 I'm 5'8" too but I'm all legs, short torso!  I would love to be a bit taller though.  Problem is finding tall men.  :/
 No problem!  Sorry it took so long to get the swatches to you.  Fame is beautiful!
Left to right. Fame, Rave, Twinkle on NC15 indoors using flash.
Thanks for all the love and support, ladies.  I really appreciate it.    I was naughty and purchased the Objects of Affection pigment set in the Red/PInk.  It was £26 and the MAC "size to go" pigments are £10 each.  I've always wanted Tan, Rose & Heritage Rouge so I'm happy with the purchase getting those 3 of the price of less than 3 "size to go" ones plus 2 others.  My only MAC purchase in a while though.  :D
I've been doing a lot of shopping lately. For Christmas. It's the only thing that has kept me sane. I'm fearful of what I'll do when it's over. I've bought a few makeup items.. namely 6 of the Audacious lipsticks and the small Becca highlighter trio in the lipgloss tubes. The cost has been spread out though rather than everything at once so I don't feel as guilty and the other day I forced myself to go up to my makeup room and try on every single new lipstick I have....
Thanks for the kind comments, lovelies!  I hate how bad the swatches are but I figured eh, it's not like I was going anywhere and wearing them for more than 2mins so it doesn't matter that they look terrible -- it was just to give a rough idea.   Dolly -- Charlotte looks beautiful on you.  I'm so excited to get it!
Okay, so...   I just went upstairs to try on all my Audacious lipsticks as I'd yet to do so.  I'd swatched them but not applied them.   Now, here's the problem:  I've worn makeup maybe 2x this ENTIRE year... but I've still been buying because I'm a sick, sick hoarder.  Anyway, due to health issues as some of you know I don't tend to wear it often, get to go out, etc.  But I thought about the fact partner and I are going to a Christmas meal with his family at some...
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