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 Thanks hon!  I always take what you recommend highly.  I'll definitely have to see what I can find in the UK.  Algenist is here but so far I haven't come across the Melt Cleanser online and I know I don't have any stores nearby that stock it (no surprise) for samples but I'll keep a look out!  I have Audrey and Anna so far.  Liv, Charlotte and Janet are on my to-buy list though along with a view others at some point.  Audrey is beautiful!  Congratulations, MrsTT!
 You trying to bankrupt me? Lordy.  The prices of these are killing me.  I'll have to save up for this line, it isn't something I can just go splurging on -- esp. this close to Christmas. I'm a bit upset -- I bought a Murad cleanser not long ago, I used it a couple times and went back to my PTR cleanser.  I took the Murad one with me away this weekend to stay at my Moms and I've come back with my face congested and breaking out.  Funny considering it has salicylic acid in...
Whoa whoa whoa.  HOLD UP.   Algenist.  Must-Haves.  GO.  (Gimme the deets, yo)
 Well that makes a lot more sense.  I guess Sephora just can't update things properly, which as the partner of a webdev drives me mental, lol.  I don't know why I didn't think to check their website.  Probably because I know they're not available in the UK so I just thought "oh, Sephora" as usual, haha.  So odd.
 I'm beginning to wonder if perhaps it's just the packaging that's smaller?  It doesn't make sense logically but I don't know what else it could be.
Honestly, I'm not sure.The Sephora website says the minis are 0.01oz but the full size on the website also says 0.01oz. Doesn't make any sense to me?
I haven't seen the set in question but I bought the mini piece 7 skyliner set and I will definitely purchase them full size when I need to. They're unbelievably soft, smooth, pigmented and long wearing. I highly recommend them!
SpaceNK has some of them but not all. Tis where I got Anna and Audrey from.
I have two!   Anna and Audrey.   Of course I have a wish list of more I want, but those were my two first choices.   Anita Brigitte Charlotte (UD Gash is similar apparently) Grace Janet Kelly (Darker than Grace, compare them.) Liv Vera Vivien   That list is going off of Temptalia's swatches and reviews.   These are such beautiful lipsticks though and so unbelievably smooth and creamy with an amazing pigmentation.  I'm in love!
 Thanks, love!
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