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 I buy things, specifically make-up, to feel good about myself. At first, it was a case of I loved every colour and wanted one of everything.  Well, I have that now.  I still don't feel satisfied.  Why?  Because I'm sick.  There isn't much I can do.  I feel like I'm wasting my life away by sitting around twiddling my thumbs instead of studying the law degree I should be.  Buying things for me, now, is something to make me "feel better".  It's only temporary.  It's never a...
Panic is setting in. I paid a stupid amount of money for Next Day Delivery and once AGAIN (this is the 2nd time this has happened), they have sent it by the regular Royal Mail with no tracking number instead of the courier they usually use.  The last time this happened, I didn't get the damn items and had to ask for a refund. Enjoy it while you can, only happens once a year! Lol
Hahahaha. Trio of human grumpy cats in here. Go #teamlowbuy #teambitchyrestingface #teamgrumpycat hahahaha.The UK has done that to me, lol!
 That's what I'll be doing when my bronzer arrives tomorrow.
Welcome to Specktra!
 No problem - enjoy!  Mine will be here tomorrow, I can't wait! :)
@mosha010 LOL @ your signature.  Giiiirl I have bitchy resting face too!  Any idea how often I'm asked "what's wrong" when really it's just how my face looks?  Tis why I force a half-assed smile in photos so it can't be asked, lol.
 *can totally be a client* 
 Glad to hear it - lol! I'd just get the gift card from MAC if it was me.  I think someone getting bugs in their box is likely a one-off occurrence and nothing to worry about and the switch is only for the couture collection, no?  I wouldn't worry too much, the worrying will send you insane essentially over some coloured powder and coloured wax, lol.  Breeeeathe.
Anyone by any chance in here want to buy Lancome Teint Miracle in 01 Beige Alabtre from me?  It's the wrong shade for me and in the UK we can't return cosmetics.  I'm genuinely devastated at this point.  It's only had the tiniest pump on my hand to swatch it so barely anything at all is missing, essentially NIB.
New Posts  All Forums: