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Managed to get Yuzu Fix+ but I'm hoping to pick up Rose when it launches on Debenhams.. or is the collection MAC Exclusive?   How does Yuzu smell, rockin?
Is there a Hakuhodo dupe for the MAC 226?
Is anyone in the US needing a CP for this collection?  Most of it is still available in the UK and I'm willing to help out.  If you do - just PM me.
For those of you who have Patina, which lipliner do you use with it, if any?
 Yay! I was going to but money is tight at the moment so they'll have to wait.  I have the first 10 though and love them, I'm sure the new 10 will be amazing!
 I hope so.  In some ways I can understand some things.  As Rouge I don't get free shipping outside of North America.  Fine.  It bugs me if I only want one item, which is why I end up spending so much at once because I have to justify the purchase.  But I don't get to use any codes, I don't get the benefits of being VIBR other than the Birthday Gift and the lipstick when you become Rouge.  What really f***s me off though is that I can spend $1000 in a year like any other...
 Yeah, I'm gonna make a complaint I think.  Originally it was just a case of certain items couldn't be shipped here, which I could kinda understand.. but this is just getting to be ridiculous now.
 Hi honey, you too!  Thank you!  I feel so guilty about the purchase but I've wanted some of it for so long.  The worst bit?  I didn't even get the discount because apparently it doesn't apply to Rouge's that aren't in North America.  If I had other ways to get some of these items, I'd never even order from them.  We don't get any of the perks, pfft.  The UK really needs to up their game and get brands to move in here.  Problem is I doubt the market is big enough still.
Sephora order:   Stila Liquid Lipstick in Patina KVD Liquid Lipstick in Lolita, Bauhau5 & L.U.V. Tarte Tartelette Palette KVD Shade & Light Palette Ardency Inn Manuka Honey Pigments in Heaven, Hell, Sunday, Orchid and Vintage Gold Shiseido Facial Cotton x3 Sephora Collection Face Masks in Honey, Green Tea, Pomegranate, Rose and Linghzi Sephora Collection Breakups to Makeup bag - "Losing you hurt but losing my makeup bag would be a tragedy." Living Proof Texture...
Is there a specific code for VIBR discount that I don't know about/can't find?
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