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 I'm not big on Clinique or EL either -- I love the EL DW foundation, but that's it!  I also use drugstore mascaras.  I have a couple high end ones and I do really like them but for the most part it's really the only thing I buy from the drugstore other than like a nude eyeliner or something.  I'm so glad I'm not alone! Everyone I know says "Why don't you just go to Superdrug or Boots" (UK equivalents to Walgreens/CVS/etc) -- but to be honest.. the prices are nearing up...
Okay, this is a tad off topic.   How much do you girls buy drugstore stuff?   I feel like I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to make-up.  I like my MAC and higher end brands likes NARS, MUFE, UD, etc/whatever.   The thing is, when I was a kid -- drugstore make-up was AWFUL.  Truly awful.  I know it isn't now, I know a lot of brands are really churning out great quality items.. but I still can't get over it.  I think part of it as well, is that I can't afford to do...
 No problem.  I'll swatch 'em tomorrow for you.
DILLIGAF -- is it you I still owe swatches of for the MUG liners?
 Yup - they really are!  I'll be skipping the lip palettes, mainly because I just don't like *having* to use a lip brush to apply my lipstick and I sure as heck wouldn't put my fingers in a palette.  They are absolutely beautiful though!
 All the more reason to get them, they're mini's!  I completely understand trying to hold out for the discount though.  I would have as well but I bought them as soon as they went live on the website in fear they'd run out, lol.
 You NEED them. I very rarely say this about a product because it takes a lot for me to go "Holy crap NEED!" but trust me, you NEED them.  Go back to the store and get them.  Don't walk, run.  Break the speed limit.  They are SUCH an amazing deal for the price and they are worth every damn penny.
   See, I'm usually a very logical person.  With everything in my life I'm logical.  Except make-up.  Logic just goes out the damn window with make-up. The more I look at, the more I want.. and I only have two.  The price is insane. ($38 USD here) New list: AnitaBrigitteCharlotte (UD Gash is similar) <-- According to TemptaliaFannyGraceJanetKelly (Darker than Grace, compare them.) <-- According to TemptaliaLivOliviaVeraVivien Here's the problem though.  I don't even know...
I keep looking up swatches of these.   This is bad.  Bad bad bad.   I should really unsubscribe from this thread.  FML.
 They do - which I don't understand, as it's definitely more sanitary.  I have a sample of Bare Canvas from the MAC store, I'll have to try it out and I'll report back to you.
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