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Thank you! I used Nightmoth lipliner with it. A lipliner is necessary with dark lips I think and Nightmoth is perfect for LL.I am even more afraid now, but also more curious. I think curiousity will win The only thing I think could be the case with these lipsticks that I don't like is transfering. I love matte lipsticks because they hardly have any transfer. The Audacious lipsticks might do that and even if they keep their intensity I don't like lipstick getting on my cups...
You're welcome!Haha perfect example
Thanks!I searched for my old FOD picture, since I sold it I can't directly compare it. It looks like it has some purple undertone going on and that keeps it from being a pure brick red. I really wanted true brick red, so therefore I prefer HA. Top HA bottom FOD.
Thank you!Of course you got two DG I knew you'd love that one And reading the comments on here my suspections of you getting a lot of the Nars Audacious lipsticks are true as well I have only seen a couple of reviews of them and I think I should try some. I'm afraid though to look into that thread for recommendations on the colours. It will probably make it even harder to choose.
Thanks! I'm sure it'll look good on you. The restock must have been a sign for us to get HA Please share pics when you get it! I missed you too. It feels good to be back (not for my wallet though).
Thank you!TTT is lighter, more matte and harder to apply than LL.
I got Damn Glamorous (x2) and Living Legend. Damn Glamorous is close to Ronnie Red, but there is something about it that gives it a different vibe. DG is more glamorous and RR is sexier I guess. Love both so much. Living Legend I'm loving too. It's difficult to find a lipstick this dark with a nice formula. Prince Noir was my dark lippie love, but I think I prefer LL ever so slightly since it's a tad cooler in tone.
Here are looks with An Amorous Adventure quad and Good Kisser and Hearts Aflame lipsticks. Good Kisser is only slightly lighter than Moxie, but Moxie is one of my favorite pinks so I knew I'd love Good Kisser. Hearts Aflame is a darker version of Legendary Mattene. It's what I wanted Fixed On Drama to be. I love brick reds like this.
Hi guys!MRV I will try to post pics;)Naomi I'm doing good thanks! I graduated this summer and I started my job the 1st of september. So a new chapter in my life has started. How are you?
It's been a long time since I've been on specktra and bought any makeup. But yesterday I ordered two Good Kisser and two Hearts Aflame lipsticks, since they were back in stock on the dutch site. I'm excited to get some new lippies!
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