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You should contact Tommy from http://bringblingjp.blogspot.com/. Her e-mail address is bringblingjp@gmail.com. She did a cp for me for some Tanseido and Chikuhodo brushes and I'm pretty sure she could do the same for Hakuhodo brushes that are exclusive to Japan. If you're looking for any japanese brushes I highly recommend her. Sometimes it takes a couple of days for her to respond to e-mails (she's probably busy), but she ships quickly and is very friendly and helpful.
You're welcome! I wanted to write about the brushes earlier, but since I started my graduation intership (I'm not sure if that's what it's called in english) I'm very busy and I forgot about it. Kolinsky hair is similar to weasel, which I think that's what the Mac brush is made of. It's good with liquids as well, so if you like to use pigments wet you can use brushes with this hair. The BP-34 is a bit bigger than the Mac 242 though. I wish they had a size just a bit...
Thank you! I just posted a bit about my Koyudo brushes in the other thread:)
I have had the Fu-Pa02, BP-34, BP-35 and BP-36 for a couple of weeks now. The Fu-Pa02 is love for foundation! It blends so easy and perfect. The BP-34 is made from kolinsky hair and better than the Mac 242 IMO, because it has more hair and therefore is denser. I wanted something to replace the Mac and I'm glad I found it. It's great for cream eyeshadows. The BP-36 is also a kolinsky brush and it's supposed to be a dupe for a Shu Uemura brush that I wanted. I didn't get the...
Someone else recommended Tommy as well and I contacted her. She got some Chikuhodo and Tanseido brushes for me and they arrived a couple days ago. I got the Z-2, Z-10 and G-16 from Chikuhodo and the YWQ7, YWQ9, YSC17 and YAQ17 from Tanseido. Tommy was very helpful and pleasant to work with and I'll definitely use her services again. I also wanted the Z-4, but it was not in stock. Now it's back in stock, but I'm not sure yet if I want any other brushes. I haven't had a...
Space NK verkoopt online Hourglass en accepteert paypal http://uk.spacenk.com/women/
The J104 is the white hair version. I have that one and love it. I don't use it for setting powders though. I think it's too fluffy for that purpose. I press powder onto my face and a stiffer brush like the J501 works amazing for that. I have an oily t-zone. If you have normal to dry skin the J104 might be the better option though. I personally love the J104 for finishing powders like the meteorites or hourglass powders.
I agree with Mosha it's a great brush!
Ow en mijn Koyudo kwasten zijn binnen en zonder douanekosten! Een ander pakje hebben ze deze week niet kunnen bezorgen en daar moet ik wel voor betalen terwijl ik dat niet verwachte. Maar ik ben evengoed blij want de kosten waren bij dit pakje waarschijnlijk hoger geweest. De kwasten zijn heel erg mooi. De Fu-Pa is kleiner dan verwacht maar ik denk dat de grootte perfect is. Het is ook vooral het handvat wat kort is maar dat vind ik geen probleem. De kwasten zijn wel...
Haha inderdaad sister;) En dat van het hebbertje begrijp ik ook helemaal.Ik zal je advies voor No 5 opvolgen en hopelijk kan ik er dan ook van genieten. Wat heb jij die Agent Provocateur gekocht? Dat ben ik ook wel in geïnteresseerd maar ik wel hem eerst testen. Ik zou en sample kunnen bestellen als hij nergens in de winkels ligt.Mij maakt het niet zo uit hoe de flesjes eruit zien maar het is zeker mooi meegenomen als ze er leuk uitzien.
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