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Yes I think it would have sold well here. Aww don't worry I'm completely fine just very busy for my graduation internship I hope you're doing good as well!I don't have much to post about anymore either. I'm not buying much makeup anymore because I feel like I have so much and want to enjoy it more, so I try to avoid the threads a bit. Instead I have bought some perfumes lately and perfumes really have cought my interest. I might make an exception though for some of these...
Is there a swatch of the asia exclusive purple Enjoy it All lipstick somewhere? I'm 2500 posts behind and I simply don't have the time to look through all those. I looked through the gallery and didn't see anything there, but maybe someone posted a link? I might have found a cp for the Enjoy it All lipstick, so a swatch would be very helpful!
You should contact Tommy from http://bringblingjp.blogspot.com/. Her e-mail address is bringblingjp@gmail.com. She did a cp for me for some Tanseido and Chikuhodo brushes and I'm pretty sure she could do the same for Hakuhodo brushes that are exclusive to Japan. If you're looking for any japanese brushes I highly recommend her. Sometimes it takes a couple of days for her to respond to e-mails (she's probably busy), but she ships quickly and is very friendly and helpful.
I continued the discussion in pm's. It wasn't my intention to disrupt this topic that much, so I pm'd Erine to explain myself and if others have questions please feel free to pm me. I just hope people try to understand my point of view. I tried my best to not offend anyone and all I wanted was for people to understand how I feel weather they agree with me or not.
It wasn't directly targeted to you. More people have said things like that and that's why I didn't pm you, but wanted to mention it here so hopefully everyone could understand my problem. I have been on specktra for quite some time and I just feel like specktra has changed and needed to get it off my chest.
  Thank you I learned a lot from reading and posting on this forum and watching youtube videos. English was one of the hardest subjects for me in high school and because I just wanted to read and hear about makeup I kept reading and watching in english since most information is in english. So makeup had actually thought me english lol.
When people ask specifically if a product can work for them and mention their skintone of course it's fine to give your opinion. They would like help and if you give it that's great. I do think phrases like "not suitable for" say that a product won't look good on a certain skintone, for some reason "works best for" sounds different to me though and doesn't offend me. Maybe it's the way I read things, but I think more people look at it the way I do and I just wanted to...
That's actually not what I said. I'm not saying everything can work for every single person. I'm trying to say that not a whole group of people (like pale or deeper skintones) should be excluded from a certain product and I feel like that's being said more often lately than it has in the past. English isn't my first language so if something is incorrect in the way I say it please let me know and I'll edit my post.
I'm not buying much makeup anymore and instead I'm just enjoying what I have, but I might get something from this collection. I'm liking the looks of the ED bronzers. I use Glorify and Magnetic Appeal as bronzer and love them for that! I'm really pale and have to use a very light hand with bronzers and thus it doesn't get too shimmery, instead they give a lovely glow. I hope nobody gets discouraged by others from at least trying them. Everybody has their own opinion, but I...
You're welcome! I wanted to write about the brushes earlier, but since I started my graduation intership (I'm not sure if that's what it's called in english) I'm very busy and I forgot about it. Kolinsky hair is similar to weasel, which I think that's what the Mac brush is made of. It's good with liquids as well, so if you like to use pigments wet you can use brushes with this hair. The BP-34 is a bit bigger than the Mac 242 though. I wish they had a size just a bit...
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