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I love Aphrodite's Shell too, but my absolute favorite is Lush Light Bronze Careblend bronzer - it's been more than 3 years now since that came out…I can't believe it. I hope that comes back some day. Mine's getting very worn down.
awwwww!  Miss you! The only one I had high hopes for that was a let down in person was the grey one. It didn't really look grey, but more like soft black instead. Remember that grey Greasepaint Stick from years back? That's what I wanted it to be like, but instead it was drab. Unlike Myself :P
Oh they're not smudgy at all - they set super fast. Honestly, it'd be pretty challenging to smudge out the line at all. They'll be perfect at the roots. BTW, I picked Myself as my favorite! When I want to go nude this fall, I will slather Myself all over first, then I'll blot Myself down just a touch!
The extra black in LK will probably be more noticeable on your skin tone - but hey! that's not what I'd call a bad thing  You'll be happy it's not such a pain like TTT. In a weird note, when I first got TTT, it was very fussy on me too, but it's not as bad anymore. I don't think my lips are any smoother now, so I'm wondering if I used it enough that it softened up a bit/ got rid of some manufacturing residue. It's odd - it just does much better on me lately. I'm holding...
Im NC15 and on me, the two of them are almost EXACT dupes. The only difference is LK has a teeeeeny tiny bit more black in it, but because TTT is a retro matte and reflects less light because of the flat finish, the extra black in LK just makes it match the reflection level of TTT.  LK is nice and smooth, not patchy, and doesn't leave a hideous stain when you want to remove it, so that's good, but since I don't have big problems with TTT, I skipped LK - If I get another...
You'll be fine - Good Kisser was surprisingly warm toned even on me!  eyeliners aren't waterline safe, since it's the same basic formulas as the fluidlines. i asked about this when I saw the whole collection and  yeah, it's a no-go. I think they're mostly for folks who get shaky doing a cat eye  or flick with a brush - they're easy to control.
those pencils are easy to make a good, chiseled flick or wing with, because the tip is teeny tiny and pointy. Not waterline safe, though, which is sort of  for me.
I started this thread and Pleasure Model EDB is what I picked for my #1 product, so I think we can consider Magnetic Nude worth including here!  Mot people probably didn't even get a chance to use their goodies from that collection until 2014, so it's all good! P.S. it's still one of my top favorites of the whole year, and there have been some other super blushes since. 
I bought a few of these.   Dreamdaze is just crazy perfect on me. I'd put it right up there with Mehr for perfect MLBB pink nudes for me. It pretty much puts stuff like Gem of Roses and Venus to bed for me - this is what I wished they all looked like on me. I hope it goes perm.   Tropical Buzz is totally awesome too - it seems like Tangerine Dream when you first put it on, but it blends into your natural lips when it warms up and just glows. Looks nude from one angle...
I bet both those lipsticks would look nice on you, but you've got dupes somewhere in your collection, I'm sure. I'd say try them in-store and bring stuff like SK, TTT, FOD along with you to double check them. I know I'm going to go back and check everything that way. Plus there are going to be other vampy and burgundy-red lippies this fall, so this collection isn't your only chance to pick up a color like these.  I'm probably skipping HA. I am probably going to get LK, but...
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