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I like NFP because it's quite warm toned for a hot pink. Very flattering on the skin. I'm not going to back it up here…just got me my Royal Wink and threw in the Autumn 15 Forecast eye palette, because I have been really loving the last two season's offerings and didn't want to pay for shipping for one darn thing.   I'll be getting the Mia Moretti palette from my local store, who for some reason, didn't get Philip Treacy or Julia Petite. It's MAC's loss, because I would...
I thought it was the best red from last fall, along with Strange Journey! I hate to say it, but you might need it.  When I wasn't buying makeup at all, I still owned Royal Wink! I just bought a BU, which is a huge relief because my old one is on its last legs.
The light blue will be interesting mixed with various purple lippies. 
Mehr is one of the very best of all Mac lipsticks for sure! My dream lipstick is basically Mehr but a shade lighter and with a tiny bit more coolness. Boca was looking that way….I'll find one eventually (I hope).
Hey nothing wrong with him enjoying you getting all dolled up ;)
 HIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!! I'm in the middle of escrow on a new house! Insane amount of paperwork and running all over town at all hours of the day. I came here to say hi on the first day I wasn't working until midnight on everything. HUGS! I hope you're doing great, Boca or no Boca (although I bet you'll snag one before too long!)There's always MEHR!!!!  Awwww! I hope you're doing great! Did you get what you wanted from this collection? It WAS pretty inspiring! Your lovely...
I usually get all the items I'm shooting for, but this release had a big old hurricane of factors and I got nothing! I really need Boca too - it looks like it might have been the exact shade of my natural lips. Here's to MAC bringing these back soon - they sure have repromoted some things really fast lately anyways.
I don't know what to think about this photo, since Toxic Tale and Toying Around look DRASTICALLY different on my lips with my complexion. Not even in the same ball park. TT is coral red and TA is a very warm pink, verging on coral but not coral at all. MMG looks less pink than TA in this photo and more pink than TT, but I'm just going to withhold a final judgement until I see it in person.
I think it's pretty positive they do put more expensive pigments and elaborate manufacturing techniques into the LE products. The scheduling and rescheduling is kind of weird, though. MAC's parent company is enormous and you would think there would be some marketing and supply oversight and there'd be reasons behind the shifts in schedule. Perhaps they just operate with more fluid schedules just in general than we, the public, realize. In any case, I don't have time to get...
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