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You know, I've seen you in a lot of purple lipsticks in this forum, and this has got to be my #1 favorite on you. It's a pretty outrageous color, but I really love how it plays up your skin tone and especially your eyes! Don't be afraid of MR!!!!!
Rollergirl was really beautiful. Boys Go Crazy is just as nice as it was before. The new hot pink one didn't do anything for me personally, although I already have the sparkly cremesheen ones from the 2014 holiday collection. I'd take Rollergirl over Phfff, as I liked its soft brownish nude base shade. They aren't the sort of thing to wear to the grocery store, that's for sure. The Semi-Precious MES were at least wearable for a lot of different situations. These are...
Honi's swatch and eye photo does them justice! The others…no way. If you like sparkle, these are 
I saw the whole collection today and all I can say is, one shadow is more gorgeous than the next. Slow/Fast/Slow, Say It Ain't So, Try Me On, Get Physical ARE BEAUTIFUL. Let's Boogie has blue and red sparkles like a hologram. I took one look and decided to buy all of them. They are specifically marked as delicate, so I'd be careful about attempting to depot them. I tried them with my fingers as well as the brush being marketed with the collection. Didn't get to try the...
I've only backed up 3 eye shadows ever: Dark Dare EDES, Blacklit Electric Cool and Artificial Earth!
Soft Talkin' is warmer for sure and Touché is lighter, if I recall correctly, BUT my Touché has been MIA and I haven't had time to go hunt for it. On me, Soft Talkin' is pretty much what the promo picture lippie looks like, just a bit less straight brown.
I joke around about my crone-yness and elderly status all the time. Honestly, I think it's kind of hilarious that I'm at the age where a chunk of society will already consider me old. I'm glad I'm not my younger self for sure. I still like to look my best, though  Forbidden Sunrise is fabulous! I need a little lip liner with it, but I can rock it otherwise!  Not a ton of them, but probably more than I ought to have . I was going to hold off on the Toledo reds because I...
Oxblood is great, but Runway Hit, which is coming back out next month, is very similar (better, imo, since it's more apricot). You could turn RH into Oxblood pretty easily with a light rosy pink lip pencil underneath.
I've never bought it - never cared for it much. It was more the texture I don't like, as opposed to the color, although I felt it was a little unnatural for me. I'm interested in Golden Rinse, because a pinker or redder bronzer always looks more natural on me, but right now I have a few bronzers I already love to death, like the Brooke Shields one, last year's Aphrodite's Shell and Lush Light Bronze from a few years ago, so this one will have to really blow me away before...
Bare Hug looks like a soft pale rose pink on me too. So pretty.
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