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You know me - I think Moody Bloom SS is one of the best lippies of the whole year. Love it so much! I already backed it up, but I'm keeping my eye on it online, just in case I need more than one BU.
  I'm NC15 and Pleasure Model was maybe my most used blush this year. It's gorgeous!
I've gotten good wear time on it - maybe 3-4 hours, worn over Frank-N-Furter. Haven't worn it alone yet - I prefer it on top of lipstick.  I've been wearing Social Season by itself and getting good wear off of it - at least 3 hours, even with dancing! I don't slather CSGs on, though - I use one charge on the tube for my whole mouth. I do the lower lip first, since I want that to be glossiest, then use what's left for the upper lip and then do a slight lip smoosh!
TTT was a pain in the neck to apply when I first bought it. It was so pretty, I forced myself to wear it anyways and wore it quite a few times. Then I didn't wear it over the spring and summer and taking it out to compare it when A Novel Romance came out, it suddenly was a lot smoother to apply. I don't think my lips got smoother. I think it was a combo of having worn it enough that the coating that held the embossing around the edges had gotten worn down plus it sitting...
Looks lovely on you! It's such a beautiful lipstick. I wore that combo over the weekend, but first I applied FR all over the lip except right in the corners, then went over the edges with Heroine liner and perfected the corners with it. It created a very subtle ombre effect that was really beautiful. I used Nobless Oblige pressed piggie (the lighter grey one) with black wings on the eyes and Vintage Grape ombre blush on the cheeks. Really nice look!!
Sushi Kiss Go For It Mehr Quite Cute Dominate
I like the Wonder Woman lipstick tubes. Those are some of my favorites, but not a fan of the other items' packaging from that collection.  I love the Proenza blushes and lipsticks, colorful but still classy and modern. I loved everything from Liberty of London for being so light hearted. There's no denying how gorgeous Alluring Aquatic's packaging was. I also like the matte rubberized effect we've seen on a few collections, like Pedro Lourenco, Temperature Rising, VG Riri...
^^^^^ Sin loves you right back.   It's a tough choice, but I think Instigator narrowly wins out over everything for me, although I always get compliments when I wear Prince Noir.   When it comes to all vampy lipsticks, Dominate is maybe my absolute favorite.
Good question! No, I can't say I've ever seen a bronzer like this one. It's whisper-fine. When I put it on, it really looks like I am not wearing anything at all, and yet I can tell that my skin has been totally livened up - it's just that no one will ever know and even I can't see the powder sitting on the skin, even peering into a mirror. That's how fine it is. If you're looking for a complete illusion of zero makeup, this bronzer is something special. Again, though, I'm...
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