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I might have to go get Charlotte today! 
hecky naw! I almost bought t hose glasses! LOL   LOve them and the lippie on you. 
So are the Barney's exclusive's perm?  What about the Nars' exclusives?    I love these.  I'm not 100% sure on the colors I got,Rita and Lana (I have enough red's and this is my first red-orange)  but I cannot wait to slowly make my way through swatching/trying them all, and buying the ones I want.
I bought two without trying them on b/c the counter lady at nordies was trying them without sanitizing. I didn't want her giving me anything to test. I didn't even finish swatching everything.  I'll go one day after work this week.  But these feel awesome.  The feel so luxe, smooth and comfortable. And the pigmentation.  They feel like old hollywood glamour.  You know how their lips were so rich and vibrant in photos.  
I didn't go crazy with this collex, but really happy with what I got.     I got superwatt, coil, and water willow.  Two quads, a novel romance, and the adventure one.  1 ippie, reckless desire.     Trying not to buy everything and not use a thing. LOL  I tried to buy things I didn't have.    I want to go back and get more pencils and eyeshadows when I get paid and if they are in stock.  If they aren't no biggie. 
like specific events? parades? parties? 
can you all recommend a concealer for an 81 year old.  she has lines, but not as bad as you'd think.  THat's all she wants to wear, under eye concealer and powder.    I'm going to find a pic...  
ohhh tell me more about this Ole's eye peel?  I can't wait to play in these....   I need these glasses...Pls tell me where you got them? or who they are by?  THey are kinda l ike my regular glasses. I got these. I laughed out loud for real at the size, but they are sooo cute.   highlighting and contouring? Tell me how! wet or dry?  is this palette gone?  I need 3 LOL, me, my mom, and my aunt. 
which brush set? 
I'm sorry if this is a repeat. but I've been all over the place lately.    But, how many shades total?  How many are Barney's exclusive?  Any other exclusives? 
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