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omg that jumper for Lil Girls... too cute. That stuff is going to go fast
 I got this GWP, the bag is really cute, and huge.  What color did you get in the highlighter and Double wear concealer.  I could not find a good match with double wear (story of my life)  Oh wow, I'm glad it is getting better!  what color are you in in the becca concealer? 
Does anyone think Bamboo white polish is similar to some of the popular Essie white polishes?  I was reminded of their colors that were popular... oh jeez, 15 years ago now, like Waltz, and Balleet slippers.  
@boschicka I've been looking at that Armani Orange corrector forever... have you tried it? 
 definitely go for money off! Not a drawn out story at all.   Thank you for sharing, plus what you experienced might help someone else.    ((HUGS)))  Praying for your recovery too...   but jeez, y'all just drop heavy stuff on us like it is a product sample.   I'm going to go ahead and get the brush!  Why number 4?  I think I have number 5 in that.  I loved it.  Good to know.  I use the mist and will definitely get the Mufe matte.   really why?  blow!let us know how you...
that too!!!  LOL 
LOOOVE  Green  Iron.   I think it's the best out of the bunch.   Then the Blue one...   
I"m getting HC...  
LOL, True!I'm going to one up you (;-) it just popped up on my head) and say THelma from Good Times...   ONly b/c my guy friend LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES her and won't EVER stop talking about her. Like ever. 
I swear Dolly can wear anything. 
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