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 aww man, it's commercial now? I should have went when I heard about it 7 years ago ( i know still late) LOL   you've got to be kidding me.  so sorry. 
LOL, that's funny... 
Wasn't hard candy in expensive department stores when it first came out? I thought I saw them at Neimans back in the day. Or was that some other "colorful" brand.  I don't think I bought any of their polishes.
I think for shizz and giggles, I'm going to go swatch all the foundations I can to get my shades.  Before I get my Summer tan.  And then do the same thing in July.    I'm sold!   This is hilarious.    YESSSSS!  So excited... and b/c of you, I'm going to breakdown and buy ritual this weekend.  How could I not?  Your enthusiasm is infectious right now. LOL REally? I'm going to try that. 
 Thank you! I hope so too!  They stressed how important a work/life balance is to them.  Hopefully it is true. Your looks sound very pretty...  I'm going to try that lilp combo.  I totally get what you mean.  Thank you and no thunder stealing at all.  That's how it started for me, a great phone interview.  I've got my fingers crossed for you.  What type of job?   LOL  too funny.  I'll do it just for you, like for real...   Tell me about this mineral sunscreen you are...
 Something is going on with their glosses...  It's official, I'm not buying anymore...  How di dyou like the look?   Medgal, very pretty...   EO is going to go make me buy that RCS.  I tried to get Olivine, but she put the wrong color in my bag. I think I might end up wiht all the stylos..  And all the Armani tints! LOL 
 NEVER!  LOL   of course your doggy is dressed up. Of course! Girl,l a rug dress... nice! LMAO, I had to go to sleep to keep from buying more stuff.  
   sounds totally cool! can't wait to get it. 
Looks like a lot of us are divorcing mac... 
   You two cracked me up! Thanks! LOL   ok, alex's swatches made me not like the collex again. 
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