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thanks, and you are right, there are not a lot of reviews.  any idea who makes them now? 
yeah, that's what I'm doing...   and now that they've saved all of my info...  anything I want is a few clicks away and FREE shipping...   *sigh*   ahhh didn't think of that, thank you! 
all of these colors are starting to look the same to me...   Not sure I want the LaSplash colors...   
Everything...   You talked about the Estee Lauder powders so much, I am super geeked to get them. 
I still haven't ordered any of these.  Anyone like or use her brushes? 
Do I need a backup ? I'm just buying it b/c it's out again. LOL 
I'm really impressed with BB, that palette is gorgeous. 
OMG, I want the one on your middle finger! So pretty! 
  I was thinking the same thing, and thought some a really deep ebony color and thought about olive toned ladies...  
New Posts  All Forums: