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  here you go in order 430, 450, and 460.  It never did get very sunny, so if you need more, lemme know. 
decide or add more to your list. LOL  But I was referring to whatever set your were buying from KVD. I assumed it was the lip set.  Get a pretty color to go with the shadows. 
Bette then.
Totally random thought, but now that I've narrowed down what I want, and when.  I'm tired of looking at these heffa's.  too many choices. LOL     What is primarily in the KVD set? If they are bold, then go with nude.  But to be honest, it's the bolds that are grabbing me from this line.  what is a minvault?  and which store did you go to? 
what do you think went wrong ? 
Homegirl is gorgeous why didn't you tell us about it before? LOL    For my browns, I'm just going to make it my nude week.  And I agree on Styled in Sepia.  
:This is gorgeous on you. Now I want it.  The whole makeup look is nice.  What are you wearing? 
thanks, I'm asking everyone! LOL 
That's what my original plan was...  
 yes ma'am. LOL it was...   my lippies are split into purple, red, nude/brown, pink, coral/orange...  
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