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like specific events? parades? parties? 
can you all recommend a concealer for an 81 year old.  she has lines, but not as bad as you'd think.  THat's all she wants to wear, under eye concealer and powder.    I'm going to find a pic...  
ohhh tell me more about this Ole's eye peel?  I can't wait to play in these....   I need these glasses...Pls tell me where you got them? or who they are by?  THey are kinda l ike my regular glasses. I got these. I laughed out loud for real at the size, but they are sooo cute.   highlighting and contouring? Tell me how! wet or dry?  is this palette gone?  I need 3 LOL, me, my mom, and my aunt. 
which brush set? 
I'm sorry if this is a repeat. but I've been all over the place lately.    But, how many shades total?  How many are Barney's exclusive?  Any other exclusives? 
What are you all registering for? 
beautiful as always! 
I'll check it out. But I still haven't bought anything from D&G, TF, or Burberry. 
OK I might want yield to love now that it's not available.  Was or is there a dupe? 
 I'm actually feeling the same way about new MAC LE's.  I just went through my collex and got rid of a bunch of stuff, and it was a great feeling. Your new job sounds awesome, congratulations!  Share the link! LOL 
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