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hehehehehe...   I think it also depends on how TT pulls on you Mandy, when I googled it looked different on everyone. 
I would have thought Juliette or Natalie, but I'm not seeing any close ones.    I still can't believe I got rid of Toxic Tale...  I guess I was not ready.      Which do you guys like better  Geraldine or Lana...  any of them close to Mangrove by MAC proenza Schouler. 
honestly...  I don't think so...  Not the same opacity or brightness as toxic tale.   I"ll go back and look.   How about the Prabal lippies? Any dupes? I know I'm not going to make it to the store tomorrow. 
oh that's nice!
 I know right! LOL *SMH* ME TOO!!  LOL   Yes, I didn't have mine last year and remember pulling out my phone so they could scan the email.   It's nice, but no.  I don't really care for UD anymore
great choice!
Give her the balls...  Give her the balls...  Give up the balls! 
swatches please!  And yes, you are addicted. 
I was going to do it yesterday but it was snowing.  I will soon as I get some decent light. . 
WTH, now I want them all. Gorgeous!
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