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Hi Ladies, just popping in.   (((HUGS))) To everyone who needs it.   And congrats on your low buy successes! 
Awesome looks!!!   Calla that story is hilarious...  I'm a lil fair behind so I didn't quote anyone.    I enjoyed the oranges.... I've had a few pretty busy days, so I don't really remember what I wore. LOL  I wrote it down.  I just wanted ot jump in and say you all looked great.  I hate to see this theme go, I really enjoyed this Month.  BUT I have to say the jungle pictures have me inspired.  Might give me something to look forward to as I go back to work.......
LOVE!  how easy are nail pens to work with and what tools did you use for your Dutch Mani? 
ohhh what did  you get?  I wore red 3x last week?  and forgot the whole look.  I'll do better with orange this week.  
Can't wait to try the Becca Skin Perfecter 
Oh I forgot, I was thinking of  Bad Girl Gone Good, Stylish Me, Poised, etc.... 
OMG I want those intense lippies...  I haven't done it yet, or any makeup this week. LOL  Here's hope for tomorrow! 
LOL  thank you Pearly!!!   
    WoW, I haven't seen neither one!!  And they are L'oreal?  They do like YSL! 
Have you all seen (you probably have) Uslu cosmetic nail polishes... I have three I'll post later.   What have you all thought of them? 
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