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Mine were a complete mess. 
apparently, I'm not doing something right with these rainbow balls.  I put some in a lil travel container to take with me and wear them more often, but I'm still kinda enh on them.  I took pics of how they arrived and of course, I cannot find them. 
I want this! 
Love the purple and gold eye tint,and that purple gloss. 
I still haven't really played with these.  Everyone still loving them? 
I see I'm going to have to pay more attn to my emails from Saks.  Those coupons are a great way to get his brushes. 
I went to my Sephora JCP today.  The brushes weren't on sale, but I did find Bow and Arrow! YAY.    I also HATE marc jacobs foundations.   I still can't find a match with this new foundation.  HOney Deep 54 is too light, and the next one Eighty something is too dark.  Why such a huge jump?  I find the same with the other foundation too.  I do like his concealer in 7 though.  But again, when I look at 6 it's way too beige? Where are the inbtwn colors Marc?    I also got...
Is it true there will be a new lips/boys collex.  I'm going to skip it if so.    I pulled out the summer palette again b/c I was thinking I didn't love it.   *SMH* How could I think such a thing! LOL  Everything is so buttery smooth! 
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