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hmmm ok, so taupe is a lot broader than I thought, and I have more than I thought.   This is going to be fun...       I'm ok with doing a color a week if folks want.    Anneri... I'm coming!  ;-)   
I don't care what you all say, I'm not buying anymore mac reds.. Nope, not a single one!  I now have 14. I know it's not a lot for some, but for me, it's ridiculous...LOL
 there you go laughing at me again.;-).  I was really interested in their shadow called allspice.   I didn't notice the lispticks were the plumping kind.   I wish there was a lipstick that made you slimmer. 
Looks like I'll be getting this and the one from Spring. 
It wasn't that hard either. ;-)  I wanted too, but a few things were out of stock and of course I waited to the last minute, so trying to decide and find swatches was becoming annoying.  I decided against lipstick because I just realized I've bought 21 or so since Txgiving!! WTH! LOLMelt, Mac, and of course nars...    
I bought m618 and m636, I don't remember the third...  I like them a lot...   Since these are super neutral and boring, I'm looking forward to getting more. 
 Ohhh nice!  bring on 2/16! wait, mabye not...  not ready... LOL mmmh hmmm! :-D    SO I kept it really simple, I got 3 MUFE shadows.. of course there are about 20 on my list, and I probably should have gotten some taupes and marsala colors...   I'm kicking myself for letting the coupon expire and not going to JCpenny to pick up 3 more...     3 eyeshadows for 26 bucks!  Happy camper!  I gotKhaki BronzeSweet ChestnutRosewood  
Bauhau5 is gorgeous!
Oh look at Aveda's marsala products...    http://www.aveda.com/products/13342/Collections/romantic-grandeur/index.tmpl
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