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I still use Cetaphil LOL 
Here is my current Audacious lip list Marlene vs Rita... leaning towards RitaFanny CatherineAngelaMichayoAnitaVeraBarbaraGrace (what a beauty but is this more for summer?)JanetJane Charlotte   I did like that Hourglass primer.  I thought about the Marc Jacobs liner set but I have kinda similar colors. 
It's scary. They even tell you the day and location you bought it.  Very scary
Alright, so I've been going back and forth to sephora getting foundation samples and trying to see stuff before I make my big purchase.  I've taken off everything I had originally and added more stuff.  Now I am completely lost.  I'm tempted to get NOTHING. LOL  I'm in that inbtwn stage where foundations don't work, they are either too light or too dark.  And one MUA said I was olive toned.  I thought I was golden.  My concealers aren't working either.   Right now I'm...
are you putting them in here or the sale forum? 
I got it, I like it. I'm NC45.  I'll post my swatches later if you haven't gotten them.    jeez...  I quoted the wrong person.... I'm going to bed LMAO
Wow, look at what I've missed!  *goes to look at pics* 
 OMG I must get this and Sebastian! I prefer nars too! 
:(  Like my friends scolded me when I was working ten+ hour days while sick.  If you die they'll replace you.  Ok that's extreme, but you get the point. ;-)    Get your rest when you can, and feel better soon. 
Oh I didn't do that. LOL  Thank you though.   I was posting my hooded eye to get an idea on where people place their colors, especially the crease. :) I've been told to do it both ways, above the crease a little on the fold, and under, directly in the crease, where it is slightly hidden. 
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