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So has anyone said if there is a difference btwn this sex and the oyster and the original. I finally used this color and it's gorgeous, but more green than silver on me.    Has anyone found any dupes of this one? 
This color is awesome. 
did this include shadow?
Hey ladies!  Just poppin' in to say hi! I've missed you all...  I'm going to attempt to get caught up. LOL 
I might have to go get Charlotte today! hope you go ther name and filled out that survey.  I've had a few bad instances in sephora recently, where I too was treated like a criminal.  I was extremely upset.   Like you, I spend waaaaaaaaay tooo much in the store for that shit. 
I wonder why they would release this MSO only.   BUT I have to admit, I'm stalking cuz I like the colors, not b/c I'm a RHPS fan.  I don't get the obsession with the movie.  *duck* 
OK, I looked at the quad swatches, and I dont think I need this.   Maybe I'll be it for my Aunt who is starting to get into makeup. For $85 it's a steal.... 
Jeez, I've been sleeping behind the wheel with makeup collex's lately...  Glad I can get this at nordies...  right? Huh? RIGHT? LOL 
is this still the price.
so pretty!
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