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awwww shit!  *dancing* 
BFE those swatches are amazing...    I have already forgotten what I wanted next. LOL  
trying to decide what vampy lip to wear out tonite... if I go out.   love this! have they? Nice!  
backing away from the brush now that I've seen the price, where did you get the powder? 
ok and let me know how you like the brush... 
pavlos is nice!!! 
good idea. 
come play with us in the theme thread then. 
 Did you take a pic of your eye? Sounds really pretty.  I'm trying ot "envision" where Sushi Flower went. Very nice! I LOVE Gluhwein...  I made a very basic version for my family last Txgiving. When does the blog go live?  It looks like it is going to be really nice.  Agreed, this is gorgeous Meddy. because of you, I tried it today with Magnetic Appeal and my Laura mecier fan brush... um, it didn't show up. LOL  But your look is gorgeous! 
New Posts  All Forums: