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*whispering*  savesavesave...  LOL 
DId anyone get contraste horizon from teh summer collex?
ok, how are you applying? I ended up with glitter all under my eye as the night went on, and it didn't even last where I placed it on my eye. 
I might snag CP, it's still available. 
^^^^Please send us some of that heat.   It is only going to get up to 70 today?  
Let me know if you come up with anything in your research?  I read a review that said water evaporates up...  so hanging them upside down would cause water to go into the ferrule.  Oh cool, I'll check taht out, thank you. 
SO what is the expiration date on the highlighters and the new matte lipsticks.  The shadows are 8 months right? What about the lippie sticks? 
I do too! 
 I can't find a shade match in his other foundations, I wonder if this will work for me.  very pretty! I couldn't find a shade in teh UD concealer at all.  You all make me want to try again. 
I like, the promo pic is very retro to me.  LIke the 70's. 
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