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   Thank you thank you thank you thank you ladies!!! I will be getting this brush soon!!!  Mosha, I can't wait until you use it. 
very pretty ladies! 
what is dark plum for mac???  hmmmmmmmm  won't it be the same color as YR? LOL 
Why are they discontinuing ILM? 
yes this is gorgeous!!! 
I am more interested in this than I thought.  
I got toying around and playland with their corresponding glosses.  You all are making me want everything else...   I completely forgot to go check these out today. 
what brushes do you use?   she does!!! 
Ohhhh pretty! Might have to buy them.  ok glad you said that, I was going to exchange mine for fonce.  I'll keep the medium.  MEdgal did say it oxidied a lil, and fonce will be her summer color. 
   gorgeous!!! Tell me about the tarte brush? 
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