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Should I get the siren palette?
LOL they do! 
Damn...  I'm glad you got your money back though.  Saw you were waiting for Macy's, will they be getting the line? 
ohhh I like, I like! 
good idea! will do! 
 *eyes wide*  WOW. thank you... isn't that all of them? LOL   I'll be pm-ing soon. LOL  I think that's the one thing that kills us makeup addicts, and causes the most skippers remorse.  the wonder. I totally see it.  I'm going to pretend like I didn't though.  Deborah is staying off of my audacious list. 
LOL... I'm going to go get the Chanel lippie/gloss combo you mentioned  I had something similar by Givenchy that I had to return b/c it was too cool.  I think these will be perfect! 
Mac A novel romance quad.  Those colors did nothing for me. 
New Posts  All Forums: