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I hope it's at the CCO, it's a beautiful color.  BUTTTTT, there might be a Nars Audacious similar.  
Wow really? !Agreed
I don't know what three to get. Might have too pass.
What eye brushes do you have
Lmao....I never put my list together. This can't be released now. I don't know what I want.
I bought all three lippies. It's all of you all's fault. I don't think the packaging is worth $30. The formula was comfortable but not sure about wear time yet. They are very pretty. I really liked light English red. I'm leaning more towards nars audacious at this price though.
If you're still looking mac Oakbrook still has stock.
SAME HERE!  Not buying anymore glosses. 
Can you swatch the two? She wanted to know if any of the audacious lippies were dupes for Toxic Tale.  I'm saying they are not.  Definitely get both!    Kelly is gorgeous, she's next on my list. 
New Posts  All Forums: