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girl they have frustrated me so. I don't care if I find them or not...I called my local nordies 3x because I was hung up on... one girl was rude I just told her nevermimd can u check to see if the brush is elsewhere. I found te highlighters in two locations.... if I get them yeah if I don't oh well..
So not only did it take them THREE EFFIN Days to process my order, they cancelled the brush and FU. ..  FU Nordies!  I could have gone to the store! I placed this order MOnday, why are you telling me today????????!!!!!!!!!!!
Which bronzers are ppl in love with. I got one of the studio sculpt ones, I think Delicates.
I HAAAAAAAAAAAATE Nordstrom right now. Ordered on MOnday, it won't get here until WEDNESDAY  ( I was trying to sneak taht package in the house)      buncha bitches   LMAO 
I got to swatch these.  The coral/orange blush I can dupe, the beige lip gloss I can dupe, I can't wear the powders.... now the nail polishes I love, but I'll just find the dupes.  Collex skipped!  WOHOO!  LOL 
got damn...  I gave up on him for some reason..   Welcome back baby...  
this is stunning! 
JUST BUY A NEW HUGGABLE INSTEAD... ;-)  so sorry for all caps...  
  Thank you  though!  UGH, hate their shipping.  Montreal, love the lo ok! 
so how many do you have? 
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