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beautiful as always! 
I'll check it out. But I still haven't bought anything from D&G, TF, or Burberry. 
OK I might want yield to love now that it's not available.  Was or is there a dupe? 
 I'm actually feeling the same way about new MAC LE's.  I just went through my collex and got rid of a bunch of stuff, and it was a great feeling. Your new job sounds awesome, congratulations!  Share the link! LOL 
oh no, no new job unfortunately. I was on a leave, and my time was up. So I am unfortunately back at the stinky sucky place. LOL   But I will come in here screaming and jumping when I get a new job. LOL Great theme...  This should be fun. 
I'm ignoring this unless I happen to go to the store. Right now I have no interest. 
Hey ladies, I missed all the fun. Love the bold eyes looks posted.  what is August theme?  I've gone back to work and kinda got lost in that.  So I've been doing bare minimum makeup and trying to practice my technique.     So we have a new board? The scoop? I like. 
Ok, looked at Karen's swatches and I want nothing... Is something wrong with me? 
I've been away for so long, I don't even know what this is anymore.  What is FOD?  OHHHHH Fixed on Drama.... It's all coming back to me now!!!  *crossing fingers that we have pics* about to take a look. I think I want the quad with S&TO since I missed out on that one.  I think that's the one I missed out on from that collex, that everyone loved. 
LOL, I can totally relate.
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