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Your honeymoon sounds like it was awesome!  welcome back home! 
 Will get you those swatches.  I"ll try to go tomorrow.  I remember Bd65 being to dark, and the others seemed too beige.  BD65 will be great when I tan in the summer. Amber was too yellow.  Praline, seemed to beige/brown, but works. Around my hairline it was off.   I got a sample of a color, but no name, and I STILL can't figure out what color that is.  I've looked at all the brown ones. LOL  Maple, Chai, Amber, Praline and Pecan.  I think that is all of them.  I'm going...
I'm sorry.  I wore it with NYX toast liner. I love it.  It's a pretty soft pink. Someone said Mehr on steroids, and I can see that.   I'll take a lip shot this weekend.  Yes, that's the one.  It's Physical. LOL  I totally messed that up.  I have learned I really can't do glitter on my eyes.  It get's everywhere b/c they'll attach to the fold.  Plus with my contacts, I don't want to be bothered. I don't know what I did yesterday, but I had contact trouble all day.  I...
  It is a great foundation and very yellow.  I tried a color on that was so yellow it turned up ashy? But I thought it would be perfect for me. LOL      How do you like the genius gel foundation?  what did you find?   anyone try the new YSL foundation. Another good one if you can find your match.  I think my list is going to be basicfoundation and powders and primers...  oh and an audacious lipstick or twoOh and I forgot the Sephora z palette. But trying to decide if I'm...
Ohhhh  I'm tempted! Thanks!  I know right! I might just try it anyway.  I posted a blurry swatch. I thought it was similar to WOG or Superb (I always confuse the two ). 
Need?  LOL  Of course not... Want?  Yes! Ok, I just looked at the GlamGlow products, I can't use any of them. They either have AHA/BHA or Glycerin. My face hates glyercin, I can't even wear it in my hair. 
Thanks!!  I've been checking out the Nudestix thread.  I want to go see the in person.  I'm going to ask for a sample of some skin care when I'm in there to see what I'll want to buy during the sale.    MissTT, I checked out the Shisheido Mask, I'm going to leave those alone b/c I use a prescription retin-a product.   Has anyone checked out that Anastasia Palette?  Oh and Marc is tripping...
Do IT!!  Subscribe!!! LOL   I did my look today. It didn't work out well at all.  I don't think I like At Dusk blush. It didn't do anything for me, and Physical IT, is way to sparkly for me. I almost don't like the All Woman Quad. LOL On the other hand, I do love NV.  I'm trying to think of something for tomorrow. 
I've heard great things about Zoeva too!   Those were great! 
Oh yay! Happy for you guys!  Hope it isn't the same formula. 
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