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I saw these tonite as I was leaving out of the store. I like Frenzy, Adoration, Panic, and Fervor.    They still remind me of the MAC EDSF formula.
ok, found it.  Are bp's like finishing powders?  
@elegant-one  earlier in the thread you mentioned the difference btwn Iridescent and Beauty Powders, and now I can't find it.  Can you tell me again?
Must get that!
why do you love it?  I'm thinking about getting it if it is at my CCO
    Hilarious!  LOL  this kinda turned me off to make up.  No really it did.  I just got through sorting through my stuff.  I don't need anything else and frankly don't want to be bothered at ths point.  Not in a bad way, but just enh, this put me off.
Congrats on the new home!
well back to real life for me.  I've got some stuff to take care of.  Best of luck to everyone on Thursday.
i think it was said to be black and blue but really over exposed.  I saw white/gold, but knew the xposure wasn't right.
welp, I missed the Mac release..   Someone said they were going to release it early.
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