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   I have a question about travelling with makeup.  do you have to make sure liquids are 3oz?  Have you ever had anyone question anything?  Is there ever a limit of how many 3oz liquid products you can have? I always checked my makeup b/c I don't know what's allowed, and btwn my hair products and foundation, I'm sure I'd be over the limit of how many liquid products I can bring on baord. 
Thanks macfan.  My mother just bought it and said it wasn't doing anything, but I thought her face looked pretty. 
 YEs it is. Have you tried the new Nars foundation yet? Yes please that would be awesome! 
you guys have.  it came out with the les beiges. LOL 
Oh cool, I'm going to try this. Do you or did he have a fave setting powder?  NOPE, I hate dior now.  Ok, I really don't but their two new foundations did not have a match for me.  I'm in btwn honey and whatever the one after that is.  Oh geez Meddy. LOL  I was thinking before I buy TF brushes,  I'd just buy Hakuhodo brushes. LMAO 
I forgot I had our secret and never use it. Used it today and it barely shows up on me. 
As anyone else been trying this and loving it? or hate it? 
Really? I'm going to have to try this.        thank you ladies!!!  
I hope it goes through. 
*smh* made a last minute order.   Is blue peep and midnight snak sold out on nordies? Or did they never show up? 
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