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  you guys make me want nice composure! 
 LOL  I'm so serious too! LOL  I don't think you gave me the other site link. I did get the orange shadow, it reminds me of a few I have, but it is still different enough.  I didn't even try PMS on, I didn't know it was so streaky.  I'll just the ones you have on in the photos.  BTW, what foundation are you wearing now? I was looking at that ccbase.  I bet it's pretty. 
Good info
      HOLLERIN'   not at your pain but where our (or just mine) minds went.  
aww man. 
   those two got me too.  heffas! 
thank you for helping me narrow it down.  What about the cool mattes? I think I'll just stick to the Dark Matte for now.  I wish Sultry Muse or Paris Nudes were on sale. 
it's ok to be fussy about what you spend your money on.  What do you use to clean your burshes? Maybe you need to try something different to get the stain out?  I think having some brush hair stick out is normal.  Just shape it as best you can while wet.    You now what is funny, I have to do that with my hair. I'm a curly girl and have to style while wet.  When it dries it does what it wants anyway.  LMAO 
 Oh you have notes now! LOL Yes ma'am, ordering now.  
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