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Ok cool! LOL   Thanks for explaining the powder.  I'll have to give it a second chance. 
Very pretty ladies! Maggie love that wing!
Ok, so it's interesting that we are all on blushes right now. I was look at BBrown's Blush Brush and was thinking about getting it.  What's your fave blush brush. I think I need something with a smaller more precise head. I don't need it everywhere. ya know? 
I am not going to get sucked into these cheek pops  (going to see if I can swatch somewehre tomorrow)
what camera do you use? 
still a lil unsure about this one.
That's gorgeous Dolly.
I'm beginning to think black rose won't be my color.   It might be too dark.  Still going to check it out. :-)
I really want this now! looks good.  I'm trying hard to resist.
me three.I really need to see MM swatched against some other reds.
New Posts  All Forums: