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they are ok in a pinch, but not effective for clelaning a lot of brushes b/c the cloth dries out too fast. 
I'm ignoring this talk of the dior highligher/illuminator. 
haven't given her the gift yet.   Was looking for a purse size pink makeup bag to put the goodies I bought for her in. 
can you post which case you have? 
so glad I can't get it!  I'm not tempted at all.  Now the TF one?   *sigh*  I'm going on two back to back trips.  I can't buy anything else!!!    
if not, how do they determine that? 
ok, so I wore Azelane yesterday, it is beautiful!!!!  
   I was going to say the same... LMAO  HOw about a nail polish?    mmhmmm ok... 
um... I don't think they are alike. lOL 
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