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OMG! I love specktra.net and all of you. I donated. I couldn't do as much as I wanted to due to some financial strain I'm having, but at least I gave something.
Wowza!!!! Love it!!!!
My quote doesn't seem to be working. Thank you ladies who have shared swatches & pics of the new Heaux. I may need to cave and get it now. It looks beautiful. Wear it well ladies!!!
I want Amplified Heaux now, but I need to see a swatch to make up my mind.
I'm really liking how Which Witch looks. I'm interested in her collection(s) even though I have no idea who she is.
Thank you!!! Gorgeous swatches. So glad I got Quelle Surprise and Flowerscope.
You know what? Honestly. I don't remember seeing Heaux on the website. I still have the original, so I will hold off on this one.
Well. That was more than a challenge. My first time ordering with MAC's new website. I only ordered Quelle Surprise and Flowerscope. I think everything went through fine. Happy hauling, everyone!
I know I sound like a broken record, but I would KILL for a Periwinkle shade blue lippie from Melt!!!!!
Aw crap. I just placed an order w/them. I hope the product and color payoff is good. I got the four lippies for $38 plus free shipping. I need to stay away from IG because I'm a sucker for new brands that I have never heard of.
New Posts  All Forums: