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Thank you, Dolly!!! This is exciting news.
I wants me some Nood.
Thank you, Dolly!!!
Tx. I'm definitely keeping Maxx and Jessy due to their unique coats. If I can find trustworthy people to adopt Tyler and Toby, then I will give them up, but I'm having anxiety issues with that idea at the moment. I never had to deal with such little ones. I usually adopt/save the ferals and take them in. I've never had to give up a cat/kitten before. I'm not going to worry about it until they are older and I return from my family vacation in May. In the meantime, they are...
Tx. I am still going to try and treat myself to Boca only. I am now the proud gammie of four little furry babies. My baby Scarlett just had kittens. I never even knew she was pregnant. Eight kitties in my apt. now. Eight mouths to feed. Gotta save some money and put my lipstick addiction on hold or at least try to buy smartly (this is going to be hard).Cuteness overload. Meet from left: Maxx, Jessy, Tyler (with hands up) and Toby.
Thank you! I'm losing track of what's in what collection.
OMG! I like them both, but will not be able to afford it. I am leaning more towards that Pearl Blossom which looks fabulous.
  Hot diggity dog!!! I am #TeamBoca again. I almost decided not to get anything, but that didn't last long. I'm thinking all three lippies and the Linda blush. Bring on the fighting y'all. I'm getting my stuff (I hope).
Notice me l/s
Good morning. So, I have absolutely no will power. I wanted to skip this collection, but nope. I came on this morning and saw a bunch of messages. Went on the MAC website and ended up w/LJ and BK. Augh! Happy hauling, everyone!!! 
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