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  Thank you both so very much!!! I will definitely look into all of these blushes and brands.
Thank you ladies. Maybe I'll skip and pray for a more lavendery purpley blush in the future either from MAC or another company.
Ladies. Help me please. What do you think about the Azalea blush ombre? Do you ladies think it will have enough lavender in it for me? I am considering getting it, but if it's too pink I am going to be pissed. Anyone?   or do you think I should just wait for a future collection that may actually have a more lavender(y) blush?
Ooooh. I had seen something briefly on my IG about the new Nyx lipsticks. Damn. I need to save my money. Tx MissElle!!!
Tx MissElle! I'm not a big lip gloss gal, but these look sweet and I do love Nyx lip butters.
Awww man. I was totally going to skip this collection. Then I come here and wham. I see Christine's swatches. I want Oxblood now. I'm trying to restrain myself from buying more lippies since so many other collections are coming out. I wish we had swatches of Kindergarten Red (unless I missed it somewhere) so I'm not just buying one item. Thank you, Shars.
Thank you. They all look so pretty.
I was totally going to skip this collection, but if AB has that much lavender in it I'll get one. Love lavender blush.
Thank you!
It's a family vacation to Chicago this year. Nothing really exciting, but I still need to save for it. I know I want Kindergarden Red ombre, Oxblood and then..... Victoriana or Opera or Barbecue??
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