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Thank you!!! Gorgeous swatches. So glad I got Quelle Surprise and Flowerscope.
You know what? Honestly. I don't remember seeing Heaux on the website. I still have the original, so I will hold off on this one.
Well. That was more than a challenge. My first time ordering with MAC's new website. I only ordered Quelle Surprise and Flowerscope. I think everything went through fine. Happy hauling, everyone!
I know I sound like a broken record, but I would KILL for a Periwinkle shade blue lippie from Melt!!!!!
Aw crap. I just placed an order w/them. I hope the product and color payoff is good. I got the four lippies for $38 plus free shipping. I need to stay away from IG because I'm a sucker for new brands that I have never heard of.
I have never tried Bite cosmetics. How are they? I want that Opal lippie as well as some of the berries. Going to check out Sephora tomorrow.
That sounds fabulous. Tx Erin.
Thank you, Marsha!
My work computer is acting bonkers. I missed this photo of Catsuit. I love it! I still can't really see the shade. Does anyone know if it's deep dark brown, red, or plum? Sorry.Tx for posting Dolly.
Tx Erin. This is good to know.
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