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Nice haul! I only ordered Betrayel and Immortal (which kind of reminds me of Melt's DGAF). I may buy more at a later date. Been going lippie crazy lately. Enjoy your haul, everyone!!! Can't wait to see swatches.
I need that lippie!!! It looks gorgeous on you by the way. I haven't been able to find any of the new Milani lippies, Maybelline mattes or new wetnwild lippies anywhere at any drug store in NYC. WTF is going on? I need more lippies.
Great haul, Vineetha!!!! Enjoy your goodies. I can't wait to see swatches and hear your reviews.
Finally! I had some computer issues. So I decided on SIS, FR and LVER. I hope I don't get skipper's remorse for skipping DG. Happy hauling, everyone!
FR first and then maybe FVER.
Good morning fellow Specktrettes!!! Hope everyone has their stalking caps on and some coffee. Hoping this comes up before noon. I'm still trying to decide between LVER and DG. What do you ladies think? Definitely getting FR and SIS.
I love Taupe! I wear it all the time. It's my everyday go to lippie. I can't wait for SIS.
I just received both emails that my blush and FNF have been shipped.
Thank you for posting. Glad I was able to get the RHPS blush. It looks amazing. Definitely getting FR.
My list is similar except for Pander Me. I think I will forgo DG for LVER. I may change my mind however & get both. And  about the statement "So many lippies, so little time". Ain't this the truth!
New Posts  All Forums: