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Must. Buy. Dark RoomAnd Nood 
The day before my birthday, awesome!
Thank you so much, Naomi!!!! I may just have to get some pigments to play with. Can you also use them as blush or mix with a blush for added color or sparkle?
Can I ask a really dumb question? What do you use pigments for? I have never had one, but these look marvelous and I would like to try them. Thank you in advance.
That is my type of lippie. I am dying for a matte frost. On my list. This holiday collection is too much to keep up with. I am going in blind and will just try to either order some online and then head to the store to view things in person.
Nice haul! I only ordered Betrayel and Immortal (which kind of reminds me of Melt's DGAF). I may buy more at a later date. Been going lippie crazy lately. Enjoy your haul, everyone!!! Can't wait to see swatches.
I need that lippie!!! It looks gorgeous on you by the way. I haven't been able to find any of the new Milani lippies, Maybelline mattes or new wetnwild lippies anywhere at any drug store in NYC. WTF is going on? I need more lippies.
Will. Be. Mine.
Great haul, Vineetha!!!! Enjoy your goodies. I can't wait to see swatches and hear your reviews.
Finally! I had some computer issues. So I decided on SIS, FR and LVER. I hope I don't get skipper's remorse for skipping DG. Happy hauling, everyone!
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