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It does remind me of Instigator, but that will not stop me from buying it. Thank you, Nadine!
I like it! I also like that it's not as bright as the original CYY. Tx Rooocelle!
Thank you, Detective Nadine! I'm getting that lippie. It's gorgeous!!!!I still kinda wish it was the other more bluish lavender one, but...maybe in the future we'll get one like that.
I can't remember why I didn't pick up Pet Me, Please with the Fabulous Feline collection. It's f'ing gorgeous! I'm getting it this time around.
OMG! My ladies. I am also on #TeamWasBullied. It wasn't too bad as I got older. It was really bad when I was a child. I was a deathly shy child. Also, I have two brothers that had learning disabilities. My mother is hearing impaired and comes from The Netherlands, so she has an accent and my dad also had a learning disability. He still managed to support a stay at home housewife/mother with three young children. Due to all these issues, I was picked, teased, beaten up....
Such talent! Love these also.
AutumnMoon, your art work is just amazing. That is a talent I wish I had, ontop of a few others. I just admire those who have unbelievable talent. Thank you for sharing.
Oh. That's strange I guess. Tx MandyVanHook! Maybe she got a bad batch of the blushes. I can't wait to receive mine. Well, I ordered Ocean City, but with my luck I will end up with Sunset Beach. I will swatch and let all you lovelies know if I like it or not.
All you lovelies look marvelous in your lippies and blushes. I didn't know that T gave the blush ombre's an F. Why? I will see if I can find her reviews for them later tonight.
New Posts  All Forums: