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I have never tried Bite cosmetics. How are they? I want that Opal lippie as well as some of the berries. Going to check out Sephora tomorrow.
That sounds fabulous. Tx Erin.
Thank you, Marsha!
My work computer is acting bonkers. I missed this photo of Catsuit. I love it! I still can't really see the shade. Does anyone know if it's deep dark brown, red, or plum? Sorry.Tx for posting Dolly.
Tx Erin. This is good to know.
I missed this one somehow. It's light, but I still like it.  I want all four lippies if I can afford it.Tx for posting cocotears!
Okay. I'm a crazy cat lady, so anything with cat in it has got my money. This looks gorgeous. Tx Erin! I wonder what shade it is? Maybe like a plummy or a berry??
Laced  I can't wait to pick up all four lippies online if I can. Tx Dolly!
Most of mine aren't empty either. I have twelve items to B2M for two lippies. Now, I just need to decide which two lippies I want. I already bought Matte Royal, Stone, Whirl and MLM. I will go in person (one of these days) and see what the store has.
New Posts  All Forums: