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I'm this collection. Happy hauling, everyone. I can't wait to see swatches.
haul Pumpkinspice. I hope you love everything.
Happy hauling everyone! I was going back and forth with whether or not to get anything from this collection. I settled on only two lipsticks (the horror!). I got A Novel Romance and Yield to Love. I'm skipping the AI blush.   More money for the Fall/Winter collections coming up. Enjoy your goodies!!!
That shadow and her lipstick. I can't wait for this collection. I wonder what is on her cheeks? Thank you. Damn I want AI again, but not sure if I should. I want the blush from Rocky Horror. I can't tell if they're similar or not. Anyone?
It's so unfair!!!!
Oooh. Me likey. I'm loving the fourth on the left (blue violet, it figures), the second top left, the bottom right. I like the pink, green, orange and redish shades also. Can't wait to get my pedi done with one of these shades. Thank you for sharing.
    Hot diggity dog!!! Love this so much. Love that the lipstick is so unusual. I hate gloss, but I may give in and get it. Rihanna is so damn gorgeous it's so unfair! 
This doesn't surprise me at all. I love tech stuff.   Congratulations! Here are your results. You're a Tech Buff You love your technology, and it loves you back. Life is all about having the best tech for you. You want a top of the range experience, whether it comes with a hefty price tag or a hundred hours spent building it yourself. You like to be connected to the web wherever you find yourself in the world and can't get enough of the latest gadget news and...
I want it!!!!! Tx for the swatches.
Thank you. It looks soooo purrty. I can't wait for swatches and reviews also.
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