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Ooooh. I had seen something briefly on my IG about the new Nyx lipsticks. Damn. I need to save my money. Tx MissElle!!!
Tx MissElle! I'm not a big lip gloss gal, but these look sweet and I do love Nyx lip butters.
Mandy, my condolences to you & your family on the passing of your husband's grandmother. I LOVE Gunner on you!!! I can't wait to try mine out. It's so blue based. Just what I have dreamed about.
Skipping right along with you ladies.
Thank you for the swatches jedichick26!!! I am loving how blue based Gunner is. My package came early, but my neighbor took it in and she wasn't home last night when I got home. Hoping I can get it tonight.
 I had a nice little figure back in the days. I just had bigger boobs and my hips were a tad wider than hers. Thank you, liba!!! Glad Gunner is a great color with easy application. I would also love for a color lighter, but blue based as well.
Tx for this tidbit liba!!! I'm looking forward to the Giambatista collection. 
Thank you!! I was wondering if Gunner & Punk Couture were similar or not. This answers my question.
I do that also.
I'm super excited about Gunner! It look marvelous on you. I love that it appears to be very blue based. I can't wait. My order is suppose to arrive on Thursday.
New Posts  All Forums: