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Just got both my shipping confirmations!!! Woot Woot!
Oh darn. I thought I would have some strength to wait to B2M for these, but since I know how dirty MAC can play I decided to order three. I ordered Whirl, Stone and Royal. Augh! Happy hauling, everyone!   Edit:  I went back and ordered MLM.  It's too early for me. I just got to work and I haven't had my coffee yet.   Glad I got the four.   I will B2M for some others.
I'm late with the congratulations. You and your groom look gorgeous. I love your dress by the way!!!!
Tx Dolly! From these swatches I want Royal, MLM, Stone, Whirl and maybe Steady Going and Persistence.Quick question. I may be wrong, but wasn't Whirl suppose to be a mauvish shade?
Now this is exciting. Tx Erin!!! Can't wait to find out more. I already want Nood and depending on what shade Catsuit is, I may get it.
Thank you, Nadine!  Loving the promo picture. I'm a flower lover so this hits me in my heart. Can't wait to get a few of these.
Can't wait to find out more. I like the hastag. #Meltcatsuit. Anything with cat in the title always gets me.
 Thank you. They all look wonderful. Since I need to be more of a penny pincher these days. My list consists of: Whirl, Stone, Matte Royal, Men Love Mystery and maybe Steady Going. I may end up with just Stone, Whirl and MLM though due to finances.
Thank you. 
Thank you so very much, Erin!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: