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Same here. I'm suppose to be on a "no-buy" until I get back from my vacation which will be in Sept. I need to save money and all. I just didn't realize these would be perm. I thought LE and saw Coven and just had to have it. Glad they applied smooth. Coven is hopefully going to be the blue based lavender I've been dying for...even though I have about four others from different brands already. Haha.
Thank you for the swatches! Loving Coven (of course!) and the others. I went to Sephora on 5th Avenue & 20th Street here in NYC since the one at Union Square didn't have them yet. Well, the 5th Avenue Sephora doesn't even sell Kat Von D's line. I was so upset. I thought I would be able to get swatches for you beautiful ladies. Sorry. Rocksteady did the lippies apply smooth? My Sephora order just shipped. Fingers crossed I will love my three lippies.
You look terrific w/Poe on you. Thank you to Dilligaf, Dolly, Dolly's sister and everyone else who has posted pictures of themselves with these new lippies. I'm having some quoting issues this morning.
Thank you, Bratcat!!
Thank you! I may have to pick up Poe. I didn't want to order online before seeing it in person. I need to get myself to either JCP or another Sephora soon. Coven is just to DIE FOR!
Thank you, Dilligaf! How did they feel when swatching? This will be my first time ever buying anything Kat Von D has.
My Sephora at Union Square didn't have any of them. The girl wasn't even sure what I was talking about and said they may or may not get them in by the end of the week.
New Posts  All Forums: