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The quad looks divine!
The same lady's posted a few more detailed pics - seems like the quad is a new one called Nude Dip!
Oh no, that quad is gorgeous! And highlighter/blush duos? Sign me up for both
I used the 187 with Wicked today, but accidentally built it up too much and ended up having to buff it down to a non-clown cheeks level :D
I was hoping no-one would say that - now I feel like I need it! It was really wonderfully soft when I tried it out at the counter a few weeks ago...
I was also wondering what people are finding is the best brush for TF blushes!
Wearing Wicked and In the Pink for the first time today, and they're gorgeous! I'm contemplating backing up ITP though - it makes the perfect peachy-pinky shimmery eye
My Tom Ford parcel arrived! Time to play
My mum has the eye pencils in Midnight and Metallic Moss and she loves them!
I can't wait to get mine! It was supposed to be delivered today, but I don't think I'll be able to get my hands on it until next Friday now :(
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