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I've just come back from holiday, and they had MIB in the duty free at Manchester airport when I left on the 10th - I was very surprised to see it there!
I like them for when you don't have a lot of time to do your e/s in the morning, because you can just put on one shade and it tends to look more complex than it is (if that makes sense?) I'm leaning more towards RJ - the TF e/s that I do own are all in the pinky/purple family (Seductive Rose, Orchid Haze, In The Pink). And while I do adore those kind of colours, I have more than a few already!
Trying to convince myself that I don't need Raw Jade or Ripe Plum by going through some of my MAC EDES, but it's not entirely working...    
 Sadly it doesn't come out until the start of September here in the UK, so I'm sure you'll all get your goodies before me!
I phoned up my local TF counter earlier this week and booked an appointment to try out the new foundation and the fall collection - now I can't wait!
Ohhh, now I want to try it! I'm always looking for foundations that are pale enough for me
Ooh that one might work with a light hand! I'd like to swatch them in person - interesting how the cheek duos retail for $77 and the quad for $79. I really wasn't expecting them to be cheaper!
Me too. I can't do orange blush, I wish they were more peach or plum!
The quad looks divine!
The same lady's posted a few more detailed pics - seems like the quad is a new one called Nude Dip!
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