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 Sadly it doesn't come out until the start of September here in the UK, so I'm sure you'll all get your goodies before me!
I phoned up my local TF counter earlier this week and booked an appointment to try out the new foundation and the fall collection - now I can't wait!
Ohhh, now I want to try it! I'm always looking for foundations that are pale enough for me
Ooh that one might work with a light hand! I'd like to swatch them in person - interesting how the cheek duos retail for $77 and the quad for $79. I really wasn't expecting them to be cheaper!
Me too. I can't do orange blush, I wish they were more peach or plum!
The quad looks divine!
The same lady's posted a few more detailed pics - seems like the quad is a new one called Nude Dip!
Oh no, that quad is gorgeous! And highlighter/blush duos? Sign me up for both
I used the 187 with Wicked today, but accidentally built it up too much and ended up having to buff it down to a non-clown cheeks level :D
I was hoping no-one would say that - now I feel like I need it! It was really wonderfully soft when I tried it out at the counter a few weeks ago...
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