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  MAC...all day err day. 
 New matte lipsticks are a lot more glossy than previous ones. 
It is not really a delay. It is normal so far. My guess is about 10:20-10:30 EST. 
Not in about 6-8 months. 
I no longer stay up. I get up at 4-5 and what happens happens. 
 Yes, my procedure and recovery have been amazing. Thank you both. 
I had a lot of recurring infections and also a lot of thickening that was so bad that it stopped me from "going" and the thickening can indicate colon cancer, so I had about a foot of it removed in December.  
I just had a colon resection and my Dr. was a guy but it is so funny to think of a Dr. ordering MAC in the middle of surgery. For me it might have been "Hold this shit (literally) while I place my order!".
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