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They canceled ones with multiple orders that looked like resellers and the ones that ordered BF and more than one LTD. They did it to be fair and stop evilbayers. 
Try the 239, 242, the sponge eyeshadow applicator, or your finger. Use over a good base. 
The Nwish colors are ok for it but are a little too dark. I LOVE I get no Kick so I hope Snowed In will be close. Pure White is too white for everyday on me. I like Fascinating too but the hint of peach from IGNK is my daily go to. 
Gorgeous and booo about the dentist! 
I need Snowed In for my waterline!!  
This is like the person that was begging me to help them get Osbourne's items but did not want to pay even the tax. She wanted to pay $17.50 and that was it. I was sooo pissed after I busted my butt to try to help her find the items with Debbs help.
The plum and the brown are both great. I have the singles of the ones in the plum bag and LOVE them. I think if you only get one the brown is the most versatile. 
Ok. I apparently was not done. I went today and got the plum and brown eye bags just for the shadows because I realized how much of them I have used already. ED is my favorite MAC shadow. Sooo...I also picked up the brown and pink pigments and was thinking HARD about the blue too. Gladly, I skipped the gloss sets this year and kiddo did too.  Moving along, a Chanel highlighter magically had to come home with me too as I was leaving. Oopsie. 
Which items? 
It is greenish blue shimmer. Like 3d club. Very similar to the polish Determined from Sephora's Formula X line. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/220465344233912893/
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