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Yes. There are several that are close. Moxie is super close to it as well. Girl About Town over All Fired Up is really close too. 
 Awww. It is so true though but I am glad you ladies got a kick out of it. 
I got the 15 palette, Artful, and Trusted Instinct palette. I want to see swatches of Gospel. 
Happy birthday!! 
My quad is excellent quality with amazing pigmentation.
I like HA and had skipped SK so I am glad I got HA.
 Yay! Thank you for sharing!
When I am in MO there is one 30-45 min away. In TX, it is a good 12+ hours to one. I make the most of it when I am in MO.
 If it is too dark, apply a lustre, like Myself, Woodrose, Siren Song, etc first, then lightly dab or do one thin layer of the darker lippy, ttt, lk, pc, etc and voila. I like dabbing until I get to a color I am ok with. That is more controlled than swiping if you want to manage the strength of the color. JMO and hope it helps.
New Posts  All Forums: