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My quad is excellent quality with amazing pigmentation.
I like HA and had skipped SK so I am glad I got HA.
 Yay! Thank you for sharing!
 If it is too dark, apply a lustre, like Myself, Woodrose, Siren Song, etc first, then lightly dab or do one thin layer of the darker lippy, ttt, lk, pc, etc and voila. I like dabbing until I get to a color I am ok with. That is more controlled than swiping if you want to manage the strength of the color. JMO and hope it helps.
I got my goodies. I LOVE SY.I LOOOOVE the green quad. Humm. I LOVE LOVE Grand Pumpkin. It is a gorgeous peachy nude on me. Perfect and uber cupcakey in scent.
I went at 11:30 and it looked like the shadows and blushes had not been swatched yet and there was only one other person there buying foundation.
Ok, only you have made NtS not look solid white. YAY. I might be ok with it.
Icon looked great on you @MandyVanHook!!
OOPS. Wonky Specktra. Double posted.
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