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They admitted it today.https://www.facebook.com/urbandecaycosmetics   http://www.urbandecay.com/udemail to sign up for notification.   YAY!!!
The Sephora here did not and it is not on Sephora. The display here only has 4 slots.
Is Last Tango a NARS only exclusive?
Is Radieuse sold out everywhere besides Chanel or not up yet? I really want it and can't find it.
I really think the warehouse workers are swatching our shiz.
I have the other two and bot this one too. Thank you MissTT.
I don't think it is production. I think it is the warehouse people honestly. One had brush marks on the first one and the brush was used then there were clear rubs like finger swatches on the others. That went back quick. The shadow was still on it. This is from the 2nd one. The other finger prints were like these. Not on all shadows like the first one but on several. Looks like finger swatches to me.
Love ya'll!! Seriously!
If I was at my normal place I'd go to the store but I'm 2+ hours from Sephora so I can't do that. Both sent back and Idk when I'll get another.
New Posts  All Forums: