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Which stores are going to get the 456 palette? I NEED that one!!!
The new lippies are up but coming soon. I wanna see swatches. I LOVE them to pieces.
So, I'm late but here is my haul. Love bfb, uber love black ivy, the shadows are nice enough and different enough to justify getting them. Moody Bloom is different in texture than any other ss. I haven't tried the rest of them yet though.
 Thank you both. I never noticed it last year, but I was swatching them beside the new ones from Moody Bloom and had a WTF moment.
Does anyone else have the lipsticks from this one yet? Do your tubes say "New Temptation" instead of Sheen Supreme on the sticker? Mine has that and Pleasurefruit on it.
I LOVE WW on you!!! So pretty!
Love it! Gorgeous as always Elegant!
This makes me want Her Blooming Cheek. Thank you!
I would exchange WW for it. In. a. heartbeat.
New Posts  All Forums: