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Which items? 
It is greenish blue shimmer. Like 3d club. Very similar to the polish Determined from Sephora's Formula X line. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/220465344233912893/
It pulls reddish on me and very warm. 
Modest blush-Great, perfect, LOVE. Peachy pink, soft and subtle. Similar to Fun Ending and Cheeky Bugger but more muted. Sweet Sentiment- LOVE too. Slightly plummed pink. It is not overly pink and bright. Great winter flush color.   Dark Majesty-looks grey in the pan, darker on. Smooth and pigmented.    Salon Rouge-Glad I skipped FnF for it. TOTAL LOVE. Great wine/berry color. The non old lady version of Private Party in a way. Sparks of Romance-I see matte frost. I...
The step up from Enchanted is Barry M 98 Dazzle Dust and Too face Midnight Mist is close too if you can find it. 
Too awesome. 
YES. The full of shit, greedy people that do and say whatever to a. get sales that they get a piece of, b. sell their own line of whatever or resell because they build hype to make $, or c. bs and buy stuff to return just to get views and are clueless. Fake people suck. 
A to the men about her and her sister. They used to live in the town in TN where I was born and lived for a while. 
Thank you!!  Feel better soon and I am glad you finally were able to eat! 
Ok, went to the counter for a change and Enchanted is Errthang. It reminds me of the duochrome Too Faced shadows (almost identical to Midnight Mist) and I will top Cop A Teal with it for sure and maybe Poison Orchid too. Modern Majesty will go over blue brown pigment, Club, Label Whore/Petal to the Metal. It is that shade and I could not say no. The duochrome is TDF and now I know why Enchanted was sold out everywhere. I got Gentrified too to use as a Paint Pot. It is...
New Posts  All Forums: