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In need of a code, pretty please. TIA!
Site is slow and I got service unavailable too. Got the email in 8 minutes of it going up though. Ordered SiS, NV, PM, FR, LVIR. Done, Yay. 
I did. Just blush and a polish. 
Congrats!! I am so happy for you.
FnF was not wine enough for me to want it. I am saving that ish for the mattes. I am happy that I snagged BF and CA. BLUSH WHOOOORES unite! 
Eyeliner nostrils were such the thing then. 
They have. It has been a while but it has happened. 
I am worried about Karen. She seems distracted a bit lately. Lover her heart.
It is the first item pictured for me even from your link. 
I see the palette. 
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