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I think a lot of people are not excited for this and they can't use pro to make a HUGE profit  on ebay and IG. 
When Iw as checking out it had mine marked to ship overnight automatically but I was being charged $10 and I had to change it. I am a cheap-o. 
Super low stock, VERRRY LE IMO! 
LOL!! So true! 
I do not think they usually make an announcement. We figure it out or MAC Chat finally has a consistent story.
I am guessing not today. Usually they put stuff up together and I got the mascara email just now. 
This has happened several times in the last year from MAC.
The email was correct as well. Grrr. I'll live but Grrr.
Thanks for effin up again MAC. I didn't want FS, LJ assholes!! I could only get a refund. I guess I'm not the only one with this issue.
My haul! I love it alllllll!!
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