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No shadows yet though...dang it.
I use a metal spatula and then my finger from the metal palette that goes with the spatula but you can use like on orange stick or baby spoon the same way. As for a brush, I like the 249 for cream products the best. Just barely get the tips in it for a thin application. A 239 will work ok, but I think more product is wasted with it.
Try not to blend it out as much and maybe try Too Faced Shadow Insurance, UD Primer Potion, or as a last resort Too Faced Glitter Glue.
For $7
They can call it a beauty powder if they wish but it is a blush. The release said "face powder" but that is not even a MAC product name just a description and there is no way it would work for an all over the face application. The color is self explanatory as to where on the face the product would work. I am not saying it is for sure Ripe Peach but it looks an awful lot like it. My point was that they have made regular round items square in couture collections before and...
I have 4 or 5 Ud lip liners and they are so smooth and creamy. Zero tugging on my lips. Ozone looks white but is clear. I love it and it prevents feathering and migration without changing the color. I love it.
Try the UD ozone one..
Speaking of this, I got the Too Faced Chocolate Bar and Pink Chocolate from Too Faced yesterday at the PX and it was so cheap! The lippy was $16 and the palette was $39.50
The quad Sharon is holding looks like the RiRi quad.
I love the Mother Daughter concept but I too am over Celeb collections for the most part except designers and Viva Glam. I am hopeful for a bright crazy pink. A frosted CYY would be awesomesauce.
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