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 Well, exactly! In fact, we are doing the advertising. ;-)
 MAC doesn't spend any money on advertising. They only spend money on promo images, but they never advertise in magazines, billboard, etc.
 So true!
Woohoo, she will be so thrilled.
 I'm not surprised. Given the fact that a lot of LE collections is in "fun" packaging and/or features comic figures, etc., it draws in the younger crowd. MAC is still affordable in comparison to high end brands (though we are getting close). So when you stalk those LE collections, watch out! You might be pushed away by a group of nine-years-olds.
 The under-10-years-old is a growing market and MAC is certainly branching out to these new consumers. The 5-years old daughter of a friend of mine has already a considerable stash of MAC glosses (and she is certainly no exception). I haven't told her about MAC x Cinderella, but I'm sure she will go crazy. And yes, these colors are certainly suitable for pre-school/pre-teens!
 That sucks. 6 hours is a long trip.
 It's one of those colors that you should really try in store, especially as it is matte (think concealer lips). :)
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