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 Lately, MAC is sending me primer samples, so I'm all good.
 Samples are awesome, arent' they? I prefer primer samples, but I'm happy with mascara too.
 MAC is pretty fast this time. :-)
That was easy. MAC figured out that NEXT did cost them quite a few pennies. :)
That was easy.
 That would be genius.
 Been there, done that. :)
 "Coming soon" can range from a few minutes to a few days. Anything is possible.
 I'm sure you'll nail your interview.
 If that's the case, hopefully MAC will reinstate early access for Pros. However, they policy makes clear that they can change terms and conditions at any time, thus I'm not surprised. Personally, I don't mind paying for special packaging. I only buy my personal must-haves (and those usually in bulk), but I honor the fact that LE packaging is more expensive to produce.
New Posts  All Forums: