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 I'm curious how it affects sales...
 So true. Woof.
 That's the main reason why I will most likely skip this collection.
 Well said, Erine. Posting TM's images is simply hypocritical and very disrespectful towards you. I was in a similar (or at least related) situation 2 years ago and decided not to post infos about upcoming collections, swatches or product recommendation. I do feel much better now as I don't have to worry about somebody disrespecting the work that I've put into contributing this forum. Anyways, let's move on.
 I usually do buy all new brushes, but these ones, I skipped. I'm certain that these two brushes will be re-released in the near future as fullsize brushes rather than LE - and then hopefully in better quality. However, if you are a fan of the design, go for it. Or, if you can hold your breath, wait until they show up at the CCO. They are definitely CCO material.
I'm glad that Pro discount applied in Europe this time.
 It runs more like NW18. Same goes for NW15, which is more in line with NW13. HTH
 Got it. :-)
 Don't forget: Europe is a different market, thus what might be perm in the US might be LE in Europe.
 You only need the tiniest amount with this foundation (see my post above). I also recommend setting it with a different powder (not the PLW one). Use one or the other, otherwise it will too heavy - unless one is going for a drag queen look. HTH
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