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 I agree. As the finish of HS is so matte, it looks rather flat on the face, thus emphasizing imperfections, fine lines and/or dry patches, but a ton of moisturizer followed by a ton of primer will help. Those with oily skins might like it too.
 Mine has shipped too.
 Oh ok. Is your US address linked to your International paypal? Then it should work.
Were orders already canceled?
 You didn't get LER?
 You won't regret it. I BU'ed UP and LER.
 I know you will love it.
 Given MAC's price increase policy and the increases we've seen in the past two years, we'll probably look back in a few years contemplating how affordable the couture collections were back in 2014. :)
Couture collection = couture prices. Same procedure as every year. :)
 I'd guess the two week wait rule applies. :)
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