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 Leider nein.
 This sounds annoying. What exactly is on the B2M exclusion list? Did you talk to the store manager? I hope you get the stuff that you want! You deserve it.
 C'est encore pire! :)
 Tell me about. Especially when you are typing English on a French ipad. :)
  Thanks for being fair. This is much appreciated. I will keep my mouth shut to put an end (from my perspective) on this unpleasant topic. Done and dusted.
 It's always 30% off at CCOs. If stuff is REALLY old, they might put it on sale, typically at 50%, but that ain't happen too often.
 Gern geschehen.  Die Pro Extension gibts ab 1. August.
 Nee, erstmal wohl nur Pro.
   3D Glitter auch, aber vermutlich wohl MSO.
 Regulaer ab Juni.
New Posts  All Forums: