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 F*** the discount and go for Nordies. It's less stressful than waiting for weeks. You can always get your BUs from the MAC site later.  PS: It's really ironic that the one collection we get Pro discount does not release all items. Oh well, it's MAC, and I enjoyed the Pro discount ride while it lasted and didn't take it for granted.
 It is floppy. You will either love or hate it. In terms of control, it's very similar to the 207 - although that is a totally different brush - but both feature very bendy bristles. 
 Unfortunately, that's not a guarantee. Bao said for four weeks "coming soon".
 I think you are right.
 Thanks, hun. I'm so busy with work these days.
 So true.
So many orange-y blushes this year.
 Well, exactly! In fact, we are doing the advertising. ;-)
 MAC doesn't spend any money on advertising. They only spend money on promo images, but they never advertise in magazines, billboard, etc.
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