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 Wow, their CS is getting worse and worse. 
I can skip eyeshadows, but I'm sure I can't resist blushes and lipsticks if they're in the holiday collection. 
The more I see Audrey, the more I think the shade looks quite murky or muddy. 
They suck doesn't they?Whenever I ordered at Nars, I always got emails between midnight and 2am even if they sent packages around 4pm. So I think you can get it in a couple of hours!
I just wore Fanny and it's little darker than I expected, but I can say it's a beautiful berry lipstick! 
  Based on my experience, they usually send a shipping email at midnight.  
 look gorgeous on you!Btw, does Jane lean on brown?
Vanessa and Carmen:   http://www.blushingnoir.com/2014/08/nars-vanessa-carmen-audacious-lipstick-swatches-review/
  Thanks for the swatch!You gave me the reason why I should cross Vera off my list! I don't prefer berry lipsticks which have red undertone.And now I need to find the last reason why I should cross Lana off. 
I just found out this thread!
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