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  I'm not a big fan of their regular brushes (pricey but scratchy), but I love their Kabuki lines especially Yachiyo just like you. And I agree Yachiyo isn't soft, but I think it's the best match for their blushes.I tried many brushes to apply their blushes, but Yachiyo is the best so far. :)
Btw, it's really funny most of NARS boutique stores didn't give me right information. Three of them (among four) said the launch date of the brushes is Aug 18th or 20th. The other one said Aug 1st, but this boutique also said Audacious lipsticks will come out on the same day. Since we don't get any official information about the lipsticks, I guess the other store also doesn't have right information. I mean they're "NARS boutique" stores. Do they have right information at...
My first items which will make my wallet cry in August. New Kabuki brushes! They're not lipsticks, but anyway.lol   http://www.temptalia.com/nars-kabuki-brushes-august-2014#comment-1887404
 Thanks!   Yes, I called the bank and asked them, but they said there's nothing wrong on my credit card and I couldn't also use at Nordstrom if there's something wrong on my card.But it worked out very well at Nordstrom as I said.Btw, NARS CS didn't offer me placing an order over the phone!! 
I'm so done with ordering at NARS website. They're horrible. I tried to place an order for Subra for several times, but it kept saying like my order could not be submitted. Please check my payment and address...blah blah blah. I thought there's a technical problem. So I called and explained CS about it because I used the same credit card and address as usual. They said there's nothing wrong on their website and they said my credit card had some problem with my bank....
I'm really in a big trouble. I just heard this collection and new Kabuki brushes (two face brushes and one eyeshadow brush) will come out in August. (between at the beginning of and in the middle of Aug.) Since I'm a big fan of their Kabuki brushes, I can't really save my wallet in Aug. I can't imagine how much I'm going to spend. Oh boy. 
They're up except for the multiple and Bansar lip pencil. Enjoy!   http://www.narscosmetics.com/USA/Preview?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=US&utm_campaign=fall_prelaunch_071214&cm_mmc=Email-_-Product-_-fall%20prelaunch-_-071214&hq_e=el&hq_m=1958571&hq_l=11&hq_v=d5a494289c
 Yes, but I don't like it at all because I don't see any reasonable reason. Dior, Chanel or YSL are luxurious designer brands (not only cosmetics as we know) for a long time ago so to speak, but NARS? Even if I love NARS, I don't understand them.
According to my source, half of them will be discontinued. I don't know which items, but I saw Love Devotion and some of them aren't already available at NARS website. I mean I couldn't see them at all!And Audacious lipsticks are categorized as a prestige line just like Dual-intensity eyeshadows and more expensive than current ones. ($29 or $30 or so). They're magnetic cases.
 No, they're permanent, but I already gave up to save my wallet.lol 
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