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No color story yet, but enjoy!   U.S launch date- August 15th (NARS boutiques and website), September 1st (others)                           http://chicprofile.com/2014/08/nars-audacious-lipstick-collection-for-fall-2014.html
    Nars has unveiled its fall Audacious Lipstick Collection campaign as part of the company’s 20th anniversary, featuring a portrait of British actress Charlotte Rampling that François Nars took. Nars, a known cinephile, often references movies in his collections and product names. He had been a longtime fan of the actress. “Charlotte’s ability to transform is unparalleled,” he said. “Whether captured in pieces of artwork, through the lens of a magazine photographer...
New kabuki brushes are up at Nordstrom. Enjoy!   http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/nars-brushes-and-tools?origin=leftnav
The Kabuki brushes are up at NARS website. It's weird and funny because MUAs at NARS boutiques said the launch date is August 20th. How is it possible they don't know the launch date exactly?
     Hopefully 10 shades are also available at Nordstrom or Sephora at least.
 Agreed. I'm almost sure 10 shades are exclusive at NARS boutiques and website because the japanese blogger who I mentioned here on 2 or 3rd page also said "30 shades" will come out in Japan even if 40 lipsticks are in the pic.After this collection, I'm so done with NARS until I get back to NYC. I can't stand their customer service anymore and don't want to get stress. I was planning to buy new Kabuki brushes too, but now I'm not sure because one of my friends said TF...
I just got the launch date of the Kabuki brushes from my reliable source. It's in the middle of September, not August 1st. They have been pushed back to September because NARS has recently had some issues with manufacturing. This is the main cause of the delay. I hope this information can be helpful for you.
      It looks like 10 shades are going to be exclusive at NARS boutiques and website. (I mean in the U.S) So technically 30 shades are the official shades. According to my source, the launch date of NARS boutiques or website is in the middle of August.     http://iconosquare.com/p/775423615893517562_310224620
I just heard NARS has recently had some issues with manufacturing because they relocated two manufacturing plants. This is the main cause of the delay and the terrible CS. They really should fix this. Plus, because of that, the launch dates of Audacious lipsticks and new Kabuki brushes have been pushed back to August 15th or 20th. (The original launch dates were August 1st.)
 They are perm.
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