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      Personally, it's NOT the color I expected. :( looks quite warm and redder. For me, it's NOT true neon pink.
 Agreed! YSL lipsticks are much better than glossy stains. Especially, I like their matte lipsticks which came out the last year's fall collection.
I got some Pop Water glossy stains and am really disappointed. It's less pigmented and much stickier than their regular ones. Being sticky is the thing I can't stand. I really hate glossy stains or lipglosses which are sticky. I'll stick to their regular glossy stains if I buy them next time.
  @Vineetha They already released the blushes like Desire before. I really don't understand them. Why don't they try to make a true neon pink blush (the color like MAC Candy Yum-Yum)? :( I really don't get them.
 Thanks!By the way, the blush is quite warmer than I expected. Hmm..  And it looks similar to Desire.Plus, she said the quality isn't good. So sad and disappointed.
    The blush and bronzer are too light on the pic. I'm sure they're much darker for real. Anyway, I think they're available at "SEPHORA" from April 15th too!     http://iconosquare.com/p/950547992177005880_1686202804
      The single e/s (Golden Rose)         The duo e/s       Violet Atom multiple
  The more I see pics, the more I think the blush is less cool-toned than I expected. :(
I found something more!     It's the color of the blush.   Hmm..based on this pic, it looks like it's warm-toned hot pink which is way different from Desire, Mata Hari or Coeur Battant. I think it's the same color as the NARS logo on the top of the case. It looks more warm-toned and redder than 413 BLKR and similar to Adoration. As you know, the hot pink from Adoration isn't cool-toned pink at all unlike some promo pic. And also it reminds me of Boys Don't Cry...
@LavenderPearl Thanks! By the way, are you planning to order them at their website or wait for them until they're up at Nordstrom or Sephora? I don't think I'll order them at their website because I have some horrible memories about their awful customer and deliver service. 
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