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These are the color descriptions which I got about Geraldine and Marlene. I hope it's helpful.   Geraldine: Geraldine is going to be bright orange that you could wear now for summer or for a pop of color against fall amber tones. Timanfaya is going to be more of a bright orange than the Geraldine. The timanfaya has more of a vivid orange to it that make is more striking bright vs the Geraldine is a bright orange with more of a rich quality of warm orange.   Marlene:...
They're up at Nordstrom now, but only 28 shades. http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/nars-audacious-lipstick/3849706?origin=category I just ordered Lana, Jane, Audrey, Vera and Charlotte. I gave up Geraldine because my BFF told me orange color is always horrible on me.lol
I wore Annabella, Barbara and Brigitte. Annabella is poppy red just like the color story. I hoped it's poppy red with a hint of pink, but actually with a hint of orange rather than pink. But it's still beautiful, so I like it! Barbara is tan rose just as Nars said. It's also a MLBB lipstick and it's much prettier than I thought and I really like it! I thought it's a hint of brown, but no! (At least on my lips.) On the contrary, Brigitte is quite different from the color...
According to Britishblogger, she said there are some gift sets so yes there will be more colours, but this is the core A/W range.   I think it's possible they're the whole items for the holiday collection because Nars holiday collections are usually small just like other seasonal collection and releases only 9~11 single products for holiday collections before Andy Warhol and Guy Bourdin which are their collaboration collections (So they're something special collections)...
  I can skip the entire collection since I'm not a big fan of Nars eyeshadows and the lipsticks aren't my shade.By the way, this holiday collection is a quite dull and smaller collection than I expected (Except for the gift sets). Only 3 eyeshadows, 3 lipsticks and 3 lip glosses? This year is their 20th anniversary, so I thought the collection was going to be really big like Guy Bourdin.
That is why my wallet can survive at least. lolSince Nars releases Holiday gift sets every year, I wonder what they are.
  Except for eyeshadows, are they the whole items for the holiday collection?If they're, none of them catch my attention.  I should be happy about because I already spent too much money on Audacious lipsticks.  
Anna is gorgeous too! It's also a MLBB one (cool-toned violet-pink) and it reminds me of Sex Machine lip pencil, but it's more plummy and muted! 
 No!!! lol I already have Fanny so I need to control myself. 
  It reminds me of Dolce Vita lip pencil, but more intense!
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