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I can totally skip this collection. None of them are my shades and honestly the packaging creeps me out and is disturbing.
I think I will skip the whole collection since I'm not a big fan of vampy color. Besides, I don't like the concept of the collection. It freaks me out just like Guy Bourdin collection.
Cressida Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow (New for Spring 2016, for now try Outremer Single Eyeshadow)  
Vida Loca Lip Gloss (New for Spring 2016; for now try Sweet Revenge Lip Gloss)  
Tarvos Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow (New for Spring 2016; for now try Vent Glacé Duo Eyeshadow  
Rosecliff Lipstick (New for Spring 2016; for now try Cruising Lipstick)   It looks like Nars is still obsessed with pinky-nude color just like this year.lol  
  The lipsticks aren't the new ones, right?
Kari Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow (New for Spring 2016; for now try the left side of Fervor Dual-Intensity Blush with Nepal Eyeshadow)
 Cool!It looks like somewhat between Douceur and Penny Lane, but it's too warm for me. I should skip it. 
I know we're all waiting for this collection, but NY fashion week just started! Which means we can see some of the new products for the spring 2016! I just made the thread for it.   http://www.specktra.net/t/192047/nars-spring-2016
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