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 Thanks! By the way, they look really boring.  
 Olympia is pinker and lighter whereas SN is muted peach with a hint of brown. SN is like muted and brownish version of Sex Appeal.
I went to the counter today and I actually loved them! Honestly, I started to doubt about T's and my sources' makeup skills. Well, on one hand, I'm not surprised T gave them bad reviews and grades because she always does to Nars products.   Anyway, I totally agreed what Shars said after I saw them in person. Eyeshadows were glitter and the textures were buttery and smooth, not chunky or crumble at all! In other words, none of the glitter fell out. I hate their glitter...
 Nars doesn't reveal the whole information about each year's upcoming collections unlike Mac, so that's why we don't have that kind of thread.
 I thought just like you! I can see Starscape is definitely much warmer than Gaiety or Coeur Battant. Did you compare it with Desire? If it is warmer than Desire, I should skip it.After I heard about your opinion, it's possible for me not to get Starscape, but to buy Violet Atom instead. It's the opposite to my first plan. lol
  I still wonder how they are even if I heard about some reviews from my source because I haven't seen them in person. But I'll visit the counter on Friday or so to see them!By the way, you said Starscape is something about yellow undertone. Is it quite warm-toned pink? I mean it looks like quite warm-toned pink based on various swatches (because I could also see about yellow undertone) even if they said it's cool-toned.And did you see Violet Atom? How's it?
 You can enjoy them as much as you want since there won't be any new collections until in the middle of July (Fall collection) so at least you can save your wallet until then!  
  I think Quantum will be sold out of all since it's only available at the Nars website and boutiques.   http://iconosquare.com/p/962438000332065589_6092129
 Me too. I thought about Violet Atom, but it's way too sheer.
  Violet Atom is way too sheer. 
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