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 I talked to my source and you're right. He said there will be a dual intensity eyeshadow palette.And he said most of the items in the holiday collection are natural colors (It could be not only natural but also little boring) unlike the Guy Bourdin collection. Plus, there'll be no colorful lipsticks too because of the audacious lipsticks.
 It's better for you to post this information on Hoilday 2014 thread.:)
 I'm not a big fan of illuminators, multiples (and eyeshadows too). I have some of them, but I rarely use them. And I don't use glosses (not only Nars) because I don't like stickness.And for me, Nars foundations are one of the worst ones I've tried. 
 @Monsy I should promise myself the only things I'm going to buy from Nars from now on are blushes and lipsticks. No other stuff except them.  
Adoration Dual-Intensity Blush (New for Spring 2015; for now try Luxor and Bouthan Duo Eyeshadow)   http://makeupexaminer.blogspot.kr/2014/09/nars-backstage-beauty-report.html#.VBi7fJSSw9U     Adoration sounds gorgeous since I'm a sucker for pink blushes.lol
Violet Atom Multiple from the Christopher Kane for NARS Collection (launching May 2015)   http://makeupexaminer.blogspot.kr/2014/09/nars-backstage-beauty-report.html#.VBi7fJSSw9U
 Nars always collaborates with someone between May and August. It happens every year.:)
By the way, does anybody have Tom Ford lipsticks? How are they? Which one do you prefer between Audacious lipsticks and TF? My friend highly recommended me Pink Dusk and Flamingo (she recommends all the time), but I'm not sure they're worth the money. I mean it's really expensive. $50 per lipstick??!! Besides, they have quite noticeable shimmer which I don't prefer. There're no TF counters in my neighborhood, so I can't see them in person and that's why I'm asking.:)
OMG OMG OMG....Audrey is seriously gorgeous. I mean I expected it's a really dark plummy shade, but NO WAY! It's lot different from swatches. It's soft rosy red on my lips. It's like a deep version of Dolce Vita matte lip pencil with a hint of plum or purple. Compared to Dolce Vita, I can say Audrey is slightly cooler, whereas Dolce Vita is warmer.
Oh god, I really need to stay out of Nars from now on. Nars has taken lots of money from me for 5 years. 
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