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Thanks :) This makes it really appealing to try, I'll have a look next time I'm in town!         Good question... I'd try to swatch 10 at a time (on the arm?) to at least get the swatches done quickly and let others post theirs, too in a kind of collective swatch thread about this very palette only? And then review 5 at a time as you said as this is quite some work, isnt it!
So now someone just needs to try and recreate it :P   I will definitely try one day... currently I am missing that blue liner and maybe a pink to blend out the dark shade into yogurt...
lol yes - it could be a dark, matte grey, but also a purple underneath, difficult to see.
both good hints! The highlight could be yogurt... but what kind of blue-ish eyeliner could have been used?
I found this look, which I find STUNNING!   Which products (preferably MAC) do you think are needed to recreate this look? The look is supposed to be soft and muted without anything bright... And what eyeliner do you think she wears it looks blueish-grey...    Thanks :D  
I like fruity, sweet and fresh scents... but non of the below is current, as it takes me ages to finish all those perfumes Escada limited edition summer (!) fragrance, a new one every year (Moon Sparkle 2012, Taj Sunset 2011) DKNY 'Be delicious' Versace 'Bright Crystal' Giorgio Armani 'Acqua die Gioia'
I know this is an old post, I read it last year and it made me chuckle. I though to myself, lol really? Why not just apply some neutral eyeshadow and mascara. And then the day came where something similar happened to me, haha
Wow, quite some collections here! I'd say my collections is small in comparison, I love eyeshadows the most, so this is the only type of product I cant stop buying :P 30+ eyeshadows 8 Lipsticks 4 Blushes 3 concealers 3 Lipliners 2 Primers 1 foundation   I do have 10+ eye and lipliners, but they aren't from MAC.
And even if you cant find the pan refills, when you depot the single eye shadows and buy magnet stickers, you can put those into the pro palette as well! Thats what I do when I buy the eyeshadows at the airport Duty free (they are the same price and the pro pan palette e/s there). And with 6 empty pods you can get a free lipstick from the core collection :D
I noticed these cards on the bottom of the pic - may I ask do these come with the palette? I never buy makeup when I don't know what to do with it (how to combine it), so these cards are a really cool feature...
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