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no problem. sad that you have to wait but you need them girl, they are so creamy, better than the riri ones. let me know if you don't want to wait tho 
I don't have Cashemere but i do have Ghoulish from LASplash, and i like it a lot.  the gray trend is very difficult to rock but then its like the new elegant nude.  Mira se que te gusta Mucho Pander Me, a mi también. no se parece nada a Persistance pero Igual Persistance es my Lindo. el nuevo Favorito. cuales compraste?
whoa the thread exploded! I'm just gonna go through the gallery.  
its gorgeous but god  I'm afraid of it. i got it cause i want to look like @BuickMackane i think I'm going to wait for the fall to wear it outside. 
Whirl is very brown, nothing like BGRR which has a very noticeable pink undertone. 
Persistance, Pander ME and BGRRthen Whirl and last Stone.  
i like it with Mac Soar. 
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