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huh its gone. But i was skipping it since i already have that DL polish. i wished they had added some of the new DL shades in both sets. i have both girls just want to have fun and mermaid dream full size
 LOVE!! thanks thanks for sharing! i really want this blush! 
Usually I don't wear them on the winter cause my lips are cracked and my UC is always more noticible. Sorry tho. Send me your flamingo you know my address LOL
I finally found a way to make crowstoes trick pony work. Well kind of. I used the revolution base and it worked, I still find the formula thick but I can use it with a base now. . I cut my nails short and very square.
i dont have any Lustres that are dry on me. i do prep my lips the same as i would with a matte lipstick. 
I bought last night 2 A-englands. i got Briar Rose and Sleeping Palace. they look so pretty in swatches. and i know most of you have them and love them!   i do hope my brushes are not shitty!       *** i just noticed Llarowe is not selling Scofflaw polish anymore. 
So pretty i havent hauled Crowstoes in a long time. adding this one my list! 
I havent bought any from ebay but i have been wanting too.  I too love the polishes and feel guilty for making such an awful/lazy person rich haha  ugh people were awful to Llarowe and Harlow, they should PM the EP lady's lazy ASS instead of the Retailers. she is that one that refuses to make more polishes.  i have Oct and Nov 2013. i didnt like them, they are swatch tho. i put them on instagram and nobody wants them. i would give them to you $16 each plus the shipping and...
i cant wait.  
Yes it has pink but not as much as the AAO version.  YES!!!!! i want that one. its not dry on everyone, maybe thats why. 
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