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       those lined with a dark brown liner??
is one of them PMP i didnt noticed LOL i thought it was Enchanted with filter. and the nude lustre.  i LUV the 90's!!!!  I want the lustre too. i luv nude lustres! 
Thanks for the info BUT you must ask her about the blushes next time. or just call her LOL 
I luv how both of those look! cant wait for Swatches. WE must get at least one lipstick LOL 
  specktra ate half of your post LOL I like the Shirt too. i like that it doesnt say mac all over. and that is like the ones they had in the collection that inspired the Packaging. 
the shirt may sell out. People buy those Target and X collections all the time like Crazy for the same prices. 
OMG i want! 
@Anitacska so pretty i still dont have any Girly bits.    i did the most Awesome Purple Mani i have ever done! and of course Orly Sparkling Garbage is in IT.    Sorry for the amount of pictures, i just love it!   i did 1 coat of Layla ML24 Butterfly Effect, then 1 coat of Sparkling Garbage, then another coat of Butterfly effect. a Sandwich i guess. The spaces where the jelly flakie is patchy you can see the holographic glitters of Sparkling Garbage. i  it.   im...
Thanks! i want Cheeky anyways.LOL
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