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My shipping notification took a day , and i felt like i was the first one ordering LOL 
Ahhh Now i have the Green Quad and PS in my In-store Haul List. I dont even want to look at your Pics Of the Glosses.    you girls are gonna make me want the nail stickers   
@LMarie21   You make me want PS! Im C2 So i guess It wont look bad on me!    Sideshow You is Pure LOVEEE 
My order shipped but idk when its going to come. Probably Tuesday. 
Some people are pale enough to use it as an all over powder. Similar to how they use the one From the Marilyn Collection. Or You can use it as a Highlighter. 
Gorgeous!! now i want it   
damn it i wish i was in EU or that i had money for a CP 
LS Riri Woo Bad Girl Riri    Blushes Prim and Proper  Darkly My Dear Cream and Peaches  Cheeky Bugger     ALL the MATTE2  SHADOWS! 
I like them both but dont have the money to get them right now. im hoping to do so later. I think the fave here is Fun Ending. if you go back a couple of pages, or to the pic Section, Dolly is wearing it. 
Lingering Kiss if you have been lemming Prince Noir Ls. 
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