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ill take better pics tomorrow during the day.. i havent used/swatched my Ocean City but Of course It already has a tiny Nail Scratch  
. Modern mandarin / Ocean City. they are very different shades of orange.
Thanks, Yes i like it cause its something i can wear alot. 
 i think Mangrove looks more red on Elegant cause has cool/pink Undertones. im Warm and Mangrove looked just like another Red Orange in the bunch. LD, SI. etc      Yep people dont take into consideration that MAC lost alot of money in this Launch.  They are nothing alike, ill take Pics in a Sec. There is something almost about Neon Ocean City. 
Blended on the Left/ and not on the Right. Very Flattering! The shadow is Pretty but yeah too much glitter/shimmer for my taste.
I got Cheeky Today Its PURE LOVE!     Ill post a pic i took along with The purple Cream Shadow. which is pretty but very shimmery/glittery kind of like the Mac Pressed Pigments.    I suspect Cheeky is for Warm skin tones. it pulls orange on me not pink. 
iM SO STUPID!! I just remembered! i wanted to stalk for the Takko polishes!
this pic may be better.
I got the last ocean city in my Store. I went to nordies and they had none. BUT my favorite is Woodrose. Must get more BUs. I skipped the rest, Mangrove is very similar to LD on me. So why bother. . Swatches of the lipsticks on me.
Well i had no idea who that lady was until the collection.  I cant believe they didnt tell her what the collaboration was about, until the last minute. She could have said NO since she was asked first, i mean the question would've been Insulting. Why wait till about a week before the collection is out to say it was a Mockery of her Art?She sounds like a Drama Queen to me. 
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