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thanks! He keeps telling me to stop buying makeup but then he keeps me up to date  with the releases   
@Anneri  Gorgeous lip Swatches Girl!   I ended up with 5 after some raves from both @BuickMackane and @Anneri    Im In Play it Soft Fashion Force  Bare Hug Soft Talkin'     Soft Talkin is my favorite but that is because I'm having a nude moment. they are very glossy. I'm very please and will be buying Soft talking BU's. i think they should get rid of sheen Supremes and make Huggable permanent. Also can i say that for $20 the packaging is Very LUSH. and easy to...
Thanks for the Welcome back Girls!   I think my nordies had the collection out today, cause my dad texted me at 9am to tell me  i told him to get the green polish for me Washeteria and Freshen up. Im still waiting for him to report back tho. 
thanks girl i love bleached but light oranges look bad on me.  and then I'm actually pretty sure about Shroom. but then I'm getting all 3 anyways  
ohh God when are the new ones coming out?? ii have a pending haul at Limecrime and I'm thinking about waiting and just placing a huge order.    Shroom and faded look both gorgeous! 
HELLOOO!!!     i haven't been here in a long time, since i took a break from makeup but yeah i still couldn't skip the Big Mac Summer Collection.    I ended up with   Crisp Whites - the closest thing i have to it is Immortal Flower. Cream Soda ended up being different to it, and Launch away is a pale pink.    Hipness- I don't have anything like it, it does kind of look like Peaches and cream but nope, P&C is way more Pink, where as Hipness has some peach in it....
haha there is always something! 
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