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Cheeky Bugger: Peach Brown                   I Expected something like Melba.  Peaches and Cream: Midtone Rose.   This one looks like Strawberries and Cream! I expected something like Pink Cult or Pink tea.and yes the name is cute but dumb 
de nada. Me compre 3 sombras (Silver Sun, Sea Worship, Fathoms Deep) y Siren Song. 
Thanks Erin. i want something like RWW. Im gonna wait for their next restock i want to try 666 and Blow. they look hot.
I agree. i got 2 of the mattes and they are really good. i have several of the permanent ones, but im not buying more unless they are matte. 
is Belladona2 like Riri woo??
 you just pet them. 
  I'll join that Train then! 
Im not sure about both MSF's now
 i cant lol 
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