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Thanks Erin. i want something like RWW. Im gonna wait for their next restock i want to try 666 and Blow. they look hot.
I agree. i got 2 of the mattes and they are really good. i have several of the permanent ones, but im not buying more unless they are matte. 
is Belladona2 like Riri woo??
I ordered from Cool Japan Now. it took a month to get my brushes. they emailed me saying that they send the order to the factory, they make the brushes there and then they ship. they also emailed me when my order shipped from japan. Everything arrived in excellent conditions.    you have to read the shipping date they give in the site for each brush.   Sonia from Sweet Makeup Temptations AKA The Brush Queen Orders Koyudo from them all the time.    i think its now...
Im glad to say that my life is getting better and better. im going for trip#2 on June 3rd, i couldnt be more happy. Girl if Detashing makes you happy Do it!! i havent been buying many polishes lately, i have been having some Fever due to Lemmings lol  
So glad to see you! im doing just fine.  I cant even imagine how many Chanel polishes you probably have now lol 
Enchanted Where/???? I agree with @PearlyQueen  Kids is amazing well the whole Time to Pretend collection actually!  Nice!!! GOrgeous!!! I actually like their holo chromes more. but i only have 2 lol  
I just got the Loreal Manga mascara its ok. i may try the maybelline one next. not waterproof tho, it really bothers my eyes. i cant really use waterproof makeup.  Girl you dont need my Curly Nest. You look Great as you are! 
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