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haha there is always something! 
thanks girl!   By the Way, NEXT is available for OVERNIGHT Shipping. 2 hrs Left EST
i finally placed my order for this collection. i got Pander Me and Make you mine Blush. 
I got the Viseart Matte Palette yesterday and its Beautiful! i cant wait to try it on later today. the only similar palette i have is the Kat Von D ladybird one, but the colors are still different, and the quality is better. 
Got the Hourglass Blush Palette for my mom and also the Viseart Matte Eyeshadow palette for myself. i think my life is going to be complete with that palette LOL    Thanks Everyone and Specially @charismafulltv   . 
Thanks! im Rouge but i want things that i know are going to sell out fast so i hope she can help me. 
could some one please PM me about the sale that is going on right now! i have my cart ready for NOV 6th but if there is a sale now i want to know about it. im confused. 
oh i skipped that one too, and im now very glad i did. 
oh i dont mind the finish. its the color. it makes me look bruised. 
Sadly i didnt like the blush.
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