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oh i skipped that one too, and im now very glad i did. 
oh i dont mind the finish. its the color. it makes me look bruised. 
Sadly i didnt like the blush.
It looks Gorgeous! i just  ordered it from B&N. 
Sorry about that! I always get the boxes at the store but the people at the counter always take them. GREAT! I luv that its sheer. its just easier to use.  THX Dolly  Yes, atleast you know you are getting them. Glad you are getting half today tho. 
They all look Good on You! but yeah FnF is the Winner IMO. Which one do you like the most?
yes, im getting it today but UPS is always late to my block. they come at around 5-6 PM   its just 11am here.  Im getting FnF Later, since someone ordered it for me.  i bet you are gonna get yours this week. 
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