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Well i had no idea who that lady was until the collection.  I cant believe they didnt tell her what the collaboration was about, until the last minute. She could have said NO since she was asked first, i mean the question would've been Insulting. Why wait till about a week before the collection is out to say it was a Mockery of her Art?She sounds like a Drama Queen to me. 
I think she didnt want her name on the Collection. she made a huge deal about it. like lady didnt they tell you it was a collection about your work? she wanted the pictures gone too but it was too late. i think.  Anyone remembers it Better than me??? please refresh my mind!!! i beg YOU LOL 
Well that's just Psycho. 
Have you seen the Michelle Phan Video Popping Everywhere?? i saw it on T and Others Blogs i read. Comments are Disabled.
Well now a days "Famous" people cant take Criticism, they all cry being bullying.Which angers me cause there are people that ARE being Bullied with awful comments. With Gurus You cant say anything cause you are labeled a hater. They know Everything. I do agree that some people put nasty comments. In my opinion Why bother watching something by someone you hate  I just dont put myself through Agony of Watching their Videos OR reading their Reviews. 
Well i have to go with mac on the Cindy one. That woman is just F-ing Crazy.  Also the collection was released on time with all the products. the name was the only thing they changed.  and it wasnt Couture. not even Special Packaging. 
i had no idea that place existed. i feel like some bloggers/Gurus just ask for it.
She's pissed cause she had to pay for it this time. 
I cant believe they would be more worried about the Legalities with the Proenza Duo, THAN with the shitty Service they are giving their customers. 
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