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Naked 3 is already mine!    
Sweet Allure After Dusk Blackberry Pick Me Up Black Tied,
Blue Brown pigment, Soft Brown and Brown Script
Gilty Morsel, Sex & the Oyster, Eat, Love  
All That Glitters - lid and Soba - crease it's a cute combo 
Winkle - 2/3 inner lid & lower line Concrete - outer lid & 1/2 crease Nylon - top of lid & blend 
1/2 inner lid: emerald green - like a Jealousy Weakes 1/2 outer lid: bottle green - like a Bows & Curtseys crease & lower lid: purple - like a Spellcaster
 Just gotta say that I bought the Chanel Le Volume Mascara and I applied it for the first time today and I think it is worth the purchase.            
Skintone2- lid & above crease Buckkwheat - outer lid Brun - liner Spellcaster - lower lid Feline - waterline  
Evening coral: Paradisco & Neo Orange - lid Gesso - inner lid Angel Flame - blending between Gesso & Paradisco Mystery - crease,  outer V & lower line Chamomile - blend up from crease to brow black chromaline - as liner Reflect Glitter Red - lower line Feline - waterline
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