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China Glaze For Audrey 625

100% Positive Reviews
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Pros: smooth application, long lasting, great price

i have always loved china glaze as their nail polish have always been the longest lasting on me. i really love for audrey, on my porcelain skin it's a true tiffany blue...perfect for all seasons. this polish also goes on very opaque so you can get away with using even just one coat! can't say enough good things about this little beauty


Pros: Long lasting, smooth application

Cons: Not exactly Tiffany blue

I liked this color, but i dont love this color and I really wanted to love it..I was looking for a Tiffany blue polish and I had this color in my head, seemed to be the right shade inside the bottle but on the nails the color didnt come across correctly. 


Pros: smooth, opaque, pretty, nice

Cons: expensive,untrue

The nail polish colour by China Glaze called "For Audrey" was overall, a very nice color. I love the unique color. Although, it apears in the bottle that it is a light blue, almost a sky blue, yet it is a somewhat minty blue color if that makes sense. It appears much prettier in the bottle. Also, China Glaze is $7, and I find that quite expensive for a nail polish. So, I expect the nail color to be true as in the bottle. I can't complain though. It still is a very stunning color. I reccomend this nail polish color if you are looking for a somewhat green tinted light blue color. It is a very unique color, and won't have anything like it. Though, I still haven't found a nice light sky blue color yet, and I've been looking for one for over 3 months. Also, the name of the polish, seemed very odd to me, but that may be just me. Overall, like I said, this color is very unique and the color is nice. Very good quality.heart.gif

China Glaze For Audrey 625

China Glaze For Audrey 625

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TitleChina Glaze For Audrey 625
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Specktra › Product Reviews › Nails › China Glaze For Audrey 625