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MAC Brush Roll MAC


Pros: Sleek and does its job

Cons: Hard to fit bigger brushes

I bought this brush roll because I needed to carry a collection of brushes on a long business trip.  I hard previously kept the brushes inside a cupboard in my bathroom, or just had one or two brushes in my purse.


The materials used are durable and the workmanship is good.  There were no loose threads and the materials were smooth to the touch.


While it does look good and function well, the brush roll is a bit small for the quantity of brushes one may want to carry.  The MAC 150 won't fit, so I kept it in a ziploc baggie. 


Pros: Well done, good for organizing and carry around your brushes.

Cons: Too expensive at full price, too small.

I bought this item about 4 months ago, and I spent about 50€, 68$. The roll is well done, the quality is good, but for that price is absolutely too small. The bigger brushes are a bit too tight (I had to put my 150 brush in the angle, all alone, or the roll would not bend to the close position) and I had to put more small brushes in a single place. The inside fabric is easily washable (when I put my make up on, I usually have some fall off OVER the roll :-P ), the outside one not so easily.

So, I would recommend this... just if you find it with a good price! If not, go for a bigger roll!


Pros: Handy and sleek looking

Cons: Too small if you have too many brushes

I bought mine for $4 at a MAC warehouse sale. It cannot hold all of my MAC brushes, but it's quite handy for traveling. It has a flap to cover the brushes and also has a pocket. The pocket is large enough to hold makeup so you don't have to take an extra makeup bag unless you carry a lot around with you. It is quite sturdy and the stitching is well done.

MAC Brush Roll MAC

A brush roll of black matte worsted nylon/wool blended fabric featuring satin black French binding with easy and efficient self-fastening closure.

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Specktra › Product Reviews › Accessories & Tools › Accessories › MAC Brush Roll MAC