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MAC Cleanse Off Oil


Pros: Effective, all purpose makeup remover, removes waterproof makeup

Cons: pricey

This is the best makeup remover I've found to date. I love how it removes eye makeup as well as face makeup so there is no need to stock up on two different kinds and cotton balls etc. I have repurchased and will continue to do so. I have oily skin and it still works for me. Light feel and scent, highly recommend.


It is pricey but it's convenient to not have to buy cotton balls, eye makeup remover and a different facial makeup remover. Takes up less space on the counter as well.


Pros: Removes Tough Makeup, Feels Good on Skin

Cons: Can Make Vision Cloudy for a Little While

MAC's Cleanse Off Oil is probably my favorite makeup remover ever. I love that it takes off my waterproof makeup easily, that it smells good, and even though it is an oil; it doesn't make me break out at all.


All I do to use it is wet my face, put a big squirt of it into my palm (this takes a little practice, you'd be surprised), and massage it all over my face and eyes until it turns white and slightly foamy, then I rinse. It removes all of the makeup and does a great job.


The only bad thing about this product is that if you get it in your eyes, your vision turns cloudy and whitish for a few minutes. It doesn't hurt or sting, and you can still see, but it is just weird. Just be sure to shut your eyes tightly when using this product.


Overall I would recommend this to anyone in the market for a good overall makeup remover who doesn't mind the slight side effect. I will be buying this again.


Pros: cruelty-free

Cons: not effective in removal of BBs

*which is why "M·A·C Cosmetics" always sounded funny to me (OT, but seemed like a good time to finally mention it).


...and M·A·C certainly knows Makeup, Art, and Cosmetics (and any combination of the 3 words thereof); however, skincare is certainly not their forte.

NOTE: This is not the first M·A·C skincare product I've tried; the majority of products I've used are good, but not one has made a lasting impression. Also, this review of M·A·C Cleanse-Off Oil is based on its ability to remove BB cream ONLY (any & all other makeup on face removed w/wipes prior to use of Cleanse-Off Oil).


I discovered that the removal of my BB cream (Missha) required more time (and serious elbow-grease) than the removal of any everyday foundation in my possession. I pre-wash my face with a soap/facial cleanser (brand varies w/mood) and wash again with more soap/facial cleanser + two 1-minute-rounds with my Pretika (the poor-gal's Clairsonic). After each wash, I use facial sponges to make sure I remove every trace of soap/cleanser and until water runs clear (after the 2nd wash). Finally, I soak a cotton ball/pad with a toner (or astringent; again type/brand varies w/mood) and do a final "wipe-down". The cotton pad (usually) comes away clean. *phew* Too much work for this lazy gal! In an effort to find an easier way to remove my BB cream, I went ISO a cleansing-oil because of its reputation to "melt-away" even the most stubborn make-up. Unfortunately, most of the well-known, established and highly-recommended cleansing-oils are not cruelty-free. I've used a cruelty-free cleansing-oil by L'Occitane (from their Apple-Almond skincare line that I love!), but cleansers in the L'Occitane skincare lines are not well-known for having the capability to "melt-away" make-up: Enter M·A·C Cleanse-Off Oil.


A MA at Nordstrom gave me a sample, but the amount in the little M·A·C jar clearly wasn't enough to clean my face - so, I scored on a travel-size Cleanse-Off Oil from a member for only $5 (MSRP$10). I'm sure an ample amount of product is dispensed in 1 to 2 pumps of the full-size Cleanse-Off Oil; however, w/the travel-size I started with approx 5-pumps, went back for a several more...and again for a few more...before I was able to work-up an emulsion/"milky-foam". It seemed promising at first b/c I saw a lot of BB cream wash-away ("melt-away"?) while rinsing, but when I took my facial sponges to help remove the last traces, the sponges came away with more BB cream than expected. After another 10-or-so pumps of Cleanse-Off Oil worked into another emulsion and rinsed/sponged-away, I still felt the need to follow-up with a final round of soap/facial cleanser with my Pretika. My routine (prior to "wipe-down" with toner/astringent) had gone from "pre-wash + wash" with soap/facial cleanser to "pre-cleanse/oil + cleanse/oil + wash-again". Sometimes I'd combine the last 2 steps ("cleanse + wash-again") and use the Pretika with M·A·C Cleanse-Off Oil; sometimes alone, but usually with additional soap/cleanser.


The "BB cream v. M·A·C Cleanse-Off Oil" trial has lasted a week, and this review marks the end of the trial (as the 1-oz travel-size is nearly exhausted).

Verdict: M·A·C Cleanse-Off Oil did not help reduce the time it took to clean my face; therefore, the BB cream has won (sounds more positive than "The M·A·C Cleanse-Off Oil has lost").







Pros: disolves make up instantly

Cons: nothing!

this product does not dry out your skin and will remove make up without skin irritation.  i love this product an i always find it at the mac warehouse sale!!\

amazing amazing amazing.  i have converted ALLLLL my friend to this product!!!


Pros: Removes the most stubborn eye makeup!

Cons: Clouds vision temporarily if it gets in your eyes.

I bought this product for the first time a few years ago, and it filled a niche in my cleansing routine.  It is excellent for removing waterproof (and everythingproof) makeup but still rinses away easily (as opposed to baby oil, mineral oil, vit E oil, etc).  I also use it to pre-clean my eyeliner and lip brushes.


Pros: Will remove the most subborn makeup product on your face and body :)

Cons: Blurry vision, messy and hard to remove

I love to spray a few pumps onto my makeup wipes dont like to use cottonballs they can be so messy ughhhh. I also follow right after I remove I wash my face with MAC Green Gel Cleaner ( this stuff is amazing and feels so good on the skin if you have normal to dry or combo skin) If you have oily skin use MAC Creme Wash.


Its a all purpose makeup remover, sometimes but I do notice I get a blurry vision when I remove my e/s but only for a few seconds ( I need to research this at work next time) I almost forgot ladies please becareful because it is hard to remove if you get it on your outfit, sheets or floors. :) 

MAC Cleanse Off Oil

MAC Cleanse Off Oil

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