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MAC Creations Hue: Turquatic


Pros: It is long lasting and smells very clean

Cons: It is hard to find

I love the scent it is so different from any other perfume I have ever had.


Pros: Long lasting, great smelling, good price

Cons: N/a

Such a good fragrance. It lasts for so long. I feel like you can wear it in any season and it still smells great. Such a good purchase.


Pros: long lasting smell doesnt wear off qiuckly

Cons: wish it came in a bigger bottle :(

This is my most Favvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvorite body fragrance I cant live without it I think every woman should own this product! :)

MAC Creations Hue: Turquatic

Crisp and energizing! A splash of clear, sparkling mineral water brought to a chill through an infusion of fresh lotus leaves and Corsican cedrat, then finished with a warm blend of anemone, orris and blue cedar.

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Specktra › Product Reviews › Fragrance › MAC Creations Hue: Turquatic