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MAC Eye Shadow


Pros: Great Pigmentation, Good Texture, Wide Variety of Colors

Cons: Some Finishes are Better Than Others

I have been collecting MAC eyeshadows for three years, starting with my first purchase of Plum Dressing. Ever since I have gained a modest collection of about 30 of these eyeshadows. I have gone from collecting these in their traditional pots to buying them in pans and sticking them in 15 Palettes and Quads.


I love the pigmentation and payoff of the majority of these eyeshadows, but be warned that not every eyeshadow is great. This is a "try before you buy" sort of product, I would recommend swatching them in-store before purchasing since the price is a bit steep (or checking out the awesome swatch threads here on Specktra), especially if you get them in pot form. There are some finishes that you can trust more than others though.


Favorite Finishes: Veluxe Pearl, Frost, Satin

Least Favorite Finishes: Lustre, Matte


These are just my personal favorites and least favorites, they do vary from person to person. I will say that most everyone loves the Veluxe Pearl finish though. ;)


A note on the side, sometimes LE colors are very similar to ones in the permanent line, always be sure to compare similar colors (often done in the swatch threads) to make sure that you don't have a similar color or if you are on a budget, that you can put off buying it because there is something close in the permanent line.


Overall this is a good product. It is easy to use and easy to store, but I do recommend doing some research on a color before you buy it because these can sometimes be misses. I do love MAC eyeshadows though and I plan on buying many more in the future!


Pros: Great long lasting colors with a smooth finish

Cons: Very expensive here in Australia

Nice pigmentation and love the variety of looks i can create and the lasting power is a definiate plus eyelove.gif


Pros: Beautiful colors, wide selection

Cons: Inconsistent pigmentation

For the most part I love my MAC eyeshadows.  My least favorite finish is the Satin. It doesn't feel pigmented enough for my liking.  The Veluxe Pearl and Velvet finishes are great


Pros: Rich, vibrant pigments

Cons: I run out of this too quickly!

I love these shadows, they're great for creating a variety of looks.  The pigments are very bold and bright. The texture is not overly powdery like other brands can be.  All in all a really great product.


Pros: high pigmentation

Cons: a little pricey but worth it!

absolutely the best eyeshadows out there! i wish they werent 14/ a pop but deff long lasting and high pigmentation is great


Pros: I love all the range of colors

Cons: I can only wear mattes & veluxe e/s :( due to allergies ughhhh!

I love all the colors that MAC has and other brands (UD, MUFE, CS, WnW, NYX, NYC Yaby, etc) l just wish i could enjoy them like i use to but since xfering here for work in Central Texas my allergies is KRAZY (o_O) Im taking meds everyday and shots like every week how fun!!!!!!!!! ~FML~

MAC Eye Shadow

Highly-pigmented powder. Applies evenly, blends well.

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Specktra › Product Reviews › Eyes › Eye Shadow › MAC Eye Shadow