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MAC Fluidline


I first got fluidline as i loved the look of liquid liner but just couldn't master the application of it on my deepset eyes and someone recommended this to me as the next best thing.


It took me a little while to master the application of this (but it was alot easier than liquid in my opinion) but once i got the right tool (the smashbox arched liner brush no21) there was no stopping me.  This applied like a dream and dried very fast.  The staying power on my lids which can be slightly oily is great and once it dries fully there is no transfer onto my creasline.  I also use this on my waterline and it stays on very well indeed (after a few hours in a club dancing you many find a little clump of goo in the corner of your eye but nowhere near as bad as i've had happen with most liners)


The colour selection in these is not as good as it used to me but there is still a good choice and some of the colours and textures can be hit and miss so i'd advise if you can ttry them in the store first.  Blacktrack and rich ground are great staples with great colour pay off and texture in my opinion.  Shade if its still avaliable is a great forest green with great payoff but a slightly drier texture in my opionion.


You should definitly try these out if given the chance. The little pots last forever just be sure you screw the lid on tight or they will dry out.


Pros: Long Lasting, Smooth, a small jar lasts forever

Cons: will smudge if not applied correctly

I'm not a big fan of black eyeliners as my eyes are too small and don't like too much attention on my eyes. Due to the same reason I don't use liquid eyeliner as they tend to be a mess. I have been using  GRAPHIC BROWN cream eyeliner and just love it. I always start priming the eyes with Too Face primer and then Mac Painterly Paint Pot, after that I apply the fluid-liner with a clean 266 brush with short handle (a little of product does the job).


I have used the fluidline eyeliner without preparing my eyes and due to the hot weather in Arizona the product smudges. Please keep this in mind if you live in a state with high temperatures.


Lastly, one jar lasts forever, there's no need to purchase back ups! ;)


Pros: Creamy , long lasting, super black, very pigmented

Cons: I wish gel liners never dryed out.

I've repurchased this a countless amount of times through out the years and I will continue as long as its on the market, it's my all time fave, nothing has topped it yet!


Pros: Glides on easy, waterproof and dries fast

This is a must if you want a long lasting liner. It comes on easily and dries super fast. I apply this using my 210 brush for a superfine line on my inner eye, then to help get the wingtips just right ii use tape on the sides of my eye similar to using a stencil. Leaves me with perfect wingtips each time.


Pros: Pigmented color, easy to use, a little goes a long way

Cons: Can dry out

I bought my current fluidline almost two years ago and I am still using it! I bought it in the color Blacktrack (flat dark black). I was having trouble using pencil liners because my hands are a bit shaky, and liquid liners and I simply don't get along well. I saw this product at my local MAC counter and decided to try it. Note that you will need to purchase some sort of a liner brush in addition to the fluidline, I use an angled liner brush that I purchased at the craft store.


I really love this liner, it is my go-to everyday liner. It doesn't take a lot of product to get a precise dark line. It does take some getting used to at first because you apply it very differently than a pencil or a liquid, but it doesn't take long to figure out and I find that application goes faster for me than if I used a pencil or a liquid.


The only con of this product is that it can dry out if you are not careful, or just with regular use. To fix this, I spray two sprays of Fix + (Visine or a water/glycerin mixture will work too) in the pot, and close the lid tight, and that helps the product spring back. To prevent the product from drying out, just be sure to close the lid tight when you put it away.


These come in many different colors, although sadly many of the fun, brighter colors (Blue Peep) have been discontinued. When I tried the ones with more of a glitter finish (like Blitz and Glitz) in the store, I didn't like the texture and payoff as much as the flat coloured ones, but they weren't bad. I just like my liner to be super opaque.


Overall this is a product I highly recommend, especially if you are like me and can't get pencil liner to work to save your life. The price is initially a little steep, but it lasts you a long time; I have been using the same Blacktrack for two years and I am only just starting to run out now (I don't use liner everyday though). And when I run out of it, I am going to repurchase for sure.


Pros: creamy, smooth

Cons: low pigmentation

This is literally the worst eyeliner I've ever bought. It doesn't last all day. It is not very pigmented and of low quality. I think Inglot eyeliners are better.quality.


Pros: long lasting,sets fast

Cons: looks a lil dry after long use

i do love this product.Im a cat eye addict and i cant live without my eyeliner..my eyes look super tiny w/o it.the black makes any color just pop especially my colors like cranberry MAC eyeshadow .i love how easy it is to control the line with your brush.


Pros: Long lasting, creamy, easy to use, pigmented, waterproof

Cons: Cant see the color from the top, sets quickly

Oh my god. This is the BEST gel eyeliner ever. With my strange, high lash band, my lashes are often spaced apart and it looks like I have a gap between my liner and lashes all the time. I just gave up on the fact of eyeliner altogether but oh my gosh this is e best thing I've ever used. It all started when I found a "recipe" for gel liner you can make but it often slid around and smeared so I went out and grabbed one of these. In the US they are 15 bucks which is great value, but since I purchased it in new Zealand and converted it it's 36 I paid about forty. Expensive, but sooo worth it. It's creamy, pigmented, you have about thirty seconds to smudge it before it sets and is it soo good. It's waterproof and will not remove width out makeup remover or oil. It's easy to work with and it lasts a loooong time on my eyes. My only complaints are that it dries very quickly but I tend to use a pencil if I want to smudge it out anyways. Also, it has a black top so I can't see the color. It doesn't even matter because I only have one gel liner anyway, and I store it upside down so I can both see the color and keep it moist for longer so it won't dry out as fast. Love! Go get this right now, I can't live without it!


Pros: Clean, controlled lines, won't budge

Cons: Difficult to remove or correct

The best eyeliner I've ever used!  You can choose the type of brush you use to apply (I use a Bobby Brown eyeliner brush), so you can achieve pretty much any look you want.  It takes some practice and steady hands to paint on, and is difficult to correct if you make a mistake.  But all said it's a great product.

MAC Fluidline

Ultra-smooth, Fluidline's gel formula provides the precision of a liquid liner with a silkier, softer finish. Goes on foolproof with a brush in an easy dip-and-stroke action. Long-wearing. Smudge-proof. Lines up in a rich array of colours and finishes. Brush sold separately.

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